2007-07-19: Stranger Things


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Lee and Nima meet up with their unconscious father and discuss the situation.

Date It Happened:

July 19, 2007

Stranger Things

Bat Country Labs

Lee contacted Nima right away. "It's Dad," he said. "He's alive. Unconscious but alive, down at this…place." They met, and Lee used a code to get in the door. Lee didn't give a lot of details until they were there, he knew the priority was to get his father and Nima in the same room. It's a curtained off room, with normal hospital equipment and monitors. IVs, and so on - it's their father. He doesn't look so good, haggard and drawn, the monitors indicate he clings to life with uncertainty. Completely unconscious. "From what Bekah tells me from his chart, he's um recovering from a lethal overdose of psychoactive chemicals."

Staring. Silence. Not even the usual 'you are such a dumbass I cannot formulate an adequate sentence to express the magnitude of your dumbassness' staring and silence. Or the all-too-common 'bwuh? You just said something, didn't you?' staring and silence. Nima is an excitable person, sure, but she's not emo. Lee sucked-up most of that while they were in the womb. All the same, undulations of emotion ebb and flow across her face, tugging like an undertow and crashing her heart against the proverbial rocks.

Lee has some chairs at his bedside, he has obviously spent a bit of time here with him. He seats himself, lets Nima do the same, putting his arm around her shoulder for support, "He came to for about thirty seconds one time, but he was delirious…asking about mom, where she was…" Saying he was disappointed in Lee. "…some other stuff." He's being gentle with his sister, but also giving her info as a comfort, so that she's not alone in that silence.

For all they bicker, the Wonder Twins can be rather wonderful to each other. This is one of those moments. It's probable that Nima hears what her brother is saying, even if it is registering only on some weird plane of consciousness, coming in distorted and static-y. Eventually, she does sit, and gently, lovingly, tentatively, takes her father's hand. Cliché? Trite? Human, at the very least. And Lee can get miffed all he wants when his sister finally utters, "Papa?"

In Klingon.

There's no answer, in Klingon, Elvish, or even 19th century French. Lee has spent his time in here holding his father's hand too, saying things he doesn't even think his father can hear. He lets her hold it for a little while. "That Ramon guy found him and stashed him here. Apparently, he found Mom, too, but she was in a regular hospital and as soon as she could walk, she left," he says finally. "The police are still looking for Dad, too."

It doesn't matter that there's no response other than continued breathing. Nima doesn't let go. It also seems to be a while before the rest of what her brother says actually registers. Internally, she blinks a few times. To the outside world, she could stand to do so as she's staring at her father, as though stopping for even a second will result in his dissipation. Walked? What? Mom? What? "But…" Where is she? "Where is she?" Confusion. Lack of comprehension. Furrowing of the brow.

Lee says, "She's…she's gone again. She disappeared again." The police always said it was voluntary. "Ramon's theory was that the serial killer was still able to control her somehow, you remember that thing with the cellphone. I don't know what to think. I went and got a look at her hospital records, all it said was she checked herself out against medical advice and left."

"I'll deal with the boys in blue." Nima can't lie worth anything, but she can sweetalk, especially with sweets. And it's not like anyone else knows about anything else. And the department knows the 'rents well enough to be hard-pressed to believe that either Billy or Mary would burn down the store. And, surely, something can be worked-out. It's not like cracking this case will make anyone's career… or that it would be hard-core corruption to overlook the incident.

Lee says, "I don't know. They have his fingerprint on a gas can and at another crime scene. I'd rather him not wake up in a jail hospital. Not that I like this place a lot better…do you really think we can get him past the police problems?" He always trusts Nima's plans, after all.

Still staring at their father, Nima feels as though she's shrugging, although she might well not be. "Maybe. We'll see." What she wants more than anything is for him to wake-up and be okay. Jail isn't the most pressing thing on her mind. Granted, she was never all that great at multi-tasking.

