2010-04-14: SUIT UP!!



Date: April 14, 2010


Nathan gets a makeover, Hallis style.

Also. Never ask Nathan for relationship advice. Ever.


Hallis' Apartment

In need of his suit in the not-distant future, Nathan is making a visit to Hallis' apartment. He doesn't look much like his Senatorial self, no, he's dressed in a black leather jacket, a white v-neck t-shirt, and a pair of faded blue jeans. He'd managed to sneak in after someone walking into the building and then walked up the stairs instead of taking the elevator lest he be recognized.

Finally he walks to the door and raps gently on it.

There wasn't much of an answer from George regarding her text earlier. They had a brief conversation, sure, but mostly it consisted of him telling her that he was busy and that they would catch up later. Still, it's better than nothing.

The door to the apartment was opened by one of the guests of the house and the senator is quickly ushered to the young starlet's bedroom. When she opens the door to the tentative knock, she furrows her eyebrows a little, then smiles and opens it wider to allow the man entry to her little refuge.

"Hi Hallis," Nathan offers her a soft smile once he's safely inside the apartment and the door is closed behind him. A glance is given tot he space, it's big for one, but it's good space. "I saw you on Afterlife." His grin turns lopsided as he recalls his last time here — the pair of them got hammered. He couldn't remember himself then, and he would've easily gone for something stronger than alcohol. Booze is his only consolation these days.

"It's good. I'm sure Ora will be an even greater contribution to the series."

"Oh, hi BraNaSenPet — Uhhh.. Hi." She's not sure what to call him, so she really just puts the first few letters of everything she knows about him together. It doesn't sound good. "I uhm.. wasn't expecting you, or did you come for the suit?" His bright smile is received regally and answered with a slight twitch of the lips, by the expression in her eyes, she's really not in the mood to smile any more than she has to.

"You saw the show? Really? You're not just saying that?" She turns and waves him over to one of the small settees before she moves toward the giant liquor bearing armoir. It's been moved into her bedroom since the children arrived, not that she's complaining. "Scotch, right? You have a preference of malt and year?"

"Nathan's fine," the Senator replies with a small smirk. As he shrugs. It's not that big a deal. "I did come for the suit. If you have it." He follows her beckoning, and sits in the settee as directed. He tilts his head at her as his own smile fades, replaced by the weariness that's plagued him for so long; he'd been diplomatic at the door. Perhaps everything going on is wearing on Hallis as well, not that he can ask.

"Yes. Scotch, please. I will drink any Scotch, but the older, the better." At this he smirks somewhat weakly. "Of course, I'm sure you know that."

The young woman pours the drinks and carries the tumblers over to the same settee, sitting beside Nathan as she hands him a glass half full of caramel colored liquid. "Single malt, not quite two hundred years old though…" Hallis says, a little somberly. The hand that passes him the glass is absent of any jewelry, though the hand carrying the glass she keeps has an antique pearl ring on her middle finger.

"It's in my closet, I thought you'd be getting it through George, so I've been waiting to see him again." She looks toward the walk in and then lets out a breath of a laugh that's smothered only by taking a sip of her drink.

"Thank you," he says rather quietly as he takes the drink, watching her carefully before bringing the liquor to his lips. "It's good," he murmurs after swallowing. In fact, it's like ambrosia to him, and almost creates an at-home feeling as he drinks it. "Are you… okay? I know I don't know you well, but you seem…" he shrugs. There's something strangely reminiscent about being here.

"I thought I'd get it from George also. Men on their death beds are supposed to be in the hospital, or hospice, or something." He manages a weak smile before drawing the liquor to his lips again before he lets out a mirthless kind of laugh. "He's a good man, Congressman Dawson."

"He is, just… Really busy." Hallis says quietly, taking another sip. She turns her head and takes a breath, giving the senator a tight lipped smile, "So … You're the reason why I'm faking an engagement?" She pauses there, giving him an expectant look. Something that says, 'Is there something you want to explain to me'. "I mean, not that I mind, I got a pretty nice ring out of it but it's going to make a fool out of me when it's over." Her social set can be fairly unforgiving.

