2007-08-25: Standing In Front of Doors


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Like everyone else on the MU*. Stan is looking for Felix Ivanov. He visits his nemesis to get info and ends up with a sex-and-fighting tape, and an alibi.

Date It Happened:

August 25, 2007

Standing In Front Of Doors

Ling's Penthouse

Stan doesn't like coming to see Ling without an arrest warrant with her name on it and 182 felonies underneath her name. But he knows she's really eager to demonstrate to him how superior she is, so why shouldn't he? It's not that he comes without backup, it's that the backup isn't visible. Getting in to see her would have been a lot harder if the mope at the door hadn't believed Stan's clean white smile and pleasant greeting. With his hand bent backwards and a cut on his temple bleeding, the goon opens the door for Stan, who is putting his gun, unfired, away. "Thanks for inviting me in." Stan says.

As Stan heads into the rather large and lavish penthouse he'll find the crime boss scantily clad in a red silk robe with a golden dragon design on the back. It's cliche, sure, but it was pretty and quite expensive so of course Ling is going to buy it. She's on the cellphone, speaking in Mandarin, in a rather saccharine sweet tone.

«Do send my love. It would be a shame for her to pass so soon. Goodbye..»

Of course, it was obvious she'd be quite happy if whoever she was talking about did pass and she blinks blankly, surprised that Stan is there.

"Mr Crosetti! What have I done to deserve this wonderful and unexpected visit?"

Stan says, "Do you want the long version or the short version? The short version is that you are who you are, you do what you do, and Special Agent Ivanov's missing less than forty-eight hours after he tripped Ma Cho Fa down a flight of stairs and took a stack of cash off him for evidence." He releases the goon and pushes him towards the door. "Leave." he tells him. "And stop interfering with federal investigations by standing in front of doors."

"Mr. Crosetti, I'm afraid you're quite mistaken. I've done nothing to your partner. If you'd like an alibi, you'll see that I was at the National American Chemical Society meeting representing my company and recruiting the finest young minds in science to work for Wong Pharmaceuticals.."

Her aide de camp rushes off to grab her itinerary with her confirmed flights along with several pictures that she was there with several prominent chemists and then offers the evidence to Stan.

It seems that Felix's disappearance is quite a surprise. She had been wondering why he hasnt come to see her considering his considerable addiction to her powers. Ling actually looks surprised and hrmms, pursing her lips a little, looking thoughtful. "Now..why would you think that I had anything to do with Mr. Ivanov disappearing?" She knows the answer, but she might as well partake in the banter.

Stan says, annoyedly, "I just told you why, because you are who you are and you do what you do. I know you been after him. If you lost track of him, it's because he's got another fish on the line." Who's got who on the line? "When was the last time you saw him, and please don't say 'the last time I saw you' and make me go over to the security station, and get the tape that hasn't been erased yet, and run it back, and show it to you, and prove you're lying, and charge you with lying to a federal officer, and the US Attorney pleads you down after you spend a few nights in holding next to nine families of Dominicans waiting to go home…that'll get old for both of us." he singsongs exhaustedly. He's talking about a building security tape….probably.

Ling actually considers cooperating for once. This is a rare moment. Hell must've frozen over or something like that. She hrmms for a few moments and wrinkles her nose. "I saw prior to leaving for the conference. He wanted to speak with me and I spoke with him." About what, she doesnt say as well, she doesnt have to give all that out.

Stan replies, "What did you talk about? I mean, he left a case note, but I want to hear your side." He bluffs. He bluffs all the time with Ling.

"How he needed to see me. How I've been on his mind. I should really ask for a restraining order. Mr. Ivanov is becoming..well..a stalker.." That's just half of it, she did get him addicted to her presence with her powers afterall.

Stan says, "You have that problem a lot, as I recall, though a lot of times you don't really consider it a /problem/. Did he say anything about where he was going or why?"

"Nothing. He didnt say anything about going anywhere. In fact, I'm surprised he hasnt come back. I think he's become obsessed with me.." Ling says with mock worry. Of course, considering Stan was once under her control, he has to know what that means.

Stan waits a while, leafing through the conference materials he was just given before dropping it carelessly on her floor. "You know, I /believe/ you didn't have anything to do with it." he says equally carelessly. "If you really had an FBI agent in your pocket, you wouldn't let him be in the wind for thirty seconds with what he knew about your operation. Not thirty seconds. And he's been gone four days now."

"It seems that Mr. Ivanov has enemies. Such a shame. He was such a nice man." And yes, she's using WAS. Past tense. She's pretty much assuming he's dead in a gutter somewhere by now. "So, are you going to file a missing person's report?"

Stan says, "I thought I might call the FBI." After that, he turns to go.

"Do let me know if you find Mr. Ivanov. I do hope he's all right.." she says with the same saccharine sweet tone she had earlier..

Stan does pick up the security tape on the way out, just to have it. It doesn't show exactly what Ling said it would, but it doesn't prove she's involved in his disappearance either. Indeed, if she is, she did it from afar, through intermediaries, and that just doesn't fit with someone under her spell. Why would she need to kidnap him if she already had him under her control? Stan is outside the first forty-eight now. The chances of finding Felix have dropped massively, already.

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