2010-06-05: Stay For The Show



Date: June 5, 2010


Merrick gets caught using his ability to cheat at darts by an old friend, he finds out that things are not always as they appear.

"Stay For The Show"

Sullivan Bros. Carnival

Angel City. A city in Florida that has a special treat at this time. The The Sullivan Bros. Carnival is visiting the town. Another person is visiting the town…Merrick Jones. He needed to get out of the city for awhile and decided to head down south. His cousin Mark has a beach house that is located in Cocoa Beach. While getting some supplies Merrick saw the flyer for the Carnival and thought it might be fun.

As he stands in line to pay for his admission, he runs a hand though his hair with a little twinkle in his eye. He has always loved Carnivals as a kid. He bounces on his toes when it is his turn to pay. "One please."

As the woman slides Merrick his ticket, he grins like a Cheshire Cat and off he goes into the playful world of the The Sullivan Bros. Carnival!!!

"How many times have I told you not to force it?" Hands blacked from working on aging rides, are propped on her hips, Charity gives one of the younger carnies an unhappy look. Jeans and a white tank top, a Sullivan Brother's work shirt over that, hangs open and unbuttoned. Her long hair actually falls free in a curtain down to her shoulder, but it topped with a straw cowboy hat.

Standing at the Airplane Ride, a sign is set up that says the ride is closed… The skirting that hides the mechanics of the ride, pulled aside.

Reaching back, mechanic tugs a rag out of her back pocket and works at getting the grease off her hands. "Your lucky that it ain't wrenched any tighter, cause then I'd have to tell the bossman that the ride will be down a few days til I can find a part. Personally, I'd rather not too."

The teens head hangs a bit, "Sorry, Charity." He murmurs sounding a touch disgruntled.

Charity breaks in to a bright grin, a stained hand moving to grip the kids shoulder she chuckles. "Hey, don't worry, little cousin… it's all good. Just remember next time it starts to stick, get me… Don't force it."

Glancing up at the ride, her eyes narrow slightly, and there is the click and whine of an engine starting. And slowly the airplanes start to slowly move, moving up and down on their arms. "Looks like we got it tho." A snap of her fingers and the ride slows to a stop. "So get it up and going. Kids are awaitin'" She thumps the kid on the back and grabs her tool box, moving towards the crowds.
As he strolls through the Carnival, Merrick finds the area filled with the games of chance. He grins as he begins to make his way towards them to see what they offer. His eyes fall on the Dart Game as he chuckles softly. He pauses to see a Mom and her son trying to win a prize. The Mom is trying so hard yet seems to be failing.

He crosses his arms over his chest as he watches a moment. The final score…the Dart Game 3. The Mom 0. As the little boy's eyes begin to well up with tears the mother sighs, "Baby I am just not any good." He points at the Bear as big as him and he makes it clear he wants it.

"Oh what is the harm." Merrick walks over to the booth and says to the kid, "I can get you the bear kid." The attendant says, "You need 3 bulleyes." Merrick looks at him and smirks, "No problem." He pays his 3 dollars for his 3 darts.

As he begins to throw the darts one by one, the fly true….a little too true as each dart lands directly in the center of the bulleyes. The mother lets out a scream of joy as she begins to hug Merrick!

Passing by, Charity's attention is pulled by the mother's squealing, there is a small somewhat sad smile. One of the problems with being in Florida, is the memories. Things she left the state to try and ease the pain of. Her family.

It doesn't registered right away who the woman is hugging, until the Mechanopath is well past the booth. Only after she turns the corner towards the living area, does it hit her. Turning around, Charity moves to look again. Brows lift. "Well, I'll be." She murmurs softly.

Back tracking, the older woman gives the carnie in the booth a wave, before she sets her tool box down and moves to lean against the booth, arms crossed, head tilted down. "You know… they frown on that sorta thing." Her words are quietly spoken, before she tilts her head up again so he can see who's speaking.