He tilts his head a little, "I… hadn't realized that was…" Nathan looks at her carefully. "I suppose it'll garner the attention we need. And I'm sorry." He sighs heavily before bringing the glass to his lips again. "I hope you don't come out like a fool." He cringes a little. Nothing like extra collateral damage, but then it's worth it if it ends the Protocols. "Your show is good at least. And I've loved Afterlife," he raises a hand, "pretty much since forever. The show is astounding. It could really use Erin again, but you add a good dynamic." At this he smiles.

The compliment about the show is met with a bright smile, "You really like it then? It's not too much? My friends are all laughing at me because I play a were goldfish, they keep making jokes about fish lips." To punctuate the point, she sucks her lips into a pucker and she makes a set of comical little fish lips. Something that one of the crew had taught her when she first got hired. "But yeah, I think I'm going to be in for the trouble of a lifetime with George when he finally stops being busy. I sort of… well there was a little incident." She takes a sip of her drink and quiets, she really doesn't know the man sitting with her now. He's not the happy go lucky man that wears paisley jackets and brilliant socks.

"Yeah. I really like it. I think it's one of the best shows on television, even if it's a soap," he grins broadly at the fish lips emitting a chuckle from his own. "It's great, really. And I like the weregoldfish. It's not like realistic in plot, but television is supposed to make the unbelievable believable. I think you do that." The comment about George is met with arched eyebrows, "Oh?" and a mirthless chuckle. "You can tell me about it if you want. Dawson and I aren't tight. We're just colleagues."

The young woman looks up at the man who is, by all rights, old enough to be her father. Honestly, he's still about twenty years younger than her own Daddy Dearest, and only a few years older than her pretend fiance. "Nathan…" she begins slowly, taking yet another drink of the Scotch, it warms her throat and gives her quite a bit of courage as she tries to broach the subject. "Have you ever been caught up in .. say the heat of the moment?"

Her wide blue eyes look up at him, her expression is hopeful, though her eyes carry a hint of worry. "I — I was running lines with a guest star, we're supposed to be in quite a few scenes together in upcoming shows." She doesn't divulge more than that at the moment, disclosure and everything. "But the script called for a kiss. My room mate, Sydney, she caught us… We probably would have gone a lot further than we did if she hadn't walked in." It's then the expression changes, to a very guilty one.

Nathan finishes his glass of scotch while his eyebrows furrow and he outright frowns, not at Hallis' words, but at his own sordid past. "I'm married. Kind of. We're separated. Let's just say, it's complicated." His eyebrows knit together further as he stares at the empty glass. "And I've been there. More than once." His voice is husky as he explains while leaning forward on the settee. "And I didn't stop," Hallis is issued a weak smile now.

He chuckles mirthlessly, "There are moments in life that just consume us. I loved, no, I love Heidi, but — " his head shakes as he attempts to collect his thoughts let alone his words, his own frailty so apparent in his actions regarding his marriage. With a heavy sigh, he stands to his feet, not that he's leaving, it's just easier to think while on his feet.

"But?" Hallis says, edging to the end of her seat as she watches Nathan carefully. "My friend Sydney told me that love is a choice when things get hard… It's really hard right now. George is always so busy and when he's not busy…" Her voice drifts off for a moment as she lets loose a long sigh and licks her lips. "He's in Washington, or something. I hate his job, I didn't know it was going to be this hard when I fell in love with him."

"It wasn't always this hard, you know? When I didn't have a job, I could visit him whenever I wanted. Now…" She shrugs and her eyes drift to the heavy script laying on her bed. "Now I don't know when I'll get a vacation, I'm kind of like a Morgan replacement on the show, if they ever find her, I don't know if they'll keep me."

"But I'm distinctly human," Nathan manages finally after considering everything. "And I don't think love is that simple. I believe a person can be in love with more than one person at a time." He pads towards the window in the room and stares at the New York skyline. "And that sometimes we mistake comfort for love. And so we take comfort because it's simple, easy to access, and really, easy to find. But comfort doesn't stick around when you wake up the next day. Love does. Comfort doesn't spoon you, it doesn't console you, and it doesn't really care. But in the moment, comfort, in all appearances seems like love." Another small smile plays on his lips, this one more ironic than joyous, "Love isn't simple or straightforward, it's complicated."

