2011-08-25: Starstruck
AIR DATE 08.25.11
Cast: Jane_icon.pngEverett_icon.pngSeth_icon.png
Location: UCLA Campus
Synopsis: Seth runs into Jane and Everett during a Nightlife on-location shoot on the UCLA campus.

Usually, long-running series prefer the controlled environment of a sound stage. But nothing quite beats the real thing, and sometimes budget just doesn't allow a complete rebuild. UCLA's Sociology department has been inundated with a TV crew since before the sun has risen. Cables snake down hallways, cameras and lights are everywhere. Certain staff members have been granted access to roam freely around the set because, well, they need to get to their offices. The only consolation is the craft services table. Although the staff haven't been told they're free to eat from it, they haven't been told otherwise either. Everett is currently by said table full of food. He's tapping away on his Blackberry. He's dressed in his usual immaculate way. He's wearing a crisp, closely-tailored white linen suit with a canary yellow tie.

Mmmm. Craft service table. Jane has been up since oh-my-god o'clock prepping, and now, she's snuck off to grab a nibble of something. Her make-up artist is going to sigh and huff if her illicit snacking rubs off all of her lipstick. Or, worse yet, she might spill something. The horror. It's well worth the risk, though. As she sneakily sidles up to the table, her stomach gives an embarrassing loud growl. "Oh, hush you," she growls back at it, under her breath, then sneaks a quick glance over towards the suited man. Did he hear? Oh, dear. Awkward.

Of course the studio wanted to shoot at UCLA, it's the most attractive campus architecture in Los Angeles. Though it's clear that Seth has been running around between shooting of the day trying to get his typical work hour chores done before night creeps up on him again. Though he has taken the occasional break to talk to some of the extras and other smaller actors that most likely either have taken a class with him or are taking one of his classes now.

It's between shooting luckily when Seth steps out of his office once more. He's dressed in a white dress shirt, tan slacks, and a pair of very trendy shoes that most likely came from the local Hollister. All his clothing seem to scream of Seth's attachment to keeping the public aware of his youth.

He looks around the set before seeing both Jane and Everett at the craft table. A grin spreads across the young man's face as he begins to cross over to greet the visitors of his fine college.

"You might want to see to that beast in your belly, love. You'd be surprised what camera mics can pick up," murmurs Everett to Jane while only taking his eyes off his phone for a moment. Type type type. Send. Then the device is flipped around and slid into the pocket of his jacket. He pokes fussily around the veggie tray. Apparently it's not to his liking, because he withdraws his hand and wrinkles his nose slightly. Fussy. He arches his brows as Seth approaches. "Well now. You're either playing a hip professor, or you are one. Which is it then?"

"That's the plan." Despite the last decade spent States-side, Jane hasn't lost her London accent in the least. And, it seems, she isn't fussy at all about her food. She secures one of the small paper plates and fills it with some of the veggies. Also, a pastry. Everything tastes better when one's belly is trying to gnaw at one's backbone. "Could be a bit of both," she points out to Everett when he comments on the approaching professor. "They're taking on students and staff as extras."

Seth chuckles as he gets close enough for Everett to comment on his attire. "Oh, well thank you mate. I like to think being a professor doesn't require one to consistently look frumpy." His Irish accent clear within his voice, but not enough to be too thick to understand. He then moves his hand over himself straightening everything out from today's chaos. "I do admit my lifestyle couldn't be quite so perfect as those professors portrayed in this show you're filming. Though it is entertaining to see how the show is progressing each week." Seth beams a smile as he looks around the set once more surely in amazement. He must be a fan of the show. He then looks upon Jane as a look of wonder passing his expression. "Wow, I had no idea you weren't from the states with your accent on the show. You're bloody well brilliant, lass."

"Seems we've got ourselves a three-person invasion force, haven't we?" says Everett once everyone's spoken. He eyes the tray of food again. "Ugh. Hate location shoots. All you get is shriveled carrots and stale danish." He looks down the hallway. "Jane, is it? Have you seen Tim?" An aging, well-respected theatre actor who's done a bit of television and is currently guest-starring as a professor. "He told me he was going outside for air. That was ten minutes ago. Bloody hell. Even the old ones, you need to keep a leash on."

