2008-03-17: St. Patrick's Day Special


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Summary: On a very special showing of Heroes, there is drinking, foiled purse snagging, shattered beers, Hiro getting a phaser, Heidi touches geek perfection while sharing more than she should (beer may or may not be responsible), AND Sophie meets a new friend. This and more!

Date It Happened: St. Patrick's Day. Duh (March 17, 2008 for those that DON'T know when St. Patrick's Day is. Heathens)

Log Title St. Patrick's Day Special

Oldcastle Pub

Heidi's been out of the spotlight for some time. Missing. Presumed dead, really, though there's no official word on that except for the fact that no one's really seen her in weeks. She means to keep things that way, too. Should word get out, someone could make another attempt on her life, and… Well. Three strikes and you're out, and she's on two.

She's been sitting in the corner of the pub for some time now, leaning back in her chair, wearing sunglasses despite the fact that the little table she's at isn't particularly well-lit. She's let her hair grow out so that it's no longer black, but a mixture of dark brown and grey. Essentially, she's unrecognisable. There's a scar down one side of her face, various scrapes and healed wounds on her hands, which sit one on either side of a mostly-drained beer. Elsewhere in the pub - near the bar - there's a whole Irish celebration going on. Singing, beer-drinking, eating of corned beef, and that means that the attention is off her, and she can enjoy a night out.

The TV's on, playing a hockey game - Detroit Red Wings versus New York Rangers. Even though the volume's up, it's hard to hear over the noise.

Quinn pushes open the door. It is St. Patrick's day, she is off work for it. Hey, they don't get much more Irish than she is, after all, and she's ready to celebrate. And where better than a pub?
In order to secure a booth seat, Gene came in early and waited for half an hour. While most people have been drinking for hours, for the young inventor, St. Patrick's Day is only a reminder of how sad his social life really is. Of course, this works out for the man Gene expects to meet here… As Gene used his free time for the last couple days to make a gift of sorts. With an unwrapped shoebox on the table, Mr. Kensington waits for his guest to arrive.

Gene doesn't seem to enjoy the loud sounds as he winces from time to time, just leaning back in his booth with a soda and an half eaten order of buffalo wings on the table in front of him. At least he didn't get any on his green t-shirt or jeans, his peacoat folded up and placed on the booth seat next to the wall.

After a few moments pass, and a couple exit the pub Edward slides into the loud joint with a smile on his face. An Irish Pub on St Patricks day in New York City. That is a cool thing. He expected it to be busy and he grins even wider when it is as he begins to make his way through the place towards the bar.

The streets outside are fairly bustling with revellers - Hiro has been around for St. Patrick's Day before so he's aware of the celebration but he's not much of a drinker. Still, he can enjoy the festivities and maybe get something to eat as well. After narrowly avoiding a large, drunk man who wants to take him drinking, Hiro politely excuses himself and heads into the pub and immediately begins to look for Gene.

As of yet, still unnoticed, Heidi pushes aside the mug of unfinished beer. (It's green!) When Gene sits down at the table near hers, she doesn't even really recognise him, since even if he was driving the getaway car when she was kidnapped, her mind was on other things - such as the fact that her husband could fly. Picking up the menu, she looks it over. Really, Heidi should eat; taking off her sunglasses so she can see the print a little better, she looks over the salad selection in the dim light.

Edward moves to sit down on a stool yet there is no stool to sit down on. He presses his lips into a fine line and hmmms. He waits for the bartender to pass, as he puts on his charming smile. "Anything green." The woman smiles and passes him a green beer and Edward nods as he turns around and begins to scan the joint a bit more intently now.

Quinn breaks into a smile. This seems a good place. She weaves her way through the crowds, trying to find a place to sit down.

Looking for Hiro, Gene's attention soon shifts over toward a woman who has glasses. When she takes them off, Gene squints his eyes. She looks familiar, could she be? Being the hesitant type, Gene doesn't immediately get up, contend to stay seated for the time being.

Of course, Hiro is soon there to distract him for a time from the woman of mystery. "Konbanwa, Hiro!" Gene offers as he gives the man a wave. Once Hiro makes his way over, Gene smiles as he speaks in that horrid Japanese he usually does when discussing important matters to Hiro. "<How is your..> Saint Patrick's Day <…gone? I hope good.>"

Heidi's table is a relatively open spot at the moment, and with so many people crowding into the place, it might be fair to ask if it's okay to share. The waitress comes to her table, and she orders; it's clear from the way the light strikes her eyes that they're blue - very blue - though they can only be seen for a moment before she places the sunglasses back over them. Maybe it's enough.

