2007-05-19: Sudden Attack Of Australian


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Summary: Natalie is out to get away from language books. Daphne is stressing over SAD DED PUPPY LIKE WHOA. Daphne finds out it is better to let sleeping geeks lie.

Date It Happened: May 19, 2007

Sudden Attack of Australian

Bronx Zoo

It… has not been a good day for Daphne. She knows in a job like hers, she simply cannot get attached to every animal ever, but the fact that they just lost one of the Hunting Dog pups is kind of a devastating blow. They were all so young, and the conservation effort is severely important for these predators. The worst part of all is that she could hear it as it died. It didn't understand what was happening.

She was just too small.

She's out behind one of the zoo's foodstands, nursing an iced tea with a half-eaten sandwich on the table next to her. She's in no mood to deal with people right now; it'd be better if she could just go home for the day. But with a show coming up in the afternoon… Hopefully she'll find something to take her mind off the pup. Poor thing. At the moment, though, she just wants to hit something.

Natalie is heading through the zoo. Not that zoos are high on her thrill list. But she could not think of anything that would be further away from linguistics books, and right now, that's what she needs. Even with her substantial gifts in the area, her brain is swirling into a mixed drink at the moment. So the blonde is in a light windbreaker, glasses, hair tousled, jeans, and sneakers, as she moves through the crowd, fortune (and the writers) moving her in the general area of Daphne.

And Daphne just needs the tiniest of reasons to get angry today. Get her temper out on someone before she calls Laurel and totally hurts her best friend's feelings. That would be a terrible idea. And despite the fact that this area is open for anyone to walk through, most people /don't,/ and the distraught zookeeper latches onto that. "Hey. Hey, you can't come back here. Off-limits." Even though there are no signs indicating such. She stands, crossing her arms.

Natalie blinks. She looks abashed. "Oh, I'm sorry." she says, adjusting her glasses once. Like most meek-at-hearts, it doesn't take much to get her subdued. "I must have missed the sign. Sorry!" she says, in chipper-esque fashion, as she turns to head back to more populous areas.

"Yeah. Sure." Daphne says. She starts to sit back down again, then gets back to her feet, taking a couple steps after the girl. "Seriously, what are people /thinking./ How can you just— Just /sorry/ and head off on your merry (expletive) way?" she asks. Not everyone knows that one of the pups just died, but, dammit, everyone should be miserable! "And, what, you think just 'cuz you pay to get in here, you can just— Go anywhere you want?"

Natalie stops, looking back, surprised. "I…I'm sorry?" she repeats. "I didn't see the sign. I'll go back to the regular paths." She pretty much buckles when confronted.

Oh, awesome. This is just the type of person Daphne needs right now. She hasn't actually /bullied anyone/ since high school. She's way past that, especially working in the public like this, with people around - she has to maintain at least some semblance of politeness. But they're mostly alone, and who's this girl gonna tell? "You're blind? C'mon, you wear glasses. I bet you got straight A's in high school, and you can't read?" God, she's going to feel so bad about this later. "Do you even know what goes on here?" Stress. Stress. Stress. And yet she loves her job.

Natalie squeaks just a little bit. Yes, lots of memories of being bullied in high school. "I read just fine…" she says, a little defensively. "I just didn't see the sign, that's all, it's an honest mistake!"

And yet. /Yet./ She has to feel a little pity for this girl. "Oh /come on./ Have a backbone or something." Daphne turns away, lacing her fingers behind her head. She's not going to hit the girl, but… "At least you could fight back. Jeez. I mean, no one is this much of a pushover." She actually moves to intercept the girl's path now, blue eyes narrowed as she chuckles. "I mean, there's /no sign./ Use your brain a little bit." In other words, Daphne is… Just being a jerk. It'd be easy to tell the girl /why./ It would make things easier, she'd have someone to talk to about it. A complete stranger, sure, but still. "You'll believe anything, won't you?"

Natalie looks angry now. At least a little bit. "So what, you get your kicks by trying to intimidate paying customers? I'm surprised you still have a job!"

