2007-04-26: Stray Cat Strut


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Summary: Jane visits Jaden for something she told Nathan about needing.

Date It Happened: April 26th, 2007

Stray Cat Strut

Jaden Cain's Mansion, Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC

At ten a. m. on the morning of Saturday, the 26th of April, 2007, a date which shall perhaps live on in Jaden's calendars, the bell of his Upper East Side, Manhattan, NYC was rung by a twenty-four year old brunette wearing a pair of dark jeans, two inch heeled boots, and a Yale hoodie. She had a guitar case slung over one shoulder and a backpack across the other. After ringing the bell, she stood there waiting for admission.

Jaden Cain, the richest young CEO in the world, is right in the middle of watching cartoons. In fact, he's got a big bowl of Lucky Charms in his lap when the doorbell rings and he frowns. "Ugh, why /now/?" He's about to get up, when he smiles and realizes he doesn't even have to go anywhere. Jaden walks up to the door and grabs hold of the door and yanks it open. Leaning against it, he peers out to see a girl that he probably recognizes all too well. But with Jaden Prime being annoyed at the door, he doesn't really seem to be in the mood to offer quips. "Sup?"

"Morning, Jaden," the woman begins, standing there looking at him. "You wanted me to come see you here, and here I am." Jane waits, a quiet smile forming on her features. "You've been well?"

Jaden blinks a little bit, not exactly remembering what Prime did, but figures it's true. Besides, Jane's hot. So he's not about to stop her from entering his place of residence. "Oh, come on in. I'm in the living room." He blinks and realizes what he just said. "Watchin' cartoons in the living room, I mean…" He closes the door behind her when she enters and starts to lead the way. "Oh and RACE YOU!" And he takes off down the hall before turning the corner to disappear in the living room! Literally!

She chuckles when he starts the unexpected race and walks after him at a brisk pace, not quite running because, hey, she's in heels of a sort and has this gear on her shoulders, so whatever he wanted to achieve by getting there ahead of her is very easily happenable. Jane's boots tap on the floor as she moves along the path he took, and when she reaches the living room her mood is already lighter than it was when she was let in.

"Yeah! Go Mikey!" Jaden's sitting on the sofa (big expensive sofa) with a giant bowl of cereal in his lap and he's waving his spoon around! Especially in the general direction of the television, where Michaelangelo is whipping up on some Foot Soldiers with his nunchucks. He's actually forgotten that Jane was coming around the bend and paying more attention to the cartoons than the footsteps of the heel-wearing hottie.

She enters the room and stops there, just quietly watching him from the doorway, and the… whatever he has on the screen to watch and cheer over. 'Men,' she thinks, followed by more thought that this one is even more bizarre than they normally are. So Jane decides to conduct a field experiment and see how long it takes to register her presence again. Her head shakes while she starts the stopwatch feature on her phone. Once it's ticking away she quietly starts to set down her gear, extract the guitar from its case, plug into the portable amp, and set the volume at half range. No playing yet, just watching him watch.

"OH COME ON! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Apparently, Mr. Cain is -really- into this whole Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thing. He's even stopped shoveling Lucky Charms into his mouth, in order to shout at the television screen. Which, well, has Shredder coming out of nowhere and smashing into Mikey's shell, which is what he probably deemed not fair. When the scene changes, "Come on, Raph! Get free! Break the ro— YES!"

It's all she can do to remain quiet where she stands and watches him get into his cartoons so intensely, the smile on Jane's face widens considerably. She slips the guitar strap over her head and rests one hand over the instrument's wider end, while one side of her leans into the doorframe, causing the other hip to extend outward at a bit of an increased angle. Her other hand holds up the timing phone, and eyes read the display. Two minutes and counting.

