2007-04-05: Strength Buried In The Heart


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Summary: After the Birthday Shopping talk, Peter and Drake go to train together. The training leads to discoveries of a certain strength buried in the heart.

Date It Happened: April 5th, 2007

Strength Buried In The Heart

Rooftop - Deveaux Building

Once up on the rooftop, it doesn't look too changed by the last few months. Colder, but otherwise close to the same. Peter even finds the wooden sticks that had been used in the last training sessions, and… the pigeons. Those earn a long glance when he steps out onto the rooftop, before he looks back towards the teenager. The city keeps moving below, going on with it's business. "All right. When we first met, you were singing. And you reminded me of when I was a teenager, waiting on a date…" Mentioning these things as a way to focus in on the right emotions, he continues to watch the teen. "Anything specific you want to try first? Might be best if I try to watch you. If it works anything like Hiro's… I might get caught up in what you're doing and go along with you."

"It's nothing like Hiro's. It's like.. the little brother of Hiro. Where he can actually push himself through time, to different spots in time, and stop it all together, all I can do is manipulate the 'flow' of time around me and my own personal space." Drake says, taking a bit of a dash forward, then throws himself into a cartwheel, followed by a back hand spring as he zips in, and out of sight, blurring in a smooth, skipping stone manner. It's like he is taking quick jaunts along the length of the roof.

Yeah, that's different. Peter's eyes narrow as he tries to keep them focused, watching the movements quietly while also concentrating on the proper emotions. Nothing happens right away, leaving him to do little more than enjoy the show. "Little brother of Hiro or not… that's pretty impressive." There's really nothing else he could think to call that. "Doubt I'd be able to manage much of a cartwheel…" he says, trailing off, a frown appearing on his face before he takes a step forward. Nothing out of the ordinary. Another step. Okay, figure it out— Another step. He's right there, this should be easier— Shouldn't it? It's after this step that things slide into place, the world lurching wildly. The boy's no longer quite a blur, and luckily there's not a lot of people moving around him, but he still ends up falling out of it, landing on his hands and knees on the rooftop, looking as if he might be sick.

"Well, I was in gymnastics as a little kid for a bit, and it just stuck with me. I did tumbling." Drake says as he turns to watch him, offering up a grin. As he sees Peter suddenly take off in a bit of a jolt, then fall down, he tips his lips into a frown. "Woah, you OK there? Told you, kinda like a punch, huh?" Kneeling down next to him, he puts a hand on his shoulder, giving him a squeeze. "You ganna hurl?"

Though a hand goes up to the man's mouth, Peter shakes his head, "No— I'm okay." With his voice hoarse, that might give a different idea. "Yeah— like getting kicked in the stomach— with steel toed boots. Nothing at all like what Hiro did…" He'd hoped it would be similar, but… "Closer to flying, actually. Changing speeds and directions suddenly." A few deep breaths and he starts to stand again, grasping the boy's arm briefly as he does. "Might be the only reason I'm not getting sick." Though he's pressing his knuckles against his mouth again as he gets standing again. "I'll remember the deep breath this time. Just going to try walking. I'll leave the fancy tumbling to you."

Pushing his shoulder into Peter's side, Drake helps guide him to his feet, chuckling. "Yeah, the first times is rough. The last time I lost control was when that bus had an accident during rush hour. Right before it hit, time stopped and I was watching things fly around me in slow motion. Soon as it turned off, I slammed chest first into the back of a seat and cracked a rib. It sucked." Once he's steadied, he holds onto the man's shoulder, then activates his power once more, drawing Peter into the time bubble he manipulates. At least this way, Peter won't get sick, he hopes. As the world slowly comes out of 'warp speed', and begins to slow down in a hazy field of gray, he takes in a deep breath. "Can you hear the city?" He asks. Even the cacophony of noise is slowed to a dull roar, low, and drawn out. "It's beautiful."

