2007-03-08: Such a Convenient Ability


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Date It Happened: March 08, 2007

Summary: Hiro borrows a few of Sylar's things from the police station at Mara's behest.

Such a Convenient Ability

Lower Manhattan

Detective Damaris stands just outside of an alleyway a few blocks from the police station, smoking a menthol cigarette as she waits to find out if Hiro Nakamura got her message. Surely he'd call if he couldn't meet with her? She glances behind her occasionally, being cautious. Ashes are tapped onto the pavement as she exhales a stream of smoke through her nose.

"Detective!" That's Hiro Nakamura, coming out of the alley. From the inside. It's a dead end in there. But then, when has that ever stopped Hiro? "Sorry I am late. I was in Hartsdale," he explains. "Is something wrong? Is it Sylar?"

Mara puts a finger to her lips quickly. "Shh." She heads into the alley with Hiro quickly, grabbing his sleeve to pull him along. "It does concern Gray, yes." The name of Sylar's not-exactly-secret-identity is very deliberately used. "It's… I need a favour. On behalf of Doctor Suresh and myself."

Hiro takes a few steps back. Or, rather, he is dragged along, and sort of stumbles along the way. Judging by the wrapped-up hockey stick he's carrying (probably some sort of cutting implement), he's found a temporary replacement for his sword. It looks particularly illegal. "A favor? Of course. Any way I can help you and Dr. Suresh, I will."

"I need you to help me-" Mara breaks off and presses her lips together, reconsidering her phrasing. "Can you do anything about security cameras? I mean, if you stop time, do you stop them too?"

"Yes," Hiro says, his brow tensing with confusion. Or thought. What's she up to? "If I stop time, a camera cannot see me. I can go right past them."

"Oh good," Mara breathes out in a sigh of relief. "Then my plan will work. If.. If I can talk you into doing something just a touch illegal for a good cause. I promise we'll make things right before anybody notices we did anything wrong." Her usage of 'we' seems to be sincere, rather than a way to sugarcoat something that would require Hiro to act alone.

Hiro adjusts his glasses with a nervous sort of tension. He's heard talk like this before. From Ando. Who then asked him 'How much do you know about blackjack?' That did not go well, in the end. "Sometimes a hero must bend the law to do what is right. But… um. What do you need?"

"I need you to break me into the evidence room so I can borrow Gray's things for Doctor Suresh." Mara bites her lip, "It's very important. Either that, or you have to stop time long enough for me to get into his cell so I can get a sample of his blood. Either one will work. I'd rather just steal the evidence."

"Doctor Suresh wants Sylar's things?" Hiro asks, and sounds audibly… concerned. But he trusts Mohinder, right? "Um… I guess it is for his research." Hiro thinks about a few possibilities. This could be part of an elaborate hostage scheme by Sylar to make Mohinder restore his powers. But Mara would never go along with that, right? Okay. Seems reasonable. "Okay. I will do it. I will borrow them." Not steal. "But why does he need Sylar's stuff?"

"We're trying to unravel the mystery that is the absence of Gray's powers," Mara explains. "We need to find out if it's permanent." She abandons the thought of finishing her cigarette, dropping it to the pavement and crushing it beneath her boot.

Hiro nods, then, emphatically. "Oh! Okay. If anyone can figure out the answer, it would be Doctor Suresh. I will do this thing for you," he says. "Do you want them now?" he asks, as well. "I think I remember what the police station looks like inside. I can go now."

"I should go with you." Mara chews on her lip, "The evidence room is huge. But I think I know where to find what we're looking for. It'll be faster if you can take me with. I just… can't be seen on the cameras."

"I don't think I can stop time for other people," Hiro says. "I've never tried, and I don't think this is the time. Why not give me directions, and I will go? If I get lost, I will come back and try again."

Mara agrees with this reluctantly and pulls a notepad out of her coat pocket, jotting down some notes in purple ink. Mainly where to turn to get to the evidence room and where the newer boxes should be kept. 'Gabriel Gray' is underlined three times. "Just take the stuff out and leave the empty box. They shouldn't notice anything's amiss."

Hiro listens carefully. When Mara is over, he rests his preposterous hockey stick against the wall and disappears. No time at all passes before he /reappears/ with the armload of stuff in question, looking a little out of breath and a little nervous. "I thought about getting blood from Sylar, but… I think he can wake up when I stop time. I did not want to risk it."

Mara reaches out at first to take the armload of stuff and then steps back quickly. "Shit. I did not think this part through…" Her hands are hidden behind her back as she frowns. "You'd think I'd know better."

"I can take you somewhere safe?" Hiro points out. There is a lot of stuff there, illegal stuff, for her to run around with. "With that stuff. To your car? I do not know where you would go."

"I'm parked by the station… Probably not the best place to show up with an armload of bloodied clothes." Mara taps her foot. "Unless you can stop time long enough to drop 'em in my trunk so no one sees?" She starts fishing out a set of keys from a pocket.

Hiro reaches out for the clothes, disappears, and returns without them, once he gets the keys. "Okay. I think you are all set. I would hurry, though. Before someone finds the stuff in your trunk. Or steals your car." He waits a beat. "These things happen sometimes."

Mara nods quickly. "Thank you. You've done a great thing for Suresh and I." She smiles briefly and then cants her head to Hiro's awkward bundle. "That looks a little conspicuous, you know. Careful where you carry that thing."

Hiro nods. "Yes. I need to find the Kensei Sword soon," Hiro says, regarding his very conspicuous stick.

"I'll see if I can find out where it is from Gray." Mara reaches out to shake Hiro's hand. "I will be in touch with you if we are able to get anything from the blood sample, and if I find out where your sword is."

"Please be careful. Sylar has escaped everyone who has ever captured him. He even survived being stabbed with a sword…" Hiro does consider that he could have killed him. At any point, really, he could, now that he knows where he is. It is a complicated moral issue. But he thinks about it.

"If he screws with me, Nakamura, we'll see if he can come back from a bullet to the face." Mara's expression is grim. She's absolutely serious. "Call me if you need anything. If you believe in anything… Pray I have luck with Gray." She turns and starts to head away from the alley.

Hiro nods, with concern. He could end all this in just a second. It's all it would take. Just kill a basically defenseless murderer. By the time Mara leaves, Hiro is gone. Somewhere. To think.

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