Stefanie 'Starlight' Pratt
Portrayed By Renee Olstead
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 21, 1990
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Stef, 'Mama Kin'
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation High School Student/Store Clerk/Part-time drug dealer
Known Relatives Joy Pratt (mother; deceased), Ethan Pratt (Father), Thom McAdams (Ethan's Partner)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Agrokinesis
First Appearance Dogs, Drugs, and Dangerous Sticks in Central Park

Stefanie Pratt is an easy-going sophomore in high school. Fun-loving and conscientious, always looking out for others.


Stefanie Pratt was born on April 21, 1990 to Ethan and Joy Pratt. Both parents were second generation hippies, and had officially named their child Starlight, as is proof on her birth certificate. However, since entering school, and not wishing to give cruel children any more reason to poke fun, they went and changed her name to Stefanie. Stef was quite a precocious and loving girl, having been raised believing that love conquers all and will light the way and that it's all you need. She always asked questions and was rarely ever disobedient, as long as she could see the reasoning behind rules, which her parents weren't very big on.

This hadn't changed, even after Joy had passed away when Stef was 8. Though saddened and deeply grieving, Ethan had been able to give Stef a brighter outlook on the passing, and now Stefanie considers Joy to be her own guardian angel. This is when Stefanie took up gardening. the serenity and peace that she felt during these times was tought of as her own way of communicating with her mother. In time, her plants would blossom greatly. She was known around the block for having a superb green thumb. Something quite rare in the concrete jungle.

Living alone with her father had forced Stefanie to grow up a bit more then most children her age. Streetsmart from living in New York City all her life, she was able to go grocery shopping for the two of them, and she was quite an able cook. All the while she was going to school and keeping up with friends. She wasn't an excellent student, but she passed with capable grades. She was friendly towards everyone, and well liked, but only had a few close friends. Her world was turned on it's ear when she was 12, and Ethan had come home with a friend.. whom he had been dating for quite some time. Ethan never hid anything from Stefanie, but he didn't delve into his personal life too often, since he did not wish to upset Stefanie with the fact that he was dating again. Ethan dating wouldn't have been a surprise.. However, finding out that Ethan's signifcant other was a man named Thom certainly took her for a spin. Hardly a homophobe, Stefanie took the news in stride, and once the two were married, it became commonplace to her. The two had pooled their money together and opened their own natural foods market, focusing on allergen-free and vegan products.

With a second parent around, Stefanie had less to deal with at home, and decided to step up her academic life a bit. She'd started an extracurricular garden club at her high school, and volunteered in the communities, helping to beautify some of the more weather-beaten areas of the city with her plants and flowers. It seemed that no matter what the plant was, Stef could make it grow, as was pointed out to her by a friend when they'd found a marijuana plant in one of her gardens. Out of fear of the trouble she'd be in if caught, she'd taken the plant and brought it to the basement of the store, where she'd been working from time to time to help out. Figuring that taking the plant away from sunlight would destory the plant and any evidence, though the thought of killing a living thing pained her. the next day, she'd made her way to the basement to check on the status of the ill-fated plant and, not only had it thrived but it had gone and multiplied, without any for of germination or pollination. Seeing this as a sign from her mother, she'd realized that she had to use the plants and her gift to help others.

As a test, Stefanie had taken a sample of the plant and gave some to her friends, which turned out to be a big hit. Stefanie wasn't sure what to do. All she did was make people feel betterwith this. it wasn't the same as the dangerous men who sold $500 bags of oregano, with no care as to what happened to their victims. Marijuana was harmless, and it only made people feel better. She decided that she'd find some way to distribute her wares without causing a ruckus or having too much trouble land on her head.

She'd set up a codename, and soon all the stoners in her school were looking for ways to find this 'Mama Kin', as she'd cleverly liked to call herself. It's been rumored that the marijuana is of the purest kind, and the quality is up there with the finest from Mexico, plus the woman sold it at rock-bottom prices. Rumors flew as to the identity of the distributor was, most thinking it was an old woman, or perhaps some man trying to throw off any notions of his identity. All anyone knew was that if they went to the 'Au Naturale' natural foods store, they'd get a bag by mentioning tea to the unassuming red-haired teenage girl behind the counter, who'd then slip out of sight, and return with the package.



Stefanie is open and loving to everyone. However, she's not some Pollyanna believing that everyone's perfect and nothing bad ever happens. She grew up in New York. She knows what's going on. Life sucks, but as long as you keep a positive attitude, you can help make life less suck-age for other people around you. No living thing should ever have it's life extinguished by another, unless it's for self-preservation. Loving everything is great, but there's no greater instinct then that of survival. She believes that people are people, and as long as they're not hurting others or themselves, then they should be left alone to do what they wish. She also doesn't consider herself evil, or a drug dealer. She considers herself just one of the few enlightened who are able to do their part to make the world better by putting others in a better mood with her product.



Stefanie has the ability to grow plants. Her power is so mundane, she doesn't even recognize it as anything extraordinary. Anytime she's near a plant, it grows to be larger and more vibrant, depending on the exposure. She doesn't do it at will, it's just something that happens. Plants cannot die around her. She can't make vines jump out and grab people, she can't change one plant to another. She has no offensive, or even defensive capabilities at this point. She just believes that she's exceptional when it comes to growing plants. I'm sure that she could develop into something more offensive/defensive, especially under duress and stress, but that all depends on if and how you decide to run 'upgrade' plots. Right now she's just good at keeping plants extremely fertile.


  • September 2006 Stefanie begins her sophomore year of high school. Starts her own garden club, and volunteers around the city, planting trees and flowers.
  • November 2006 Despite the cold of the oncoming winter, one of the donated seeds planted had grown into a marijauna plant. It is quickly removed and kept in a basement.
  • December 2006 Stefanie decides to sell product from the plants in her basement.
  • March 2007 Little Shop Demonstration: Stefanie learns that her gift for growing plants is a bit more then just having a really green thumb. She walks into Enlightenment Books looking for a reason that a flower died on her, ends up walking out with a book on self-realization. 'Activating Evolution' by Dr. Chandra Suresh.
  • March 2007 Of Debates and Debacles: While discussing Suresh's book and his work in a debate with Claudine, Stefanie is (easily) goaded into displaying her powers. When Anders shows up, Stef's told of the negative impact her powers can have. Stef volunteers to be tagged by the Company. However, she remembers none of it from this point forward.


  • "Change is the only constant"
  • "Hardly a crusade. I'm not about saving the world. I'm just doing my part to not help push it down a speeding spiral to oblivion."



  • Sometimes uses her birthname of Starlight if it will give her an advantage.
  • Wears a hemp necklace with The Symbol as a gold pendant, supposedly given to her by her mother before her death.
  • Now bears the parallel scars on her left sholder after having been 'bagged, tagged, and memory wiped' by the Company. She's now being watched.
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