Oooh, that's helpful. Peter can feel the difference this time, a lot less jarring, and a lot more controlled. Taking in a slow breath, he waits until things have settled before he looks around, glancing towards the smoke rising from a building, moving in a slower motion, and the pigeons, flapping wings slowly. "It is beautiful," he exclaims, watching the way things move, the way things sound. "When Hiro stops time… it's like a… hum. Stuck in a single sound, that's almost not a sound at all. Like— white noise. In some ways, this is nicer." There's a look of surprise as he glances around, finding things to stare at. "So you can bring people with you?"

"Yeah. You're the only the second person I've done this with. Elena is the other." Drake says as he takes in another breath, then says. "It's awesome when I do it in the rain, because I can step through rain drops. It's so cool. I can take all the time in the world to study something, or plan an attack, or dodge a bullet you know what I mean? I haven't calculated how much time passes, but the best I can say is trying to view a streaming movie online, using only dial up, while downloading a few MP3's at the same time. The video is just jerky, slow, frame by frame." He lets go of Peter's shoulder, allowing the world to once more speed up, creating a light pop of the ears. "Imagine what it's like when I'm in battle." He says with a big grin.

The speeding up, and the popping sensation makes him shift his weight a bit, and bring a hand up towards his head. Not getting sick, but Peter's definitely disoriented, again. "And you were the one who'd been afraid you couldn't protect Claire," he says, reaching over further tousle the boy's hair. "This ability is extremely useful. I hope you realize that. Just as long as you keep practicing… I'm sure you'll be able to use it properly if you ever need to." And to iterate the important bit… "/If/ you need to. Hopefully I'll stop Sylar before he ever goes after Claire." He's certainly going to try.

Drake nods his head slightly as he turns towards Peter, offering up a bit of a grin. "It doesn't really matter though." He says, taking a few steps away, about twenty paces or so, then turns to face off with him. Shifting his weight, he turns to one side, holding his hands outwards into a ground-to-sky manner, bending his knees slightly. "Pretend your Sylar then." He says, lowering his chin a bit. "You and him are on the same power level or so, right? You're him. I need to know how I'm gonna defend myself, and what to expect."

One major difference, of course… Peter doesn't want to hurt the boy. Sylar wouldn't have the same concerns. There's a hesitant look on his face, before he unbuttons his coat and removes it, laying it aside at the edge of the roof top, out of the way. Might mean he'll get cold, but it also gets that out of the way. "Tae Kwon Do, huh? You know, I've never learned any of that. I'm lucky if I can throw a punch." Though he's smiling as he says it, he glances around at what he has to work with, and eventually chooses the very training weapons that Claude used on him in the same place. Only he doesn't reach out for one with his hands, he reaches out with his mind, and sends one of them flying towards the boy. Even if he does nothing, it would not hit directly.

As the stick flies over towards him, Drake catches it in mid air, then begins to spin it around in his arms, allowing it to twirl end over end as he sneaks them about his wrists. Finally, he snaps it to him with it sticking straight out to the left, his other hand moving a bit behind him as he crouches. With a tilt of his head to one side, he blurs out of view, a bit of rippling screaming across the roof in a zig-zag type fashion, before he suddenly appears from the left, swinging out with his stick, looking to hook it behind Peter's knees with a well placed sweep.

This would be another difference between him and Sylar… Peter isn't well versed in much of any form of physical combat. The display catches him by surprise, but even more the zigzaging behind him does. The very stick he'd tossed with his mind hooks the back of his knees, knocking him backwards and against the rooftop with a grunt. Okay. This would be why it's also training for him. Much as he'd done with his old teacher, he rolls back up quickly, and focuses everything on the boy's foot, reaching out with his hand and gesturing upwards. Assuming the boy doesn't move before he gets a hold, he's hoping to send him towards the rooftop as well.

As Drake rolls himself away, he plants his bo-staff into the ground and pushes himself upwards in a quick blur of movement, landing on his feet easily, like a cat. As he swings the staff around once more, he goes to press in for another attack, until he yelps out in surprise, finding himself flipped over backwards, landing with a thud as his stick rolls away. He obviously was not expecting telekinesis, but then again, this is so that he can learn to expect the unexpected. With a bit of a windmill kick maneuver, he hops back up to his feet, then starts to slowly circle, curling his fingers inwards half way against his palms.

