2008-01-04: Stop and Shop


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Summary: Celeste and Charlotte do a little shopping while Damien has other plans.

Date It Happened: December 4, 2008

Stop and Shop

Au Naturale Market

Charlotte likes to go to local farms for her food usually. It's one thing she does miss about living out in the middle of no place. However, in the city, she must make due. So she's here now with a basket on her arm, wearing a pea coat, black gloves, a scarf and a beret (yes, she's really wearing one and she pulls it off). She moves idly down the aisle, picking up some whole grain rice and dropping it into her basket as she hums happily, cheeks pink and skin a lighter shade of white from the cold outside.

Damien steps into the market, his eyes scanning over the area for a moment. Not the first place he'd like to shop at, but he isn't picky. He scans the man behind the counter, offering him a smirk before he walks to one of the isles, looking over the items on the shelves.

Celeste walks into the market not sure what she quite wants but decides to walks up and down all of the aisles. She walks into the first one and doesn't see anything so she goes the second aisle and grabs a back of Doritos. That is about the only thing she sees that is interesting. She goes into the third aisle not paying attention to anyone around her really, couple of looks here and there glancing around at the people, but not letting them notice her so that there isn't an awkward moment.

Charlotte turns the corner of the aisle, singing softly to herself. Indeed, she's very happy today. Happier than she's been…well, in such a long time. She moves to the produce, grabbing a bag of apples, which she slips into her basket. Her eyes catch movement, Damien, and she lifts her head, smiling politely and even pleasantly at the man before taking some oranges and bagging them after she lifts one to her nose, enjoying the rich scent.

Damien glances around, nodding to the woman in return before he looks back to the items on the shelf. He glances up and down the isle for a moment, reaching into his coat for a moment before he retracts his hand.

Celeste looks around for a moment and walks to the back of the store to grab few drinks for her house, just in case she decides to have a few friends over for a couple of drinks. On her way back she goes down the aisle in front of the man and winks at him. Before walking to the produce and fruit aisle grabbing some limes and some strawberries.

Like most stores in New York, this one is equipped with mirrors allowing the man behind the counter to see everything around him. In this case, he sees Damien. He isn't sure WHAT he saw, but his eyes narrow, and he's keeping his eye on that one.

Charlotte sighs as she smells the orange, dipping it into her bag. Celeste gets the same smile as Damien did, but it seems the girl doesn't recognize the other from the club. "You know, as expensive as shopping organic is, it's really worth it, isn't it?" Charlotte says all chatty-like to the other woman.

Damien moves down the isle for a moment, looking around the area. He checks the corners of the room, looking for any cameras or security systems. He takes a box off the shelf, looking the back of it over before he glances around the shop once more.

Celeste smiles to the woman, "Yes, it is very worth it." she says to the woman. "My name is Celeste by the way, what is your?"

The man behind the counter slowly starts to walk to the aisle where Damien resides. Nothing said yet, but he walks into the same aisle, or rather, walks past it. Then he walks back, watching the mirror again.

Charlotte is so okay with making friends! "Charlotte. I just moved in nearby, I'm so glad I found such a nice little shop so near my home." Not like commute is a problem for her, but still, it's the principle of things. "Oh, they have chestnuts!"

Damien glances to the man behind the counter as he passes by the isle, shaking his head slightly before he puts the box back on the shelf and heads for produce.

Celeste smiles, "That's cool, I live over in East Centennial Apts. But I love this store." she says to Charlotte. "So have you lived in New York long?" she asks with a grin. "I've only been here a few months myself." she tells her before walking towards the front of the produce aisle grabbing a few apples, and oranges.

Charlotte shakes her head as she puts two scoops of nuts into a baggie and spins it closed. She lifts a pomegranate and smells it too, closing her eyes to enjoy the scent before putting it into her basket too. "What? Oh no, only a week or so as it were. I'm from…." She thinks a moment, biting the inside of her lip in curious thought. "Well I'm from a lot of places. Whoopsie!" A pomegranate gets away from her and rolls along the aisle before stopping in an indent between tiles.

The store man, in the meantime, keeps an eye on Damien but remains behind his counter.

Damien looks at the two women gathered there before he picks up an apple, looking to the two, offering a nod to the women.

Celeste smiles and nods back to the man with the apple, "Hi." she says still smiling at him. She finishes grabbing the fruit
and grabs a few kiwi's off the display.

