2007-10-15: Star Search


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Summary: The infamous Jaden Cain arranges for a little after hours time with The Cain Foundation's star student. He attempts to score. Ahem.

Date It Happened: October 15, 2007

Star Search

Somewhere In New York…

Madame Chaka Khan's Wax Museum… just happens to be closed for business at this hour. However, when someone related to someone that's been sleeping with someone who knows someone that dated someone who's the father of someone that has a nephew that owes Jaden Cain a favor… Jaden Cain gets late night access. But let's back things up a little bit to a couple of days ago….

Insert The Squiggly Lines For A Flashback Sequence Here.

Monica's House. A delivery man shows up with a small package. Okay, it's actually kind of a box. He says it's from Jaden Cain. Inside the box is laser tag gear and a small card that says something about Congratulations! and 'I Challenge You To Lazer Kombat. Do You Accept?' and the address of the Wax Museum and the date: October 15, 2007.

Back To The Present! The Wax Museum's door is unlocked and there's even a note on the front door that says: 'Game Starts When You Close The Door. — Jaden.' This guy is one weird CEO, that's for damn sure.

Monica is generally a nice girl, but this box that came? Was nothing short of a challenge. So Monica did what any young woman issued such a challenge might do - she called some geek-friends, inquired after the appropriate movies, and studied. Only when Monica studies? The results are pretty prompt. It was mostly war movies, which she is grateful to never have to watch again, along with a few youtube videos that were pointed her way. Losing for the sake of making her benefactor look good has never occurred to her. Trying to push away the tiny voice in her mind saying that she feels like a big dork, she nonetheless makes her way to the wax museum, gear on and ready to go, albeit looking around for said benefactor.

Challenges are the name of the game when it comes to Jaden Cain. Well, not really. But the moment the door closes, there's nothing but darkness. However, the state of the art EvoGear Monica's wearing will provide her with her own personal Head's-Up Display and Laser Night Vision. Pretty cool. Not only is the Jaden of Cain challenging her to a contest to welcome her to the EvoSoft Family… but he's also testing out some new entertainment gear before slapping it on the market to make himself even more rich.

Deep, Star Wars-ish breathing comes from somewhere in the lobby of this place. "Monica…" Yes, that voice belongs to Jaden Earl Jones, as he's using one of those Toys R Us voice changers to speak. "You are destined to go to school, dance with the hotties and make me, Darth Cain, very proud that I have started that scholarship thing. That's later. Now? Now we duel. To the death. Are you ready?" And a not so imposing figure seems to roll into view, in all of its Darth Vader glory.

It was a puzzle, trying to decide what to wear tonight. Sweats would be comfy, but floppy stuff might make her a big target. There was also the added consideration of young upwardly mobile rich dude present. She took a page from Elena's book - a leotard and jeans with comfy sneakers. Slinging her gear on, she unhooks the gun, cocks the business end up and responds simply, "Y'all gonna talk, or y'all gonna start runnin'? 'Cause you better."

"Holy shit you're hot." The voice comes from behind Monica, but soon thereafter there is the pitter patter of running feet. Oh yes, the ol' Use Rolling Wax Statue Of Darth Vader While You Come Up Behind Her And Zap Her While She's Distracted Trick. Unfortunately, it didn't work, due to the fact that she's managed to distract him with her attire. A feat that, well, is not too hard to really accomplish, considering Jaden's lecherous nature.

His feet take him off towards diving behind another large statue. This one of Marlon Brando, he cocks his own weapon and presses his back against the ass of his cover. "I mean uh… bring it on, sister! I'm the laser tag king!" Pause. "Wait, no. Make that prince! Kings are too old!"

Monica in turn bolts for a statue, while twisting and firing behind toward the voice. She's doing much the same as he is, with an odd sort of familiarity with how this game should be played. "My Nana always said once a king always a king, but once a knight ain't ever enough." Narrowing her eyes, she waits a moment, and darts to a new position, trying to find him. Man. This is right up there with the craziest, most surreal stuff she's ever done.

"… I think I love your Nana." Jaden quips, though the voice comes from somewhere that's not Marlon Brando. In fact, it comes from the other side of the room, from behind Marlon Wayans. Don't even think about asking why he's in this wax museum. Just don't. Anyway, while the voice is coming from that direction, there are footsteps running across the floor in multiple directions. It's almost as if there's a team of others in here. But that's impossible, right? "Please tell me she's the kind of Nana that's not letting you date until you find The One…" And suddenly, popping out from behind Joe Frasier is Jaden! And he's firing off his laser pistol at Monica! Surprise!

"Well, you know, she probably wouldn't mind some nice rich young man making her feel young again." She whirls upon seeing him - runs, takes a dive, and rolls like she's some kind of action hero, and winds up behind Sandy Kofax. Her vest vibrates a bit, seems he did get the shot off. So now it's one to whatever. "As for me, well, I see whom I please. Except I don't have time to see anyone. Why you so worried about my virtue, huh?"

