2007-03-03: Standardized Testing


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Summary: Claudine wakes up to find herself in the middle of a student nightmare.

Date It Happened: March 3rd, 2007

Standardized Testing


Dressed in a white tanktop and a pair of white pajama-ish pants, Claudine is in a controlled environment now as she's all connected to various electrodes that are monitoring her blood pressure, heart rate and even brain patterns. Right now, there's mounds of dirt, slabs of rocks and other such things in front of her,not really sure what they want her to do. However, it beats just laying down in bed all day. With that, she looks around for some sort of instruction, as well, she's not sure what to do at this point. "So..what do you guys want to see? I think I might um..have performance anxiety.." she warns..

"Exactly what you did in Central Park, Miss," comes Granger's voice. The tall man is seated in a corner of the room, just barely inside of Claudine's peripheral vision if she strains. A few shadows are barely visible through the blinds on the building's interior windows; most likely indicating the presence of monitoring scientists… At least, you'd hope that they're scientists and not more guards.

Claudine takes a deep breath and focuses a little, staring for a few moments at the mound of dirt. She concentrates and squints a little, almost looking like she's becoming a bit constipated. At first, nothing happens, as the movement of the piles of soil is slow at first. It's then that she stretches her arms in the direction of the pile and it starts to move. The dirt, already slightly wet starts mixing with some of the slabs as it starts forming a large and thick wall, similar in height originally. However, since this is the first time she's actually doing this, a quick lapse of concentration causes the dirt to fall back down and the slab lands with a thud. "Gah.." she cries out in frustration.

Orion smiles gently to Claudine, even though the expression is likely to go unnoticed based on where he's sitting. He does, however, make a 'slow down' or 'relax' gesture with both of his hands. "Deep breaths, Miss Salonga. Deep breaths. You don't need to rush and you don't need to fret. Just deep, calming breaths. In…" Granger again gestures, this time indicating 'breathe in and hold' then, after a moment, he gestures 'breathe out' and simultaneously notes, "Breathe out."

Claudine looks up to catch the advice and she simply nods, taking a deep cleansing breaths to calm herself down. She's always been nervous during tests, and now that she's actually trying to do things on purpose, things have changed. It just feels different. With that, she stretches her arms out over the materials once more and clenches her fists tightly and the dirt and now slabs of rock start to form together, making something that looks like a wall. Minutes pass though, and it's not a wall. It's a giant fist of rock and dirt and her eyes widen. "What the.." surprising herself as the fist moves along with her movements.

Orion watches quietly, the only noises in the room those of the various medical testing devices attached to Claudine and the sound of rock and earth skidding across surfaces and compacting with one another. When Claudine opens her eyes and starts gesturing about with her earthen fist, Orion instinctively tenses for a few seconds. He quickly recovers himself and nods a little bit, laughing very softly.

"In my experience, many elemental-kinetics end up doing the same thing when they first learn to control their abilities. It takes quite a lot of practice to learn how to control your abilities independently of your physical body; don't worry about it. That is very good for a second try."

Well,isnt that interesting. Mental notes for the future,try this again, should she ever think about escaping, but this is a neat little trick. As such, Claudine clenches her fists, wanting to see if there's a limit in the structural integrity of the fist and she squeezes as hard as she can before it crumbles. She awws a little as beads of sweat start forming on her brow. "Thanks.." she says,huffing and puffing slightly as she heads on over to a table with smaller samples. "I'm going to try with something smaller, kay? That one..was well..hard.." she admits ruefully as she hobbles on over to a table with several samples of various gems and minerals.

First things first, try shaping some of the smaller things. With that, she just stares at a piece of quartz, orthorhombic with sharp edges. A rather beautiful sample that's grown along with several other crystals intergrown together in a geode. She squints her eyes once more and the quartz almost seems to melt, moving and sliding on the rock as she tries to pull it out of the geode, wanting to isolate it…

Granger watches with rapt fascination, not responding to Claudine's statement at all. Presumably this indicates that starting small is just fine by him and his Corporate Masters. Although he doesn't move as stealthily as a cat or a ninja, Claudine's intense focus likely makes it easier for the tall man to creep up beside and slightly behind her; Orion quietly watches as she manipulates the crystal, trying to melt it free.

It's not exactly melting, but it's separating from the geode as if it had a mind of it's own. She continues until all of it is free from the now hollow shell of sedimentary rock. It swirls in her hands until she focuses a little and all of a sudden, it's a horse. A small, hand sized crystalline horse. With that, her eyes widen and she beams, rather surprised that she was able to do such a thing before letting out a slight eep as she looks around to suddenly find Orion next to her. "Um..here you go?" she says, giving the crystalline pony to him for inspection as she then turns her attention to the other samples on the table. A couple of pieces of coal and some marble slabs..

Granger blinks as he finds himself with a handful of crystalline horse. His gaze shifts back and forth for a few moments before he smiles to Claudine and nods, setting the horse down on the tray once she's moved to the next one. Orion circles around to the side, watching her actions in thoughtful silence.

It's then that she takes a deep breath once more, starting to look weary. What she's done has taken a good bit out of her and she just stares at the piece of coal intently. She's trying to make it change shape or something. She's really trying hard. Minutes pass, but still nothing, and more beads of sweat drop from her forehead. More time passes, and she's been staring at one piece of coal for what's been a good twenty minutes rather intently now. In the end, her eyes roll back and she juse passes out, fainting as she falls back…

Interestingly enough, at that moment, the piece of coal cracks. What's inside? A diamond. It's not perfect, but well..that was a surprise for sure. Too bad she isnt conscious to realize what she just did. She wanted to make a coal pony.

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