"WHAT?! WHAT?!" Jaden is a little disturbed by the fact that, well, the show has went to commercial. He just stares… slackjawed, as if it wasn't going to go there. He frowns and drops his spoon into the bowl and grunts. "Always on the good part." He grabs the remote control and presses pause on the DVR'd show and sort of gets the feeling that he should be doing something else and… turns his head. "Jane?!" Surprise?

She bursts into laughter when she's finally spotted, and checks the display on her phone again. Two minutes, forty-eight seconds exactly. "Mr. Cain," Jane greets in a mock annoyed voice, "you've set a record, sir. This is the longest I've seen a man take to remember I'm here after he let me in and raced to the entertainment room." Her posture shifts to fully upright, no longer leaning, and the fingers start to play her guitar. A short time later her rich soprano joins in with lyrics. Soundgarden, anyone? The tune she picks seems appropriate, given what she just witnessed.

"Feel the rhythm with your hands, Steal the rhythm while you can, spoonman."

"Speak the rhythm on your own, Speak the rhythm all alone, spoonman…"

Jaden is too busy realizing that he's just done a bad thing to realize that this song may be a burn. So, instead he just leans over and sets his big ol' bowl down on the table. He hops up to his feet and starts around the sofa so that he can try to apologize. "Sorry… it's my favorite episode." He thumbs over his shoulder towards the television and runs a hand through his hair to make sure he doesn't look a total mess.

She's in rare form today with her playing and singing, every note and every chord hit with perfect timing as the tune is carried out, and the smile remains on her face. She moves around while playing, dancing a bit as she would onstage for an audience; yes, her street guitar time has been used to hone that angle of performance as well. Dark eyes rest on the bowl he ate from, the spoon there. Maybe that's what caused her to choose the tune. Then they move to him and his face as the next segment of lyrics arrives.

"Spoonman, come together with your hands."

"Save me, I'm together with your plan. Save me."

What she told Nathan before they parted company after the whole ordeal with Elle and telepathy ended is true, she needs some silly fun in her life. Not that she plans to admit this to Jaden, however.

Unfortunately, Jaden doesn't know the song in question. Though he should probably learn it. He can't really bust out into a duet with her, as much as he wants to. He's going to assume that she's just going to do the whole song, thus the leaning back against the back of the sofa. He tilts his head a bit and listens, his foot tapping to the guitar that's being played. Maybe he should be nice and not interrupt her while she's doing her thing.

That would indeed be the Jane Forrest plan, she continues to play and sing while looking him over and smiling. Jane's feet move around while the tune progresses, and at its end she improvises a running flourish, complete with Pete Townshendesque windmill strokes on the guitar. When silence is finally restored, she slips the instrument over her head and places it over the open case on the floor. Two steps are taken then toward the man, her features shifting into something of a neutral expression. "Mr. Cain," she asks, "are you taking care of business, sir? Learning to work as well as play hard?" Her walk stops a few feet away from him, she leans on the wall with one elbow supporting her and a hand atop her head. One hip is pushed out slightly, her feet crossed at the ankles. "I should certainly hope so."

"Uhhh…." This is where Jaden Cain starts to lie. Because, well, lying is what he does. "See, um, I was gonna' but…" He gives up on the lying and just throws his hands into the air, shaking his head. "It's Saturday! I don't work on Saturdays! It's cartoons and fun on Saturdays!" Explaining himself with some extra emphasis should keep the level of interrogation down. At least. He hopes.

"Okay," Jane replies with a laugh, pushing away from the wall and moving a bit closer to him with a smile appearing. "That works. The main thing, y'know, is you getting a handle on your life. You took the job, so you have to be serious about it. If you don't, well, it'd be just like me singing that deal at Cutting Room and taking the money, then never showing up to play even one single solitary lick." She pauses, eyes resting on him, as she asks "That'd be dirty of me, wouldn't it?" Rhetorical question, apparently, she doesn't wait for an answer. "I've had a hell of a week, Jaden. Had a friend over to watch movies, then… she forgot all about me." Smooth, Forrest, she thinks inwardly. The truth, disguised as exaggeration. Just like claiming she's a real screamer.

