2007-04-09: Still a Sucker


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After lending a hand to Peter, Lachlan returns to Cass' apartment to ask a few questions about the younger Petrelli boy and the Sylar that loves him. Lachlan still doesn't believe Sylar is all that scary and he still likes Cass; Cass is still a sucker and she still likes Lachlan.

Date It Happened: April 9th, 2007

Still a Sucker

Cass' Apartment, Brooklyn

After dropping Peter off at his apartment and making sure the guy would be all right, Lachlan returns to Cass' apartment just as he said he would, Bonnie in tow. The sun's a lot further up in the sky than it was when he left and, having not planned to be up and about before noon, he's got plenty of time to kill before he has any work to do. Breakfast over at Cass' place is a great way to kill those hours. Knocknocknock at the door, and then he leans against the jamb as he always does.

"It's open!" Cass calls out, loud enough to be heard through the door. She knew that he was going to be coming back, so why bother locking? Once inside, both Bonnie and Lachlan will be able to smell the lovely scent that is pancakes. She's still in her robe, but her hair is wet now, indicating she took a shower while he was taking Peter home. The towels and pillow cases are gone from the living room and the bloodied ones are already in a tied up garbage bag. "Is Peter okay?"

The door may not be locked when Lachlan arrives, but it is soon after he enters the apartment. Once the locks are turned, he unclips Bonnie's leash. As one entity, the pair follow their noses to the kitchen. Amazing how hungry one doesn't realize one is until they encounter such tantalizing scents. "Yeah, he's fine." The Scotsman hangs around in the doorway for a bit before he enters the kitchen and makes for the coffee pot. "Think he was gonna call 'is brother an' then go ta sleep." Not a bad idea, considering, but Lachlan can't afford to go back to bed right now. As he pours himself another cup, Bonnie pads over to sit near Cass' feet and stare up at her entreatingly. Feed me? Feed me? Feed me? "So, uh. Tha' Peter guy — he do tha' a lot?" Regrowing limbs is really something else.

Ah, the way to men's hearts are through their stomachs, the saying goes. Cass flips a few more pancakes onto a serving platter and wrinkles her nose at the enthusiastic Bonnie. "No no no. No pancakes for you!" She's completely lying. As soon as they're seated, she'll almost certainly slip the dog part of her pancakes. "That's good. About calling his brother. And sleeping. His boy is probably going into shock at the whole having a hand, not having a hand, having a hand thing." She's still thinking back to the whole incident. "Do what a lot? Get his hand cut off? Not that /I/ know of. I don't know him all /that/ well, though. He apparently had a piece of glass in his brain at some point."

Huh. Usually when someone has glass in his brain, he comes out really impaired mentally and physically. That Peter guy seemed fine. Then again, when someone loses his hand, he doesn't /usually/ grow it back either. Lachlan blinks a few times before he finishes preparing his coffee and leans back against the counter to sip. "This is the, uh …" a small forward gesture with his mug "… Paralleli guy, righ'? The one we went inta tha' Company buildin' fer?"

Bonnie knows very well that Cass' refusal is a total lie, and she wags her tail slowly, gaze never wavering. Feed me?

Opening the fridge, Cass gets some syrup and butter as well as some orange juice. While Lachlan seems quite content with the coffee, she'd like something a little less juicy to go along with her caffeine. But, she will, of course, have coffee along with it. Such an early morning wake up call requires such things. Ferrying all the items to the table, she nods to Lachlan's question. "Petrelli. Yeah." Bonnie will just have to wait as everything is not ready on the table. "He came into the store a couple times when I wasn't there and Alyssa told him about me." Finally, she pulls out a chair and sinks gratefully into it. "Come on, eat before the pancakes will get cold."