The successful flipping gives Peter the time needed to regain his feet, and gives him a few brief moments to glance along the floor. Once he's standing, something about his face has changed. Less hesitant than before. A shift in his very demenor. Even the hint of a smile twitches at the edges of his mouth. A smile very unlike the ones he gave in the store. One of his hands raise, reaching out towards the boy, following as he turns to keep up with the slow circling. After a few moments of this, his hand twists, grasping towards the air. Telekinesis again, this time trying to grasp the boy's neck, to restrict breathing.

As Drake continues to circle, his fingers curl in, and out slowly as he narrows his eyes, sizing the man up, looking, and waiting for a spot to sneak in. Before he can come to a decision, he suddenly finds a vice about his neck, catching him off guard, and taking his breath away. Clutching at his throat, he freezes up with a gurgle, fingers clawing at nothing. Being out classed is one thing, but being choked to death? A completely different story. With heavy, shallow gasps, he frantically wills himself calm as he puffs out his chest and locks his lips together. With an explosion of gray, he begins to ripple once more as he grinds time to a standing halt. He stares across at the motionless visage of Peter, then begins to move forward, that is, if he's allowed to. One breath, one shot. With a pop of the air, a foot can be seen sailing out, about cheek high as it hooks around from behind the telekinetic. Say Hello to Reebok.

Almost as soon as the kick is aimed at his face, Peter's hand drops, all the power he'd been calling on failing instantly. He even twists a little before landing on his knees, a surprised look on his bruised face. The bruising won't last long, but— for a moment he doesn't get up, staring at the rooftop as if stunned, looking down at the hand bracing his body on the concrete. From the look of things, he hadn't expected something at all, but it might not have been the kick to the face. The bruising has faded out by the time he glances up, leaving only dirt from the kick behind, and the hint of blood at the side of his mouth. There's a guilty flinch.

You have a window, you open it. Drake's foot snaps back around as he continues to blur, dropping down to one knee as he reaches around to slink an arm under the throat of Peter, and hopes to jerk it upwards. Rear naked choke, is what they've been calling it in the Octagon. He's precise, and quick with his movement, perhaps getting a bit 'too' into the heat of the moment as he looks to press his knee into the ribcage from above and shove him belly flat to the ground.

This might well be humiliating for the man. Getting beat up by his niece's boyfriend. But Peter can't blame him so much for taking the opening and shoving him down. There's a grunt of pain, but there's one thing not counted on by getting into close proximity. Reaching up, he grasps the boy's arm, calling up a different ability entirely. Electricity. Crackling from his finger tips, he braces for the blacklash of the power, before trying to send the jolt into the boy, through the very arm that's around his neck.

With the build up slowly starting to take effect, Drake, through the slowed time, gray world of his powers, notices the faint buzzing in the air, followed by his hair starting to stand on end. With eyes widening, he lets go quickly, trying to shove himself backwards. He's quick, but not quick enough as he catches the tail end of the zap, causing him to jerk as he lets out another yelp of surprise, and pain. As his power field drops once more, he's rubbing his hands as he feels them tingle, trying to scoot back on his rump away from the man. Reaching over for his dropped staff, he looks to regain his feet and duck behind the pigeon cage.

Once again, Peter's forced to push himself up with his arms, only this time he's a lot slower. More winded than wounded, his skin continues to tingle where the electricity built up. If he wanted to go all out, if he really wanted to make off as if the boy was fighting Sylar… His eyes follow towards the pigeon cage, where he's sought protection. For a brief moment, he knows he could use that. But he shakes his head. "Think we can call it there for now?" he says, voice even more hoarse than it'd been when he first stepped out of and back into time. "You got out of the choke hold— might need to teach me that trick. Was pretty much helpless when he used that on me."

Taking a deep breath, Drake pauses as he listens. Could be a trap. This could be another lesson. With a tense look to his face, his features slack and he steps back around the coup, offering up a quick smile as he rubs his throat. "You were only cutting off my air. You weren't holding me in place. All I did was stop time long enough for me to take a deep breath, and calm down. Then, I just ran at you full tilt and hoped to get lucky, really. I was banking on the fact you weren't using a shield around yourself so that I'd bounce off."