As the waitress goes off to get her meal, Heidi heads to the bar to get another drink… And that's when she makes her first mistake. As she stands, her wallet falls out of her purse, onto the table. Of course, with this many people, it's only a matter of time before some guy notices it, and starts to make his way over. He stands next to the table, his hand sloooowly going for the wallet than isn't his.
Edward cocks his head to the side when his eyes fall on Heidi. He hmmms as he takes a swig of beer. Some green foam granting him a stylish mustache. He rolls his eyes and mutters about assholes and elbows…

Quinn is, after all, scanning the room. And Heidi's table is one of the open ones. She doesn't know the woman (even in her original form) well enough to recognize her, but she is savvy enough, being from Vegas and all, to know a shady guy when she sees one. She walks close enough to him while that hand shifts to the wallet, then, out of that rangy pale woman comes a baritone ominous growl that sounds, for all the world, like it should be coming from some huge bruiser of a guy, "I'm guessing you're planning on handing wallet that back to the lady.." enough back in the crush of people that it might be hard to figure out who 'owns' the voice.

The guy's fingers brush the wallet, though when he sees someone's noticed his endeavour, he quickly withdraws his hand, looking around for the owner of the voice. The hand goes into his pocket, and he starts to meander away, though he can't help casting a glance backward at the table he was just trying to rob, just in case…

But that's the moment Heidi returns, sans beer. "Oh, thank god," she mutters to herself, picking up the wallet and slouching down into her seat again. If that had been stolen, someone would surely be able to figure out that she's alive. Sighing gratefully to whatever higher power kept the bar patrons' hands off her property, she places the wallet back in her purse.

Edward smirks as he walks over towards Heidi and cocks his head to the side, "Ya know…asshole like that can cause a real issue for girls like you." Edward points towards the guy, "That dude almost decided to take it…yet I guess something changed his mind."

"<Very green,>" Hiro says in reply to Gene, settling down opposite him at the table and taking a look around, "<Is everything going alright? I hope your investigation is going alright … no trouble?>"

Quinn tries to hide the grin, overhearing the Heidi part of the conversation, then wanders over casually. "Umm, its kind of full in here. Would this seat be taken?" pointing to the seat opposite Heidi.
The loud noises from the St. Patty's celebrations makes it hard for Gene to understand, causing him to lean forward in his seat. At least it means people are unlikely to hear the important talk that is going on. "<Yes and no. I looked into many things right now. People against those like us, possible….>" Unable to find the right Japanese word, he uses the English instead. "Clones. <…I've got a lot to look into right now. I'll get to the bottom of it in time though. During my free time, I wished you something though.> Gene offers the box toward Hiro. "<I have hope that you will enjoy it yet never have need of it.>"

If Hiro opens it, it will be the model of the old Star Trek (original generation) phaser. Gene proclaims the name of the weapon proudly, as if it were some ancient weapon. "I present… The phaser taser."

"Superman!" Hiro exclaims loudly, possibly loud enough to be heard even over the din of the festivities, as he opens the box and sees just what it is. Taking it out, he's careful not to activate it as he points it here and there - shooting imaginary Klingons, "<This is wonderful. And you made it yourself? Thank you very much.>"

Heidi's sunglasses remain on, even as Edward approaches and comments. She gives him an odd look, because, of course, she didn't see anyone trying to steal her wallet — that happened before she returned. The explanation, though, brings understanding to her face. "…yeah, I guess," the woman says, running one hand through her greying hair.

To Quinn, she motions to the seat across from her. "Sure, go ahead," she mutters, checking on her purse again to make sure everything else is in there. She's a little frazzled lately, through no fault of her own. There's a name she's been using to avoid being identified, and she gives it. "I'm Annie."
Quinn settles in, gratefully. "Hello, Annie. I'm Quinn. Quinn Lyons, and its nice to meet you. And a happy Saint Patrick's Day to you." cheerfully.