As soon as Cass is seated, there's a half-grown mutt right there beside her chair, pleading oh-so-sweetly with her big brown eyes. Feeeeeeeed me? All the desperate, silent cries shooting off from the dog are starting to really get under Lachlan's skin. Cass gives Bonnie food because she looks cute; Lachlan gives Bonnie food because if he doesn't, he gets assaulted with incessant telepathic whining. The Scotsman takes a seat obligingly, setting his mug on the table idly. He's already reaching to get a plate and some of those pancakes. "So wha's so great 'bout 'im?" Regrowing limbs is cool, sure, but why would anyone want to kidnap a guy who could do that? Doesn't seem too dangerous. "An' how'd he get his bloody hand chopped off?" He wasn't there for the explanation before. Finally, Bonnie has gotten on his nerves enough, and the Scotsman grimaces. "Fer fuck's sake, Bonnie. /Here/." He rips off a bit of one of his pancakes and tosses it to the dog, who snaps it up happily.

Cass can't really complain as she's the one that's encouraged this behavior in the first place. She's already tearing off pieces of pancake to feed the dog when Lachlan gets annoyed and tosses her a piece. "Aw, you're suppose to do it in a baby voice," she grins at him. Of course, the talk about Peter turns her face more serious. Not needing to feed Bonnie the pieces that she's already cut up, she drips syrup on them and drops a pad of butter onto the plate. "He's powerful, Lachlan. He can absorb just about anyone's power. I don't know how or at what discretion, but I'm certainly going to test it out." The frown deepens and she looks down at her plate as she very deliberately cuts her pancakes into smaller pieces. "Sylar. He went after a friend of his. When Peter tried to stop him, he froze his hand and then broke it off. I have no idea how he managed to get away with an injury like that."

Grunt! Lachlan isn't going to baby-voice at an annoying voice in his head. Bonnie has made quick work of her pancake and is once again turning her attention to Cass when the Scotsman finally deems fit to intervene on a less temporary scale: "Bonnie, go lie down." The dog hesitates, which is unusual for one of Lachlan's dogs, but after receiving a stern look, she turns and slinks out into the living room compliantly. The dog trainer nabs the syrup when Cass is finished with it and pours a generous amount over his pancakes before he starts to cut them up into large chunks. "Sylar's tha' guy with the eyebrows, righ'?" It's a rhetorical question; he actually saw fit to commit /that/ name and face to memory, because that was the face of Molly's kidnapper, and that was the face of the man of whom Cass was so afraid. Once again, Lachlan does not sound or look impressed. If a noodly guy like Peter — regenerator or not — could get away with just a missing hand when Cass said that Sylar was a ruthless murderer, Lachlan's confident he could whup Mister Gabriel Gray. "Dinna ye say Sylar took powers too?"

"Yeah. The guy with the eyebrows." Cass can't help but answer the question. Even if it is rhetorical. The two have opposite opinions about the whole Sylar/Peter fight. While Lachlan takes this as an indication of Sylar's weakness, Cass takes it as a show of Peter's strength. Not tired this time around, Cass can /tell/ that the Scot is not taking this seriously again. "Yeah. Sylar takes powers, but differently. Peter just absorbs them somehow. Like a sponge. Sylar rips them out of people forcefully. The people he takes powers from don't survive."

"Righ', b'cause he … cuts open yer head 'r wha'ever." Lachlan's heard that part before. He's still not fully convinced that this Sylar guy is anyone to be afraid of, but he /did/ promise Cass he wouldn't fight Sylar if he encountered Mister Eyebrows on the street. That also means he won't go seeking Sylar out. He's safe for now. "So's tha' mean Peter's got m'powers now?" The Scotsman doesn't /feel/ any different, and his powers still work, so he's obviously still got them.

"Yeah. He cuts open your head." Cass is pretty sure that more arguing with Lachlan will lead nowhere. He /did/ promise not to go anywhere near the killer and that's all she can really get out of him. "I don't know. He was so weak, that I'm not sure if he was able to. But, I don't know how it works. I don't know if it's active or reactive. I'll ask him if he can talk to dogs when he comes by next." She gives the Scot a small smile.

Makes sense. — Okay, so it doesn't /really/, or at least not to Lachlan, but it /sounds/ like it could make sense, so he nods his head agreeably. Now that he thinks about it, Cass said Peter had glass in his brain before and he survived, presumably by regenerating. Maybe that Sylar guy tried to cut open Peter's head but failed because Peter could regenerate. Hmm. Who knows? Who cares? Too much thinking. The Scotsman's a pretty fast eater, and after scooping up the last of the syrupy crumbs on his plate, he settles back in his chair with his cup of coffee and stares at Cass. Slowly, a smile starts to creep up the corners of his lips.