"I'd never thought of it like that," Peter says softly, pushing himself up onto his feet fully, and rubbing the back of his hand along his mouth, where the foot impacted. The skin isn't even sore anymore, but he can feel the warmth of blood where the kick hit. "So you'd be in trouble if he physically got ahold of you…" he says, pondering for a moment, even squinting. "Let's move inside," he adds, his guard going down as he moves towards his coat first, "I'd feel better if we did this inside our own place, but… if they haven't figured out what to do with the building yet, then they can deal with any dents, right?" With coat in hand, he'll continue to move off guard to the glass doors.

Drake chuckles as he follows after. "Yeah, if you were holding me in place, what /could/ I do? You know. Hiro can teleport, I can't. It's why I try and move fast, and take someone out with the first strike or so. That, or I hit multiple times. I'll admit I went easy on you. I really didn't want to take your head off with that kick, or make it so that you can't have babies." He grins wryly. "I could at one point, have snapped your left knee, while punching you in the throat all within the same movement. But.. that's a bit harsh."

"Thanks for not doing that, then," Peter says, glancing over to give him a long look. "Maybe you should be teaching me how to fight. You at least know what you're doing… I just end up winging it." Tossing the coat into the corner once their inside the room that once held a multitude of plants, he gives himself a shake. "Okay— before we start again… don't worry about hurting me. I have Claire's ability, remember. I handle it. The point is— you can't go easy on Sylar. You want him down, for as long as possible." Now that they're inside, though… there's a few more things her can utilize. "Careful with the head, though," he does add on. The closest thing to a fighting stance he can take is lifting his arm. And the movement of his arm might be a warning already. He's planning to grab the boy and shove him against the wall.

"The thing about fighting, is that it's not really all just kicks and punches. When you're in a real fight, without powers, all that goes out the window. You flail uselessly. It's never as glamerous as the movies. I can guarantee if we were to go at it, I wouldn't be as impressive." Drake says, "In fact, if you really want to work out with me on it, I'd be more than hap—." Zip, he's gone the moment you move that hand, and since you said to not go too easy, that is in fact what he does. A chair is being flung from one direction, followed by a piece of broken tile. It seems that instead of hitting and pausing, he's going to keep on running, hoping to confuse, and disorient Peter long enough for him to bring in a real attack.

There's only a brief moment when the boy disappears to let Peter know he's not going to shove him against the wall easily. Moving his hand, he stops the first attack, sending the chair flying against the wall and splintering it, but the broken piece of tile from another direction hits him and knocks him a few steps to the side, shattering even further. In that case… Unable to tell where the boy will come from next, he raises both of his hands. One pulling the shattered pieces of tile off the ground and sending them flying blindly in one direction, while the other waits to defend. Seems he's sticking mostly to one ability for the moment.

With debris flying about in a slow, easy manner according to his twisting of time, Drake casually makes his way around the other side of the room, hoping that the darkness may hide whatever trail he may be leaving in his wake. He knows to not go easy, but at the same time, how can he not? Even when he's in costume, he's never mortally injured someone. Broke an arm once, but, still. Remember, this is Sylar. This is the enemy. This is about Claire. Those are the thoughts that he has to race back, and forth in his mind as he continues to move about, before finally sucking it up, and hoping to catch the man from behind. Planting one foot on the ground as he lands a foot away, he twists himself around and hauls with a time induced kick. With his power speeding up his movements, he hopes to hit the other man like a freight train, straight into his spine.

There's not too long of a time difference between the release of the shards of tile and the kick that lands against Peter's back. Only one thing could be compared to the impact in his mind, and that's when he fell off this very building and onto a cab. Flying forward, the impact twists his body, snapping bones in an unnatural way, and when it all comes to a stop— he's just laying there. A few moments pass, and it's not even clear if he's breathing at all. The first sign of life comes in a quick inhale, almost a gasp, followed by a series of coughs as he pulls against the floor, groaning in pain as he works to twist everything back into place. Bones reset and heal, some blood smears on his face where he impacted the floor. Yeah— that sucked. But he told the kid not to go easy.

