2007-07-12: Stand Down


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Summary: It's never a good sign that your date gets ambushed by the Company

Date It Happened: July 12th, 2007

Log Title Stand Down

Midtown NYC, Outside Common Grounds

It's the big day. Kind of. Sort of. Maybe not so much. But it's a big deal for Benji. He's got a date. One he mostly initiated. Not that it's a date date. Just meeting Megan for a coffee after work. He thinks things have gone well enough. At least there hasn't been any accidental knocking people out to sleep or similar. Smiling, Benjamin is walking Megan out through the coffeeshop's exit that leads into the alley. He's being a right gentleman and all, holding the door for her, "This was fun, I really enjoyed myself.. Do you want to try and meet up for dinner another night? There are some nice restaurants in the area. I'll make sure to get away from my new coworker in time.. He's.. strange." Which is putting it mildly.

Following Benjamin out of the coffee house, Megan smiles shyly. It's sort of a big deal for her as well. She doesn't date all that often. Or go out with men she barely knows and who have already been almost beaten up by her brother. However, Benjamin has proven himself to be nice and sweet and unthreatening. That means a lot to her. "Me too," she replies about having a good time. "Sure. 'D like that. Dunno many restaraunts in tha area, though. Ye'd have t'pick." Down the alleyway they walk and while she's trying to be cautious - it is New York and early evening, who knows what may happen - most of her attention is on Benjamin. "He wouldna follow ye to dinner, would he?" Because that's certainly another sort of strange.

Common Grounds is seperated from the next building over by a narrow alley filled with trash. Some of that trash is simple refuse. Eggshells, coffeegrounds, banana peels, kitty litter. Crouched behind a rusted dumpster with flaking yellow pain, Max cuts a drastic contrast to his surroundings. He's wearing a simple, well-tailored black suit, leather shoes and gloves, and a long coat that bulges slightly at the pockets. During one of their training sessions, Agent Winters let slip that he was planning to meet Miss Deatley for coffee. After that, it was a simple matter to follow the naive, overly-friendly man to his destination.

He lifts a finger to his lips and smiles at Agent Armstrong, who's beside him. When Ben and Megan pass their hiding spot, Max leaps out and attempts to press a cloth over the woman's mouth. "Excuse me," he murmurs. "Does this smell like choloroform to you?"

No count down is needed. It's obvious when the ideal opportunity to strike is. Nova is quick to follow her partner out of their hiding place, she herself dressed all in black as well, casual slacks, combat boots, a t-shirt under a loose men's shirt that disguises the sidearm she has holstered to herself. Said sidearm is already in her hand by the time Max has closed in on Megan, her eyes on Benjamin. "Mr Winters, stand down," she orders, whether or not he's even doing anything.

"… I.. don't know.. he's definitely strange enough to try. So I wouldn't put it past him." Then Benjamin would be forced to put his partner to sleep and lock him in a dumpster somewhere. Not that he would, but the mental image amuses him greatly. "Okay. I can pick.. uhm.. do you have a preference on what kind of cuisine you like?" Then… Max happens.. Taken completely unaware by this ambushing, and unfortunately remaining clueless about Megan's ability, there's nothing he can do to stop the other agent. He lets loose with a, "What the Hell!" Yes, he is surprised enough to drop the 'H' bomb. Nova may be telling him to stand down, but frankly, the mild mannered one is having none of that. He actually takes a swing at Max, not even considering to use his ability. Nope. First thing that comes to mind is throwing a punch.

Alleyways are dangerous. Especially when there are people hiding in the dumpsters just waiting for the opportune moment to choloroform unsuspecting Scotswomen. As wrapped up in the conversation with Benjamin, she doesn't even notice the incongruous Max in his spot among the garbage. "Hm. 'M kinda partial ta Greek food, ta be honest." Oblivious, the to just walk right by him and Nova. In fact, she doesn't know anything is wrong until she's addressed. She barely gets out a distressed shriek before there's the rag pressed against her mouth. Knowing a little, she tries to not to inhale. Instead, she valiantly fights and pulls against the strong arm that has a hold on her. And when that doesn't work? She reaches out for his partner to try and pull herself out of his grasp with the momentum. Desperate, she just needs to get away. Get out of the grasp. However, she's starting to feel woozy and weak.