Stale danish is the best danish to a starving actress. "Mmph," Jane replies to Seth at the compliment, then lifts a hand to cover her mouth as she chews and swallows. "Thanks." She jabs a thumb in the direction of that-way-down-the-hallway. "I think I saw him popping out when I was escaping the hairdresser. He had the glasses, yeah, and the tweed?"

Seth nods at Everett with a chuckle before saying, "You know that's a social imperative. Whenever you need someone, they typically aren't to be found anywhere. Only when he stop needing them do they typically surface in the most likely of places. It's enough to drive a man bonkers if he lets it." He then looks curiously at Jane once again before back at Everett. He then shakes his head playfully before saying, "See that's what I don't get. I don't think I once saw one of my professors in tweed. I mean, it's extremely uncomfortable. Am I right?"

"Yes. Painful cliche. Tweed, glasses, theatrically British accent. But Tim's mostly retired. He thought he'd do this for a bit of a lark. I think he wants to smack the assistant director, though. Can't say that I blame him." Everett rolls his eyes. He finds a granola bar from within the piles of food. He flicks a bit of sprout off the wrapper and reluctantly unwraps it. Before he bites it, he adds, "I'm Everett Southway, just…by way of introduction. Seeing as my face isn't on television and introductions are necessary."

"It what the American viewing public expects of a university professor," Jane replies with a shrug. Oh. Introductions. "It seems my body digested my manners when I couldn't find any nosh." She sets the plate back down on the table, then grabs a napkin to wipe the crumbs off of her hands with. "Jane Ashdown, lovely to meet you both." She offers each of them a hand in turn along with her introduction.

Seth nods his head as Everett speaks. It's most clear that Seth agrees with what the other man is saying before he chimes in with, "Oh that bloody baboon who insists on yelling every chance he gets? That must be the assistant director if I'm not mistaken." He then smiles before offering Everett and formal hand to shake. "Seth Greene, newest Assistant Professor of Sociology. Just started this fall after the college acceptance of my dissertation." It's then that he finally turns to Jane as nodding as well. "Alright, I guess I'll let the American public get away with it then." He then nods his head taking Jane's offered hand when and if Everett is done shaking his hand already. "No need for introductions for you Miss Jane Ashdown. Surely you're famous enough as it is."

"That would be him. And he's not a baboon, he just has excessive body hair and a strange odour." Everett makes a face. "I think he'd make a better baboon though. Maybe I'll get him a role in a stage production of the Lion King." A beat, "I'm an agent, by the way." Most actors would find the name Southway at least somewhat familiar. "I represent Tim, one of the principals and do the occasional bit of extras and guest star casting." His shake is firm, confident, businesslike. He's clearly a man for whom handshakes are part of the daily routine.

"Mmm, well, it's still the proper thing to do," Jane points out to Seth with a small grin. "Famous or not." She gives Everett a long, appraising look. Then her eyes light up with recognition. "Oh! You do a lot of casting for the theatre, yeah?" Every actor and actress worth their salt desire to be cast in a theatre production at least once.

"I meant for of his manner, but surely that too." Seth says seeming to be losing a bit of social grace upon being misunderstood. He then laughs at the mere thought of the assistant director being cast in 'The Lion King' production. "Now /that/, I'd pay to see." He then nods as Everett talks of his profession. "Wow, so you're kind of a big deal then I imagine." Seth's handshake a bit more soft and not as well refined as though shaking hands is a rarity within his profession. "Well it's nice to meet you. Surely it's not everyday one gets to meet a successful talent agent."

Seth then looks back at Jane seeming to be bouncing his gaze a lot between the two others. "Very good point and a good social observation."

"Oh come on, then. Stop being starstruck. We're not that big of a deal. I've gone to parties where one canape tray has been touched by more starpower than the entire network that produces this show." Everett doesn't really mean that as harshly as it might come across, judging by the grin he gives Seth and the chuckle that follows. He looks to Jane, then lifts a shoulder. "The London office, yeah. Mostly theatre. LA? Well, the scene isn't quite the same here, is it? There's talk of opening a New York office at some point. I cut my teeth casting chorus girls and dashing heroes."

Ooh, canapes — no. Focus, Jane. Once the civilities are seen to, she picks her plate back up and returns to feeding her belly. It just wouldn't do to have a grumble interrupt a shot. How unprofessional, really. "Seems like a New York office would be the thing," she remarks between mouthfuls. To her credit, she does swallow her food before speaking. "I'd love to do a bit of Shakespeare at the Globe," she goes on, her tone taking on a wistful note. "But who wouldn't?"