".. Fuck." Woah, he cursed. "Pete.. um…. Pete.. are you OK? Please tell me I didn't just kill you.." Drake squeaks out as he stands in place, wringing his hands together, taking in a deep breath. ".. Oh.. man. Oh man.. he's not moving. Shit, I just killed him." He says, looking panicky. That is, until Peter starts to move about. "…. Pete…? I.. I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!"

Yeah, dead for a few seconds at least— but thanks to the boy's girlfriend, it didn't stick. Still twisting certain pieces of his body back into place, Peter pushes himself into a sitting position with a long groan. "..okay.." he makes out first, voice broken and hoarse as he sits up as best he can, looking down at his hand, which he must have landed on badly, because it's bent backwards. The other one reaches up and pops it back into place with a grunt of pain. Now— he might be able to talk better. "I'm… okay. It's okay." Just don't mind the troubled breathing, or the tightened voice. "I'm fine. But congratulations… you probably just stopped Sylar."

"I.. I.. I'm so sorry. I'm /so/ sorry.. I.. " Drake is trembling as he squeezes his hands together, almost on the verge of tears as his body trembles, his face white as a ghost. Now that the moment is gone, it's obvious that he feels he took this a bit too far. Just the sight of a body, even if it was dead for a moment, really shook him up. He just -murdered- someone, and it's not settling well, at all. ".. I'm…s-sorry.."

"Hey… Drake," Peter says, frowning as he gets up move, trying to find the energy to get to his feet. "Drake, it's okay. I told you not to go easy on me…" It will take a few moments to walk steadily, and even then there's still a lot of pain from moving, a hint of miss balance in his step as his spine finishes rebuilding itself. But he needs to get closer to the boy. "Listen… it's okay. This was just— just a test. Think of it as… a simulation. The most you did… was stain my clothes."

Pressing the bottom of his hand against one of his eyes, Drake works a bit of moisture away as he takes in a deep breath, swallowing tightly in his throat. "I know.. I know it's.. I just.. I've never hit someone like that before. And.. and you're my friend, and.. I just.. God… that was rough." He says, leaning back against the wall as he props his hands on his knees, bending over to try and calm himself down. ".. I don't know if I can do that, even to Sylar. I told Hiro and Claire already. I.. I can't kill someone. It'd be evil. God.. he'd.. God would punish me, justly."

The hand that got bent backwards when his 'body' landed the way it did raises up to touch the boy's shoulder. Peter can't help but frown, growing serious by the moment, but… also understanding. "Then do what you did to me, but aim it at his legs." The hand squeezes as if it hadn't been broken beyond recognition moments before. The pain isn't all gone yet, but he's on his feet. "It'll keep him down long enough to get yourself and Claire to safety, and probably keep him down for quite some time. No one will make you kill him. I promise."

"Even if I take out his legs, he'd.. still be able to use that thing you do, right? He could stop us in our tracks and I dunno… kill us from there. If I 'had' to.. if… if it came… down to us or him. And if I had no choice.. I… would have to." Drake says with a tight swallow. "If I had the chance to stop him and save many, many others, God.. he'd understand, you think? Maybe he would forgive me?" He pauses, before saying. "If you have Elena's power, you can hurt him real bad. You can turn on every pain receptor in his body and make him feel as if he was dying. You could really distract him long enough to put him down if you had to." He furrows his brows in thought. ".. Your telekinesis, right? Ever tried to shove it down someone's throat before?"

"…You know about the bomb, right?" Peter asks, still looking really serious, as both his hands raise to touch the boy's shoulders, holding onto the boy to offer some steadiness. "One of the powers I absorbed… turned me into a nuclear bomb. That's how Nathan saved the world. He flew me above the city, kept me from destroying half of New York and killing millions of people. It nearly killed him." He's talking serious, glancing off to the side. "When I realized that I might be the bomb that would kill millions… I gave Claire a gun and told her to put a bullet into my skull if I couldn't control it. I'd told Hiro to kill me, too. And Mr. Bennet. Nathan… didn't accept that alternative…" Taking a slow breath, he can feel the last of the bones settle into place, the pain fusing away as his body fixes itself. "But if he hadn't shown up… they would have had to kill me to save millions of lives. And… I have to believe they would have been forgiven for it. Just as I have to believe… if there's no other way to stop him— we'd have to be forgiven for killing Sylar. I… honestly don't want to kill Sylar. But if I have to do it… to save Claire, to save everyone… Then I will." Another slow breath, before he finishes, "Think the main thing we need to remember… is not to let ourselves become him just to stop him."