When Agent Winters takes his swing, Max ducks and stoically accepts the blow on the top of his head. It doesn't even phase him. "The crown of the skull is the hardest part of the body," he explains almost apologetically. "I hope you didn't injure your hand." That said, he returns his attention to the woman he's holding and give her a brief, violent shake when she tries to make a grab for Nova. "As much as I would enjoy hurting you, this isn't the time or place. Would you kindly pass out?"

Megan's groping hand manages to find Nova's, the hand gripping her sidearm, and the Australian's attention goes straight from Winters to Deatley. No touching that gun. No possessing a Nova. It happens like lightning, using brute strength to twist that grip, and she breaks free of Megan's hold - not without snapping /something/ in the poor girl's wrist in the process, the breaking audible beneath the kerfuffle in the alleyway. "/Stand down/, Winters," Nova barks, once she's freed, and that's the only warning he gets before Nova switches her gun from one hand to the other, arcing that fist around in a right hook aimed straight for the man's face.

Benjamin did .. in fact.. hurt his hand.. Never having actually hit another person in his life, "Son of a b - ! What in the /Hell/ is going on?" Grimacing as he forgets the pain in his hand, or tries. He's a newbie, but what's going on here is dawning on him, and he attempts to not stare incredulously at Megan. They wouldn't be trying to take her off the street if she didn't have an ability. It's… probably good that Nova's fist lands in his face.. because the next thing on Ben's mind was to put someone out, especially after hearing the cracking of bone. He's not a violent man, yet he's been pushed pretty darn close to the edge here. Nova's warning doesn't even sink in before he drops to the ground, seeing stars, then nothing.

When Megan makes contact with Nova's wrist, there's an immediate slump in her body. It's a little like she suddenly just obeyed Max's order to kindly pass out. However, it's because she's seeing the world through Nova's eyes. The disorientation is a immediate, but only lasts for a moment. The impact of the woman Agent punching out Benjamin as well as breaking Megan's wrist is enough of a jar to toss the Scot back into her own body. But by then, the chloroform and the pain of her wrist has completely knocked her out. When she returns, it's just to unconsciousness. Max might notice a small jerk, but then she simply collapses against him.

Holding the sagging Megan by the scruff of her collar, Max neatly folds the choloroform kerchief and tucks it into his breast pocket. Then he slings the woman over his shoulder casually, like a sack of beans or a rolled-up carpet. Clearly, this isn't his first date. "Agent Winters punched me," he muses. "The cheeky fucker." Despite his words, there's admiration for Benji's bravery/stupidity in his voice. "I suppose you'd better bring him along."

A phone is taken out of her pocket, a button pressed, and soon, a van will be driving up to take them all home, as it were. "They're not gonna be happy about that wrist," she says, voicing the worry out loud, but otherwise, she doesn't appear concerned. The Company knows not to sic her on people without taking that risk into account. Her gun is slipped back in it's holster, and she moves towards Benjamin. Grabbing the front of his shirt, the man is hauled up, and then up over one muscled shoulder. With a bit of adjusting, Nova is able to rest him sideways over both shoulders for security, as if carrying away a kill. "Wanna grab a beer after this?" she says to Max, making her way towards the mouth of the alleyway.


Not cereal. That's the sound of Max unceremoniously wrenching the bones of Megan's wrist back into an approximation of the proper position. "Wrist?" He queries mock-innocently. "I don't see anything wrong with her wrist."

He adjusts his burden briefly, then glances at his partner as he follows her out to the van. "Beer sounds good. And some wings. I always crave something deliciously messy after a fight."

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