Seth chuckles as it's clear Everett didn't mean to come across completely rude. "Oh yes, well I'm starting to get used to seeing stars the past two days. What with running into Austin Wellingham and all…" He seems so casual about it all suddenly, like meeting this Austin character should be self-evident. Though clearly Austin might not be known in these circles quite yet being that he's just getting back into the business. He then chuckles and tilts his head looking at Jane with a wistful look. Clearly he's finding her comments most cute.

"I've done a bit of stage acting before, you know. I was the lead carrot in my primary school's production on healthy eating habits." Jane grins a bit, sticks the tip of her tongue between her teeth and winks at the fellas. "Even so, I do appreciate your expert advice, Mister Southway."

A perfectly plucked and penciled brow arches upwards at the name-dropping of her castmate. From both of them. "Yeah? I haven't had much time to chat him up. Looking forward to it, though."

"Oh really, it's a small world after all!" Seth says with a grin upon his face. Clearly not expecting his name dropping to do anything for him with this crowd. After Everett checks his phone, Seth chimes in, "Well that's at least good, you certainly wouldn't want an empty set or to have to do something rash…" He then falls silent as advice is being given to Jane. He then giggle for a second at Jane's joking behavior. Yes, this man actually giggles, how embarrassing! "Wow, that's a good one Jane… I can call you Jane, right?" He looks suddenly nervous as he just casually talks to Jane as if he'd known her already.

Everett finishes up his granola bar and tosses the wrapper in the trash. He wipes a few crumbs from the corner of his mouth and is about to say something when his phone chirrups again. He pulls it out again and checks it. It's an actual call. Gasp. He answers. "Yeah, Tim." A pause. "Christ. Right then. I'll be over. Don't…just…I'll deal with the baboon. Just drink your tea, yeah?" He hangs up and rocks back a step. "Damage control." He lifts a hand to straighten out his hair. He /is/ going near cameras, after all, even if they're not going to be shooting him. "Jane, I'm sure I'll see you 'round. Professor? We'll be out of your hair soon enough. Best to soak up the star-struckness." And then the white-suited agent is heading off towards where the active shooting is taking place.

"Absolutely," Jane reassures Seth with a smile. "Everyone else does." After finishing up the last of her snacks, she tosses the plate into the nearest rubbish bin and then dusts the crumbs off of her fingers. Naturally, she can't help but eavesdrop on Everett's end of the phone conversation, being that he's standing right there. She winces sympathetically at him having to deal with 'the baboon'. "Oh, dear. Absolutely, Everett. Good luck with that. Ta now."

Seth jumps slightly as Everett's phone chirps unexpectedly. He then calms as he moves a hand to his chest in attempt to keep his heart from galloping out of his chest. "Damn, that scared me…" He then nods suddenly understand what just happened. "Oh, well good luck then." He then waves at the talent agent as he leaves, "It's no bother really… maybe I'll see you around again." He then looks back at Jane awkwardly. Yep, it's always awkward being left alone with the celebs. You never know exactly what to say, do you? At least the woman is friendly, right?! "Oh well good. I'd hate to offend such a pretty lass." He then sigh before face-palming himself. "Wow, that came out a bit wrong."

"Which bit?" Jane asks, her head tilting just slightly to the side. "The bit about hating to offend me or the bit about being a pretty lass?" Her blue-green eyes sparkle as she says it, and her tone teasing. She seems quite relaxed and not a bit awkward about being left alone with the civilian.

"JANE TO THE SET," comes from a bullhorn somewhere nearby. "JANE, GET YOUR BUTT TO THE SET. YOU'RE UP."

"Oh. That would be me." Jane offers her hand to Seth once more. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Professor Greene."

"The pretty lass part?" Seth says with a questioning tone as if he doesn't want to look even more social awkward than he already has been. "Oh, that must be you then… It as nice seeing you Jane. Good luck with the show and everything." He then takes her hand slowly shaking it before saying, "The pleasure was all mine, I assure you. Though I will ensure to promote this episode of your show when it showcases." He grins before releasing the woman to adventure off to her job once again.

"Lovely. Appreciate it. Ta!" Jane offers a wave over her shoulder as she jogs off in the direction of the bullhorn shouting. "I'M COMING!" She shouts. "HOLD YOUR BLOODY HORSES!"

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