2007-03-03: Student-Teacher Conference


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Summary: Orion and Claudine have a pleasant little talk in her room once she wakes up from Standardized Testing.

Date It Happened: March 3rd, 2007

Student-Teacher Conference


After passing out from that last little bit, Claudine was rushed to medical as her blood pressure dropped, her temperature raised and her body was just in shock. She was trying to make it move, but instead, she did something else completely. Who knows if what happened was a fluke, but it was still an interesting result nonetheless. As such, she's now back in her room once more, with an IV stuck in her arm to make sure she doesn't dehydrate and she wakes up with a massive headache, completely unaware of what she did.

"Well, that was not fun." she says to no one in particular, sitting up in her bed, slowly but surely as she looks around her room once again. Hrmm, they're pretty fast as she has her textbooks and a new set of notes from the classes she missed today. "Great… Notes… And I don't really feel like studying now."

"I would suggest not studying in any case, but that's just me," comes Orion's voice. The tall man steps out of the hospital room's restroom, genially smiling to Claudine. He moves toward a chair at her bedside, carrying a crystal pony and a… Is that a diamond chunk?

"Well, I really didn't want to, but now that you suggested I don't, I think I'll take your advice." Claudine says with a warm smile as she idly runs her fingers through her hair, though she winces as her body is all aching for some reason. "So… I know I made that." pointing to the crystal pony, but then looks over to the chunk of diamond, her brows raised while canting her head to the side. "And um… What do you want me to do with that?"

"I don't want you to do anything with it. I just wanted to show you your handiwork. I think it's rather good for a first-timer; although I would strongly suggest against trying whatever you were trying that again until you've had a chance to mature with your abilities."

Orion chuckles a little as he sets the two items down on a tray at Claudine's bedside. He promptly settles himself down on a chair nearby. The tall man stretches a little bit, watching Claudine's reaction with a thoughtful interest.

"In fact, I would suggest you not try to use your powers for at least a day. You rather overexerted yourself there."

Woah. Her eyes widen as she picks up the diamond now and just stares at it for a while. "I so want this to be on my engagement ring." Claudine says as she looks over to Orion with an impish little giggle. "I… Made this?" she says softly to herself, just realizing the ramifications. "I… I was trying to make a coal pony…" she admits ruefully, her cheeks flushing a bright tinge of red before nodding once more. "And I don't think I can really do anything for a good bit. I feel all… weird…"

An amused laugh comes from Granger at Claudine's first statement. He shakes his head a little bit, remaining in a state of repose while he watches Claudine as she studies the objets d' art and herself. Once he feels he's given her enough time, he wryly smiles and shrugs.

"Clearly coal ponies require much more practice than you've gotten thus far. We, here at the Company, are more than happy to train you and help you develop your skills with your abilities. I think you possess some substantial potential with your ability, as evidenced by your impressive first showings. Like a master sculptor though, you just need to learn your art a bit more thoroughly before you can start creating masterpieces."

"Sculpting is one of my hobbies… maybe that's why I found it easy to make this little thing." Claudine says as she gently places the crystalline quartz pony back onto the side table as she still looks down at the diamond. Mmm, shiny, and diamonds are a girl's best friend. "Maybe… I guess I didn't realize but now looking back on it… Some media that people always said was difficult to work with… like granite and marble. It always came easy with me, especially with the picks and tools. Maybe it was cause I really didn't need them." she says with a slight shrug of her shoulders before placing the diamond on the side table once more.

She then lets her feet dangle off the bed as she turns to face Orion, canting her head to the side a little. "So… You said you knew what I did at Central Park. You were the one who was shooting at me, weren't you?" she says as just a haphazard guess, but he does seem familiar and he did seem to know of her powers before she did. "How did..you all knew already, didn't you? Even before I did…" she asks, just wanting to get to know more about the Company, just like they're getting to know about her.

"We knew that you had certain genetic markers indicative of the presence of abilities outside of the range of the normal human. We were aware that you survived certain events in your past that a normal person of your age very likely would not have survived. However, knowing this is not the same as knowing whether your powers had manifested or would manifest."

Orion gestures at Claudine, indicating she should probably lay back down again. He doesn't press the issue, but he does seem to increase the amount of attention he is paying to her. For the moment, however, he remains in observation mode.

"And yes. Many people with extraordinary gifts experience some natural cross-over from their abilities to hobbies or activities that necessitate the body to tap into those gifts."

Odd how he doesn't address the question of whether he was shooting at her or not.

The landslide. They had to have known about the landslide. With this new information, Claudine chews on her bottom lip and simply nods for a few moments as she puts her feet back up onto the bed and pulls a blanket over herself as she starts to mull things over.