Edward 's eyes move towards Hiro's outburst. Edward always being a curious one is distracted when Heidi speaks her name. He cocks an eyebrow as he looks down at the woman. A hmmm escapes his lips which is most likely unheard in the mess, as Edward leans down and says closely to "Annie". This might be heard by Quinn yet most likely lost in the noise. "I see. I am sorry to have bothered you Mrs Petrelli." He shrugs and begins to walk back to the bar, his eyes curiously now averted towards Hiro and Gene's table.

"Careful with that!" Gene exclaims in a raised whisper. Like most inventors, he has to explain how to properly use the device. "It's got a hair trigger if you have the safety pulled down. There is a switch on the side. Once you push that down, the big button triggers it. Push it down again… And it will retract. Unlike most tasers, it has three uses before the battery needs to be replaced. Unlike most tasers though, you can't just replace the batteries, you have to recharge them. There is a cord in there as well. It gets charged up in about a day if you use all three shots.

The young inventor is about to say something else when he notices Edward looking at the table… Who is right next to the woman who he thinks he's seen before. He frowns faintly, fearing the worst like most overly cautious people do."

Even though Quinn's just sat down, the Petrelli woman is already trying to think up an excuse to leave. She's pretty much surrendered her table at this point… After all, the longer she sticks around, the better chance there is of someone realising who she is. And that's exactly what happens.

There's a reason she hasn't been giving people her real name, though Heidi more than realises that not everyone would know that. There's a certain rawness to her now, though; things she wouldn't do before, she has no problem doing now, and that includes reaching out and making a grab for Edward's arm as he starts to walk away. He could work for Logan, or he could just be some random guy. Worst of all, he could be a reporter. Word spreads quickly… And this is one thing that can't get out. "Wait."
Edward is in fact grab, and blinks as he looks at Heidi. He cocks his head to the side his long hair falling into his face and says in a deep manner, "Yesssssss?"

"<Cool,>" Hiro says, in Japanese, with a broad grin as he puts the phaser into the box and carefully deposits it close to him on the table where it won't go missing, "<Have you had any luck with the floorplan?>"

With aging hottie grabbing the man's arm, Gene's gaze is focused on Heidi's interplay with Edward. Something is wrong, but he doesn't know who is the 'good guy' if there is one right now. "<Not yet. I likely will have it by the end of the week. I need to figure out the information I have before we move forward though. I have a bad feeling about this and the more information we have, the better prepared we can be.>" Oddly enough, being faintly distracted has done WONDERS for Gene's Japanese, perhaps over thinking the grammar and word order which he seems to know well on a subconscious level at least. Nodding toward the woman and the man he's staring at, he inquires, "<Know either of them?>"

The fact that Peter's been out of contact for days worries her… He can't cover this up if word gets out. Heidi should have just stayed in her hotel. Looking to Quinn, then back up to Edward, the woman scowls. Who knows how much this guy's heard? Her fingernails start to dig into skin as she stares him down. "Sit," she says almost caustically, though - if possible - there's a hint of an apologetic undertone to it. "If you know who I am, we need to talk."

She still hasn't noticed Gene, and Hiro's someone she's never actually met before. The Japanese exchange between the two is mostly lost in the crowd. At the moment, the only two people she's really concerned about are the two that are at her table.

Edward shrugs as he grabs a chair by a near by table, and turns it backwards. The college kid straddles the chair and says, "I don't know you per say ma'am/ Just that I saw you with your husband a number of times in public at his political affairs. Seems like a cool guy." Edward shrugs looking towards Quinn as he smiles softly. His eyes move back to Annie and says, "So sup?"

"<No,>" Hiro says plainly, turning to look at Heidi and Edward with a slight frown before he points at Quinn, "<Oh! I know her. I saw her show. She's really good at illusions. And singing and dancing.>"

Another pause as he regards Heidi again, "<You think something is wrong? Like we should help?>"

Quinn stays quiet, still at the table. Well, it IS interesting to watch, even if she has no idea what is going on.

He hasn't seen Edward or Heidi before. Hiro's words on Quinn are enough to dismiss her as dangerous. Or at least not AS dangerous, since she at least has a job. "<Maybe I'll go to her show sometime. As for the other woman and the man? I'm not sure. We should keep an eye on them.>" There is a second's pause before Gene turns back to his wings. "<But not too much, or they will suspect something. Undercover time.>" With that, he goes back to eating his wings, glancing up from time to time to look at Heidi, Edward, and Quinn.

