2007-04-01: Spreading Panic Like Wildfire


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Summary: Mara gets an unsettling call from Mohinder. She takes it upon herself to deliver the same news to Peter.

April 1st, 2007:

Spreading Panic Like Wildfire

On the Phone

PHONE: Your phone begins to ring. The Caller ID says 283-4363.

PHONE: Mara answers her phone, "Hello?"

PHONE: Mohinder says, "Mara? It's Mohinder. Molly and I are safe and sound. We managed to get away. I apologize that I was unable to contact you sooner. My cellphone was confiscated and there's been, it's been hectic."

PHONE: Mara sounds confused, and sleepy. "Mohinder? Hang on, let me move to the other room. I don't wanna wake Nathan…"

PHONE: Mohinder blinks once, twice, no he's not going to say a word or question. Nope. "I'm sorry if I woke you.. Now that I've given you the good news, I have some bad news for you."

PHONE: Mara apparently is a little more alert now. "Oh my God! Mohinder! You're all right? Molly is all right? Where are you? Have you called Par- Matt yet?"

PHONE: Mohinder says, "Yes, Molly and I are quite alright. She's still considerably shaken of course. I'm sorry, but I can't tell you where we are. Yes. Matt was the first person I went to after I got away. Mara, hide if you can, or at least stay wary. Sylar.. I had no choice.. they were threatening Molly and myself, but, he's cured now. I don't doubt he'll be looking for you now as well as others."

PHONE: Mara says, "I think I'm gonna be sick."

PHONE: Mohinder says, "I'm sorry Mara, I wish I had all good news for you."

PHONE: Mara says, "He's… He's really… Oh /fuck/."

PHONE: Mohinder says, "Yes, he really has his abilities back. There was no way around it.. not without risking Molly's life."

PHONE: Mara says, "I'll… I'll call Peter. Have you called Nakamura yet? I can do that, too."

PHONE: Mohinder says, "No, I haven't. I'm waiting to speak with my bosses about further security for Molly. If you like, you can assist with the passing of information. He has his abilities back, he could be anywhere and targeting anyone."

PHONE: Mara says, "Great. I'll be sure to spread the panic like wildfire. … /Fuck/."

PHONE: Mohinder says, "How succinctly put.. Everyone should try to remain calm, vigilant and work together. Panicking will only give him the upper hand and what he wants."

PHONE: Mara says, "You're right. You're right. Of course. Okay… Oh. I… I kind of broke in your lab. Just thought you should know. Sorry."

PHONE: Mohinder says, "That's quite alright. I'm certain my lab has been ransacked in recent days as it is."

PHONE: Mara says, "Sorry anyway. I'll… I have to.. I'll call Peter. Call me if you hear /anything/."

PHONE: Mohinder says, "That I shall. Take care of yourself Mara."

PHONE: Mara says, "Yeah. Sure. Be careful, Mohinder."

PHONE: Mara ends the call.

PHONE: Mara dials the number 283-1407. It begins to ring.

PHONE: The other end answers, "Hello?"

PHONE: Mara says, "Peter, it's Mara. We've got a problem."

PHONE: Peter says, "Mara? What— what kind of problem?"

PHONE: Mara says, "Gray."

PHONE: Peter sounds surprised, "Did someone spot him?"

PHONE: Mara says, "Mohinder just called me. Gray's got his abilities back."

PHONE: Peter pauses for a time. When he finally speaks the tension is apparent, "How? I thought— I thought he needed Claire for that. Her father would have called if something…"

PHONE: Mara sighs softly. "You don't really think the Company didn't have samples of her blood, do you?"

PHONE: Peter sighs, sounding rather down for a moment. "I know they did— but I figured they were— they are supposed to be more secure than that. If he could just waltz in and take blood samples…"

PHONE: Mara says, "Mohinder said he didn't have a choice. Gray was going to kill Molly."

PHONE: Peter still sounds rather down, "Is Molly okay?"

PHONE: Mara says, "She's fine. Mohinder says they're both fine."

PHONE: Peter sighs again, still sounding almost too serious, "If he didn't kill Molly after getting his power back— at least it's less likely he'll find you right away." The fact that he's not panicking might almost be more frightening, "Thanks for calling me."

PHONE: Mara hesitates a moment. "Peter…?"

PHONE: Peter sounds as if he can't think of a single thing worse that she could add, "What?"

PHONE: Mara says, "I need a favour. I… Can you drop by for two seconds to give me an injection? I can't afford to fuck it up."

PHONE: Peter sounds confused, "I can, but— Injection? Wha— what?"

PHONE: Mara says, "It keeps me from passing out from my visions. It's only temporary, so I'd been holding off on it. But if Gray's running around, I don't want to risk passing out at the wrong time."

PHONE: Peter says, "Oh— right." Sounds a little relieved, and then sounds as if he's moving around. "Yeah, I can stop by and do that. Can you hold on for about ten minutes?"

PHONE: Mara sighs heavily, but it doesn't sound like she's directing it at Peter. "Yeah… I'll be here. Your brother is passed out in my bedroom - and /no/, we didn't screw. I'm going to call Hiro. You should probably call your niece and… your other people. If Nathan wakes up, and we start to move, I'll call you.

PHONE: Peter actually sounds a little insulted, "My brother was pretty drunk last night. Doesn't surprise me that he passed out somewhere other than home." Seriously, that didn't make him too happy. "I'll call around while I'm on my way. Let people know. Good thing I got my phone replaced first thing this morning."

PHONE: Mara pauses for a moment and may or may not be cursing with her hand over the phone.

PHONE: Peter waits patiently, though still sounds as if he's moving. "Mara?"

PHONE: Mara says, "He told you, didn't he?"

PHONE: Peter sighs, "Mara— It doesn't matter. Doesn't change that you're a friend, you're in danger and that I promised to do everything I can to save you." And if he hadn't told him, she just did anyway, right? "Just be safe, okay? I'll be there soon."

PHONE: Mara's quiet for a moment. "Yeah. I'll see you when you get here."

PHONE: Mara ends the call.

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