2007-05-13: Startled and Shocked


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Summary: Elle is in a state of panic. She gives Candice quite the jolt.

Date It Happened: May 13, 2007

Startled and Shocked

Greenwich Village

Elle woke this morning, after -incredibly stressful night-. And well, she doesn't HAVE that many friends. It was either Jane or Candice, and she was still somewhat in the doghouse with Jane. So it is that Candice gets a call at about 10 AM in the morning, from a panicky-sounding Elle, asking her to meet her a couple blocks from Jane's place, ASAP.

Obviously in need of more sleep, Candice walks down the sidewalk toward the meeting place Elle designated, having been dropped off a couple blocks away. She's herself today, although she's sporting the voluminous curls. Despite the need for sleep, the illusionist has a look of grim determination about her. Who do I gotta drive mad?

Elle has a lot of moods. Scared is not usually one of them. The blonde rotates through coy, sadistic, angry, happy…but panic-attacky is not usually one. But it is this morning. She's pacing back and forth where she asked Candice to meet her, and looks…well, rather not in control at the moment.

When Candice finally spots Elle looking possibly more panicked than she sounded on the phone, she breaks into a run. It's hard to do this in heels, but she does it. "What's happened?" she demands as soon as she's within earshot. "Talk to me, Elle."

Elle practically babbles at Candice. "I don't know what to do, he came by last night and he had been drinking and we got in this huge fight the other day and now he's talking like he's going to leave and I think he's going to break UP with me!" Without pausing for breath. It might seem like silly to most…but this is Elle's first boyfriend…and first potential breakup. The blonde is SO far outside her element it isn't funny, and she is FREAKING. OUT.

What? This is what she dragged her away from her beauty sleep for? Candice looks rather unimpressed. "So you do what any sane woman does, Elle. You look him straight in the eye and you tell him, 'You can't break up with me. Because I'm breaking up with you first.'" She shrugs. "If it were anybody else, I'd say to just fry him and dump his body into the Hudson. But I think Daddy would be displeased if you killed Peter Petrelli."

Elle shakes her head. "No, no, no. I don't want him to go, Candice, you have to help." It's almost desperate. Pleading. All things that Elle Bishop is usually not.

Candice backs away a step, her expression almost… cold. "No." What?

Elle looks stunned. She might as well have just gotten hit by one of her own electric bolts. "W-what?" She looks at Candice with complete disbelief on her face. It's as if the brunette just told her down was up, or the sky was purple.

Candice shakes her head. "I am not helping you keep that boy. He's no good for you, Elle. /Look/ at what he's doing to you." This is for her own good. At least Candice seems to think it is. "This isn't good. You need to get rid of him."

Elle shakes her head. "No!" she almost shrieks at that. "-NO-. Not after everything I've lost, everything that's been -taken- from me. I will -not- just let him leave!" Little bolts of blue actually start arcing out from her legs, from her neck…any exposed skin, seeking metal. It's a sign of just how out of control she is at the moment.

"Calm down, Elle!" It's snapped like an order. "Knocking out the power in the city isn't going to save your doomed relationship!" Candice takes another step back. She's playing with fire and she knows it.

Sure enough. Though, technically, lightning, not fire. "NO!" It's shrieked, and shrill. Those blue bolts lash out towards Candice, the product of Elle's denial at the moment. Although they're born of her emotional state, and thus far less focused or potent than her normal blasts.

Never before has Candice been purposefully shocked by her friend. And never more than maybe some really built up static electricity. This is an entirely new and frightening experience. Candice shrieks and collapses. Somehow, she manages to keep up her illusion, but only just.

This isn't so much purposeful as Elle simply losing control, and Candice being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her eyes widen, and she runs over. "Oh, nonononono…" She starts to reach out towards Candice to help her, and then stops…she's likely carrying too much of a charge at the moment. Torn between the desire to help and the fear of doing so, she addresses Candice instead. "Oh, god, don't be hurt. Candice, please, get up…"

Candice actually looks scared. It's not an expression that usually finds a home in her features. She shrinks away from Elle and scrambles away about a foot. "Don't you get it?! /This/ is what he's doing to you. It's what he's doing to /us/! You have to /end it/, Elle."

Elle backs away, as Candice backs away from her. She looks at her fallen friend, scared. Scared of what she did, scared of what's going on in her life. Torn by emotion, the blonde turns and begins to run. To where is anyone's guess.

Scared, alone, and… well, stunned, Candice lays on the sidewalk for several long moments before she finally climbs to her feet and takes off running in the opposite direction.

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