"And time is half the battle. For both of you. A life in politics is wearing at the best of times," he clucks his tongue. "And as his career advances, it'll only get crazier, especially if he's one of the good ones."

Nodding, Hallis' face seems to fall into another expression of loneliness and depression. "So, what you're saying is, it's just going to get worse. Because he is one of the good ones. He's the best." If anything, Hallis does have complete faith in the congressman.

"So, you're in love with more than one person right now?" She's pressing for answers, possibly to console herself for the attrocious act that she committed in the heat of the moment. "I don't think I love Stuart, not at all, I just met him. I think I was just lonely and he was asking about George… Asking why he wasn't there."

Now that's a question Nathan wasn't expecting. He's staring at the skyline still as a wry smile spreads across his lips. "Yes. I am. I think." He turns back to face her, but instead his gaze finds the floor, it's easier that way. "I love Heidi. I know I do. But the hell I've put her through…" he winces — it's painful in a way he couldn't have imagined, and that's only what he feels on the situation. "And. Someone else. Maybe. But like I said, comfort can seem like love. I guess what it boils down to is what you're willing to do for that person if you had to." Now he manages to meet Hallis' gaze. "Do you think that's possible?"

"I can almost guarantee things will get harder with George. Busier, at least. But you can make it work. Lots of people make it work. I'm just not among their ranks."

"I don't know… I mean.. Sydney said that it's when things get hard that we have to make the choice to love the other person. So, if you're falling in love with someone else, does that mean you're choosing not to love the first person? Because you're going to hurt them, a lot." The guilt on her face is plain as the almost unbearable torment of feelings inside of her makes itself known. Hallis sniffles once a blinks a few times before tipping the glass to her lips and draining it completely.

She gets up and walks toward the large cabinet to refill her glass, then she holds the bottle up for Nathan, silently offering to do the same for him. "I've never done this before.." She admits slowly, "I mean, with Trenton it was different. We didn't care as much, we were together but it didn't matter. With George, this is the first time… I'm not even twenty one yet and I'm fake engaged."

"I don't know," Nathan admits with another shake of his head. "With Heidi, things are a mess. Like a total mess. I disappeared almost two years ago and she didn't know where I was. In that time she learned to be without me. And before that — things weren't really any better. Maybe worse." He sighs heavily. "Yet I love her. I can remember those times in our life that were important to us — our wedding, the births of our sons. We had amazing times. And Heidi is one of the strongest, most optimistic, resilient women I will ever know."

"But then, I have someone new in my life. And she's brilliant. Smarter than me and more decisive in a way. Bold." He chuckles. "Fierce. Dangerous, maybe. And it's intense. Very intense. But then, everything is intense these days, so…" he shrugs again.

"So, even though you love Heidi, you're not really in love with her?" Hallis' eyes narrow a little as she tries to comprehend everything. "Because it sounds like, you're just remembering all the good times you had. You're not really looking forward to anything else with her. Or did you just stop trying?"

After refilling both glasses, Hallis returns to her seat and takes a sip of her fresh drink. She holds the liquid in her mouth for a little while before she swallows and puckers her lips to breathe in the aroma. Almost like she's tasting it again without tasting it. Then she looks up at Nathan again and twitches her lips at one corner. "Sorry… we're drinking. We should be happier about things… Like… Happy that I don't have to play a vampire."

"I think," Nathan's nose wrinkles. "I could be in love with her, but she doesn't deserve my mess anymore, if that makes sense." His eyes narrow a little. Ironically this is something he's thought very little about since he regained his memory. "She deserves to have her life. And if I thought — I don't know. I don't know anything. I love her. I know I love her. And maybe that's why it's in the past."

