2007-03-23: Sugar and.. More Sugar


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Summary: Mohinder takes Molly to the zoo to run off Easter candy.

Date It Happened: March 23, 2007

Sugar and.. More Sugar

Central Park Zoo

After the encounter with Hiro at his lab, Mohinder went back to work for a little longer. Then, took over from Matt on tending to Molly. The geneticist doesn't celebrate the Western religious holidays, but with Molly as his charge, exceptions are now made. Such as today, and taking her to the zoo for various Easter activities. There is also another motive to this, letting Molly run off the candy she was presented with earlier in the day.

Oblivious to motives, Molly gladly partakes in the Easter activities and the candy she's given. The zoo is always a good place to take a young girl and she gladly starts to run around to see one animal or another. Mohinder nor Matt have asked her about Elena or her father yet, so she assumes that she's gotten off scott free with letting one more person know about her ability. "Are there pandas here, Mohinder? And we can go see the penguins, right?"

Mohinder smiles as he keeps up the pace with Molly. Despite his long strides, he does find himself needing to step it up a bit at times. As for Elena and Ramon? He's unaware of the visit. No one tells him anything. Which could be wise. "No Molly, there are not any pandas at the zoos in this area. But we can go straight to the penguins next if you would like."

Pouting slightly at the news of no pandas, Molly grabs the railing to look into one of the enclosures that hold the lions. The longer Mohinder doesn't know about Elena or Ramon, the better as far as Molly is concerned. She can have secrets, too! "Aww. Well. Can we see the polar bears? They're almost as good as pandas." The mention of seeing the penguins next brings an enthusiastic nod. "Yes! Hiro said he was going to take me to see the penguins when he could."

"Of course, I think the polar bears are right along this way," Mohinder says as he tries to steer Molly in that direction. It's laughable really, trying to keep leading a child hyped up on chocolate. "Oh, he did.. speaking of him.. Molly, settle down a moment. I want to tell you something." He crouches down and speaks lowly for the girl's ears only. "Have you tried to 'find' him lately? Hiro that is?"

Molly practically bounces down the walkway as she follows Mohinder. Candy plus an eleven year old girl is probably not the best combination. What monster has Mohinder created? When asked to settle down, she tries, though she's still kind of jittery when she stands still. "Hiro? Well, no. Not really. I mean, just sort of to see if I /can/ to make sure he's okay. Not really specifically. He was in Japan for a bit which threw me off. He's back in the US now." She's bouncing a little, still, eager to be off. "Can we go see the penguins now?"

"Just a moment, alright? Why didn't you say something about it? Hiro came to see me today. He said he was able to teleport away from Kirby Plaza." Mohinder puts a staying a hand on Molly's shoulder. He really should just give this up for the moment. She's clearly too hyper. "No one told me he had gotten away."

Molly tilts her head a little and /tries/ to calm herself down. Chocolate and sugar peeps are really her secret weakness. Her kryponite. "Well, it's not my place to say. And you didn't ask. It's like me /spying/ on him. That's not nice to just tell people about that. Maybe he didn't want anyone else to know where he went. Maybe he was secretly in Japan." She blinks. "He got away?" While she did really just a quick check on him to see where he was, she never got too close to seeing where he was exactly. She had no idea if he was just moved to Japan by the people holding him or if he went there of his own accord.

"Right.. of course.. I should have asked.. but I did not know that you kept trying to find him." Mohinder nods his head, trying to have a sensible conversation.. which normally is possible with Molly. "That's right. He managed to get away. You know that I work with the Company, but no one told me they had him, or that he got away." Which is true, he is kept out of the loop. "It's alright. I'm just pleased that he got away." Again, this is true.

"It's not really /finding/ him," Molly adds. "It's just kind of checking on him. I didn't try to see /where/ he was. Just sort of the vicinity." While Mohinder is talking, she nods her head - perhaps a little too enthusiastically. "I'm glad, too. Why do you work with the Company if they don't tell you anything?"