".. Oh.. I.. I didn't know it happened like that. Nathan just seems so… whatever, you know? He's so serious. He never led on that he did that." Drake says as he rubs the back of his neck for a moment, before saying. "That's pretty heroic of him, and selfless. I bet you're real proud of him, huh?" If anything, he can't help but be even more impressed with Peter for admitting that. He could have taken the credit, but instead, he's able to give it where it's due. That's really cool. "But, you're right though. To save everyone else, I.. would have to do it, if it came down between me or him. I just hope that I'd be able to sleep at night afterwards. I've been having nightmares. Just lately. They really been creeping me out, a bunch of What If's you know? It all never ends well, all because I'm just too afraid to go through with it."

"I'm not surprised he didn't let on what he did," Peter admits, letting his hands drop away to work on the job of adjusting his shirt. Wrinkled would be the worst of his problems. There's also a stain on the back, where the impact, and on various locations of his pants. Luckily, his coat will cover most of it. Good thing he had the forethought to remove it. "I think what you'd need to worry about… is when it stops bothering you. When the idea of killing someone becomes… too easy… that's when you'll need to be worried." The blood smeared across his face might not be helping with this conversation.

It definitely doesn't help, and Drake is taking great pains to not stare at it. "Yeah, I hear you on that. I busted up a drug dealer's face pretty good the other night when he tried to shoot a kid after selling him some crack. I felt guilty afterwards. I mean.. I could have… I dunno… took him down a thousand ways, but, I just wanted to break this guy's face. It's.. I mean he was selling that shit to a /kid/, you know? He was probably about my age. Young, stupid. Then he started beating the kid with the gun. I just saw red, even if it was for a moment." He sighs. "I try and be careful, so not to really cripple someone, or worst. I believe everyone can have a second chance.. for the most part, within reason."

Luckily, there's a sink up on the roof, as this room had been designed as a green house of sorts. The shorter distance someone has to walk to get water, the better. Peter breaks away to run water and wash off his face, just enough to look back at him. "Yeah. I can understand. You just… need to be careful. I like to think everyone can get a second chance, and be forgiven. That includes you— if you slip up." An if there, because he's not really sure how else to explain it. "It's not want you want to do, though, right? And I believe you won't. I… think you would have stopped yourself if I hadn't reminded you I can't die easily. You probably hesitated for a long time, from your point of view."

"Yeah, took me about.. um.. ten minutes before deciding to finally hit you." Drake admits, showing off a bit of difference between his use of time, and his friend's. "I could have danced around a bit more, but, I had to put Sylar in your place, even though I have no clue what he looks like. I had to force myself to strike. I did it with Claire on the back of my mind. I keep picturing her… headless.. from my dreams. Her vacant eyes. The fact I could not save her. I used that as my guiding hand." He lets out another sigh as he shrugs his shoulders up a bit again, helplessly. "But seeing you on the ground, I didn't know how to cope with it. You were so still, and you .. were twisted up like a pretzel. God, it was horrible. I just couldn't believe I could honestly do that to another human being. Is.. is that what Claire can do? She never showed me."

"That's what Claire can do," Peter explains, moving over to the corner after shaking most of the liquid off of his hands and puts his coat back on. That covers most of the signs of damage. And could be a signal that the mock-fight has ended. "I know a lot of people are more worried about what would happen in Sylar gets her ability… but we care about Claire. Love her in our own ways. She's a lot more to us than her ability, right?" As he says this, he's buttoning up his coat, trying to look as calm as possible. "Keep that in your head… only use something like that when there's absolutely no other choice… I think God would forgive you… long before you forgive yourself." Speaking as the master of self blame, here.