Her attention is still focused on Orion though, taking in every word and doing her best to make sure she doesn't forget it. "Then my brothers and sister… my mother and father. You… you're all going to test them as well?" she asks with more than a bit of concern as if there are genetic markers, then surely it must be hereditary, in some way anyway. Then, she hrmms and looks him over once more, "So… What about you? Do you have 'gifts' as well? I know that the tall scary guy can freeze things, and the blond girl can electrocute things. I don't know about Dr. Suresh, but, I'm curious.."

Granger shrugs a little bit at Claudine's question.

"I'm afraid that's not my decision to make. Typically we do not do so unless the person in question is gifted with particularly destructive, powerful, or unusual abilities… Or if the person in question begins misusing their gifts."

He smiles cheerily to Claudine and laughs a little bit at the mention of Suresh. At first he doesn't clarify, just laughs and smiles.

"I would caution you against getting on the blond woman's bad side. She is… Not our most shining example of an agent. She is also somewhat over-eager to prove herself to her father. And aside from certain… Unique traits, Dr. Suresh has no super-human abilities."

While he talks, Claudine is likely to notice something odd about Orion. At first it seems like the light is somehow shifting around him, uncomfortably glaring off of his face and hair. Within a few moments' time though it becomes clear that his skull and hair have all… Well, it looks rather like they've turned to metal, but that's not quite an accurate description. It's more like metal oozed out of his body and wrapped itself around his face and hair.

A sigh of relief escapes her lips once she hears that there wont be wanton testing of her family members. "Thank goodness..I don't know how they'd react to such a thing, though I'm sure you understand when I say I do wish to go home at some point and perhaps help my family..and others in my country with our farming problems. Hopefully, I'll be able to terraform better more fertile land for them.." she says rather sincerely, definitely wanting to help out in that regard.

It's then that she hrmms and raises her brow at the mention of Elle. "Her father is associated with all this as well? What is he?" she asks curiously, wondering why that woman would need to prove herself, cause that's just weird.

She's mulling everything over, trying to process what she can when she looks at Orion once more and her eyes widen. He's all metallic now and she lets out a little gasp. "Th-that is impressive. H-how do you do that? What else can you do?" she genuinely seems interested, and rather excited now.

"Once you are in control of your abilities, you will be free to leave. It would behoove you not to make your abilities known; terraforming is an admirable and fine goal, but I and many others who have lived with abilities for a longer time than you can testify that letting others know of your abilities is a… It's a bad idea. I am sure the Company would be more than happy to provide you with assistance in covertly helping your people however."

Granger closes his eyes once Claudine's taken note of his metalized skull. The metal slowly, slowly retreats back into his flesh. He opens his eyes again, a few tears of metal seeming to retreat into his tear ducts in a slightly disconcerting, but fascinating way.

"Her father is very important to the Company's operations. Her powers manifested at an exceptionally early age and, as I understand it, while our researchers were attempting to test the limits of her abilities, there were a number of unfortunate incidents. Suffice it to say that she is not a paragon of humanity, much less evolved humanity."

Orion pauses a moment. He glances around once or twice as if expecting something to happen. When it doesn't come, Granger continues on, his eyes focusing on Claudine again.

"My ability is rather unimpressive really. Most people who possess my ability gain super-human strength, stamina, endurance, and very nearly obscene amounts of resistance to every form of damage imaginable… And several unimaginable ones as well. I do not; I can just cover myself in a protective layer, not unlike martial arts padding, of reactive metal. It can take a few rudimentary shapes and forms, but, again, nothing particularly impressive. Certainly nothing so amazing as that," he replies, gesturing to the diamond and crystal horse for emphasis.

The whole thing is fascinating. She's only seen little displays of power here and there, like Ianto's super speed, Xander's little electrical sparks or T.C.'s absorbing of electricity. This is definitely on another level in her world of woah, and she just watches, completely taken aback by the whole thing. Once he starts speaking though, she snaps out of it and starts paying attention.

"I would like to help my people, and perhaps others as well. Who knows, maybe I might be able to turn stretches of dessert to arable land." she says with a slight shrug of her shoulders while she continues to watch, wrinkling her nose the entire time. Once he gets to the subject of Elle though, she shakes her head and just winces a little, "So… she is kinda crazy huh." whispering a little as to make sure that no one else around hears her little comment about Elle.

She then listens once more, canting her head to the side as he pauses as her own mind runs with differing theories as to how he can do that. "The metal… What's it made off? I mean, is your body taking the actual metal that naturally occurs in your body in various proteins and just excretes it, or is it something else? Is it ferromagnetic? Does it conduct electricity?" she asks while chewing her lip. "Cause if that's how it works maybe… just maybe, I can do the same thing, you know… like how a mollusk makes and repairs it's shell or an oyster makes a pearl." And now, the wheels in her head are turning. Just imagine the possibilities.

Far be it from Orion to dismiss Claudine's astonishment and awe at his, in his own opinion, lame power. The tall man waits patiently for Claudine to say something to which he can respond. For a moment he starts to say something as a response to Claudine's questions; but she keeps going and going and going. He waits for an opening, a place to squeeze a word in edgewise.

