2007-06-04: Stop! Waffle Time


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Summary: Candy comes home from her vacation in… NYC. She bears gifts! Jaden bears news!

Date It Happened: 4th of June, 2007

Stop! Waffle Time

The Cain Manor

You know who has not been on vacation? Candy! That's right, she's been in NYC this entire time, but. She may as well not have been, for the amount of time she's spent at home, lately. It's the morning when she arrives at the Cain mansion, and she /may not have slept yet/, but either way, here she is. Her arms are loaded with various shopping bags - the paper kind with large, sparkling brands on it that rich people have - and she's teetering in on some killer heels. Pushing large sunglasses back up to rest on her head, she shuffles her way into the foyer. "Jaden~!" she calls out, should her son be home.

Upstairs. Around two corners. Fast asleep in his big ol' bed is Jaden Cain, the CEO to the biggest software company like ever. For all anyone knows he's still a little kid, considering how his room is decorated. But at least he can afford to be somewhat childish. Anyway, he doesn't notice or hear anything because he's asleep. But then… the loud sound of a school bell ringing comes out of nowhere! Followed by a very familiar musical interlude…

~ When I Wake Up In The Morning
And The Alarm Gives Out A Warning
I Don't Think I'll Ever Make It On Time! ~

Jaden sits up with all the dramatic flare of someone that was supposed to be up hours ago. He leaps out the bed, pajama'd up and looks around like there's something wrong. He rushes over to his walk in closet, closes the door behind him, comes out four seconds later fully dressed for the day.

~ By The Time I Grab My Books
And I Give Myself A Look
I'm At The Corner Just In Time To See The Bus Fly By! ~

Jaden slides across the floor, snatching up his backpack and skateboard. He pauses at the mirror to throw some fingers through his hair and winks at the mirror. Next moment he's skating out of his bedroom and into the hall.

~ It's Alright!
Cuz I'm Saved By The Bell! ~

The backpack is fully on his back now (nobody knows how) and he catches some air on his board. The railing of the stairs has been designed for grinding purposes and Jaden's board connects with it, allowing him to glide down it and land at the bottom of the stairs, where his Mother has entered into the foyer!

"Mom!" Soon as the board reaches the end of the railing, Jaden leaps off, letting the board drop and sails towards his mother to practically tackle her with an amazing hug of Jadenosity.

FLYING JADEN. Some people might, in reality, be intimidated by this. Candy however gives a big sparkling smile, dropping her shopping bags promptly and opening her arms to receive the Jadentastic hug. It's sheer practiced skill that allows for herself to /not/ be knocked on her ass, though both go staggering a few steps due to momentum.

"I've missed you!" she says, giving him an extra squeeze before finally releasing him so that they can stand in the debris of shopping things she's now nearly completely forgotten about. "How was the party?" She remembered that, at least.

"Totally Jawsome!" Jaden exclaims with a beam of happiness that would blind anyone that's not Candy. Immediately, though, he's dropping down to peek and peer into shopping bags that are around him. "What'd you buy me?!" Completely and utterly excited, like it's Christmas in June or something, Jaden Cain has taken it upon himself to dive into the bags. It isn't until he dives head first into the Victoria's Secret bag that he stops, makes a nauseous sound and peels his face back from inside. There's a bra on his head.


Candy raises one very well-shaped eyebrow, and reaches out, plucking the bra off her son's head. "That one? That's not for you," she says, holding it out in front of her admiringly, before quickly folding it up and stuffing it into the nearest bag. She scoots down onto her knees, tugging a few shopping bags closer to peer inside, apparently searching for something. "But tell me, what do you get the son who has everything?" she asks, rhetorically, shooting said son a glance as she digs through her loot.

Jaden shakes his head to get the remaining bra-dom off his hair. So gross. Only because it's not Jane's bra. Then there'd be a completely different reaction. There would be sniffing and snuggling and swooning and… okay, let's just climb out of daydream land right here. Ahem.

"Let's see…" Jaden goes into his pocket and comes out with a piece of paper… that he lets roll out, down his body and onto the floor. "Street Sharks on DVD! Every Spider-Man toy ever. Scooby Doo anything. Cheese Curls. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes t-shirt…" He's just going to keep reading this list until she decides to stop teasing him with her stalling ways. "Kidd Video on DVD…"

Candy's eyes narrow at the list, and she pauses just to listen to this for a while. Her eyes roll up as if she's making a mental checklist, but however, the list goes ON AND ON so she just giggles and reaches out with the intent to steal the— well, the /scroll/ of possible presents. "Well you're outta luck," she says. "New York was clean out of Street Sharks and Cheese curls, but!"

Here, she pulls a cardboard box out of a bag, and brandishes it victoriously. And because she doesn't want to wait for Jaden to open it, she flips the lid off of it herself, pulls out the tissue paper and— "/Damn/," she says, because she's pre-etty sure her son doesn't want a Gucci gold pair of heels. She bites one manicured finger, and peers suspiciously at the bags.