Lee says softly, "They /said/ they'd let him go to another hospital, or even try to set him up at home, but, what if he does what Mom did, and just walks away as soon as he can walk? Without even talking to us? I mean, mind control or drug brainwashing or not…"

They? They? They? "Who are they?" A quiet question, still staring, although she finally gets around to blinking. One thing at a time. Gently, Nima squeezes her father's hand. Right now, he's not going anywhere.

Lee says, "Ramon and the people who are running this joint. Apparently there's some eccentric millionaire who set it up to help people with paranormal abilities - remember, Ramon thinks he has them and thinks Cellphone Guy does, too." Lee shrugs slightly. "I've…seen something that makes me believe they exist, but I don't know that it means Ramon is either telling the truth, or right even if he is."

"Who's in charge here?" Not Ramon. That much, Nima knows. Not if this is linked to a legit medical center, which she has no reason to believe is not the case. Lee believing weird stuff? Not there yet. Series. Not Parallel.

Lee says, "I'm not sure. It's a company run by EvoSoft, I'm fairly sure directly set up by the guy in charge, Jaden Cain." He says that name with a twisted smirk on his face. "Not a fake name." He adds: "Cass is here a lot."

It's not that Nima doesn't recognize Jaden Caine's name, or that of EvoSoft, or that she is uninformed about all that they've done. It's just that 'CASS' snaps all her attention. Blinking, the younger twin finally looks at her brother, although doesn't let go of her father's hand. "She is?"

Lee says, "Yes. Apparently, they put a med school dropout in charge of their research program, on the spurious grounds that she actually believes there's something to research."

It's not as though Nima can refute the whole med school dropout bit… but Cass is her friend. And smart. And Nima trusts her, even if Lee doesn't. Her brow furrows and her mouth drops into a mild frown. All she does, though, is look at their father, again, and ask her twin, "You spoke with her?" Of course, he probably did. It's not so much an invitation for snark as it is a prompting for details.

Lee says, "I did. You know she believes in that paranormal stuff, too. She doesn't see anything wrong with this situation, she believes everything Ramon's told her and is completely involved in this place." Lee doesn't really snark about /Cass/, clearly he sees her as being duped rather than malicious.

Nima says nothing about Cass, or even what Lee may or may not be saying about Cass. Only simply nods. "I'll speak with her." And that's that. "Papa," she begins again, this time speaking in Quenya because, hey, it's pretty and magickal and why the hell not can it be the kind of pretty, magickal language to rouse men from unconscious stupors? "I've missed you so much. I'm glad that you're home." And Lee can just shut the fuck up and keep his semantic snipes to himself.

Lee doesn't even grouse about the Quenya. Whatever works. "I don't think there's a lot of choices. We have to do whatever they want, unless we can get past the police thing, which…well. Maybe we can, I don't know. But unless that works, he's stuck here and we're stuck with them."

Unlike her brother, Nima doesn't seem particularly distraught that their father is 'stuck' here, as Lee keeps putting it. Maybe it's because she trusts her friend, or she's not as rabidly anti-Ramon as her twin is, or maybe she really doesn't care where dad's being kept as long as he is safe and gets better. "What ever happened with that Alchemist? Is Ramon still out for blood?" No sarcasm.

Lee says, "Apparently so. And he's got an eyepatch now, so as to maximize the 1982 revenge movie quality of the quest." sardonically, but he adds afterwards: "I'm really glad you're here."

Eyepatches and 1982-infused revenge fantasies are not getting Nima's knickers in a twist. Instead, she simply looks at her brother and reaches out for one of his hands, even as the other remains holding their father's. "It'll be okay, Toto," she assures, lovingly, even if at a bit of a loss. Somehow, though, she does believe everything will end up fine. Relatively so, anyhow.

Lee gives her a half smile, looking down, and squeezing her hand. "I believe you," he says. He leans forward. "I can't believe he's back. I can't believe it might even be partly true."

Stranger things have happened. Nima returns the squeeze of her brother's hand. And stranger things probably will.

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