2007-11-11: Stupid and Wonderful Werewolves


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Summary: Leah and Brian meet at Common Grounds. Discussion of chosen professions and werewolf bashing ensues.

Date It Happened: November 11, 2007

Stupid and Wonderful Werewolves

Common Grounds

A foggy, rainy day, with an altogether gloomy feeling. A light wind has picked up, accompanied by a drizzle of rain. Weather that most people are not too fond of. Except for him, he loves days like these. And though he's not an avid coffee drinker, today's weather has driven him to warm up that cold stomach of his.

Dressed in a black track jacket, with white syilized letters, a white cap, and a pair of jeans, Brian pushes his way into the common grounds. The small jazz band's music fills the air of the warm atmosphere. Making his way to the counter, the young man makes his order before then going to take a seat on one of the couches, waiting for his name to be called. Of course though, as a small joke to himself, he always gives a false name. And tonight the name of choice is.. "Dimitri!" The name is called out by the Barista not too long after the man makes his order.

Leah is already inside, tucked into the warmth of the store. She's sitting at one of the tables typing away at a laptop as she hums softly to herself. It's quite a different tune from the jazz, but she doesn't seem to mind. Or notice. She pushes a curl of hair back into places as she reaches out for a sip of her drink, some sort of froofroo coffee drink.

Drink in hand, Brian makes his way into the lounge. Most of the tables are full.. but.. Hopefully his charm could land him a seat. "May I?" The young man asks, placing his hand on the chair next to Leah's. He doesn't wait long for the answer, as he assumes it will be a yes and goes to place his cup on the table.. carefully.. and take a seat. "I couldn't do that." He notes, though in reference to what, is unsure.

Leah looks up to Brian with a blink as he talks to her. "What? Here?" She asks before she gives him another look a rather coy smile. "Well, I suppose I could make room." She reaches across to shut a hot pink notebook and tuck it beside the laptop. Across the cover is written the word Werewolves. "Couldn't do what?"

"Thank you." He murmurs as he settles in next to her, the notebook is noted. Grey eyes casually slide across the laptop then back to her. He takes a little sip. "Oh, hum while other music is being played. I like things being the same." He points out with a little smile. "Werewolves." He says with a raise of his brows to her.

Leah tucks another curl back into its special place with a giggling laugh. "Oh. Well, I like my own music while I write. And today I totally forgot my iPod at home. So I had to hum to get the write tune." Leah explains with a bright smile. "Yeah, werewolves. Why not?"

Another sip. "I know what you mean. I used to write, the right song was like so important for whatever I was writing. Like.. My iPod would be on shuffle and the scene would start as a battle and end up as a love fest because of the songs that were on." Brian tells the story with a bit of a smile. Then another sip, before setting the cup down on the table. "Why not? Just why? Do you like vampires too?" He asks accusingly.

Leah gives Brian another quick grin. "Because they're interesting. The interplay between the human and the animal urges. They're fun to write about, and there are a lot of people interested in reading it if you do it well." Leah states with a bright smile still on her face. "I do like vampires. So far I haven't introduced them into my series yet, though. Maybe in another book or two." Her tone is light, almost airheaded. "What kinds of things did you write? And why in the world would you stop?"

"They're unoriginal." Brian jabs, "They're overused, and overindulged. Just like Vampires. Everyone writes bout werewolves and vampires, make up your own shit." Brian says with a grin. Certainly not a reprimand, just his two cents. "I wrote about not vampires, and not werewolves." He says with a broad grin, offering his hand to her. "Brian, by the way."

Leah takes his hand in a rather feminine shake. "Leah. It's nice to meet you." She says with a smile before she grins. "Maybe I'll start a second series someday about something else. I'd like to use Celtic mythology in a series. But for now, I'm sticking with werewolves. I've gotten attached to the characters. And hey, sometimes you go with what sells." She pauses a moment before she asks, with a bat of long eyebrows. "You wrote about not vampires and not werewolves. How many books or stories have you had published?"

A little laugh. "None." He admits, picking up his cup again and taking a long pull from it. "To be fair, I don't think I ever finished one of my works. I got halfway through and got writers block and stopped. How many books have -you- had published?" He counters.

"Two." Leah states with a bit wider of a smile. "I'm almost finished with the third. Right now I have a contract with the publishing house I work with through a fourth." Leah picks up her own cup to take a sip.

