2010-02-20: Stop Staring At Me



Date: February 20, 2010


Cora's first visitor to the cell after the bag. Poor thing, she doesn't handle the spotlight very well.

"Stop Staring At Me"

Building 27

It's the weekend. For a person used to working twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, Saturday is really just another day of the week. Cody is usually one of those people but lately she's been yearning just to have a night off and go for a beer. When she was handed the stack of folders this morning, the gun metal grey haired woman just wrinkled her nose and began rifling through them. Cora Walker. Looking between her own name and the woman's file, the left side of Cody's lips twitch upward in an amused grin.

When she'd had enough of the paperwork, the Agent passes through the hall and pauses at cell 4B. Cora's cell. She doesn't know before entering, there's really no point. Should Cora be sleeping while shackled to her chair, the wake up call she gets is a swift kick to the leg of the chair. If she is awake? Well she gets a swift kick to the leg of the chair anyway. "Wake up Princess, it's question and answer time."

The cell's occupant is awake, but definitely not too active. Most of her crying and pleas for release were used up last night, annoying the guards into sedating her twice just to shut her up. When Cody kicks her chair, Cora looks up through her hair with tear-stained eyes, then back down at the floor, not saying a word.

"Cora Walker, I'm Cody Baker, I'll be your tour guide today." The Agent is trying to make it a 'fun' experience, at least for her. She'd had plans for the day and Cora's capture put a little bit of a damper on them. "First things first, your life as you know it is now over. If you cooperate with us you will get treated to a collar and be released to the general population in the barracks. If you decide to fight, well I can't promise that there won't be incidents." One of Cody's hands reaches up to brush her grey bangs off her forehead and tuck them behind her ear, revealing a rather large goose egg.

Looking up through her messed up hair again, Cora doesn't say a word. Really, she has nothing to say, though she does look /very/ uncomfortable. Her head droops again, and she shifts in the chair, trying to hide, perhaps, and whispering to herself.

"Uncooperative, we don't like that you know. My superiors might think that you're planning something." Cody says in a low voice. "You're not planning anything, are you? Escape? It's not going to happen." when Cora starts whispering to herself another boot is swiftly planted to the side of the chair. "Speak up, you don't have any secrets in here."

Cora lets out a squeak at the kick to her chair. "Please stop staring at me," she cries out. "Please, just let me go, I didn't do anything!" She squirms around in the chair, but all that could possibly accomplish is to knock it over. At least she doesn't go that far with it.

"Okay, you're talking. That's step one. Step two.." Cody opens the young woman's file and rifles through it, pulling out the young woman's transcripts from NYU. "Do you want to go back there? The faster you start talking, the sooner we can make some arrangements for you. KeLyssa Ghallager. You've been asking around for her, what's your relationship?"

Clearly, those words get Cora's attention, her head popping up. "You've seen her? I haven't seen her in weeks! I still owe her for the pie she baked me, after all." Her file would state the obvious, that they were neighbors in their tenement building, but that's about all that's known.

Cody's eyes narrow just a little bit at the redhead and the transcript is placed neatly back into the folder. "Like I said… IF you cooperate. Tell me about the nature of your relationship with Miss Ghallager, how long have you known her? What sort of things did the two of you talk about? Most importantly, does she know about your little disappearing act? You know, you could make a great magician's assistant."

"We were neighbors for a while, you know? We just talked about normal stuff, the weather and the like." Cora seems a little disturbed by the mention of her disappearing. "Why would she know?"

"You've never showed her? I would think that you'd be pretty proud of that little stunt. You know, you almost got us. Almost. Too bad about the squeaky floorboards." Cody's commentary is nothing short of candid, perhaps even a little bit smug at her side's prowess when it comes to the bag and the tag. "Alright, how many other people do you know with abilities? You might as well come clean now, because if I have to start digging I'll probably get really cranky."

The best description of Cora's expression is baffled. "Others? I don't know anyone. I didn't even know I could do that until a month ago," she replies. The woman falls silent as the confession reminds her of the empty feeling their drugs have given her, and she shrinks back into the chair. "Please stop staring at me," she pleads.

Cody's eyes never wander off the young woman. If she's self conscious about it, the agent's continuous stare might make the detainee go plum loco. "What happened a month ago, when you found out you could disappear?" Her blue eyes pierce into the visible part of Cora's forehead, since her head is tucked down, it's hard to make eye contact. Not that Cody's interested in it. She knows the nerve now.

The woman tries to shrink into the chair even more. Between Cody's staring and bringing up that night, she's on the edge of a complete breakdown. However, Cora tries to tell her story, if only to make Cody leave her alone. "Someone… chased me through campus," she admits, trying to keep it brief. "I ran until I got to a club, and ducked inside, trying to hide. I saw him look right at me when he walked by, but it was like he didn't even see me."

"You're lucky, aren't you? Who knows what could have happened." Cody says rather kindly, with her gray hair, she almost looks like a gentle matron. If they wore combat uniforms. "Campus, late at night, they're not the safest places. So how often have you used your ability since discovering it?" The eyes don't let up for a moment, drawing on her first lesson from Max, Cody just gets a little closer to the woman. Even stooping down to focus on the redhead's eyes.

A gentle matron, perhaps, but one that's still staring at Cora, making her uncomfortable. She turns her head and looks away. "What do you mean?" the woman asks. "I don't even know how it happened. It just.. did."

"Well you must have been practicing, you tried it to get away from the agents at your apartment. You know about it…" Cody pushes a little further, trying to get the other woman to open up. The blue eyes keep boring into her though and again Cody inches just a little closer. "How many times have to tried to get away like that before? Used it to get extra time on a test, maybe to watch someone without them knowing you're there."

Cora's head shakes violently in denial. "I don't even know how!" the woman protests. "It just happens, I swear it! Please, I won't do it anymore, just let me go." Frantically trying to gain a little more space between them, Cora squirms in the chair, managing only to knock it over sideways.

Failure. Agent Swan will be so displeased. With a sigh, Cody straightens up and nods, finally taking her eyes off the young woman. "Alright. We're done for now. Someone will be by to feed you. Keep your chin up, who knows what might happen next." With that, Cody walks past the downed chair containing Cora, not even offering a hand to put her to rights. Knowing that Cora can't see her, Cody steps to the door, opens it and closes it. Then remains silent.

Cora slumps against the floor, feeling some relief at being alone now, despite having been left on her side on the cold stone. After a few moments, she starts sobbing softly, wishing for all the world that she was back in Iowa where she was loved, even if she was invisible there.

Through the sobbing, Cody just waits. Her eyes glued to Cora. Every word that Cora utters in her crying is remembered and filed away for her notes later. There's no twinge of guilt. Cody's already assessed the ability and has come up with multiple ways to use this girl as a weapon. So Cora gets no sympathy. She's dangerous.

Cora sobs until she runs out of tears, then just lays her head down on the stone and whispers, "I don't know anything… I just want to go home." There's nothing for her to do - she can't move and she's been left on the floor - so she just lays there, eyes closed, waiting. As much as she hates being stared at, she wishes that there was someone here to keep her company, lest she go crazy. She might already be halfway there.

For now, Cody is satisfied. Perhaps in an hour or so she'll send someone in to lift up the sobbing Cora and give her something to drink and eat. For now she'll let her lay in a puddle of misery. So the door opens again and Cody steps out, finally, slamming the door behind her. She knows that Cora will likely figure out that she'd been standing there the whole time. So with a smirk, she travels down the hallway and prepares to write her report.

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