"And trust me when I say… they know." Her mouth tugs up on one side, "Hey there Merrick. Long time…"

As the woman releases him, the man looks at the carnie holding out his hand. The carnie looks rather annoyed with Merrick as he hands the man his huge prize. Merrick smiles softly looking down at the kid and hands him the bear. The little boy hugs the bear like it was the best thing since candy. "Thanks Mister." The mother kisses him on the cheek and as he turns to walk away the hero with his chest puffed out. However as he turns his eyes fall on Charity. He blinks. He freeze. He stutters, "Cha…Charity?" He takes a step back and cocks his head to the side.

"That would be me." Charity says brightly, teeth flashing as she smiles. "Can get your jaw off the ground now." She glances at the carnie and gives him a wink. "I got this one." She bends down to grab up her tool box and jerks her head for Merrick to follow. "Of all the places you coulda showed up."

She takes a few steps and stops turning back to see if he's coming with. "Look good, kiddo. How are things back home… or did you high tail it out like I did?"

Merrick does follow Charity and looks a bit guilty because she knows how he got those three bulleyes. "I did return and I began to look into finding a way to counteract the "Solution"." As he sighs and runs a hand through his hair, "When I found I was not able too. I decided to work double time to finish school and graduate. I thought maybe I could use my knowledge to find it."

"I needed to get away. My cousin is letting me use his beach house over at Cocoa Beach. I have been having alot of nightmares. I havent seen anyone since…well we were all cleared."
Merrick blinks and finally asks, "What are you doing here. You work here? I mean…" He finally stops and looks at her.

Being where she is, means being out of the loop. With no TV or phones, Charity has no idea what has been going on. Stopping, she looks at him with brows furrowed with confusion. She waves off his question, though she gives a quick answer, "Yeah… I work here… but…. wait…" Her eyes narrow at him as if trying to understand. "What… what do you mean cleared?"

Charity starts to move again, brows furrowing slightly. "I obviously missed a lot going on being here."

Merrick nods slowly, "I don't know what happened I just got a text from Rebel saying it was safe…for now. My accounts were unfrozen. I went back to that back and left the money Matt and I took in an envelope in the deposit box. I went back to normal life….kind of. That is when the nightmares started coming yet I got by… So I went back to school." He cocks his head to the side, "How long have you been here?"

"Good to know." Charity says softly, brows lifting high on her head. "I'll have to see if I can get to a payphone and call Mack, ain't talked to him in awhile. Find out how things are."

The question about how long she's been there gets a little side to side motion of her head as she thinks on it. "About half a year?" Charity offers softly, sounding uncertain. "I left town not too long after we talked on the phone.

"With them huntin' us, I decided to get out of dodge." Charity explains, dodging a rambunctious kid squealing for his parents to hurry up. "Ran into this place when I was on the road." Her head turns so she can look at him, "It's a place I fit in and they need me here… The rides were in some bad shape when I showed up."

Merrick cocks his head slightly to the side. He watches the kids who pass by before turning his attention back to Charity and asks, "I am sorry…where you fit in?" He takes a moment to absorb that and begins to look around the carnival.

He turns and looks back at Charity and says, "You mean?" Merrick points between the two and says, "Like you and I?"

There is a small nod of her head, a knowing smile playing across her lips. "Stay here today… Watch the shows." She emphasizes the word 'watch', brows lifting a little. "Once you do… you'll understand."

Moving into the back area's of the Carnival she waves to some of the carnies, motioning a thumb at Merrick. "He's with me." There are a few nods and suspicious looks, but no one stops them, so Charity moves into an area with parts strewn around, she drops the tool chest on a rolling cart, before turning to Merrick again.

"This is a good place. I don't have to hide who I am… and cause of that, I've learned a thing or two about what I can do." Charity grins, reaching down to touch a generator near her, it purrs to life with ease. Pulling her had off it, she smiles a little and gives a small twist of her hand, the engine dies. Another movement of he hand and it purrs to life again.

"Didn't use to be able to do that."

As he nods slowly, Merrick's face shows confusion and a little bit of his own suspicious. He watches a few of the Carnie as they pass, he keeps a bit closer to Charity then he was known to do when she last saw him.