Not a cool guy.

Heidi's lip curls up just slightly as Edward says those words, bright blue eyes looking at him from over the sunglasses. Suddenly, she has no idea what to say — this situation has, surprisingly, never come up. "Listen, both of you. You can't tell anyone you saw me here." She still doesn't let Edward's arm go. In fact, it doesn't seem like she ever will. Her nails dig in even more, the gaze now focused on Quinn. "Don't. Or I'll know who said something." It's a threat, and despite the fact that she has absolutely nothing to back that up, she does add, "I have ways of finding you, and I will." Standing, walking past the waitress who's bringing the salad, she starts for the door, which will take her right past Gene and Hiro's table.

Quinn shakes her head, "I.. why would I?" she finally says, rather curiously, "And who to?" simply enough.

"Hello," Hiro says merrily enough to Heidi as she storms past, raising a hand to wave, "Are you alright?" So much for undercover.

Edward growls as he looks down at his arm. He turns as his eyes flare in anger. He brings up his arm to rub it and his temper flares. He has a good mind to smack her on the arse for that attitude with his telekinesis. His mind is distracted with conflict as a beer explodes from his bottle in front of him. Edward swears outloud to himself as he seems to have decided not to harm the woman because it is not in his nature yet loses his control for a mere moment. He begins to storm towards the bar rubbing his shirt with his hands.

As soon as Hiro greets Heidi, Gene attempts to dissuade him from speaking more. "Undercover means-" This doesn't work as he is already waving and asking her questions. Gene looks back to Edward to see he is Did that beer just explode? It didn't look like he squeezed it. Muttering something about his Scottish blood, bad luck, and St. Patrick's day, Gene looks over toward the woman, waiting for her answer with a look like he's gunna nervously chuckle any minute.

Quinn jumps back as the bottle explodes, hands raising instinctively. She ducks, "What the hell?"

Her second mistake is recognising Gene.

Since her back is to Edward, she doesn't notice the exploding beer, but she can't help looking toward Hiro as he asks his questions. It's just a reaction, but those two little questions bring her eye to eye with someone she's seen before.

"Hi," she responds to Hiro, eyes narrowing behind the dark glasses, before she reaches up to perch them up on her head. The tired eyes meet Gene's, the scarred face blank as she tries to put the pieces together. "I know you, don't I?" she asks, just in time to see that the beer she was drinking before is all over the place now, and the girl at her table is jumping backward to avoid it.

Edward stands at the bar grabbing wads of napkins in an attempt to dry himself off…

The recognition clicks as Heidi looks at him right in the eyes. She was in car along with Peter, Elena, and Eric.

Standing up, the young geek ushers his side of the booth. "Miss, here take a seat. For tonight, you'll be under the protection of Hiro and Gene. I've helped saved your life before, if memory serves me right, so you can trust me on this."

If the Senators (ex?)wife trusts him and actually takes a seat, Gene will calmly sit next to her. If not, well, Gene will just stand there awkwardly. He's good at being awkward due to all that practice he's gotten over the years. Regardless of whereh e is, he still will glance over toward Quinn and Edward, as if unsure if they are going to try something.

Hiro just sits and stares, not quite expecting Gene to have the same heroic streak that he does - he hasn't really seen it in anyone else, after all. His fellow geek is certainly living up to his Hiro-bestowed nickname, it seems. He nods his head with enthusiasm towards Heidi, although his Japanese accent is notable, "We will keep you safe!"

She shouldn't be running into people she knows. He was driving the car - she knows that now. She remembers him from the car. And if Gene knows Nathan, it's possible that word will get back to him…

Meandering into the seat, Heidi folds her hands in front of her and looks down at the table. "I can't stay long," she says. Might as well get in a warning while they have all this noise around them to hide the conversation from other peoples' ears. "Listen, I don't know if you still hear from Nathan or not, but you can't trust him. Whatever you do, just… don't trust him." As an afterthought, she glances in Hiro's direction, caught between introducing herself, which would be polite, and saying nothing, which would be smart.

This woman should be dead. She's been mentioned on the news several times, listed as 'missing,' though the general public consensus is that she'll never be found alive. "There's a reason I haven't been around lately."