Raising an eyebrow, Jaden just gets ready to prepare his defense! He didn't ask for this job! It was left to him! Honoring father's wishes and all that! Well, mostly just not wanting to turn down BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, but the same difference. Jaden lets the defense tactics go when he realizes that there's more going on than just her coming over here to tell him to do a good job. "Well, want me to buy her and ship her to Jersey? There's no place worse than Jersey." Again, here he comes with the comedic defense mechanism of awesomesauce.

She doesn't come back to the topic of his job, apparently Jane's said all she feels she needed to about that and he gets her point. The guitarist has moved on, and now sinks into a seat somewhere. Her eyes settle on him again, a bit of tired grin showing as they do. "No, Jaden, it's all good. Just kinda painful getting her to start pulling together again, y'know?" Again with the truth that sounds like metaphor. She'll have to talk with Elena later and gush about things, ask if she thinks the man can be trusted with the full truth, known to him as truth and not apparent metaphor.

Jaden has no idea what in the holy hell that Jane's talking about. No idea in hell. And it shows all over his face. Mostly because, well, there's too much metaphor and not enough real statements for him to pick up on. He's kind of an idiot. He reaches up and rubs his hand over his face, trying to offer something of a good idea… and suddenly smiles. "I got it! I know what'll cheer you up! Stay put!" And he's off in a flash before anything can happen. There's only about 47 seconds before he comes back and there he is, holding out a big white box. "Present. For you."

His confusion seems to bring her spirits up by itself, oddly enough. The grin spreads and brightens on seeing it, Jane takes comfort in knowing she can stay safe at least to some degree and not have to lie to him. Because she doesn't want to be dishonest, not in the slightest. Tilting her head, she watches him scurry off and return in that less than one minute period, curiosity showing when he gets back. Fingers take and start to open the white box, they pull out and hold up the contents. Her eyes go wide with the sight of it, and mirth settles in. "This is… priceless," she remarks. "And so very you. Tell me, Jaden," she asks with a playful bit of purr to her voice, "what do you want me to do with this?" She isn't saying she'll wear it, but isn't saying she won't. Her spirits have definitely been lifted in any case. Need silly fun in your life? This is the place to go.

Jaden just stands back, watching Jane's every moment as she opens the box. Clearly, he's wanting to make sure she likes it. And when she doesn't flip out on him or try to stab him in the eye or claim he's crazier than a road lizard, he smiles. He was almost sweating bullets in anticipation, but he he wasn't exactly loaded, if you know what I'm saying. "Wear it. DUH!" Jaden flings himself across the room and over to the side of where she's sitting, to rest on the arm of the furniture. "I had it custom designed for you. It'll fit… purr-fectly." Yes, he just went there. "I was thinking that maybe you and girls could become… Jane and The Pussycats."

"Maybe occasionally," Jane replies with a chuckle, eying the costume for a moment. "It could be a thing we do to change things up sometimes. But we also want to be taken seriously for what we play and record, not just be those hot chicks in the cat outfits. We're all capable musicians, after all, that should be the most important thing. But," she trails off as she stands to hold the garment up in front of her and glance down across it to see the look of things, "there's a time and place for everything, Jaden. This will have its time and place too."

Jaden looks on and thanks his lucky stars for his crazy ability to guess measurements. He really should've went into fashion or something instead of Slacking 101. He plasters on a small smile, already figuring the answer to his next question, but he's a Cain and he can't not say this. It just has to come out because Jaden would kick himself if he missed an opportunity to be a fool. "Any chance that time and place is here and now?"