A much slower eater than Lachlan, Cass isn't even half finished with her pancakes by the time he's scoffed the last of his. Plus, she's been talking more and it's rude to talk with food in your mouth! As he's not asking more questions, she gets down to the business of finishing off her plate. However, it's hard to concentrate on eating when she realizes that she's being watched. A little owlishly, she looks up at the Scot and blinks. He's smiling. Why is he smiling while she's eating? "What?" She can't help but feel a smile building to match his.

Oops, caught staring! Lachlan's smile breaks into a grin and he shifts his weight in the chair a bit sheepishly. "Nothin'," he replies offhandedly, but the grin just continues to grow. He finally just shakes his head. Useless trying to lie, because that's never worked before. "'M glad ye canna say 'no' ta puppy-dog eyes." Not /entirely/ what he was thinking, but it's a simple enough and truthful response.

Cass raises an eyebrow and stuffs a piece of pancake into her mouth. Watching him back while chews it, she washes it down with coffee without saying anything yet. "Nothing, huh?" She's not completely buying it, but his added answer seems to put hold the rest of her curiosity at bay. She doesn't pry into it much further. She grins back. "Don't think that means you can use that against me all the time. It only works in specific circumstances."

"Yeah?" He'll see about /that/. Still grinning — now mischievously — he leans over the table toward Cass, putting his head down as low as he can manage, and stares up at Cass with wide, puppy-ish eyes. His lower lip juts out a bit and he emits another low whiiiiiiiine. The sound is enough to bring Bonnie to the entrance of the kitchen, ears curiously perked.

Oh, see, that's just not playing fair! Cass is still not finished with her pancakes, but Lachlan is giving those /puppy dog/ eyes at her. And whining. "Uh uh! That won't work on me!" She shakes her head viciously, still grinning. But she's leaning forward as she does so. "That is definitely not working on me." This is obviously a lie because as soon as she's close enough, she moves to give him a kiss.

This one isn't a surprise to Lachlan, because this time, that's exactly what he was going for. He /likes/ smooches — even syrupy ones. /Especially/ syrupy ones. Happy Scotsman. Once it breaks, he keeps his face close, the grin returning. "Sucker." /Ha ha/. One hand comes up to poke Cass in the nose with a singular index finger. Pokepoke. "Guess wha'?"

Cass wasn't meaning for it to be a surprise. Obviously, he had it planned and she was weak in the face of the puppy dog eyes. Curses! It's not fair that he's learning her weaknesses! Sticking her tongue out a Lachlan when he calls her a sucker, she wrinkles her nose when he pokes it with his finger. "I'll bite. What?"

"I like ye." Wow! Such a secret! Cass better be careful where she lets /that/ one slip; it might totally ruin the poor man's reputation. But there's a little more to it, which Lachlan adds without much hesitation: "Even when ye kick me in yer sleep." Did she? Who knows? He could just be picking on her for the sake of picking on her.

Cass gives a soft laugh at that little secret. "I like you, too." What deep secrets they are revealing! And then she gasps and reaches out to give Lachlan a light smack. "Hey! I did /not/. You /you/ snore." Does he? It's possible she's just giving what she's getting. Her pancakes now almost certainly cold, she pushes the plate away where the left overs will almost certainly go to Bonnie.

Whumpf! The smack isn't painful by any means, and it only causes Lachlan to rock back and giggle — yes /giggle/ — fiendishly. Ha ha ha! He totally zinged her. "An' ye snore too, fergot ta mention tha'." But this is spoken only after Lachlan's risen to his feet, well out of range so that he cannot be assaulted a second time. No, she most likely doesn't. /He/ certainly does, though.

Lachlan is not getting away that easily! When he rises, so does Cass, ready to chase him if need be so that she can smack him again. "That is a dirty lie, Lachlan Deatley!" But she's laughing as she says it, too. Cleaning up plates and left over food can be dealt with later. There is /discipline/ that needs to be handed out.

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