2010-08-09: Steamy Surprise



Date: August 9th, 2010


While contemplating the anniversary of Niki and D.L.'s death, Cam discovers a new aspect to his ability.

"Steamy Surprise"

KeLyssa's Apartment

It's very early morning, early enough that KeLyssa's probably still sleeping, or at most just starting to wake up. Cam's wide awake, though. Not that anybody outside the room would know it. He lays in bed still, staring at the ceiling. Usually he's up and out of bed bright and early, but not this morning. Not this particular date. Not until, anyway, he notices that his room is filling with a cloud of steam. Quickly he scrambles up and stumbles out of the room. Outside the room and the cloud of steam in it, it becomes a lot clearer that the steam is coming from Cam, coming off him like he's some kind of living smoke machine. If KeLyssa wasn't woken by his rushing out of the room, she probably will be by his yell of surprise as he discovers this.

Having indeed still been asleep at the present moment, KeLyssa is jarred awake by the shout that erupts from Cam. "What's goin' on? Is there an intruder?" She blinks as she looks around frantically, only to catch sight of Cam and his steaming and smoking. She jumps out of bed, eyes darting from side to side before she rushes to the kitchen, douses a cloth in cold water and rushes back to Cam, hoping that whatever is happening, the cold, wet cloth will fix it.

Cam is, of course, getting more and more freaked by this steam coming off of him. And, of course, the more upset he gets, the more out-of-control his power gets. (Not that he realizes this is what it is, yet.) As soon as the cold wet cloth touches him, it soon turns to a very hot wet cloth as the water inside is brought towards a boil, though he flinches back before he gets there. "Hold on, hold on," he says, taking a deep breath. Calming himself as best he can, and he focuses. A layer of ice forms all over his body, thin but it seems to douse whatever it was causing the steaming. He breaks his way free of that, and looks down at his now steam-free hands in relief. "Ok, *what* was *that*?"

KeLyssa gazes at the teen before her with wide eyes, adding a bit of her own frozen ice ability into the mix. Just to make sure nothing else happens, of course. She shakes her head. "I dunno, hun. I ain't never seen nothin' like that b'fore. It was…it was like ya were over heatin' somethin' awful. An' then…an' somehow that affected yer body an' ya started to evaporate…or somethin'. I dunno. This is just guessin', though, seein' as I ain't never seen that happen b'fore." She frowns deeply. "Is it too hot in here fer ya?" While she's sure to always keep her place cold, because she has the fear of overheating as well, she had to ask.

Cam shakes his head a bit and says, "No, I.. it's nice in here. And anyway, last time I overheated I fainted. I didn't do that." He moves to sit on the edge of the pull-out couch, looking at his hands still. "That was *so* weird."

KeLyssa continues to frown as she watches Cam carefully. Pacing the room as she thinks, she finally turns to him and asks, "Have ya noticed any changes in yer ability recently? Anythin'…out of the ordinary. I mean, I admit this is a lil outta m'league here, as I ain't not scientist or biologist or doctor or anythin', but…that seems strange that ya'd start steamin' like that. I mean…you were boilin'!"

Cam thinks about that question, and says, "Well… I have been able to melt the ice I make now. Ever since it came back, after the eclipse. Remember how much trouble I used to have with that? I kept trying, all the time, and it just suddenly started working." He frowns then, looking at his hands again. "You think it's something new I can do? I… I was really upset, before it started doing that," he admits a little quietly.

KeLyssa nods a little bit. "Yeah…I remember." She says quietly as she sits beside Cam. "You lost yer ability after the eclipse too?" She frowns. "Seems like lots o' people lost their abilities after the eclipse. I know I got mine back. I dunno if everybody else did though. Probably did." She shrugs. "Maybe it had more of an effect than you realized at first." With a frown, her gaze turns to face the teen at her side. "Why were ya upset? Ya know you can talk to me about anythin'."

Cam thinks a moment, looking down at his hand. He doesn't answer right away, focusing on what he's doing. After a moment, his hand starts steaming, and just as quickly it stops. "That is weird." Then he answers, without looking back to KeLyssa, "I… today, a year ago, is when Niki and D.L. died."

KeLyssa doesn't say a word to the news. Not right away, anyway. Gently she takes one of Cam's hands in her and places the other hand softly on top. "Oh Cam…I'm sorry." She keeps her hand there, to both to try to comfort Cam, let him know that she is here for him, and also to help him keep control of his ability, should he not be able to control it the next time. "It must be so very hard fer ya."

Cam is just very quiet this time, taking the comfort but struggling to keep control of his emotions. "They.. they were more my parents than my real ones. But… but as bad as I feel, Micah must be way worse, and I can't even find him to help him."

KeLyssa nods in understanding. "Of course. An' I can't even imagine how you're feelin' right now. Ya know, if ya need ta cry or anythin', you can. An' I know, part of you might be scared ta let your feelin's show, especially if you're thinkin' that if you don't keep control of 'em, your power'll go wonky. Trust me. I've been there. But I'm here. An' I'll keep ya cold if ya loose control. Trust me. Feel free to feel whatever emotions are layin' under the surface. Let 'em out. It'll be good for ya."

Cam shakes his head a bit, and says, "I don't need to cry. I cried all I needed to when it happened. Froze a bed solid too that night. I just… I miss them," he says softly. "I miss being a normal family… ok, I guess we weren't that normal, doing the whole superhero thing together, but it was good. It was home."