He sips at his new glass of liquor again, relieved to have it in hand. "There's so little to be happy about when the world's falling apart." The words aren't bitter, really. They're reflective in tone. "There's so much wrong with what the government is doing, yet I'm somehow part of this government." He frowns.

"Wow, you know.. You're a bit more screwed up than I am." Just a bit. Hallis gives the man a supportive smile though and takes another drink. "You think I'll be like you when I get old?" Not that she doesn't feel old most of the time anyway. "I mean, you're a perfectly nice guy, but … You're different from before. A lot different. You don't smile anymore, you don't have great fashion sense. What happened?"

She points down to the settee again, in almost a commanding fashion. "Is it because the world is falling apart? I mean… Is the world falling apart? George doesn't really tell me about this stuff, and I know that I have an apartment full of people trying to hide from people like you… Government people, not Russian pizza men."

"Nah. You'd have to make infamously bad decisions time and time again to be like me when you're my age," Nathan smirks rather broadly before noting, "And thanks for implying I'm old and unfashionable. That's what everyone's dying to hear in the same breath" He shakes his head a little with a small, weary grin, "I got my memory back. And believe me, being me and remembering my mistakes will make anyone seem old."

"And no, the world isn't falling apart. Not yet, anyways, but soon. Things are a mess. And I guess I'm playing maid." He presses his lips together contemplatively before smiling, "Russian pizza men? Ha. I'll have to remember that one." He draws the liquid to his lips.

Hallis wrinkles her nose a little and shakes her head, "You should remember it, you were the one that said it, remember? I thought your name was Nathan Petroski and you said it sounded like a Russian pizza man or something." Then she backpeddles. "And I didn't really mean to say that you're old and unfashionable, I mean… You're what, thirty five? George is that old, so it's not like you're ancient."

The other comment, well that receives a shrug and she sets her glass down. Moving toward the closet she pulls out a series of jackets and lays them on the bed. Hallis didn't just go shopping for one suit… she got at least a dozen. "Tell me which one you like the best and I'll tell you how unfashionable you are." That part is said with a brilliant smile on her face. The cuts of the jackets vary, as do the button counts and certainly the style. There are some that Brayden would have really appreciated ranging down to the most conservative of wear.

"Let's go with thirty-five," seven years ago. "Ah yes. That was so long ago, I forgot the Pizza guy comment. Life was so easy then. I tell you, politics prematurely ages us." Nathan takes another swallow of his liquor and manages a small smile.

He looks through the suits and glances through each. "That one. That's the one," he points to a navy jacket — Armani, but relatively conservative. "I'm a Senator, I need to look alive. Everyone thinks I'm on my death bed, I need to seem… serious." He offers her a glimmer of smile. "So. Am I hopeless?"

Placing her hands on her hips, Hallis simply shakes her head and sighs. "Hopeless? You dress like you want to blend in. If you want to look alive you should wear something you don't want to get buried in." She tsks and grabs up the jacket, tossing it to the side. Then she turns to Nathan and narrows her eyes a little.

"Do me a favor, get undressed?"

"Uh… undressed?" Nathan quirks an eyebrow as he glances at the jackets. "Like… completely?" His eyes are narrowed before he half-smirks. Considering how guilty she felt about the whole making out with her coworker… He sheds his leather coat and places it on the settee. Following which the white v-neck t-shirt is tugged over his head. "Are we good now?"

Shaking her head, Hallis indicates the pants as well. She's not even looking at him like a real man, more like… a Ken Doll that she can dress up and play with. Or just dress up. By the critical way she's observing him and circling him, it's plain to see that he really doesn't have a worry in the world. At least not in his condition.

"No, I need to see your legs if I'm going to pick the right one. Armani isn't good for you. Right now I'm thinking Hugo Boss or Versace… Maybe Michael Kors, but I need to see your legs first."

"Seriously?" Nathan asks with an ironic kind of smirk, almost edging on whether he's being punk'd. With another shake of his head, Nathan undoes his belt and the jenas are dropped to the floor, leaving him in his blue boxers. He issues Hallis a shrug, "Can I put my pants back on now?"