Mohinder nods his head, smiling a little. "That's okay then. Everything's fine." He rises to his full height. Leaving his hand on Molly's shoulder, he starts to steer her toward those polar bears. "I want to help people, and they offer me a bigger opportunity to do so. That's why I work with them. Well, they don't trust me. Not entirely. Just as I don't trust them."

Molly watches Mohinder, trying to calm down the energy that's come for the sugar burst she practically inhaled before coming out. "Everything's fine? Okay." Then, they're heading back in the direction of the Polar Bears, so she figures that it's true. Everything's fine and that's the end of the conversation. "That's not very nice. If they don't trust you and you don't trust them, I don't think that'd be very fun."

From the mouths of babes it comes. Mohinder chuckles just a little uneasily. "No, it's not terribly fun. I feel as if I'm constantly being watched while I work." As well as he should. "They do things the way they want, and I disagree with them. That's why they don't trust me. But you let me worry about that, alright?"

This information makes Molly frown. She doesn't like the idea of them watching Mohinder and making him uneasy. "Maybe you should quit and find something else. You could do your lecturing full time." They've reached the polar bears and in her sugar-fractured mind, that's terribly exciting. "Okay! I won't worry about it."

"I can't exactly pay my rent and for your candy on lecturing alone," Mohinder says, giving Molly's shoulder a squeeze before letting go. He's teasing her a little now. He stays by Molly's side as he looks at the bears as well. "I'll keep your suggestion in mind, but I do like working closer to home. I do have a special girl that requires my attention."

"I'll give up candy if you want me to, Mohinder," Molly offers as if that will really help him quit a job that he doesn't like. "And you can get a job here! Maybe you could teach at my school. Or someone else's school! And then you'd be close to home!" Even if he's teasing, she's not really in the mind to realize it at the moment. She'll take it seriously and offer her suggestions!

Mohinder laughs aloud, "I appreciate the brave sacrifice you offer. I could go back to teaching, yes, but I'd rather help people who need my expertise. What if someone else gets sick like you did? They will need my help. As much as I like the idea of teaching, I have research I want to do. Nobody will give me the money I need, except for the Company."

Molly frowns at that some more as she watches the polar bears mostly just sleep on their ice. It's a lazy day for them. "I guess. But you don't like the Company." It's an obvious statement and in her mind people shouldn't have to work for people they don't like. But the idea of someone else getting sick and needing Mohinder to help them mollifies her. "Maybe we'll win the lottery and then you won't have to work for them any more."

"There are some things I like, and some things I don't." It's a simple statement for a complicated matter. Mohinder's not about to tell Molly he's undertaking a foolish dream fueled by his naivete. "That would be nice. But I'm not moving to a bigger apartment. Yet." He smiles at the girl as he leans forward on the railing overlooking the bears.

Molly wouldn't think Mohinder's dream is naive or foolish. But, then, she's a naive young girl, for the most part. "Yet? I like our apartment." She frowns and then is done with the polar bears, ready for the penguins.

Mohinder laughs as he follows along Molly. "I do too. Which is why if we ever win that lottery, I don't want to move." There's also the sentimental attachment that it was his father's place. "You know, I was going to surprise you for your birthday, but since you're turning twelve, this is a big decision for you.." And since this will come out of his own pocket, there's no need to discuss with Matt. Just yet. "I thought it might be time to redecorate your room."

"My birthday's not until June," Molly reminds Mohinder. But, then, she's not going to say no to surprises or presents. She's a little spoiled that way. "Redecorate my room? Really?" It's not that she doesn't like how it's decorated, but being able to make it look how /she/ wants it to look is an opportunity she doesn't want to pass up. "I can redecorate it any way I want?"

"Oh I know this." Mohinder says, as if he could forget Molly's birthday. "Yes, you can. I thought I could surprise you by redecorating, but I don't think you want that." He's smiling, and his taste probably isn't what would appeal to a growing girl. "So. Between now and then, think about how you want your room to look."