Charlotte smiles at the man again. She looks back at the woman as she bends down to retrieve the pomegranate. However, the store man seems suspicious again with Damien and that apple. Slowly the man reaches under the counter and adjusts his jacket, but nothing else happens. Not yet, anyway. Charlotte jumps as her phone rings, and she brings it to her ear. "Hello? Yes, sir." She stands still a moment as she talks. "yes sir, I know sir. Yes sir. Is that in Japan, sir? Yes, sir. Thank you." She hangs up and slips the phone away again, rolling her eyes at Celeste. "You'd think a boss would figure you know your own job…."

Damien glances back at the man behind the counter, offering him a grin and a wink before he turns back to his apple and then the others. He looks to Celeste as she says hello. "Hello." He says to her before he looks between the two women and the man behind the counter. "He always so suspicious?" He asks, nodding towards the man.

Celeste nods, "Yeah no doubt." she says to Charlotte. She turns to the man, "Sometimes, but I've never seen him like this." she says to him with a smile. "I guess he feels threatened by you, or jealous." she says with a grin.

Charlotte blushes at the girl's flirting, hardly used to seeing it done so openly, much less doing it herself. She dips her pomegranate into her basket and picks up some strawberries too. "Maybe he's just a nervous type of fellow. Or perhaps he's bored, I know I'd get bored sitting around a shop all day." She suggests, trying to think of the most innocent explanation for anything.

Damien shrugs and shakes his head. "Well, if he thinks I'm going to rob him, maybe I should so he won't have to watch me anymore." He says, grabbing a plastic bag for his apple.

Celeste giggles, "Well if you want to. I can't really stop you from doing something." she says to him with a grin. "But it might get him to shut up." she looks around the store and thinks if there is anything else she needs.

Charlotte smiles to both. "Well if you don't steal, he'll realize he's wrong. Maybe he'll even apologize." She gives a small wave. "Anyway…I have a…flight." Yea. Flight. That thing. "Have a good day!" She promises both, turning to go buy her groceries

Celeste smiles, "Well I hope you have a nice and safe flight." she tells Charlotte and waves to her. "Maybe we will see each other again." she says to her. "So how long have you been in New York?" she asks the man, "Oh sorry, my name is Celeste by the way." she says smiling at him.

Charlotte has left.

Damien nods and shrugs. "Maybe…" He says as he looks back to the man before he looks to the two. "It's okay. Nice to meet you." He says to the leaving woman. He turns to the remaining woman. "I've been here for a month or so. Not too long." He extends a hand to her. "Damien."

Celeste smiles and extends her hand also, "Nice to meet you. I've only been here a few months myself." she says to him. "You live near here?"

Damien nods his head before he smiles and shakes his head. "No. I don't. Not around this place anyway." He says as he picks up another apple.

Celeste smiles, "Ah..I don't either, I live a little ways off, I just like this store better, more stuff for me to choose from anyways." she says with a grin.

Damien nods his head and smirks. "I just was passing by and thought. Why the fuck not? I'll come in here. Scope it out." He says before he looks over the area before looking back to the woman.

Celeste smiles, "Are you in a hurry?" she says looking at him, "I can stop talking and let you go if you need." she grins at him before picking up a head of lettuce.

Damien shakes his head and looks at her. "No. No. Nothing like that. Just looking at her. "Just shopping. That's all." He says with a smirk.

Celeste smiles, "Okay, just didn't want to keep you from anything." she tells him, "If you want, you could come over and I could make you something to drink, I was just coming here to grab a few things for drinks. So if you want we could have a little party of our own." she says to him with a grin.

Damien smirks and tilts his head at her. "Well, I suppose I could take you up on that. I had other plans, but I can just put 'em off for another time." He says with a smirk. "So, where to?"

Celeste smiles, "Well I don't want to keep you from your plans." she says looking at him, "If you want, You can continue on with your plans and come by my place when you are finished." she says to him smiling, "I don't mind waiting, It will give me time to change and get everything ready." she says looking at him.

Damien smirks and nods. "Alright. That sounds good." He says as he looks at her. "Well, how do I get a hold of you?" He asks as he puts the other apple into the bag and spins the bag.

Celeste smiles, "You can call me at 283-1988. Just gimme a call whenever you want." she says to him before finishing up her shopping. "See you when you're done." she says with a grin.

Damien smiles and nods. "No problem." He says to her with a wave before he looks down at the apples and continues his shopping.

Celeste smiles and waves to him as she checks out and leaves the store.

Damien finds an empty aisle and pulls out a small gun before putting it into his jacket pocket. He takes the bag of apples and brings them to the register. "Hey." He says to the man as he starts to ring up the apples. Damien then pulls out the gun and points it at the man, giving him a slight nod and a smile. "Now empty the register."

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