"Mavis Beacon Teaches Typ—" The scroll is snatched away and Jaden goes into fake pouty mode. He always has to go into pouty mode when he doesn't get his way. Because it's funny. Moving right along, though, he's sliding around to peek into the box and he frowns at the sight of the golden heels. "Uhhhh…" Reaching in, he yanks one out and inspects it. "Thanks for the thought, Mom, but I don't even think Gayden would wear these."

Pop! Gayden, the Ditto, pops out of nowhere and snatches the heel from Jaden. "Oooooh, child, nuh uh! Gold is not EVEN my color! Now if you hadda' bought cherry red, girl I woulda' been all over it!" Gayden snaps his fingers and tosses the shoe back into the box, before popping back out of existence.

Jaden looks over at his Mom. "See? Told you."

This is where Candy makes a :| face, and snaps the box closed, hugging it to her. "Next time, we're asking the other one's opinion," she says, pointing at Jaden warningly, before she resumes her search. "You know. The metrosexual one. Gayden has awful— oh for— I bought far too much, just gimme a min— here we go."

Now, an identical white box is pulled out, and she smiles happily, resting her hand on the lid, fingers splayed. "Never say I don't love you," she says, before opening this one. It is! The correct box. Candy pulls out the gift and hands it over - a DVD, but an apparently exclusive copy of seasons one through three of Wonder Woman. On the front is a signature, with With <3 For Jaden Cain! "I met Lynda Carter at that one con I was supposed to go to," she explains. "Lucy Lawless was there, but, she fell asleep after the fourth shot of tequila so we didn't quite bond well enough. I like superheroes who can hold their liquor."

Jaw. Dropping.

Jaden blinks at looks at the DVD set. He just blinks some more. And when he takes it, it practically glows in his hands. It's an amazing something or other with the hottest old chick he can possibly remember on the cover. He just gawks at the signature that's on there and can't seem to come up with words. "Oh man, Mom… I… holy shit…" He pulls the dvd set to his chest, hugs it and then realizes that he should be hugging his Mom and leaps at her again. "YOU ROCK SO MUCH!" The hug doesn't last long, because he's stepping backwards and spinning around, "Wonder Womaaaannn!" Oh god. He's singing the theme song now…

The foyer— is rarely ever quiet, to be honest, but either way, Candy's laughter fills it up when Jaden leap-hugs her again, and she manages to get in a good embrace before he's off being Jaden. She gets to her feet, well-practiced in her ridiculous four inch heels. She even spins around when he does too! Hey, she knows her TV, she knows her actresses, and she definitely knows her Wonder Woman spins. However, she definitely does /not/ know the theme song, so just lifts a hand to her face and giggles when Jaden gets into it. She steps forward, hands clasping each side of his face so she can plant a kiss on his forehead. "You rock so much too, honey," she says. "I knew you'd like it. Maybe we can watch it over— " …what the hell time is it? She glances at her watch. Breakfast! "Waffles!"

"Waffles!" Jaden's forgotten all about the theme song by this point and he's leaping over a pile of bags to make his way towards the kitchen. He actually disappears into there and is peeking his head back out in the next heartbeat. "Triple Fudge Chocolate Chip?" Apparently, he's -way- too excited about these waffles. He hasn't spent time with his mother in eons, so he's probably just excited that she's stopped shopping long enough to make him breakfast!

Candy has pretty much neglected her shopping - someone else will surely pick it all up later - and she steps over the boxes and bags to head for the kitchen. Wonder Womaaan! Crap, now it's stuck in her head too. She's humming the theme by the time she's caught up to her son. What do we need! We need a WAFFLE MAKER! "Is there any other kind worth making?" she responds, as she hunts around the kitchen, although yes, there is - like the low-fat kinds with fruit, but, she's happy to humour her son. It's been a while! Between a con in which she outdrank Xena and LOTS AND LOTS of shopping, she's barely seen the guy. "So what have you been up to?"

"Oh, you know. Just being me! The Chipmunks played a couple gigs. I got laid. Had that big super bash. Oh and I merged the company with Eric's dad's so the board won't fire me for being too jawsome." Jaden smiles proudly as he runs around the kitchen, yanking out things that make no sense for making waffles. Like chocolate cake mix.

She gets out a bowl. And a spoon. Two spoons, in fact. Then she sets out the waffle iron so it can start heating. Then flour, and— she eyes the cake mix, trying to remember how that factors in to waffles, but. The journey is more fun than the result, so! She takes the cake mix from Jaden and sets that down next to the eggs. "You merged the— okay!" Candy says, with a bright, amused smile. Which turns into a frown. "But it's still a software company, right?" She likes the cool toys they make, what can she say.

"Definitely! I still own it and everything! I've just got a partner that knows what he's doing so that I won't like mess up the stocks or something." Jaden shrugs, not even knowing the details. "It was Eric's idea. I just went along with it because it sounded good and I didn't want to be fired." He tosses the DVD box onto the fridge so it doesn't get jacked up and then reaches inside to yank out a big bag of M&M's. These are going to be the weirdest waffles ever.