"I have heightened levels of metals of all normal types in my blood and body tissues. It is secreted through the pores of my skin and is, indeed, ferromagnetic and an electrical conductor. You might be able to create a shell for yourself, but it would not be the same as my metallic exoskeleton. You, Miss Salonga, are a terrakinetic. You manipulate the earth without, not the parts within, yourself."

"Not on purpose. She and I have had an accident in the not so distant past, but she made it up to me by finding a way to repair the damage. It remains an experience I would much rather not repeat."

The tall man smiles a little, apparently quite pleased to have someone with whom to speak in science-geek. Granger absently folds his arms across his belly and leans back on his chair, crossing one leg over the other at the ankles.

"I'm afraid that you'll have to content yourself with water and IV nutrition for the night. Tomorrow I'll bring you some real food, but for right now, I'm afraid it's probably not a very good idea to try eating anything. You've exerted yourself a bit too much in making that diamond, but you should be fine come the morning. A good night's rest and a steady IV drip of nutrients and saline solution should do wonders for your headache, hydration, and nutrition."

Claudine ahhhs and nods, seeming to be a bit more comfortable in the facility now. She then raises her brows and seems to have remembered something, "Um… do you think you can get me a few geology and mineralogy textbooks tomorrow? I… well, I'd like to learn a bit more about rocks. Maybe knowing more about them would help me get a grasp of what I can do." she asks while wrinkling her nose before laying back in her bed and sighing, just wanting to relax. She's hurting right now after all.

"And well… if it wouldn't be too much to ask..well, I was told I might be staying here for a year and I… Well, guess we'll get to it when it comes. I… I want to go to class and have some semblance of normalcy ya know? But I guess that might be too much to ask until I stop making things shake…" and then she blinks for a bit. "And hey! I totally didn't make any earthquakes during the session today!" Yes, she's proud.

Orion nods, "Of course. You'll have a few of them come the morning." He offers a cheery smile since Claudine seems to be getting quite comfortable with her surroundings now. He nods a little bit at her sudden exclamation and laughs. "Indeed. I expect the tremors are something of a defense mechanism, triggered as a part of your body's stress reaction; possibly synced to your breathing in much the same way as your rock fist was linked to your flesh and blood fist."

Well, she's not that comfortable. While the people are nice, it's still essentially a prison, and she knows it. She's just trying to make the best of the situation lest she freak out and cause some serious damage. That would just be bad. "That makes sense… they do happen when I'm uncomfortable or when I freak out…" Claudine admits ruefully as she hrmms for a few moments once again. "I guess you guys aren't too bad. I mean, it's sort of less stressful than Columbia…" she says with a bit of a laugh to add some brevity.

"What's not to like? All the jello and ice cream you can eat, free tv, free medical coverage, your bed gets changed for you, and you get to learn all sorts of things that don't get taught in regular school," replies Orion, laughing as well. He's amused. You can tell by the way his voice lilts with a suppressed laugh.

And that's when things get just a little bit serious. "Well… I want to go out and be with my friends. I don't want to worry about whether I'm going to hurt someone when I freak out..I mean, maybe it's a good thing that I'm here before finals cause who knows… I might have destroyed something if I failed a class…" she says with a shrug of her shoulders. "But please understand… even with what I can do… I'm only human. I want to see my friends and I want to be… free, not cooped up in a hospital for the rest of my life…"

Another smile spreads on Orion's face and he nods his head emphatically at Claudine.

"Yes. I know. I know. I went through very much the same thing as you are starting; except for the shaking and stuff, but it's kind of hard to go on a date when you are leaking metal from your hands. Trust me, it's not pretty going to the movies and having someone ask why you're wearing gloves in August."

Granger adjusts his tie absently as he watches Claudine. He keeps smiling, chuckling a little to himself as he muses over his next words of sage advice. Surely they will be important.

"What I'm trying to say, Miss Salonga, is that we understand that. We're not evil and we're not looking to experiment on you in some horrible, horrible fashion. By the same token, stuff like that is not under my purview. I am just the hired muscle and, apparently, a friendly face to many of those who are brought in after accidentally setting a building on fire through one means or another or who freak out after dreaming the future or who start hearing voices that turn out to actually be other people."

"I… just well. There's…" and her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red, "This boy, and I was…" And then she just stops as she's completely embarrassed now. "Look, I'd feel really good if you do something for me. I promise I'll behave, but please… if you can. Find out what happened to Ianto and T.C.? The blond girl zapped Ianto and then chased after T.C. I just want to know they're okay…"

Orion smiles and stands up, "Of course. I'll check on that while I'm getting you your text books, alright? In the mean time, I think you should get some sleep. You're probably going to start feeling awfully hungry pretty soon if you don't get some sleep in." The tall man adjusts his tie again and smiles, starting to move toward the door.

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