"How old are you?" Brian asks quizzically with surprise at her statement. His brows go up a little bit in admiration and most likely shock. He wasn't expecting her to say she actually had books published.

Leah gives a little giggle for the question. Or maybe because she played that conversation exactly the way she wanted to. "I'm twenty six. I started young. And had the benefit of my best friend's mom working as an editor. She was able to bring my work to an agent to read instead of it having to work through the slush pile."

"Cheater." Brian murmurs with a bit of a grin. "So, you got a limousine waiting outside?" He asks, that grin staying present. Another sip, and "And would you like to get my coffee for me?"

Leah rolls her eyes. "Yes. Because I obviously make the huge bucks at this. Writing does not pay that well unless you happen to live in Scotland and richer than the Queen." Leah states before she adds. "I don't count it cheating since I still have to do the work of writing more than the first half of novels. And it had to be good enough for the agent to want to publish."

He laughs a little bit at her. "Well, do you do anything besides write about werewolves?" The young man asks, looking at her with a playful look in his eyes. Brian seems to be having fun with her as they speak together. "When did you start writing? Four years old?"

"I sell clothes. It's the most thrilling job in the world. I only do it like two days a week now. Hopefully after another couple books, I'll be totally done with that." Leah states before she asks. "What is it that you do? And I started learning to write letters about 4, but I wouldn't say I was really a writer until I was 7." Because that is a big difference.

"I'm.." He hates saying what he does, because it always earns the same reaction. And even though most would love that reaction, frankly, he's sick of it. "A humanitarian worker. Non-profit charity.. type of stuff." He says quietly. Brian smirks at her answer. "7 oh, I was -way- off."

Leah giggles at that smirk. "Definately. Because 7 is much more advanced than 4." Leah states with another flutter of the eyelashes before she asks. "What sort of humitarian stuff? Do you work with people in the US or abroad?"

"Both. I was most recently working in Sierra Leone.." Brian states, his features tense a moment as he mentions the country. "West Africa." He clairifies in case she hasn't done her geography homework. "I'm home.. Obviously, and now I do mobilizing and local ministry work." He explains. A light smile, she didn't react the way everyone else did..

Leah isn't everyone else. She nods at that statement. "Sierra Leone. They've had lots of civil war going on there, right? Or is that all over now?" See? There's a brain behind the giggles. Maybe. "Ministry work? You work through a church? Do you have to go out knocking on doors telling people the end of the world is near? Like in 2012?"

More laughter. "Aw, that's like two years gone." Brian says in regards to the civil war. His eyes brighten up at her, "You saw Blood Diamond too, hmm?" His smile curls up near his eyes. "I'm a Christian.. Yeah. Most people would call me a missionary. But I'm just a guy.. And no I don't go door to door." A broader grin. "I don't think the end is that near."

"That's probably because you're Christian, not Mayan." Leah says lightly about that last comment before she adds. "Missionary always makes me think of knocking on doors. Or Mother Tereasa." Leah adds with another giggle. "I don't remember Blood Diamond, though. Well, I'm glad it ended. War sucks."

A smirk. "I saw that thing on Discovery channel. Kinda scary." A shrug at her thoughts on missionaries. "Mama T." The young man says, "You know she had White Collar criminals bailed out of prison because they supported her ministry? And yeah, war sucks."

"Well, her ministry was important." At least that's what Leah knows of it. "Yeah, I'm so hoping the world lasts past 2012 because I want to be old someday, you know?"

A light shrug. And then a definitive nod of agreement. "Yeah, I want to get old too. Not too old though. I used to work at a Senior Care. I'm hoping I get shot before I turn sixty." Another enthusiastic smile.

Leah considers that. "It's true. I'm not really looking forward to being all wrinkly. Let alone having any sort of need for Depends." Leah states. There's a quick glance at the delicate silver watch on her wrist. "It's getting late. I should be closing up and heading home. It was nice to meet you missionary man."

A smirk. "You too, Leah. Listen, I like you. We should hang out sometime. I don't have many friends in this city." A card is quickly produced from his pocket and offered to her before he drinks the rest of his coffee. "Call me sometime, we can talk about how stupid and wonderful werewolves are."

Leah takes the card, packing it away with her notebook and laptop into a laptop bag that looks more like a big purse. "We should. Because you know, werewolves can be very intelligent. People just underestimate them." Is that ditziness or purposely misunderstanding his comment? It's hard to know, but she tosses her own card at him as she heads out. "Catch."

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