A big squeezy bottle of caramel sauce is taken out next, but Candy sets that aside. Because the weirdest waffles ever will just be coated in it afterwards, not before. After putting on an apron - it has Bugs Bunny on it - she starts expertly sifting the flour into the bowl - these are single mom skills, no way could Jaden have been brought up to be Jaden without awesome cakes now and then, right? - as she glances over at him. "Well, I trust you, sweetie!" she says, because she doesn't exactly have a clue how to run a major software company either, now does she. The cake mix is then added, after a moment's hesitation. "Who was the lucky girl? Anyone I know?"

"Her name's Jane. She's jawsome. She can sing like crazy and she's just… oh man, she's totally perfect. What she sees in me? I have no idea. But we totally went to the party as Roger and Jessica and she killed in that dress!" He pauses to fall into daydream mode, swooning slightly at remember how hot his girl was that night. And she is every day. Le sigh. "She loves me, Mom. I don't think anyone's ever loved me before…"

Now this gets a raised eyebrow from Candy. Two, in fact. She cracks an egg into the mix, lalala, makin' waffles, then holds the bowl out for Jaden to add M&Ms at will. "I come back and find you got yourself a girlfriend?" she asks, promptingly. Say iiit.

Jaden is pouring M&Ms. This can't be good. Because he doesn't stop until the bag is halfway empty. And it was one of those huge bags that people buy at Halloween time because they don't want to use the little trial size packs and… nevermind. "I… kinda'?" Jaden doesn't want to be too telling or something. "She's jawsome, though. I mean, we're totally gonna' get married. It's gonna' be sweet. I haven't like popped the question or anything but I know it. I can like feel it. It's like The Force." He frowns, figuring this analogy doesn't work. "But hotter." There. Fixed

Kinda girlfriend who might be MARRYING HER SON! Candy's mental alarm bells are ringing so loud that she doesn't even notice the fact that the waffles are half M&M now, and she blindly stirs while staring at Jaden. Then smiles brightly, dismissing those niggling little 'but…' statements in her mind, like a light being flicked. "Then I'll have to meet this Force girl of yours," she says merrily, now putting everything else that a waffle needs into the bowl, mixmixmix. "You sure she's not in it for the money?" She has to ask. She doesn't want Jaden marrying someone like /her/, that would be horrible.

"She's like a lawyer or something. And her parents got money. Not as much as we do, but she loves me. She hardly doesn't even want me to buy stuff for her." He shrugs, not really giving a good enough answer to such questions, probably. Since he doesn't even really know if he's being played or not. "She says I make her laugh. That's good, right? I'm funny, right?" Now he's worrying.

D'aww. Candy rests the spoon inside the mixing bowl, and minces closer to draw Jaden into a hug. "You're very funny," she assures him, genuinely, even! "I didn't mean it like she'd /only/ do it for the money, sweetie, just that you need to be careful now that you're the hottest thing since hotcakes." She draws Jaden away again to pat his cheek. "Let me meet her."

"Oh no! No way! You'll break out baby pictures and make me look lame and… no way!" Jaden's smiling as he says this, but still he's probably already planning ways to keep the two apart! He seems to have forgotten that Jane has a key. Oops. "And then you'll tell the story of how when I was six I got my head stuck bewtween the bars at the playground!"

She ruffles Jaden's hair - and gets flour and cake mix in it, my bad - as she grins at her son. "But only in between stiff drinks," Candy assures him. "So she may even forget about it by the end of the night. But at least I'll have figured her out, right?" Yes, he's being joking about it - but she knows her son. She may have to take the situation into her own hands!

"Oh god. You're going to get my girlfriend drunk on the first day." Jaden places a hand to his forehead and begins to faint, but a ditto of himself pops into existence and catches him as he falls backwards. Jaden looks at himself, "Thanks." "No quiero Taco Bell." Jaden blinks at Jaden, who smiles and disappears into the thin air just as quick as he showed up. "God, I'm weird." And Jaden Prime is sliding over to check on the batter and all of that good stuff. "Is it WAFFLE TIME?!" Peanut Butter Waffle Time~

Man. She's never gonna get REALLY used to the Dittos. Ever. Candy just sighs. "If I could do that, I could be my own stunt double," she says. "Only literally." Now, she looks to the waffle batter. This looks like no waffle batter she's ever made before. But after a quick taste test - well! It's chocolate! What can go wrong! She starts easing the too-thick batter into the waffle iron. "We shall soon see!"

Jaden isn't sure about this batter. It looks delicious. It smells delicious. But he's not quite sure if they should've used too much… everything else. He watches for a little while and then decides, "I'll get the fire extinguisher." And he's bounding off to go find one, "Just in case!" It's not like they've ever set the kitchen on fire making their crazy foods before.


Just. Usually they aren't quite so sober.

Candy steps resolutely back from the waffle iron once it's shut, and nods seriously when Jaden goes dashing off. "I"m sure it'll be fine, sweetie!" she says, but then there's a smell of… burned… M&Ms? Do they burn? They are now. And now smoke is coming out the side of the iron. "….JADEEEN!"

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