The jeans are picked up and tossed into the corner of the room, which might not do anything for the nearly naked man's state of mind at the moment. Then Hallis just stands back and studies him for a few minutes. Her finger rubs against her chin and her eyes narrow as though she's actually appraising him like someone would a horse or a painting before auction.

"Your legs are alright, a little thin in the knees though. That suit you picked out is definitely not for you." Then she moves over to the bed and picks up a couple of the outfits and brings them over. She switches off between them as she holds the hangars under his chin. "Hmm… You're a what, 38 chest?"

Nathan fights the natural eye roll that pulls his gaze when Hallis tosses the jeans across the room. This doesn't really instill confidence that he'll be putting them on again sometime soon. With a sigh, he watches her encircle him.

"Thanks for the appraisal," he says sardonically. "Yes. 38 chest. Have been for ages." He looks down at the outfit she's holding under his chin. "Verdict?"

The Hugo Boss suit seems to be the one that she decides on, for now. Slipping into her closet, she emerges with a pale gray button down shirt and a stark white one. Both of those she holds up to the suit before unbuttoning the white one. Then she brings it over to him and begins to tug it over his arms, not even asking him to try it on. Yes, he's her life sized Ken right now.

"Hey!" The young socialite barks out at the sarcastic thank you, "You were the one that asked me for help. You want to look good? Well we're going to make you look like the hottest senator in the … You work in the white house? Right?"

He allows her to slip the shirt over his arms. In fact, despite the tone, Nathan is being rather cooperative. "Of course I want to look good," he replies with a half-smirk, and I trust your judgment, but being half-naked in your room is downright… incriminating." He issues her a broadened grin. "So white shirt? Can I match this with a red and blue striped tie? That would be amazingly patriotic." He nods.

"Nah. Not the White House, but don't worry about it. I just want to look alive and be present." He issues her a broad grin. "Oh and I have to wear my pin. I like my flag pin on my lapel."

"Okay, so the suit has to be navy blue. Hmm…" Hallis turns her back on him for a little while as she shuffles the suits around on her bed. "Oh, don't worry, the only people in the house that would think anything about it are either asleep or not here right now." In fact, that might make it look even more incriminating. It is late, he's mostly naked in her room. But there's a pile of suits on the bed, huzzah!

"Okay, repeat after me: No red and blue striped tie." She pulls a suit off the bed and brings it up to his neck. A delighted smile creeps across her face as she stands there admiring it. "I think this is the one… I really do." She pulls the jacket off the hangar and then slides the pants off the rod.

She starts to bend down to put them on for him but then she actually blushes and just holds them out. "Put these on."

"I like red and blue striped ties! And my lapel pin! They go together! And if I don't wear striped ties — who will know how snazzy I am?" Nathan will not repeat the phrase, although he might defer to Hallis' expertise — this remains to be seen. He blushes as she bends down, but the blush turns into a broad grin as she holds the pants out. He takes them and pulls them on. "So? What do you think? Good?"

Hallis steps back until she's studying him from across the room. Then she moves in closer and wraps her arms around his waist. Not to hug him, but his shirt begins to tug out just a little in the back, then she adjusts the shoulders and wipes them down with her fingers.

"Almost," she says absently moving back to her drink and draining the second glass. With a wince, she studies him again. "Hang on… I think…" Then she goes into the closet again, this time emerging with a selection of ties. Among them? No red and blue striped ones.

Nathan blinks at the ties. Where is the one with the red and blue stripes?! She must've forgotten it! Nah, he's not that naive. Instead he arches an eyebrow skeptically. "No stripes? At all?" His nose wrinkles again as she glances at them — they're all so not red and blue striped. He stretches his shoulders out — moving his arms back and forth to ensure that it's a comfortable fit. Sure enough it is.

"So — do you know about what's going on? I mean… you mentioned some people hiding from government people like me — " his dark eyes narrow at her before he pauses. "George and I are on the same side here."