KeLyssa smiles softly. "Just so you know, it's okay to feel whatever you're feeling. Sad, lonely, whatever. It's okay. Sometimes…whatever you're feeling, you just gotta let it out, not worrying about your ability. And it helps that we got a kinda similar one. So if you start smokin' up again, I can be here to keep you cold." She says gently. "I know you must care a great deal about them, and I'm sure they cared a great deal for you. And the anniversary of their deaths…it ain't an easy thing. When ya've lost someone you love…but it sounds like ya had a good time with them. And it's important ta 'member the good times ya had with 'em. I bet ya had tons o' good times with 'em, huh?"

Cam nods a little bit again and says, "Really, I don't need to cry. I… let it out by freezing stuff, usually." Though a couple tears do roll down his cheeks, freezing solid. "But it's not fair for me to feel bad anyway. Not compared to Micah."To the last he nods again, emphatically, "Lots. Almost two years worth."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "O' course it's fair for ya to feel bad. They were parents to you. You loved 'em, they loved you. Jus' b'cause ya weren't their biological son don't mean that you weren't there son. Jus' as much as Micah." She says softly. She reaches one arm around Cam's shoulders and brings him into a little hug. "I bet you anythin' they loved havin' ya as a son."

Cam leans into the hug, and nods just a little to KeLyssa's words. "Yeah. That's what Niki said, in the video she left for me." He's calming down a little now, starting to come to terms with things.

KeLyssa leans her head against Cam's. "Niki told ya that in a video? Well, there ya have it. Right from the horses mouth, it was." To use a metaphor. "I know ya cared a great deal 'bout 'em, an' I know I could never take their place, but you're free ta stay here as long as ya need. An' Micah might even wanna stay here too. I'll try to make this as good as a home as they gave ya. I'll help ya find Micah too. An' if there's anythin' ya need at all, just let me know. Anythin' at all. An' hey, if ya wanna go superheroing around too, I bet we could deal a huge blow to bad person butt if we wanted to. We'd be the 'Ice Duo' or somethin'."

Cam nods a little again and smiles a bit, "Thanks." He sits back up straighter, and says, "Well… I am doing that anyway. At least some. I suck doing it solo, though, so that'd be really awesome. And there's something I'm looking into, a friend of mine from online was killed, I'm trying to find his killer. My friend met him online, though, so think I'll need Micah's help to actually find him, unless we luck out and he decides to pick me as a target. We were working on it until the eclipse, and then Micah kind of thought he killed someone when his power gave out so I stopped to help him, then I got that appendicitis…. never really got to get back at it."

KeLyssa nods a little bit. "I bet it's hard goin' solo when bein' a superhero! Who is this person you're tryin' ta find?" She asks curiously. "Maybe I could help ya find him! I mean, I'm sure he's bound to be around somewhere. What was it that he is able to do? What's his power?" She frowns. "We'll continue to look for Micah while we look for him. And if we can't find this one person, hopefully we'll find Micah soon and Micah will be able to help us." She says smiling.

Cam shrugs a bit and says, "Don't even know his real name. Or really anything about him. Except he started talking to my friend online, and through emails, and convinced him to come meet him somewhere, for a weekend visit, got him to run away without telling his parents even. My friend disappeared… I don't even know for sure he's dead, but that's what we were assuming, since it's been so long."

KeLyssa nods a little bit. "Well, we kin always try." She says thoughtfully. "Well, we'll figure this out, hun. Ifin there's one thing I know how ta do, it's search fer people. Well…it ain't exactly somethin' I know how ta do completely, I'll be honest, but I'm sure we'll be able ta figure it out. I know we will."

Cam nods quickly again and grins, "Yep, we can. Um… most of what we had is on Micah's computer, too. Hm, well, anyway, I know a bit, maybe we can put together something. Or, maybe look for similar M.O.'s." Yeah, he watches a lot of TV. "Maybe he's got other people like that before."

KeLyssa smiles and nods. "I think we kind find people that way. An' help 'em too if we want to. 'Specially people with abilities." She says happily. "An' stop the bad ones! I think we'll make a good pair, Cam. An' when we find Micah? We could make the greatest trio EVER!"

Cam nods quickly and says, "I don't know if he has an ability, I know my friend didn't, or at least he didn't tell me. He was really normal, far as I know. Though, I didn't tell him what I could do either. We mainly played Warcraft together. But yeah, we can really help people like us a lot I think. That's why I've been going to that group on the weekends."

KeLyssa nods a little. "Well, ain't nothin' wrong with playin' games, now is there? And there ain't nothin' wrong with wantin' ta be a bit normal. Goodness knows we've ALL been there at one time or another. Even within the last month or two I've felt that still. We all just wanna play games an' have fun. That's why it's important ta help people who have a harder time at it then we do, right?"

Cam nods quickly with a grin, "Yeah, there's definitely nothing wrong with it. That wasn't what I was saying, just that he never told me if he had any ability. I just know someone kidnapped him, and he hasn't been online again since."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "People been kidnapped all over the place. It ain't right! Not one lil bit! But it ain't so nice ta be dwellin' on the bad things sometimes. Right now? We gotta focus on findin' the people. That's our main focus. Now, I got m'computer. You got yer computer. An' since I got m'wireless 'round here, we kin both be searchin' fer people at the same time! How's that sound?"

Cam nods quickly with a grin, "Yeah, ok. Let's get started." A definite distraction from remembering what day this is, and that he can't find Micah, so he jumps right on it. He hops up, going to the room to get his laptop.

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