2007-05-30: Storm Warning


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Summary:During a break in training at the Kirby Plaza Building. Ryan meets Elle. Ryan also manages to not have Elle zap him

Date It Happened:May 30, 2007

Storm Warning

Midtown, NYC - Kirby Plaza Building

It's mid-morning on Friday, and the halls of the Kirby Plaza Building are filled with the usual, regulated activity. Part of the activity is Ryan Cochrane's sessions to try and gain more control over his powers. He's just finished with 3 hours straight, and he's taking a break from the strain of controlling the weather inside a gymnasium-sized room. There's sweat on his forehead and chest from the effort and he's currently in a break room cooling off.

Elle is heading down the hallway. She's been busy of late, trying to juggle a life with a Company job, and it has her a little exasperated. Her path takes the sexily-dressed blonde right past the door of the breakroom, in easy sight of any occupants.

Ryan cracks his neck a few times and then gets up. He sees the girl passing by and tries to get her attention. "Ummm…excuse me? Miss?"

Elle looks over as she hears the voice, and turns her head. She considers Ryan a moment, looking him up and down, before a neutral "Yes?" comes out. Smile, but a very faint one.

Ryan smiles a little bit. "Umm…which way to the…restroom?" He shrugs and feels the need to explain himself. "I'm still kinda new here and I haven't figured out where everythign is, yet."

Elle's voice is just a little biting. "Ooh, they're letting you go all by yourself?" Okay, sarcasm. She points towards a hallway. "Down there is what you're looking for.

Ryan gives Elle a wry look. "Thanks. Sorry to take time out of your obviously important schedule there, but…." He looks down at the ground. "No training papers here. And I doubt making a mess is going to get me on the good side of people here."

Elle nods. "Not so big a fan of puppies messing on the floor. That way is what you're looking for." she says, more amused than anything now.

Ryan chuckles some. "Yeah, I didn't say I had to go right now. I'd rather know ahead of time then run all over in a panic." He smiles a bit at Elle. "My name's Ryan. I just started training here yesterday."

Elle takes a step over. "Elle Bishop." Which, if anyone's given him the heads up, is the same last name as the head honcho. "So what do you do?"

Ryan shrugs, as if his powers weren't any big deal. "Weather control. A little thunder, a little rain…a little lightning." He smiles again, something that seems natural for him. "Seriously, I'm working at gaining as much control as I can. The last thing I want to do is screw up and turn the Northeastern Seaboard into the Tropics."

Elle can't help but grin at the last category. "So show me. Can you do it inside?" The mention of lightning has made her curious now.

Ryan nods, "Sure…." He closes his eyes to concentrate and the area gets colder. After a few seconds, a thick fog starts forming above the ground, obscuring everything from the waist down. "I can make it pretty high, but I don't want to fill the whole hallway up, you know?"

Elle grins. "Show me the lightning." she says, looking at him at that. She wants to see what kind of voltage he can kick out.

Ryan chuckles nervously. "Umm…yeah…that's not such a good idea. I can bring lightning from storm clouds, but I don't have any accuracy. Everything with in a 25, 30 yard radius is fair game for a 1.21 Gigawatt surprise." He chuckles a bit at a memory. "Blew the wall off my bedroom when I first manifested my powers."

The blonde grins at that. "Got it. So you've got some power, but not accuracy. Good. You'll be handy to have around as a big gun, if nothing else." She seems to be sizing him up.

Ryan shrugs and dissipates the fog. "Actually, I'd rather only use my powers to counter anyone that's abusing weather controlling abilities, or to limit the damage caused by natural weather phenomenon. Being a weapon….not high on my list of things to do with my powers."

Elle laughs amusedly at that. "Of course you would." She's sure they'll have different plans for him. "Well, you keep training there, rainpuddle. We might need you at some point."

Ryan smirks. "And what is it that you can do?"

Elle holds up a hand, cupped, fingers up, and lets her electricity gather into the palm of her hand. "Lightning. Without the storm." It snaps and crackles about her fingertips.

Ryan blinks and nods, suitably impressed. "Yeah, no wonder you think in terms of combat usefulness…." He thinks for a bit, a disturbing thought entering his mind. "Do you….get sent out to use your powers alot?"

Elle has a little half-smirk on her face. "I do what needs doing. So, not a ton of jobs. Just important ones when they crop up."

Ryan nods at Elle's words. "Okay. Anyways, I should probably get back to the training." He wraps the towel he was using to wipe the sweat from his brow around his shoulders. "It was nice talking with you, Elle."

Elle nods. "Good luck around here. I'm sure you'll need it."

Ryan nods quietly to himself. "Yeah….I think I might."

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