Quinn nods, as she wipes whatever drops of beer landed on her face.

Edward is still pissed as he begins to move towards the door, and stops as he makes his way towards Gene, Hiro and Heidi's table. He brings his hands up and says, "I dont know what your probelm is…" He curls his fingers into a quotation mark manner, "Annie…but I was just being friendly. I didn't have to tell you to keep an eye on your wallet. I figured I would just buy the hot old chick a beer on St. Patty's Day." He looks towards the geeks and says, "Whatever dude." Edward begins to walk towards the door.

"PetaQ," Hiro says with a frown as the angry man walks past, actually not looking all that happy at the treatment he and Gene seem to be getting for no reason. Turning slightly back to Heidi and Gene, he begins to put two and two together … Heidi … Nathan. Wasn't Heidi Petrelli in the news … ? Realization begins to dawn.

"I am fully aware of the situation that your husband as gotten the lot of us into and am trying to handle it as best I can with the help of certain others. I haven't talked with Nate for awhile, but from what I hear, I should count that as a blessing. This man" Gene pauses to motion toward Hiro "-was refered to me by Peter. He is someone to trust."

Gene's words are calm as he looks about, clearly the more cautious of the pair. There is a heroic streak in Gene… It just doesn't come out often and rarely has the same results. But when the situation isn't TOO dangerous and Gene can remain calm, the man he COULD be in time comes out.

The young geek glances up toward Edward, giving an embaresssed grin as the man passes by. He has no idea what to do other than smile and nod. It's always a safe choice to do when in doubt. Smile and nod. As soon as the college student passes by, Gene looks over toward Heidi once more. "Reason?" Gene states, confused.

He must be one of the people that actually didn't read the story. Figures that the geek that does research for everyone else wouldn't get news of Heidi's death. Irony's mean like that.

Heidi loves Nathan… She does. But the man who's gotten them into whatever 'situation' they're referring to was almost certainly not Nathan. No, that was most likely Logan, and the two are starting to blur in Heidi's mind enough that she's not sure who's done what anymore.

And though he's not linked with Heidi's disappearance - that seems to have been something more independent - he has to think she's dead. That's critical for her own survival, and lately, her own survival is more important than anything else. If she's dead, she can't help her husband.

At the same time, she doesn't want to drag his name through the mud. She sighs, shaking her head. "If you're both trustworthy, you'll do me a favour and not tell anyone that you saw me here. That especially includes Nathan. I'm trying to help, but I can't do that if he knows I'm alive." She pauses, before reaching forward to take Gene's hand. As she does so, she looks into Hiro's eyes. "Please."

"Mrs. Flying Man," Hiro says with endless sincerity in his eyes, "Your secret is safe with us." He bows slightly in his seat to add solemnity to the deal.

Quinn has decided that maybe another bar is better for St. Patrick's day. She sighs, paying her bill, and wanders off to find another spot.

Sophie needs a break. Its been a long week, and its a holiday. Well, sort of. She comes in, hoping for a little liquid recreation.

She's touching his hand and Gene stares at it with a faint blush in his normally pale cheeks. The last woman that did that Well, there was the one that froze his car door, then the one that almost broke his wrist. Of course, Heidi's got gray and/or black hair, so clearly she is trustworthy. Blondes are the ones that are mean to him no matter what. The scar is all Gene really needs to figure out why Heidi doesn't want her husband to know. It makes him almost glad that girls don't give him the time of day if this is what happens when you get married.

"If you need assistance," Gene pulls out his business card from his wallet. "Call the cell number or text the message 'Heaven's Eye'." Cool code words are important for secret keeping after all.

For the first time that evening, Heidi smiles. Mrs. Flying Man? Well, at least it seems that Hiro is aware of Nathan's secret. She'll even offer a chuckle as she takes the card. She doesn't offer a thank you, but the smile should be enough for the guys to know that she's very grateful. "I'd better go," she says, standing. Somehow, she'll make it back to her hotel room, and then? She'll hide out there for a few days until she's sure all this has blown over. Situating her sunglasses back over her eyes, she heads for the bar so she can pay for the salad she didn't eat, and then, Heidi leaves.

Sophie moves past the entrance, looking worried. She tries to shake it off, pausing, hesitating as she sees the table with Hiro and.. well, it looks like some guy she doesn't know.