Drake nods his head slowly in agreement. "Yeah, Claire is much more than her gift. She's the girl I'm probably hopelessly in love with." He says with a quirk of his lips upward. "Which is.. hard, and yet strange for me to say. I've only known her a few months, but.. there's something about us, our chemistry. That bond. I just don't want to see it broken. Maybe when this is all said and done, she'll break my heart one day like a normal girl and I'll go all Emo for a few weeks, I dunno, but so far it's really great, drama aside." He chuckles with a shake of his head. "Thank you, Peter, for.. everything, today. Thank you for giving me some strength I did not know was hiding inside my heart."

"You're welcome," Peter says, finishing his last button before he does something unconventionally and move through the doors out onto the roof, gesturing the boy to follow. "Right out here— in a dream, or in the past— I'm really not sure what it was. But… the man who owned this building, who lived up here… He believed in love above all things. You're a musican. Aren't there many songs that say 'that all that really matters, is love?'" It sounds cheesy, but… it seems he's taking it to heart as well. "My brother loved me enough to save me from killing millions of people. His love for me saved the world. Just as I think that our love for Claire will save her. And keep us from becoming monsters to do it." With that said, he takes a deep breath, inhaling the city air. "Drake. Think you could slow down time for us? I want to show you something, but it's safer if we do this outside of time."

"A dream, huh?" Drake says as he steps outside as well, reaching out to place his hands on the top of the roof banister. Glancing sideways to Peter, he listens intently as he speaks, nodding his head. With a turn of his body, he faces him, then reaches out to take ahold of one of his arms, then begins to slow down time as he allows his eyes to narrow in concentration.

Since the time slowing is done by Drake, this frees up Peter for use of a second ability. It does mean he gets a little /close/ to the young man, actually wrapping his arms around him. But a moment later he'll know why, because they're both rising up into the air, high above the city. Not planning to go far at all, and not giving the most comfortable view, but he could look over his shoulder and see the sky, feel the movement. No bursts of speed to blur the world, or send everything in complete disarray, he actually flies a lot slower than he might normally do… just to keep from destroying windows by the sonic boom flying even normal speed in slowed time would cause. Lowering back down until their feet touch the concrete again, he steps back out of the awkward 'hug'. "There." In some ways, now he's just showing off.

As Peter steps forward to hug him, Drake gets a moment of 'stranger danger', but only for a second before they start to take off. Quickly, he grabs ahold of him and clings tightly as he bugs his eyes out, staring over the expanse of the city. He glances down for a moment, then back over towards central park. "You can fly! It's… it's so crazy… this is amazing! I.. I am in the air.. and my legs are dangling." He says with a laugh, before they are put down. His legs feel a bit wobbly for a moment as he lets his power fade away once more, finally feeling a bit taxed from all the expenditures. "Peter, that was the best moment in my life. I.. wow.."

"Yeah, I can fly," Peter says once they're safe on solid ground again. He can't help but glance up and make sure the physics of time-displacement and movement didn't destroy anything, before he looks abck down and smiles. To be honest, he's looking rather weak too. But not as bad as he might if he'd pulled out more than three powers in their entire training session. "I'm sure there'll be better ones, but— flying is pretty nice. Though not the easiest ability… At least I don't try to fly by jumping off things anymore… that didn't tend to end well for me." He rubs his nose, as if to demonstrate. "Let's get you home so you can rest. I need to check in on someone, and rest too, before I stop in to see Claire."

"Alright. When you see Claire, give her my love." Glancing to his cell phone, he says, "I can catch the bus home actually. It'll be taking off in about ten minutes, so.." He trails off with a grin, then glances over the edge of the roof to the fire escape. "I think I'll take the detour." He chuckles. "Call me if you want to hang out later, Pete. I really enjoyed spending the day with you. You're like a big brother, kinda." He says with a grin, then leaps off the roof to catch the fire escape with a quick burst of speed, then starts down each floor easily, practically like a monkey as he scours each flight. Once he hits the ground, he waves upwards, then takes off in a hard run down the block.

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