Stan Crosetti
Portrayed By Andre Braugher
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1970
Age 37
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases None
Place of Birth Baltimore, Maryland
Current Location New York City
Occupation Special Agent, FBI
Known Relatives Wife Sharlesha (estranged), daughter Karla
Significant Other None
Known Abilities None
First Appearance Not yet

Stan Crosetti is a Special Agent for the FBI's Organized Crime division. He is tasked with - and obsessed with - taking down the Tong Chow triad and, specifically, Ling.

Stan was played by Lee's player, so if you want to use him in a plot or as an NPC, talk to him or staff, or just post here about what he's been into.

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Everyone gets one career case.

Stan Crosetti, a bright but unfortunate young law enforcement professional from an African- and Italian-American background, had the bad luck to draw Hua Yan, aka Ling Po, head of a coalition of Asian Triads called Tong Chow. He ran across them first when he was a Homeland Security cargo inspector at the port of Baltimore. Things were going well for Stan. He was married. He had a young child. He had a bright career in front of him, excellent training from the police academy of Maryland, more than most Homeland Security goops had. His wife workd at a hospital, and they pooled their money to put their child in a top private school. Money was tight but life was good.

But when he popped a cargo container and chased the hideously addictive and dangerous drugs he found down the wrong path, he discovered firsthand the power that Ling wielded. Crosetti and his partner were addicted to her euphoria-inducing power within seven days, and working for the Triads within two weeks. Delirious and in a haze, his partner was gunned down by a rival gang and Stan ended up in the hospital, erroneously identified as a hero. There, he was forcibly dried out from the addiction Ling had subjected him to. Nobody believed his story, but attributed the jumbled memories he seemed to have to the shock and painkillers. It would not be the last time Crosetti tangled with the Tong Chow. He didn't waste any time.

Months of painful physical therapy later, he was back on his feet. Crosetti used the time to learn Chinese, Japanese, a half dozen dialects. He'd been offered a FBI post because of his 'heroism' and went to Quantico to train. Right out of Quantico he wanted one thing and one thing only - to take down Ling Po. He began to develop a case against the Tong Chow that would take him across the country over and over, monitoring wiretaps, testifying before federal grand juries, questioning witnesses and suspects, putting faces to names, drawing connections, following money.

The obsession cost him his marriage. His wife Sharlesha no longer recognized the decent young cop she had married, and moved to Phoenix. This isolated him from his young daughter Karla, who he now only sees briefly at holidays and on weekends when he can find the time.

It's been a successful case, as far as things have gone - low level drug dealers turned, mid-level lieutenants put away for decades, smuggling rings broken up, corruption uncovered, even a few top people broken and hounded into prison in America and other countries. But Ling herself, and the organization she's built, has always eluded him, survived, and even prosper. And although in terms of arrests and convictions, the Tong Chow case has been successful, Stan's career has stalled, as his wiretaps, cloned pagers and cellphone analyses have cost the Organized Crime Program a lot of money. Besides, nobody makes their careers in organized crime anymore - terrorism is the only thing the FBI really cares about taking down. The Bureau still backs him, after all, he has the longest-running case in the Asian Criminal Enterprise division, but the powers that be don't have to care much about what he's doing.

Along the way, Stan has kept the supernatural nature of Ling's ability in mind, protected his underlings and pried away several addicts from her with forcible stays in court-ordered inpatient rehab. (The brick agents in the Bureau think he's being paranoid, but they do what he says.) He knows a case against her personally is unlikely unless he can prove what she can do…and that impasse has led him to some dark places. If he could kill her and get away with it…. Everything Crosetti had, he lost when he popped that cargo container full of her drugs, so perhaps he would be willing to cross the line - perhaps fortunately for him, his style of complete surveillance coverage would make it virtually impossible to get away with it.

Now he has followed a trail of money and lying informants to New York City…


1970 - Born.
1994 - Joins Baltimore Police Department
1996 - Marries Sharlesha
1997 - Karla is born
1998 - Promoted to Harbor Patrol unit
2003 - Joins Homeland Security cargo examination unit
2004 - Shot in confrontation with drug smuggling ring. Partner Detective Simons killed.
2005 - Graduates FBI training in Quantico, assigned to Organized Crime Divison, badge 9182. Tong Chow wiretap case begins.
2006 - Sharlesha moves to Phoenix with Karla
2007 - Present day, Present time.

  • Notable IC events.

April 2007 - Stan investigates the burgeoning gang war between the Camparelli-Zhukarovs and the Tong Chow Triad. He recruits local assistance and discovers the strange properties of the drug in question.


"What you are soon to be privileged to witness is not an interrogation, but an act of salesmanship, as silver tongued and thieving as ever moved used cars, Florida swampland, or Bibles. But what I am selling is a long prison term, to a client who has no genuine use for the product."


Includes theme song.

If you walk through the Garden, you better watch your back. Well, I beg your pardon, walk a straight and narrow track. If you walk with Jesus, he'll save your soul. You gotta keep the devil down in the hole. All the angels sing about Jesus' mighty sword, and they shield you with their wings, keep you close to the Lord. Don't pay heed to temptation, for his hands are so cold. We gotta keep the devil way down in the hole. Way down in the hole. Way down in the hole. Way down in the hole. Way down in the hole.

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