IC Storylines

Selected logs organized by storyline, for reference and for those trying to follow a particular chain of events.

Follow the Bouncing Book

Activating Evolution as a chain letter.

In Search of a Cure (Feb. 28 - Mar. 30, 2007)

Sylar wants one. That doesn't bode well for anyone who gets in his way. Meanwhile, the NYPD fights an uphill battle to get and keep him behind bars.

K-11E (Kellie)

The Company plays with fire; more precisely, a pyrokinetic. They're not the only ones who get burned.

The Mendez Paintings

The Company had another series of paintings by Isaac Mendez. They were stolen. Then the Company stole them back.

Squaring the Circle

The deaths of several women are linked by a strange symbol. Investigating the symbol connects several more people with each other, leading to discoveries that are completely unexpected. FINISHED.

The Advent Children

The list of women from the Squaring the Circle plot are linked by more than just their religion. Their children are targets. Their husbands are either dead or up in arms. Just what IS Project Advent, and who's responsible for it?

Sylar's New Toys

His collection of powers just keeps growing.

Turf Wars

The Tong Chow crime syndicate is making its move for drug supremacy with the super addictive drug Soma. The Camparelli-Zukhov family isn't too happy about this, and they'll do whatever it takes to stop the Tong. What happens to those caught in the crossfire?

Mission to Mars

An investigation into the life of a rather dangerous Evolved man named Jerry Dorsey leads several Company agents on a mission to bring him in so he can't harm anyone else.

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