Stephanie Sheldon
Portrayed By Aimee Teegarden
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 10th, 1989
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Julie
Place of Birth Buffalo, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation College student
Known Relatives Daniel Sheldon (father, deceased)
Rose Sheldon (mother, deceased)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities None
First Appearance Long Forgotten

Manipulative bitch, telepathic possessor, or MPD? The real answer remains unknown, but the facts are clear enough…sweet and innocent Stephanie has a dark side, one that seems well-informed on the darker aspects of the world around her. Possessed of all the same intelligence, but none of the morality, she's proven willing to threaten, intimidate, injure, and possibly kill, in order to obtain her goals. What those goals are remain a mystery to anyone but her, thus far.

If you've gotten here looking for the nice one, you're in the wrong place.


The nature of Stephanie's dark side remains unrevealed beyond that of a few snippets:

  • She either knows, or is well-informed on: Nathan Petrelli, Niki Sanders, Daniel Linderman, and Noah Bennet.
  • She knows how to fire a gun with skilled proficiency.
  • She's got some form of ability with which she is very, very skilled, implying either an earlier manifesting than the eclipse, or intense training thereafter.


In this state, Stephanie (or Julie) seems to be almost completely amoral (almost, in that she didn't just shoot Mr. Muggles). She clearly has no compunctions about using her ability on other people, or even on hurting people who are innocents and have done her no wrong (Sandra). Thus far, all her activities have centered on either getting more information about the Linderman Group, Primatech, or Alpha Protocol.

Stephanie's normal good nature and awkwardness seem almost inverted here. In this state, she's cruel, sadistic, and sociopathic. She seems to interact with people from a position of superiority, as if she considers herself better than the people around her. There's a smug smarminess that replaces the awkwardness, and a biting and unpleasant wit.


The exact nature of Stephanie's ability remains unknown. However, there are a few specifics that have been displayed thus far.

  • She was able to convincingly simulate a nuclear explosion wiping out New York, at least to the perspectives of Nathan Petrelli and Tracy Strauss. Logic dictates this was some form of vision or simulation, rather than somehow being a nuking and un-nuking of New York City.
  • She has been able to construct an elaborate mindscape for Tammy Lansing, involving the emptying of Times Square, and the appearance of "Julie" as a tall, redheaded woman. She also claimed to be able to render Tammy insane, though since no action was taken on this, it could have been a bluff.


December 19th

  • Long Forgotten —> Stephanie shows up at Nathan's office, where she bumps into not only him, but Tracy, who she mistakes for Niki Sanders. She threatens both in the attempt to get information about Primatech and the Linderman Group, before giving both visions of a nuclear apocalypse. It isn't until later that the two discover she's made off with the information about Alpha Protocol.
  • A Stranger Calls —> Using the Alpha Protocol information, Stephanie places a call to a name chosen at random off the list: Agent Tammy Lansing. While the call is somewhat of an exercise in posturing, she arranges for a meeting the next day in Times Square.

December 20th

  • All Alone In A Crowd —> Stephanie (aka Julie) shows up for her meeting with Tammy. The meeting doesn't really go the way either woman would want it to, and after threatening the agent some, Stephanie leaves in disgusted frustration.
  • Finding Allies —> After getting some relevant information from Randall in her lighter side, Stephanie quickly makes tracks, and makes contact with the email from the video, running into REBEL for the first time. A cautious alliance is struck against the evil that is Alpha Protocol.
  • One Of Them, One Of Us —> Having found out more about Alpha Protocol's true nature from REBEL, Stephanie decides to press the matter, and go after the common name that she recognizes: Noah Bennet. Unfortunately, Noah isn't at home, which makes for a very bad day for Sandra and Mr. Muggles.


Crooked Politician Stephanie (or Julie) has a mad on for Senator Nathan Petrelli. It doesn't seem to be personal, unlike some of her other dislikes. But she seems to consider Nathan in his earlier "crooked politician" role, and she expects him to have the knowledge and connection to pull some strings.
Crazy Bitch Bitch vs. Bitch, round one, FIGHT! Stephanie doesn't like Tracy. Tracy doesn't like Stephanie. Stephanie also thinks that Tracy is yet another of the Puppet Potter Pals that run around inside Niki Sanders' head.
Useless Stephanie got Tammy's name off the Alpha Protocol list, and basically picked it out of a hat as someone to get information from. However, Tammy pretty much completely snowed Stephanie, to the result that now Stephanie believes her to be nothing but a useless pencil-pusher, a bureaucrat with delusions of self-importance. It's a mistake that may come back to haunt her later.
Target Stephanie showed up at the Bennet home hoping to get some information out of Noah. Unfortunately, the only person at home was Sandra. Unfortunately for Sandra, at least. The suburban mom took a 9 mm round to the leg, and another to the shoulder, before Stephanie went on her way, pilfering anything data-related from the home.
Football Muggles tried valiantly to protect his home, and all he got for his efforts was getting turned into a little furry football, punted across the room. At least he didn't get shot, which is more than Sandra can say.


  • "I ought to kill you. Or else just pull on a couple strings here and a couple strings there, and leave you so batshit insane that you'll spend the rest of your life babbling to people just like you." — To Tammy, All Alone In A Crowd
  • "Jesus, no wonder he could fool you for twenty years. You're dumb as a box of rocks, lady. Tell you what. You give Noah a message from me. "One of them, one of us." Not all of us, none of them. He'd best come clean or there's going to be a war. And he /will/ have casualties." — To Sandra, One Of Them, One Of Us


  • This version of Stephanie's tended to use an alias, "Julie", when doing some of her nastier things. Whether this is the name of an alternate personality, whether she's being possessed, or whether it's just a name drawn out of a hat has yet to be revealed.
  • "Julie" seems to be a trained markswoman. How good is yet to be revealed, but she was good enough to shoot Sandra Bennet twice, both in impairing but non-lethal locations, while the woman was lunging at her. She's obviously had some form of training.
  • She seems to either know personally, or else be well-informed on: Nathan Petrelli, Niki Sanders, Noah Bennet, and Daniel Linderman. The nature of this information, or possible connection, has yet to be revealed.

Fun Stuff

RP Hooks

  • Primatech: Stephanie clearly knows something about The Company. Maybe even was formerly connected with them. While the details of the connection are vague, there's probably a good enough basis to set up a scene there.
  • Alpha Protocol: Stephanie has a major mad-on for Alpha Protocol. She's established herself with Rebel, and she's gone after Alpha Protocol as best as she can with the tenacity of a bulldog. Given her former oh-so-pleasant encounter with Tammy, it won't likely be a friendly scene, but there's a reason to scene here.
  • Linderman Group: In her first surfacing, Stephanie showed up to grill Nathan Petrelli and Tracy Strauss (who she believed to be Niki Sanders) about two things…Primatech, and Daniel Linderman. What her interest in the Group is remains to be revealed, but clearly she has an interest, and anyone with a tie to it has a good cause for a scene.


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