"See, is /that/ so hard?" Daphne asks, a grin playing on her face. "Shout back, get angry, /DO SOMETHING./" Natalie does have a point, of course, but Daphne foolishly believes she's indespensable. Actually, she might be right. As well, Miss Lady here has just insulted her, and this calls for bringing out the Big Guns. "At least I have a job. Do you squeak and apologise when you try to interview?"

Natalie looks annoyed at that. "I have a job too, and considering I probably make five -times- what you do, I don't need to sit here and argue with a glorified pooper scooper!"

Is this where she reveals all? Tells this girl that she talks to animals and she just /heard/ the dying words of a puppy a few short hours ago? NO. Because that would be too easy, and at least a little bit stupid. "/What?/" Actually, hey, that was pretty good. "I actually work with the animals," You idiot, which is not said, but heavily implied. Oh, and she cleans up poop, too. "Five times, huh? Sitting behind some desk, doing absolutely /nothing/ worth doing. You notice how they pay people more to be lazy than they do to people who do actual /work?/ Work that's /important,/ I mean."

Natalie puts a hand on her hip. "Yeah. Because the world would just stop spinning on its axis if there wasn't someone out there picking up caged animal poop. What, you decided watching Steve Irwin wasn't enough, you had to live the adventure?"

See. For someone who loves animals and admires Steve Irwin, attacking the poor guy is /totally/ inappropriate, especially because- Well, it just /is./ "Actually, it would. Conservation, saving the environment. Probably from people like you who don't give a rat's ass if, say, African Wild Dogs go extinct. Someone has to do it."

Natalie just shakes her head. "Sorry if some of us have better things to worry about than a bunch of stupid dogs." She starts to turn again.

Stupid. Stupid dogs. God, she's going to regret this later. She's going to lose her job, she's going to be out on the street with no house, no money, her parents are going to disown her— She grabs Natalie's shoulder, and it's through a sheer effort of will that she doesn't just smack the girl. Instead, Daphne stares her down, lip curled, nose wrinkled. "You. Have /no idea./ What you're talking about." God, please say no one's looking. /PLEASE./

Natalie looks angry. "No, -YOU- have no idea, Animal Planet. Leave me alone!" Sh shouldn't use her power. Really shouldn't. But she's angry. The Steve Irwin talk plus meeting Nova the other day both roll around in her head, angrily. She finds her own mental file for that accent, and shoves it hard at Daphne's head, mentally.

Okay, she's being unfair, she should just back off, tell this girl what's going on. "Did ya jes— " What. Daphne blinks, tries again. "Did—" She can hear the difference in her own voice, even with those couple words. A strong accent, something she didn't have before, and has no idea why she has it now. As far as she can tell, though, it's perfectly natural, like she's had it forever. Blinking up at Natalie, her expression turning surprised. Almost scared. "Whuh th' 'ell?"

Natalie might think better of it. Later. Maybe. Right now she's still working on that not-being-angry part. "I TOLD you to leave me alone."

She listens to Natalie, tries to grasp onto that voice. Emulate it. She can't, though, not with any degree of skill. Actually, for the time, she's just shocked that the girl has an ability, and she's just ended up on the recieving end of it. This? Is crazy. This can't actually be real. "You've go' an ability," she says stupidly, backing away a step, releasing Natalie's arm. Suddenly angry again, because she doesn't /want/ an accent, she (also stupidly) points away from her. "Get th' bloody 'ell out of 'ere!"

Natalie puts on an exaggerated accent herself. "Crikey, mate, I think the pooper-scooper's a bit roiled up!" She just gives Daphne a look. "Consider yourself lucky." And she starts to stalk off the way she came.

Too stunned to ask Natalie to wait - besides the fact that she just told Natalie to get the hell out of here, all Daphne can do is stare as the girl heads off. Oh, god, what's she going to do about /this one?/ She can't even ask for the rest of the day off. Hello, I have to go to the doctor because I've had a sudden attack of /Australian/? No, that's just not going to fly. Looking back at her sandwich, then at Natalie, she does perhaps the stupidest thing she's done today. /RUNS IN THE OTHER DIRECTION./ Crikey, indeed.

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