"One of them," Jaden," she replies, turning to look around for a place to go and change. Jane's eyes show a playfulness to them as they rest on him. "Where's the bathroom, Jaden?" Fingers take up the garment to bring with her and slip into. On the scale of things he could ask her to do, after all, this one is fairly tame. No electric shocks that stop the heart or numb the tongue, no risk she'll have to watch over him while he's tied in the bathtub to a chair with feet in a bucket of water to keep him contained. There's no aim from him to slay her for the ability she has either. And being in his presence, well, it means she isn't even thinking of all that so much. He can't possibly know the value that holds for Jane Forrest.

Jaden Cain has literally turned into a cartoon for this moment. His eyes bug out of his head and his jaw drops to the floor. Okay, not -really-, but that's the way he feels right about now. He can't believe she actually said yes. He's blinking and stammering for a moment before he realizes that he's not asleep or dreaming or something. Which means, well, that he's hopping off the arm of the chair and pointing towards the hallway. "Down the hall. Third door on the right!" He's excited and already rushing across the living room, hopping over the coffee table and over towards a desk in the corner. "God, I hope my camera's charged…"

A nod, and she's walking away toward the place he gave directions to find, chuckling to herself. This guy is priceless, Jane thinks. Fun loving, not hard to keep happy apparently. Just that one problem. How will he deal if she takes the leap and shares the truth about herself? Gotta speak with Elena soon, simply must. About this and… other things she chases from mind as soon as they rise. Into the bathroom she goes, and minutes later on emerging she's clad in the cat costume, complete with tail, fingerless gloves, and ears atop the head. A five feet, eight inch recreation of Josie, with the breasts to fill the thing out in front. Back in the entertainment room, she slips the guitar over her neck again and thinks for a moment, something of a mischievous grin forming. Her right foot taps a count of four, and… a tune begins. Maybe he'll recognize Stray Cat Strut, maybe he won't, but it fits and she's playing it. Moving around too.

Oblivious to the changing of Jane and all of this nonsense, Jaden is busy searching through the desk for his digital camera. He realizes that Jane's out and about, the same time he gets his hands on the camera. "Jackpot!" That's when the familiar tune comes smacking his ear and he lifts up quickly, slamming his head into the light above the desk, wincing and spinning around. Eyes bug out of his head again, since he's seeing the epitome of Josie & The Pussycats right here in his entertainment room… playing music. "Holy Spaceball…" is muttered under his breath and he just stares. The camera in his hand is forgotten, so he's not taking any pictures at the moment. Just enjoying the view.

She's looking saucy, possibly feeling it too, as she plays the old tune. Jane moves with some of the feline mannerisms mentioned in it, choosing one particular stretch to strut slowly by as the lyrics match. "… strut right by with my tail in the air…" It's all a part of performing live, having stage presence, and in the annals of rock certainly no wilder than early Elton John with his flying piano player bit and Donald Duck costumes.

Or the time he played in Tokyo with Billy Joel and played as Godzilla. Man, those were the days. Not that Jaden remembers them because he was probably not even born then. Or if he was, he was likely watching more pr0n than Elton John, that's for damn sure. It isn't until she starts moving around that he figures he needs to get some of this on film. Just in case this is the last time he ever gets to see her again. People didn't to shy away from him after the costumes come out. He brings the camera up and goes into straight Peter Parker mode, snapping photos of the performance… and her chest.

She doesn't seem to mind the camera, or notice the rack shots as her performance continues. Jane's enjoying it, having some of the silly fun she acknowledged was needed. There's about a minute left now in the tune.

If there was ever an occupation that Jaden was cut out for besides running a Fortune 500 company into the ground, it'd be a photographer. He knows all the best angles of boobs to take to give them the greatest visualization possible. He even drops to one knee for a couple of shots, just to make sure he does a good job. Soon enough, though, he's finished and probably wrapping up when Jane finishes up the song. He tends to do things like that. Standing back up, he's shaking his head and looking right at her, "God, you're amazing. You sure you don't wanna' get married? My Uncle's a priest…" Kind of.