"Sophie!" Hiro waves a hand to call her over, turning to look at Gene by way of an explanation, "This is Sophie. She is a friend."

Sophie runs on over, with a brighter smile than she came in with. "Oh, hello there. Any friend of Hiro, I imagine, is a pretty decent person. A pleasure to meet you." offering a hand, gloved one, to Gene.

Taking the hand, he gives Sophie's hand a simple shake. "I dunno, Hiro makes friends pretty easy. I'm sure at least one's a total pervert or something like that," Gene points out with a smile before glancing over toward Hiro with an overly done playful wink. Now that Gene has played true hero, he is attempting to be true Mack Daddy. This might have less success. "I'm Gene, good to meet you, Sophie. Want to sit with us?"Logfile from Heroes.

Sophie smiles at Gene, and she says, "Sure. Thank you." she settles down. "You fight crime or something?" she teases, smiling still, "He called you a hero."

Hiro sits back to quietly watch Gene talk to Sophie. A small grin on his face. When Sophie asks her question, Hiro pipes in with, "Gene is a big hero. Big."

"Me? A hero," Gene blushes faintly, a sharp contraction to his usual blushing. "I'm just a guy that helps out and stuff like that. Hiro is likely a bigger hero than me. You know, running a big business and all that good stuff." Deciding to change the topic, he points to Sophie and then to Hiro. "So, how did the two of you meet?"
Sophie nibbles her lower lip. "It was a rather.. odd meeting in a park." she grins a touch. "Odd, it seems so long ago.. and far away now."

"Yes, in the park," Hiro agrees, although he's careful not to bring up the exact circumstances of that meeting in order to protect Sophie's secret, "It did seem like a long time ago."

"Oh… That's cool." Gene offers before he eats a wing. A couple of moments go by as the young man looks at the two before coming up with his own conclusion. "So, um, you two dating or something? You know with the 'long ago' stuff." Another pause as Gene realizes his guess might be wrong. "Or Star Wars. Eveyone loves Star Wars."

Another conversation saved through SMOOOOOOTH topic changes.

Sophie blinks at the idea, saying, "No.. I'm not dating anyone." she smiles wryly. "I don't think that, well.. just not a good time." she decides to put it that way, "You know, with school, and work.." and kidnappings, and crazy stalkers, and having to dress like Rogue in the winter time to avoid some kind of freaky mental side effects to herself and others.. stuff like htat.

Hiro shakes his head in response, although he opts to say nothing. Instead looking awkward.

"I can understand the whole 'not good time' thing," Gene offers with an awkward smile. "I mean, Hiro's busy, I'm busy. Everyone's busy. I guess it's that time of year or something. Maybe in a couple of months things will slow down. You know, enough that someone could throw a really nice party invite some people." Gene looks over toward Hiro. You know, the guy with all the money and the nice building.

Sophie smiles at that idea, "Well, if things ever slow down.." she looks doubtful at that prospect, "Maybe a party would be nice." she chuckles, "Someone who doesn't live in a dorm, of course." she wrinkles her nose.

"Why don't you move into my building?" asks Hiro out of the blue, something he's been doing a lot lately, "Very small rent. Its a nice building. Much better than a dorm."

Sophie looks surprised, then delighted. "I would love to. I mean, anything is better than a dorm. They don't even have a stove, so I can't cook anything." she makes a face, "What kind of place is that?" she then admits, "I do love cooking.."

The mention of the party is put on the back burner as Hiro does his own thing. For a moment, Ando and Gene share a special bond… Personal plans foiled by Hiro's heroics. For the time being though, Gene is silent, just eating his wings.

"Come by and I will show you," Hiro says, reaching for the notepad he carries in his pocket and scratching down the Deveaux Building's address, "There are still many apartments available."

Sophie pauses, then she joins the two conversations together by saying, "And if I live there, then I can help with a party. You know, maybe bring some appetizers or something." she takes the note, when offered, "Alright. I'll be sure to do that."

Gene continues to eat. He ponders if he should move into Hiro's building. The thought is there, but maybe it would be best to wait until he isn't in some evil corperation. After all, if he has an epic battle in his room from ninja killers trying to get him, he would rather it be where he deals with a jerkish landlord instead of having to explain to poor Hiro why his nice big building exploded.

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