2007-06-04: Stranger Strangers


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Summary: Close encounters of the third kind! But not really.

Date It Happened: June 4th, 2007

Log Title Stranger Strangers

Greenwich Village

It's not easy to run around here. Jogging along the streets of Greenwich Village is a bit like trying to seperate milk from water with your hands. But someone is trying it. Felicity comes bounding along, dodging people, jumping the occasional piece of trash, and generally doing the 'I am jogging, feel guilty lardy New Yorkers!' gig. But even she stops for traffic, so when she gets to where traffic is moving, she jogs in place, blowing air out of her cheeks and generally being annoyingly fit about the whole business.

Benjamin is not jogging, nor does he attempt to. If he were the sort to be jogging, it'd be done on a treadmill. Behind closed doors. Or maybe in a secluded park. Certainly not on a crowded street. That's a little too much like suicide for his tastes. Besides, this middle aged accountant is too old for fads like jogging! He's more about the remote control Olympics and being pumped from using the mouse. Right now? He's all about lugging the briefcase and walking towards his apartment from the direction of the bus stop.

Felicity stretches a little as she waits for the annoying New Yorker traffic to get the hell out of her way. She notices someone approaching and even though she has no idea who the man is, she delivers a huge beam of welcome. "Afternoon. beautoiful day isn't it?" Except she doesn't talk, she sort of muffled drawls it, and flicks a hand at him.

Benjamin halts in his tracks some, looking around. Wait, what? Random New Yorker being polite, what? This isn't a new way to mug people is it? "I.. I guess so.." He likes his city, but never thought of it as beautiful, cause y'know, crowded, dirty, buildings and people everywhere.. and don't forget the summertime odors.

Felicity continues to jog lightly on the spot, giving her a rather distracting bobbing motion. "Sure, it's a great day. Sun shines, birds sing, and the gunsmoke on the air suggests that people are having a traditional New York day." Aha! There's the clue. Amongst that odd speech impediment is an accent. the woman's a damn Californian. They have no right to come to New York City being all funky and West Coast and LIKING people.

Benjamin kinda eyes Felicity there from the corner of his eye, even as he makes sure to edge slightly away. "I hadn't noticed. It's always like this." So.. he didn't notice any change. Obviously, the woman is not a native. "But.. if you say so, then okay!" He offers a fleeting and mildly nervous smile. Mostly because the woman is like, weird about a normal New York day. He's waiting for a knife to come out.

Well, she doesn't LOOK like she needs a knife, though she could potentially be mad. As Felicity talks she still flickers the ASL in accompaniment, like some sort of action she has never learned not to perform after childhood. "I guess not many people like New York. I admit, I have to run round here because it's too dangerous to go to the Park, like everyone knows, and the gymnasiums are full of psychotics. That's the truth. It sometimes takes someone pointing it out to make you notice great things"

"Oh no, it's not that. I like New York just fine. Lived here all my life. I guess I just don't notice much about the city or anything, until I get out of it." Benjamin blinks, and raises a hand to scratch at the back of his head. "I suppose.. and yeah, the park can be dangerous.. but so can anywhere." He had a psycho come after him and his daughter in the Park.. he got kidnapped in Queens.. and well.. weird happens everywhere.

Felicity grins at this "You lived here all your life and you still like it? That's a fantastic piece of uplifting insight right there!!" She then watches the honking traffic and sighs "I wonder what it takes to by a helicopter. Even commuting by running is getting too complex. This makes me need to invest in an iron lung."

Benjamin looks surprised at that conclusion, "Uhm, yeah? Just about everyone I know has lived here since birth. They're still here, or I assume so cause they haven't moved." He's got everything he likes here, no inclination to live elsewhere. Then again this is /Ben/. He's boring and attached to routine. "A helicopter? But where would you park it? Parking for cars is expensive enough, can't imagine what a helicopter would cost," he says, deadpan, so it's likely that he's being serious and not trying to be funny.

Felicity give sup on the run and stretches her leg out "Well, I'd get a decent one. You know what they say - where does the owner of a an ex-military issue Black Hawk Gunship park? You know the answer?" She laughs at her own jokes, poor thing "Wherever he likes. What's your name, Big Apple Lover?"

Benjamin stares blankly at the joke then gives a polite laugh as he gets the joke. Belatedly. "It's Benjamin. So.. uh.. I guess you haven't been visiting the city for long?"

Felicity shrugs "About nine months. Long enough to know my way about and not long enough to be jaded. I'm Flick." Except with her speech problem, it sounds like a word that is almost the same, phonetically, but possibly could be misheard.

Benjamin is far too polite to make any sort of commentary on Felicity's speech impediment. That would be incredibly rude. So, he's pretty sure he misheard the woman's name, so pardon if he declines in calling the woman by name. "Well, that's good. Although, you haven't been welcomed properly to the city unless you've been mugged."

Felicity changes leg and stretches still, though she keeps her eyes on the poor man's face when he talks. "Yuh, I was here three weeks and someone tried to mug me outside my apartment at like 11 PM. I had been working late." She then stretches backwards "He was just so cute, the way he had this nice little flick knife. After he stopped bleeding I made him carry my grocery bags indoors and wash the blood out of my doorstep. Nice guy. He liked Wagner." Which is relevant how?

Benjamin just stares.. Cause, yeah, wow, and look at the time! "I.. see.. Uh, well, it was nice talking to you. I hope you continue to enjoy New York City, I gotta get home." American Idol folks on Larry King, and no daughter at home tonight to give him Hell for watching! He gives another nervous little smile before backing away, then hurrying off down the street.

Felicity watches the fellow go and calls "Buh Buhy!" And then she lopes off like she was a hunting lion across the Serengetti. Actually, she's just heading to the grocery store just off Bleeker Street, but it's the nearest urban equivalent.

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