Jaden disappears behind Cher. "AHHHH! CHER!" And ends up tripping over his feet, stumbling and sprawling out onto the floor. "Yeesh." But he's scrambling to get to his feet and crawl away for the most part, while Jaden answers the question tossed at him. "Because I'm about to state that your answer to my next question has no bearing on whether or not you keep your scholarship, for the record." And here comes Jaden again, leaping across in the darkness and firing off a shot while in the air and… not exactly being good at this. At all. Jaden's voice comes from the right of her as this happens, though, again. "You wanna' catch a movie this weekend?"

Monica begins to stalk her way toward his voice, maneuvering from Jennifer Garner to Jennifer Lopez on silent sneakers of laser tag death. Waiting a few moments, she spots her prey, extends her gun in a teacup and saucer grip, and fires. "Depends on the movie. I got a paper. It'd have to be real worth my while."

Good Vibrations! Jaden is smacked hard by the lazer bolt, just as he stumbles into Marky Mark. A look to the left at the Funky Bunch and he frowns. "Any movie you wanna' see. It'll be my treat." Poor Jaden is trying to take her out and hit on her at the same time. "There's only two conditions to this date that I wanna' get out in the open right now…" No shooting, this time, as this is important.

Monica is being mercenary about it, and the Fat Boys provide ample cover. As she peers through chains of bling she inquires, "And they are?"

Jaden's not worried about shooting at the moment. Still worried about dropping his conditions. "One? You have to bring your laptop with you, so I can find interesting ways to distract you while you write." Pause. "I mean. So you can watch the movie while you write." He coughs and makes the other Jadens disappear, so that he can stay focused. Right on the other side of those Fat Boys. "And two? You have to wear what you're wearing now."

"For a trip to the movies?" She sounds incredulous and starts to dart away. What the Fat Boys can't manage, possibly MC Hammer's pants can. "Why would I bring a laptop to the movies?"

At least this question is about the laptop and not the outfit. Which means she's considering it. Always a plus. "Did I forget to mention that I've got a theater in my house?" Jaden doesn't move. He's more apt to hoping this talk of how rich he is will make everything fall into his lap. Could be a fun journey.

"I'm not surprised." Then musingly, "How cold is it in there?"

"Cold enough for me to keep you warm." Jaden's really pulling out the stops on this whole Smooth Operator, angle, this time. "Speaking of. Why don't we call this a truce? You kinda' passed the Cool Test when you showed up."

Monica rolls her eyes. "Let's put it this way - warm enough for me not to regret wearing a leotard top?" she counters and steps out. She puts her gun in the up position, but she's got her on her opponent, something sharp.

Jaden drops his gun to the ground before he gets up. Both of his hands are held up over his head, while he pulls his goggles up too. somewhere, somebody flicks the lights on to this place and Jaden can get an even better view. And there's the cracking of a goofy smile as he stands there. "I can honestly say that regret is something that you'll never have to worry about with me."

Monica gives him a narrow eyed, sidelong look. But something about his goofy smile just makes her laugh, and she shakes her head. "Alright." she concedes. "I accept your surrender. And your invitation." She looks around. "You know, wasn't this supposed to be some kind of PR thing?"

"Oh it was! Yeah. Photographers were here. Interviewers. All that. It was pretty cool. You shoulda' been here!" Jaden smiles, getting out of this crazy lazer tag gear and tossing it off to the side, so that he can approach his latest conquest. "But I sent 'em all away and arranged for it to be just the two of us. Because, well, I honestly wanted to get to know the real Monica Whateveryourlastnameisdon'tkillmeIforgotwhathereitcomes-Dawson! and see what she was all about. Instead of what the media would make you all about."

Monica notes wryly, "I'm afraid to ask." She yawns. "It's been fun, but I've got class." She strips off the armor, holds it out to him. "Really been fun." she admits with a smile. "Different from the usual swinging lightsabers thing I'm used to."

Jaden gets Probably Too Close and reaches out to plan an arm around Monica's shoulders. "Lightsbers, huh?" And now for the lecherous nature to come right out. "Show me yours and I'll show you mine." Oy, he's been waiting for the longest time to use that line.

Monica smirks at that. "I usually borrow a friend's. But I can do the entire Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Darth Maul fight. Both sides." That'll either render her utterly repellant, or utterly cool. "Anyway. Pleasure to meet you. It's late, and presumably you're a gentleman, so would you mind terribly arranging a ride for me back to Queens?"

"That's gotta' be utterly cool." Jaden remarks with a twist of his lips. Leading the way out of the Wax Museum, Jaden heads to the curb, where a black trans am pulls up, with a red light swishing back and forth underneath the hood. As the doors open, a distinct voice comes from the car: "It's about time, Jaden. I've been circling the block for hours. Did the young lady, as they say, give you some?"


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