2009-12-29: Stop Thief!



Date: December 29, 2009


Poor Earthbender, her purse is thiefed by Mister Stinky.

"Stop Thief!"


It's late evening, it's underground but at least it's warmer than above. The overhead heaters provide a little comfort against the wind whipping through the tunnels every time a train passes. A black haired woman who looks to be in her mid thirties (but dressed much younger than that) stands near one of the divider poles awaiting a train bound to somewhere else. A few trains pass before she chooses one to get on, aside from the clothes on her back, she has nothing but a book that looks like a diary stuffed with newspaper clippings in one hand.

The downtown station bustles with the evening rush-hour crowds. People are heading home from work downtown, taking the subways as a way to avoid congestion on the roadways, and the snow, weather and cold on the streets; of course, that causes congestion in the subway. Because of that congestion, Alex is on the third subway train to run down the line she needs to be on to get home, the first two having been filled up by the time they reached this platform! The tiny brunette slides into the car with the throngs of other passengers, clutching her full shoulder bag to her chest to keep from taking up too much space, her overcoat buttoned up tightly against the wind and cold.

Unfortunately, that just happens to be the train that the tiny brunette tries so hard to take so little space on is the same one the raven haired mop decides to leap onto. The leap just happens to jostle a few of the people around the tiny woman and with a smirk and a few apologies, Cody manages to squeeze her way through to one of the hand grips hanging from the overhead bar. Right next to Alex. Looking down, the petite brunette is given an easy going smile, "Pretty crammed in here, huh? I can't believe I managed to get on, we're like sardines in here." She's a little loud, and not really talking to anyone in particular so the general response is either a glare, or complete silence.

"Yeah, but that's every day, really," Alex replies, after scooting a bit to one side of the little bench where she was lucky enough to convince a man to give up his seat. "Guess because it's cold out," she says, nodding to herself a little. This is her first winter here, afterall, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that riding a marginally warm subway is better than walking in the wind and snow. The cold doesn't bother her so much as the weather. "And yeah, finding a seat is really a miracle some days." Alex doesn't seem too interested in chatting, really, digging something out her bag, a bound packet of papers, the most recent updates and reports from her work.

Cody remains standing and holding onto the strap right in front of Alex. Her attention is drawn to a few of the other passengers, her eyes pausing at each person to study them intently until they notice her… Then she moves onto the person beside them. Particular attention is paid to the people around herself, including the petite brunette. A few more starts and stops has a man standing beside her, someone that smells as though he hasn't showered in perhaps a month of Sundays. As she tries to keep the grimace off her face, Cody gives him a cursory glance and then turns her head away from him.

It is on the next stop that the man, who had been eying Alexandra's large bag reaches down quickly and knocks the papers from her hand and grabs the huge purse, taking off as fast as he can run. It's a lucky thing for him that he's got that stench because people move back as soon as he comes near them, the effect looking like Moses parting the red sea.

The bag strap is about Alex's shoulder, but sitting with the bulk of the bag's mass in her lap leaves the strap loose about her arm. She gasps with surprise as the papers are knocked away, at least a few of those things contained within proprietary to her company (and cause enough to be fired if someone finds them and they're traced back to her). Sure, maybe she should've been a little more cognizant of who was around her, but she's a geek, and she was totally geeking over some of the figures in the report.

When he snatches the bag from her lap, that strap just…slides right on down her arm, and off he goes. "HEY!" she cries out. "Stop that man! He took my purse!" she says, popping up to her feet, but unfortunately, she's in heeled pumps, and running is pretty much out of the question. So instead, she points and shakes her pointing finger agitatedly in the direction in which he's bolting.

Like a shot, Cody is after the man and out the subway doors, which close right behind her. The subway moves off and through the window, the black haired woman can be scene giving chase to the horribly scented man. What can't be seen is moments later, when she returns to the platform, purse in hand. It's too bad really, because what follows is a careful rifling through the petite brunette's personal possessions to find her wallet. Once obtained, she flips through it and pulls out the driver's license, studying it carefully.

About an hour later…

It was quite a chore finding out where to return the purse, but using a few resources Cody managed to locate the apartment building of a one Alexandra Lambert. The brunette apparently has a little bit of cash to toss into the better neighborhood. The buzzer sounds and Cody waits patiently in the entrance for an answer to her call.

As if it would make any difference, Alex's first stop off the subway was a local police station. For what it's worth, she put in the paperwork about her missing purse, particularly distressed over the loss of the paperwork and her small netbook inside. The rest is just cash and two credit cards and stuff. Thankfully, her fare had been paid, and she was free to wander home with just that packet of papers and what she has in her pockets…her keys not included.

While the buzzer may ring and ring, there's nobody there to answer the call, since she's coming up to the building behind the guest. "What the…how'd you manage to find my apartment? Not that I'm no grateful or anything, but…I don't think this address is on my ID…"

Turning quickly, Cody gives the woman an easy going smile and holds the purse out to her. "Oh, your driver's license had your name on it, and you had some business cards in there. It just took a few calls to your office building to get the right person to take me here." It's a lie, really, but it slips so easily off the tongue that it's very convincing. Once the purse has been handed over, Cody puts her gloved hands into the pockets of her eiderdown coat and the black haired woman rocks back and forth on her heels. "You really should get your license changed though, just for safety's sake."

"Hmm…maybe," Alex says, regarding the woman who has her purse with a wary look. "Though that would've just taken that thug who stole my purse right here, if he had wanted to do that." With the purse back in her possession, Alex peeks in, rifling through to make sure her papers are in there, her computer, things like that. Then out comes the wallet, not really shocked to find that her cash is gone, but that the credit cards and everything else looks untouched…which is kind of strange. Then the wallet is replaced with a small notepad, an actual small paper notepad, with a pen. "Think I could get your name and info, since you're the one that took off after him and got my purse back? I should phone the police to tell them I got it back and they'll likely need your name too."

Nodding, Cody digs her notebook from where it's tucked into the back of her pants and pulls a pen from her inner liner. Tearing a page from the back of the book, she writes down all of the requested information. "Cody Baker, I'm staying at a tennement house in Hell's Kitchen." The scrawl is barely readable, but it does list her name, address, and a telephone number to reach her at. "Yeah, tell them they can get a hold of me almost anytime. The cell's always on me. I hope nothing's missing, he was only out of my sight for a few minutes."

"Just the cash, it looks like. It was mostly the work stuff I was worried about, really." Alex takes the paper and looks it over, nodding as it seems to have everything she might need. "Thanks. I wish I had something to thank you for your troubles, but…they got my cash, it looks like. That was a nice thing you did though. I'm definitely not equipped to chase someone down like that," she says, motioning to her shoes. "Is there anything I can do to repay you?"

Cody smiles a little and shakes her head quickly, "Nah, I don't really need the money. Besides, karma always comes around, you know? Maybe someday I'll need help and a complete stranger will do a good deed for me." Taking a quick glance down toward the woman's feet, the corner of her lip twitches and she heaves a large sigh. "You should invest in some good running shoes if you're going to carry around a purse that looks good to thieves." Lifting her hand, the black haired woman turns on her heel and makes for the door. "Maybe we'll meet again, see ya."

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