The young woman is quite close to him now, pulling up the collar to fit a striking red tie around his neck. As she begins tying it, she shrugs one shoulder and looks up at him. "There's people.. that can do things, they're hiding. I have a lot of friends that are missing or hiding.. mostly hiding, but some I haven't been able to find at all." Her voice shakes just a little and she gulps before she begins to blink rapidly.

"I went to Haiti a saw a man that couldn't get hurt. He kidnapped a friend of mine that could change into anyone she wanted…" Hallis' voice is nothing more than a murmur at this point. She looks up as she finally pulls the knot on the tie into place.

Nathan nods a little as a soft smile edges his lips. "That's right. They're taking people who can do things." He watches her carefully. "The news says I'm sick — I've been that way since January according to them." His dark eyes continue to watch her. "They took me. I was in their custody."

After the tie is knotted he adjusts it against his chest. "So, do I look Senatorial?" He tries to pose seriously — removing any remnants of a smile from his face while holding his tie. A second later his lips curl upwards again, the seriousness feels odd.

Smiling, Hallis tilts her head as she considers him. "No, you don't," her statement is quite committed and she pulls the jacket up over his arms and tugs it at the shoulders. Then her hands move up to run through his hair to straighten it in some places and muss it in others. Until she's satisfied with what she sees. "You look better than a boring old Senator. You look good, like someone I would pay attention to." That's what really counts, isn't it?

"Thanks," Nathan says with a small grin. He stretches his shoulders in the jacket against, making sure he has room to move. "Will you pay attention to me, Hallis? I mean, when the time is right?" He gives her a wry smile. "I feel so out of practice." He glances down at the ground. "Makes me want to clear my head." He shuffles in one spot. "What kind of shoes? Would black be okay with this?"

"Nathan, what's going on?" The innocent sounding question has quite a bit of weight behind it, Hallis looks up into his eyes as her eyebrows knit together lightly. "I mean… Why did they take you? Why do you need me to pay attention to you? George isn't exactly telling me much, I don't know if it's to protect me or because he doesn't trust me not to say anything if … I've been helping as much as I can." It's as much as she can say at the moment, what has she done really, aside from giving a lot of money to a cause she doesn't quite understand.

"They took me because I can do things," Nathan says simply while tugging on the bottom of the coat, still feeling his way around a suit. This is the first one he's worn since January — it's been a long time. "Things are dangerous. I need to get back to work and doing my job." No matter the costs, of course he doesn't say this to Hallis. "And to do my job, the American people need to think I'm alive and strong." He issues her a tight-lipped smile.

"What can you do?" She questions further, not actually backing down to the nonanswers that he fed her. "I mean, do they take people who can't do things too? I'm safe because they wouldn't touch me, right?" As long as they didn't try to bust into her empty head, perhaps. Nathan's smile is returned tentatively, the corners of her lips twitching as though she really didn't want to do it. "I just want to know what's going on, I'm not scared anymore." Except of seeing that guy that can blast fire from his hands again, and maybe of heights. Definitely heights.

"I have a talent. It's not that astounding, it's just something I can do, and it gets me around," because his parents intervened. Still a point of contention in his own mind. Nathan stares at her a few minutes, "You'll be fine, just don't let on you know anything about this mess. It's for your own — and really our — good." He issues her a dimpled smile.

"A talent. Okay, I get it," Hallis gives a grim nod and begins to pick up Nathan's clothing, gathering it into a lump in her hands. Once the jacket, pants, and coat have been piled into a lump in her arms, she shoves them into his and nods. "You're welcome for the suit. I'll return the others." Her voice is a little bit distant, it's painfully obvious that she's closing herself off, perhaps even dismissing the Senator himself.

"Uh…" Nathan isn't one to stick around when he's being ushered out. He takes a step towards the door. "Thanks for this." He opens it very slowly and steps into the rest of her apartment. "Actually… I'd rather not… do you have a large window somewhere. Like a patio or something? It's dark out, probably easier that way."

Giving Nathan an incredulous look, she shakes her head slowly. "Large window? You're not going to throw me out of it or anything because I know too much, are you?" Then her face goes ashen and her expression turns a little bit frightened as she actually considers that a possibility. Is he really on George's side or just trying to trap him? No one ever accused the young woman of being the most brilliant crayon in the box, just the most colorful.