"You mean if I wanted pink bunnies on my wall I could put them there?" Molly is thinking about whatever else she can do to her walls and furniture. "And I could get a canopy bed? And…" she's trying to get more and more creative as she goes. "Other things I want?" Okay, so she falls short at a certain point. "Really?"

Mohinder can't help it, he's now laughing. Not /at/ the girl, but at her in a way. "One step at a time. Maybe a new bed for Christmas. Unless you would prefer toys." Maybe Molly can hit up Matt for the bed! Not that there's anything wrong with the furniture Molly has, it's serviceable! Just, second hand and not very girly. "If you want pink bunnies, you shall have them on your walls. Lacy curtains the color of that cotton candy over there if you wish."

"Oooh." Molly likes this idea. It's not that she doesn't like her room or the way Mohinder had it before she moved in. But that was /his/ way of decorating it and not her own. This also means that she's going to be staying with them for awhile and while she knew that before, this is a concrete gesture that he and Matt hink that's the way it should be, too. "Thank you Mohinder! This is the best early birthday present ever!"

Mohinder laughs further as he looks down at Molly. "You're welcome." And of course Molly's there to stay! Mohinder and Matt wouldn't have it any other way. "In a way it feels overdue, but these past few months have been a little hectic. One thing at a time, right?"

"How can it be overdue if it's early?" Molly asks genuinely at that statement. "I know it's been hectic, but soon it won't be, right?" Finally, it seems like the sugar has worked it's way into a manageable level in her system and she's back to being a bit more like her less hyper self.

"Well, you would think that we would have redecorated your room to suit a girl when you moved in. Right?" Mohinder converses breezily with the girl as they make their way through the zoo. "I hope things calm down soon enough." He doesn't vocalize it, but he wants Molly to have as normal a life as possible. To enjoy being a child when she's had so much ripped from her.

"I don't mind my room the way it is," Molly replies, a little defensively as if he's saying that she may be ungrateful for all they've done for her. "I hope so, too. I want to be able to go back to normal soon." Not that her life is really all that normal usually, but the normal that she did have was pretty nice in her eyes.

Mohinder notices the defensiveness and explains, "I know you don't.. but it's your room now and it should be personalized to your tastes." He knows Molly's grateful. If he hadn't of stepped in with Matt, she could still be in that room at Kirby Plaza, having her mind bent and warped to Company philosophy. "I know you do, and we try very hard to see that it happens. Now, let's go see those penguins, then I think a nice dinner to help soak up the rest of that sugar you've been eating."

Molly smiles, placated by the explanation. "It's a little….boyish," she responds. But, then, what she has in mind for it isn't really that much girlier. "Alright! I think it'll be better when I can actually go and pet them when I go with Hiro, but seeing them will be the next best thing. Oooh. Where are we going to go eat?"

"That it is, and it's not entirely healthy for a young woman." Mohinder has to face it, Molly's a girl and at this rate, she's going to be a little tomboy. She's already on that path as it is. "I don't think getting close to them is wise. They're still very wild animals. Perhaps you can ask one of their keepers if there is one gentle enough to be petted?" That's a fair compromise. "We can choose a restaurant on the way home, unless you want to wait and I'll cook."

Molly shakes her head and laughs with Mohinder. "No, it's okay. I'll just wait until Antarctica." That has a point, definitely. Even if she doesn't know that Mohinder doesn't know what it means. "Oooh. You'll cook? Let's go do that! I like when you cook."

Mohinder really doesn't want Molly to go to Antarctica, but he's going to let her have that daydream. He's sure Hiro was kidding. Right? "I thought you'd like that suggestion. Let's head on home, shall we?"

If Hiro was kidding, Molly is going to be /very/ disappointed. Because she certainly didn't think he was. "Alright!" Giving one last look at the penguins and the polar bears, she turns away from them so they can head toward home.

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