Tilting her head back, Jane laughs. It's a relaxed, hearty sound, one she doesn't get to loose very often in her life. "Yes, I do," she answers with a quiet smile. "Someday. Can't say if you're him, or not, yet. But I do like your company. You make me laugh. That counts for more than you can imagine." She takes three steps forward, approaching in that cat suit. "But I also need to know you can be serious, that you keep your word. Same as I would with any other guy. Right now, that's all you're guaranteed. I like your company and will enjoy it occasionally. You have to respect that, and me."

"I can live with that." Jaden remarks, not quite sure what he's going to do about being in close proximity with Jane. He's never really had to actually work to get with a girl before. Even from his school days, as long as Eric wasn't around, Jaden was definitely reigning king of the hill. "Consider the respect taken care of. If there's one thing I learned from my mom being hot, it's that." He has no idea if that even means anything, but so long as he can get across the fact that he won't push her.

"Cool." Jane likely is an odd bird as women go in his experience. She's not impressed by his money, at least not seemingly. She comes from money, not as much as this, but blueblood just the same. And she chose not to live that socialite life, being married off to some bright future business guy, politician, or work as a lawyer and become the politician herself. Music is her passion, she wants to build that on her talent, not her womanhood. By the time she's forty, after all, her rack will sag and stop working for her. And she expects him to find one of his own. Tall order? Maybe. But he makes her laugh and she needs that, the foot is in the door.

"So about that Risky Business?" Jaden might as well go for gold here. He's holding up the camera again and shaking it lightly like he's some sort of professional photographer. "We can do a whole photoshoot. It could end up being Pussycats promotional material." He offers this second line of thought to help convince, in case being the charming cutie he is just isn't enough to get the job done.

A smile breaks out slowly as she considers this. "We aren't the Pussycats. I thought of Ultimate Soprano a time or two, might use that, but, like I said, there's a time and place for the cat angle. Same with the Risky Business concept. Part of rock 'n' roll is the rebel image, after all. It could fit there, in the future." Jane trails off, thinking, and adding "Now, if things do develop between us that way, well, we have to save something for private performances, right?"

"…" Jaden doesn't know what to say. But he does know not to push anything and the camera is tossed over his shoulder and lands off on the soft cushions of the sofa. "Say no more." He waves his hands in front of him so that he doesn't seem like he's trying to shove her towards anything she's not comfortable doing right now. Besides, a private performance would definitely be amazingly great. He's smiling like there's nothing wrong with him in the world and for this particular moment… it's actually true.

"So, Jaden," Jane asks, "got any movies here?" She moves to take a seat, still wearing the guitar and catsuit for the moment, and looks over at him. "We could watch one or three, talk between them, get to know each other's tastes and stuff, y'know?" Is she? Gasp! She is talking about doing those bonding things that friend types do, except she also said he's not completely iced out in the Friend Zones. Is this thing a tunnel with light at the other end glinting through?"

"Do /I/ have any movies here? Girl, please. I /am/ a movie." Jaden pauses and looks off to the side, which could quite possibly be the fourth wall, smiles and then spins on his heels to offer Jane his hand. "But I don't watch movies here. The theater's at the end of the hall." He flashes a big ol' richer than everything smile and waits for her hand to lead her off to the full on in-home movie theater. "Pick a genre. Any genre. But chick flicks. Those are off-limits until we're actually dating…"

Taking the hand and laughing, Jane answers "Of course you do." She stops. "You go ahead, get set up, I'll join you soon." And she strides off to collect the clothing she came in, intending to change back before joining him in the theater. "How's comedy and sports mix with you? I liked Major League."

"… I'm not going to say I love you, cuz you might take it wrong, but I love you." Jaden doesn't even know where he found this girl. He can't believe he stumbled onto someone that might be perfect! "Major League is one of my favorite flicks of all time!" And he's not just saying that. He grabs a skateboard that's been leaning up against one of the walls and skates off down the hall to get everything all nice and set up.

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