Quickly, she backs away, forgetting that the further she gets from him, the closer she is to the cathedral windows behind her.

"Look kid, I'm not gonna hurt you," Nathan shakes his head emphatically as he takes a step forward. "Relax. I just want to head home." Home. Whatever that means. His eyes narrow at her. "I would never aspire to throw anyone out of a window." Although Logan would. He frowns as he takes a step forward.

Frowning, Hallis keeps backing away, reaching to the side, she grabs her flat iron and holds it like a weapon. Then she looks down at it and then back up at him and snaps it closed like a pair of tongs. "This is the hottest flat iron ever made! I can burn you! You're so not going to murder suicide me out my own window after I was nice enough to dress you."

"I wasn't going to throw you out the window — " Nathan tries to explain as he takes one more step forward before just stopping, hands out to his sides. "I don't want to kill you. Good grief." He rolls his eyes before taking a step back now. "It's just safer for me to leave through the window against the backdrop of dark night."

"I'm on the twenty billionth floor! I am so not going to let you jump off my … " Then her face goes white all over again. "Oh. My. God! You're going to kill yourself for a cause! Just like those crazy alien people from that Weekly Witness! You're not doing it out my window!" Her voice is pretty much a hysterical squeak at this point and she's still holding the flat iron out at him threateningly.

"No. I." Nathan outright rolls his eyes now as he shakes his head. "I." With a heavy sigh he begins to float off the ground. "I can fly. I fly. That's my thing. I fly. Now. Can I use the window, please? No one will recognize me in the veil of darkness especially in my dark suit…"

Her eyebrows furrow and a suspicious scowl crosses her face. "Fly." Her eyes narrow a touch, for someone so exposed to the evolved it's painfully obvious that she just doesn't change her mind easily when she's got her mind set. "Fly?" Slowly the flat iron lowers and she glances toward the window. "Prove it. Before I open my window, I want proof that you aren't going to splat thirty seconds after you jump."

Nathan begins float a little higher in the air — he's several inches off the ground now. "See? I fly. I can fly. I do fly. And I'm not going to commit suicide." His eyebrows furrow. "Why would I do that? Especially in a new suit? Honestly…"

Lowering the flat iron down to her side, Hallis shrugs and looks thoughtfully at the suit. "Well, if I were you, I might kill myself because I would realize that I will never ever look as good in a suit ever again." Because really, how many more times is he going to let her dress him after this. "Just sayin'."

"Ha," Nathan manages at the suit comment. "It is a good suit though," he says as he lowers back to the ground. "So… the window?" He arches his eyebrows again as he takes a step towards her now that the straightening iron is lowered. "It'll be safer than going down the stairs, especially in a suit — I'm more recognizable in a suit."

Nodding quickly, Hallis puts the iron back on the vanity and turns around to throw back the heavy curtains, revealing a set of large windows that look as though there should be a balcony on the other side. What is there, is a railing bolted to the outer wall. The young woman turns the locks on the old things and pries one of them open very slowly. It's obvious that they're never used. "Uhh.. sorry about.. uhm… threatening you with my straightener. I'm not … myself?"

"It's okay. I've been threatened with worse," Nathan says with a wry smile, it's weak, but he's at least honest, if still a little weirded out by being threatened with hair supplies. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't… I mean, please don't threaten me again if you can help it." His smile broadens as he takes a slow, hesitant step forward.

"Well we were talking about … I thought that maybe… other side." Hallis thoughts come out in a jumble and she stares wide eyed at the window. "So, yeah. I'm going to, just over there." She gives him a rather weak smile and begins to put the other suits back in the closet. She doesn't look at him again, by the way she's trembles next to the window, it really doesn't take a genius to figure out why.

Nathan issues her a soft smile, "It's okay. A lot of people are terrified of heights." His cheeks flush as he steps towards the window again, within moments, he's out it, hovering just outside the window. "Thanks for everything Hallis," he shoots her a small wave.

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