When she shows him the display of her talents, Merrick smiles and says, "That is awesome. So your gaining a better connection with the machines….much like Rebel began to grow into his talents. I will stay and watch. I love the Carnival. I use to go to them every year as a kid."

As a few of the Carnie walk by Merrick catches a glimpse of silver and jumps slightly. He takes a deep breath and says softly, "Charity…you don't have a man with a silver arm working here do you?"

Opening the smaller tool box, she digs through it. "A man with a silver arm? Noooo?" Charity's head tilts a lit as she considers him, as she moves to put some tools away. "Why?" A brow lifts curiously, tossing a wrench into a bigger box of tools.

She stops in her work long enough to turn towards him, arm resting on the edge of the tool box. "What's going on, Merrick?"

As he looks down at his lap, he shrugs, "Just…" He shrugs again. Typical man who shuts down when a nerve is hit as he looks at the scattered tools. Merrick looks around to see if anyone is watching and flicks his wrist as the all slide over to the tool box so she does not have to walk around as much. "Just been having Nightmares about someone Rebel told me about. A really bad man who has the same talents I do. His name is Max. That is all I know." He sighs deeply looking a little shaken, "He threw a helicopter on someone once."

"Thanks, makes life a touch easier." Charity says brightly, moving to toss the tools into the box, while she listens to him.

"Really?" She asks once he's done explaining. "Never heard of him… so he ain't here for sure. I'd think I'd know if he was." Charity pucks a rag of the bench and moves to sit near him, working at the black smudged across her hands. "So you can rest easy you won't run into him here."

Merrick nods slowly as his body does relax and he says, "Kind of the reason I left the city. I felt like I was being watched. I don't know." He sighs and runs a hand through his hair as he looks over at you and says, "Maybe I am a bit paranoid since all of what happened to us. But since Rebel said he threw a helicopter on this person. I can only imagine what he might want to do to me if we ever meet." He looks out over the festive place and smiles slightly, "So ya like it here?"

"I like it here all right." Charity watches a couple of kids run by, waving as they wave at her. A sad smile touches her lips as she watches them, before turning back to Merrick. "There is a real feeling of family here. No phones or TV… so I don't really know what is going on out there, but I'm pretty content here."

Fingers lift to comb her hair back from her face, "Good people. Joseph welcomed me with opens arms, course I kinda wiggled my way in. They were without a mechanic." She chuckles a bit, eyes moving to watch people. "So I made them a deal. I fix their shit better then it was and they hire me."

Merrick nods slowly as he takes out his cellphone and slides it over to Charity, "Why don't you take it and I can come back and get it tomorrow or something. It will give me a third reason to come back." Merrick smiles giving Charity a sideglance, "1) I need to get sick corndogs. 2)Your here. And 3) I will need my phone back."

Gaze drops to the phone, brows furrowing slightly. Teeth catch at her lower lip, her head turns slightly to look towards the living quarters area. Charity look uncertain as she looks back up at him, her eyes showing just under the brim of her cowboy hat.

"It's kind of a rule among us that we leave such things behind when we join the family." Her tongue touches her lip, Charity grimaces and pushes it back towards him. "I can't take it, however. I would think, coming to see me would be a good enough reason." She grins at him, to show she's messing with him.

Merrick nods and says, "Ummm ok." He takes the phone and slides it back into his pocket. In the distance he can hear the announcement of one of the shows and he says, "So watch the shows you say? Ok. You got it. Can I come back and see you later if not busy working?"

"Here all the time." Charity says with a chuckle, moving to stand. "So it shouldn't be a problem." Taking a step away, she gives him a small smile. "Good to see you Merrick…" She glances towards the main part of the Carnival. "Enjoy the show."

Merrick walks over to Charity and pulls her in close for a hug if allowed. He says into her ear, "Ya know every time I see a Mustang or a Ufo I think of you. I am glad your safe." He releases her and turns on his heel and begins to walk towards the main part of the Carnival, "I will come back tomorrow. I will bring you some food or something. Talk to you then!" He gives her a wave as he is swallowed up by the crowd once again.

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