2007-03-12: Stan Lee = God?


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Summary: Ling tells Scottie one of her big secrets, and Scottie starts wondering if real life is really a Marvel comic.

Date It Happened: March 12, 2007

Stan Lee = God?

Uptown, NYC - Apt. 506 - Parkview Estates

It's the next day and there's still no Scottie. Sadness. Ling's over by her couch, running her fingers through Bella's fur as the puppy lays sleeping on the couch next to her. Her laptop is on as she continues searching for these 9th Wonder Comics, to try to find that issue where it makes a mention about Vince..but to no luck. She's given her bodyguards the day off, as well..she has other things on her mind. There's an empty pint of Dreyer's French Vanilla, so obviously she hasnt been feeling too cheerful.

The rottie puppy decides at this moment to wake up, blinking sleepily up at Ling before streeeetching and giving a highly adorable yawn. About to settle back down next to the asian crime lord, Bella's ears perk up a second before the elevator doors slide open, revealing a certain tattoo artist. "Miss me?"

A warm smile curls onto her lips as she nods and beams brightly. "Of course I did..so have you made a decision?" she asks curiously while easing on up, still petting the ever alert puppy with a bright smile.

"You make it sound like I was trying to decide to take a job or something." He answers, giving a lopsided grin. Stepping off the elevator and into the apartment, it's only a few small steps before Scottie is in front of the couch, dropping to his knees in front of Ling. "There's gonna be a bit of conditioning to this…" He warns her, reaching out to pet Bella before she can jump at him.

"Okay. Spill.." Ling says matter of factly while scooching on over in the couch, motioning for him to go on and take a seat…

Staying where he is, Scottie leans against the couch cushions, raising a hand to start counting off some things. "One," He starts, holding up one finger. "Please, for my sanity, don't ever tell me anything going on with this crime thing unless I absolutely /have/ to know. Two," And up goes a second finger. "If you /have/ to tell me something, try and make it as detail-less as the situation calls for. And finally, three," Third finger. "I need you to tell me something."

Ling hrmms as she listens to the various conditions. "Okay..I promise I wont let you know. I'll keep you out of that side of my life as much as possible.." she says firmly and resolutely. "And should the need call for it, then yeah..I'll try to keep things on a minimum. I dont want to put you in any unnecessary risk.." Then it's the third and she quirks her brow, "What do you want me to say?"

Still completely unsure about how to word this question, Scottie stays quiet for a moment, brow furrowed slightly. Finally, he just decides to come out with it. "Powers. Super powers. Whatever you and Vince were talking about yesterday. Do you have any?"

Ling sighs as she takes a deep breath once more and nods. "It..it's note my place to reveal any of Vince's secrets, but I can reveal mine.." she says matter of factly. "And..can we please not use superpowers..it's kinda corny..I prefer to use the term..abilities beyond the norm.."

"Babe, I grew up on X-Men comics. Don't know any other word for it, save mutations." He tells her, with a smirk. "Abilities, then. What are they?"

Ling lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she wets her lips once more and starts to straddle his waist, waggling her brows. "I think you already know. Remember when we first met?" she asks curiously while pressing a finger to his lips once more. Slowly but surely, he'd start feeling really, good..

Eyebrows raising slightly, Scottie's lips instinctively part to suck the finger into his mouth, tongue swirling around the digit. Shivering at the familiar sensations, he pulls back away from Ling's touch with an apologetic grin. "Wish we could finish that. But I gotta be at the shop in about an hour… Wouldn't look good if the owner got there late, would it?" He tells her, for once mentally cursing his job. "But yeah. I definitely remember that. How could I forget it?"

Her eyes widen at the rather risque move and Ling purrs softly as she settles down his lap. "That's just part of my powers. Bliss, ecstasy..that's something I can give, but I can also provide lots of pain, but I didn't think you were into that.." she says with a wry grin before winking. "To put it in more scientific terms though..I can control people's nervous systems..neurotransmitters? My playthings. Your endocrine system? Again..my plaything.."

Arms wrapping loosely around Ling's waist, Scottie quiets as he thinks this over. "So… these abilities, or whatever… There's other people with them? Different people with different abilities?" He finally asks. "You know, for all the times I wished I was in a comic book… This wasn't exactly what I was thinking of."

"You should ask Vince about that. He was apparently in that comic book 9th Wonders. Whoever wrote it could apparently see the future or something like that.." Ling says with more than a healthy bit of skepticism, as she's still blaming it on coincidence. "Apparently, he doesnt buy the argument of that whole, any portrayal of fictional characters is purely coincidence crap that most things have. And well..yes..there are others out there. I'm not arrogant enough to think I'm the only one, nor do I think I'm the most powerful. I'm sure there are those out there who's powers make mine look completely worthless.."

"9th Wonder?" He repeats, shifting slightly to reach into one of the many large pockets on his pants, pulling out a slightly crumpled up comic book. "You mean this comic?" Scottie asks, holding the copy up in front of Ling. "It tells the future?"

Ling still isnt quite sure herself and she settles down back in the couch next to him after placing Bella backon her lap. "Well, that's what he claims. I'm still a skeptic myself. And even if there is a conspiracy to capture people with powers..I think they're the least of Vince and I's worries. We're internationally wanted criminals.."

Peering at the comic in his hand, Scottie flips it open, turning the pages over as he scans the art. He can always read the dialogue later. Pausing on a familiar scene, the tattoo artist peeks over the edge of it at Ling. "Are sure it shows the /future/?" He asks, turning the comic around to show her the panel he's been looking at. It should definitely seem familiar to Ling. "Remember when we met?"

Her jaw drops at the sight and she flips the comic back. It's a Crime Special, or something like that and it's dated..well, it's dated before she even got to New York. "This is old..so I guess that would be..the future?" Ling says, just definitely amazed at the sight.

"What I'm wondering is… What was that little scene mentioned for?" Scottie questions. "Comics don't just do throw aways like that unless the characters in it have something to do with the plot later on. Usually." He may not know much about science, but he does know his comic book rules.

"Dont look at me. I dont read comics!" Ling admits ruefully as she crosses her legs and gets a tad bit more comfortable as she sighs. She just rests her head on his shoulder and cuddles up to him, not really knowing what to do at the moment. "This is just too confusing. As if I didnt have a lot of things to deal with already.."

Arm wrapping around Ling's shoulders, Scottie presses a kiss to the top of her head. "I'll see if I can find the next few issues… Kinda hard to not be curious about this." He replies. "And don't worry about it. For all we knows, it's just a weird throw away or something."

"Well, I know Vince appeared in it.." Ling says matter of factly while letting out a content little coo at the kiss on top of her head. "Just..stay here tonight..please?" she asks, actually feeling vulnerable for once.

"I'll come straight back here after closing." He promises. "But I can't not go into work today. Too many appointments to call in sick." Scottie sighs. "But, you can always go with me… Though, I warn you, my piercest has a thing for hot asian chicks. She'll do nothing but hit on you."

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