Stefano Giardano
Stefano Giardano
Portrayed By Justin Chambers
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 1, 1979
Age 31
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases SG
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Capo
Known Relatives Christopher (father, deceased), Rosa (mother)
Significant Other Belinda (wife)
Known Abilities Photokinesis
First Appearance A Job Well Done

A crew manager working for a local package delivery outfit. If the crew happens to ship some stolen goods on the side, well, that's just good business.


Every kid growing up comes to realize, sooner or later, that their parents have a skeleton or two in the closet. For the Giordanos, this was closer than usual to the original sense of the phrase, and Stefano - a little sharper than the average kid - didn't take all that long to catch on. Okay, a guy who runs a temp agency could reasonably own a handgun for self-defense… but when he has two more guns and a box full of non-sequential Benjamins stashed behind the toolbox in the garage, what are you supposed to think?

Confronted with the evidence he'd previously kept out of sight, Christopher sat Stefano down and leveled with him. Yes, most of their income came from illegal sources; yes, sometimes they hurt or even killed people; it was necessary to protect their own from being trampled by the system, and by the same people they hurt or killed; and now that he was old enough to notice what was going on, he was also old enough to understand why. Stefano, raised on a toned-down version of these things from the beginning, accepted it: not blindly, and not agreeing to get involved himself, but he did promise to at least keep his mouth shut.

A year later, Christopher was gunned down in a personal dispute; his crew took it to the bosses and, with their approval, carried out their revenge against the man responsible. Meanwhile, Stefano decided that he did need to follow in his father's footsteps with the Lucchese family after all, to protect others from a similar fate; he stayed in high school long enough to graduate, figuring that the piece of paper would be useful even if the classes behind it were mostly crap, but then approached the crew and was taken on as an associate. They worked at a local package delivery service as a legitimate front, and also to put them in a good position for carrying out their illegal activities: stealing from other trucks, smuggling cigarettes across tax jurisdictions, along with some more general things like money-laundering and loan sharking.

Several years and a few regrettably-necessary deaths later, Stefano was faced with the imminent end of his career. He and his crew were running down one alley after another, having been spotted by a police cruiser during what should have been a routine swap of shipping paperwork. Belinda'll have my nuts if we get caught, he thought to himself, skirting the edge of the glow from a nearby streetlamp. They better not see us! And, as if it had heard him, the streetlamp promptly winked out.

For a week afterward, Stefano locked himself inside a bathroom every day before lunch and experimented with his ability. Once he became convinced that he hadn't been drugged into hallucinating the whole thing, he quietly filed it away as a secret weapon - if it took him that long to buy it himself, there was no way he could get the crew to do the same - and ended up using it two more times that year, a clean getaway each time. The slight edge boosted their confidence and their standing in the family's eyes.

A police sting targeting a high-level meeting took the underboss and a few capos, including his, out of the action; the trials would drag on for a while, but they made it too risky for them to maintain their associations. Stefano, who'd gone from merely following the capo's lead to suggesting some new targets - and avoided doing anything stupid like having an affair with the boss's cousin - was chosen to move up in the ranks.

With his career and his marriage in good shape, Stefano set his sights higher, never forgetting the dangers that could bring them right back down again. If he could just get his hands on an electronic security specialist, then he could go after jewelry and hotel parking lots and things like that. And if any of the Gambino crews working the piers ever screws up, he wouldn't hesitate to kick them while they're down; better him than the cops. He'll need that type of outside-the-box success if he ever wants to be boss himself (the official boss is doing a life sentence, and the acting spot turns over every four or five years - it'll be due before long).


Stefano is driven by measured cynicism. He sees other gangs as threatening more brutality than his own, the police as short-sighted enough to let it happen by going after his family instead, and civilians as too insulated to grasp the situation in more than abstract terms.

Stefano has seen and done enough to build up a significant amount of anger, but he keeps it buried well beneath the surface; he knows how quickly it takes down the ones who let it rule them. If he needs to intimidate someone, he'll draw on some of it for a slow burn, hinting that it could get a lot worse.


Stefano has the ability to manipulate the brightness, direction, and color of light. He needs to be able to see it first, so he can't create it from nothing, nor can he affect frequencies outside the visible spectrum. He might someday gain enough control to create detailed illusions, but they would be purely visual.

Lights Out: This makes a light source dimmer. It can't black it out completely, but can make it pretty hard to see by. Sunlight is too much to handle; moonlight can be targeted, but the effect is limited to his line of sight.

Lite Brite: This makes a light source brighter, up to about twice as much as normal. Natural light has the same limits as Lights Out.

Diffraction: This causes light to bend as it leaves the source. This can throw him into complete darkness, but it doesn't automatically adjust if someone moves the light source around - he would have to pay attention to it and keep pushing it away. Also, anything more than a slight bend is liable to draw attention in its own right.

Rose-Colored Glasses: This changes the color of light by making selective frequencies brighter or darker. Laser light can't be targeted because there's only one frequency.

There Are Four Lights: This allows multiple light sources to be targeted at the same time. It must be used in addition to another stunt, which then affects all targets in basically the same way.


  • January 2011
    • The crew's latest heist draws unwanted, but ultimately not unwelcome, attention. (The Drugstore Job)
  • February 2011
    • Putting the moves on a mouthy co-ed is cut short when a rival gang takes potshots. (Not a Doctor)
    • Some acquisitions are ill-suited for wholesale disposal. (Small Business)
    • The Latinos try for another coup, this time suffering some return fire. (Short Shorts and Long Shots) His next run-in with one of the other customers goes as smoothly as the first one didn't. (Peaches and Pool Sharks)


Ace_V5icon.png Latest hire. Homeless chick, but probably not for long. Gave the O'Leery brothers a taste of their own violence. Little freaked out by her first overtime job, but handled it fine.

Emilio: Enthusiastic in general, but especially about getting to beat someone up. A little slow on the uptake. Tall and brawny. Designated muscle. Still an associate.


Jimmy: Mouthy and sarcastic. Short and wiry. Recently made.


Mike: Married. Relatively cautious, thinking ahead.


Nick: Anything that moves! Helps keeps the books looking clean.


  • "What am I, a mirage?"


  • Yankees fan. They get the job done.


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