2008-06-05: Summer Plans


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Summary: Jamie visits Sophie and they discuss her plans for summer holidays.

Date It Happened: June 5th, 2008

Summer Plans

Sophie's Apartment

It is a weekend, in the early afternoon, and Sophie is enjoying her time off. She's just starting on lunch, having fun simply puttering around the kitchen for a change.

Probably on a totally random whim, Jamie shows up at the building, punching in the code to buzz Sophie's apartment. Once Sophie answers, she quickly says, "Hi! It's me. Can I come up to visit?"

Sophie takes a second to realize what that is, then she says with a cheerful sound, "Oh, sure. Come on up! I was just making lunch."

It's only a couple minutes, long enough for her to run up the stairs, before Jamie knocks on the door. Stepping in once it's open she smiles, "Hi! It's ok I'm visiting, right? Just got kinda bored."

Sophie opens the door for you, beaming, 'That's ok, come on in, please. Its good to have some company." She had quickly put on the gloves, but was otherwise wearing cooler clothes. "I can understand being a little bored. Did you eat lunch yet?"

Jamie smiles at that answer "Thanks." She steps inside, her movements kind of bouncy from energy. She shakes her head quickly, "Not real lunch. Had a chocolate bar, but that's it." She asks then, "What've ya been doing today?"

Sophie wrinkles her nose. "No, that's not a REAL lunch. Me? Just straightening up a bit, nothing fun yet. I was making a salad, and some sandwiches, and maybe some juice. Interested?"

Jamie nods quickly with a smile, "Yes please!" She kicks her shoes off, leaving her in bare feet (she wasn't wearing socks), and then she follows Sophie. "I've been trying to find somewhere, 'sides the stinky river to go swimming. I don't think any pools are connected to pipes, though, all I keep finding are bathtubs."

Sophie has to admit, "I have no idea.. I never thought about how they get filled." as she walks to the kitchen, starting to make the lunch again. "But aren't there some public pools?"

Jamie nods quickly and says, "Uh-huh. But I dunno where any are. Well, 'cept the one I used when I stayed with Joe, but don't wanna go back there. He might find me there." Then, out of nowhere she comments, "I'm gonna be on the gymnastic team next year for sure, if I'm still going to the same school. I got mad at gym class, what they were making us do was so *easy*. So I made up a bunch of extra moves." She giggles, "Shoulda seen my teacher's face."

Sophie shakes her head, and she laughs a bit. "I can imagine. But you have to remember, people can't do some of the stuff you, or I can do. The expectations are based on regular folk. But, did you want Ranch, Italian?"

Jamie nods quickly again and says, "Yep, I know. But, my teacher's gonna give me better stuff to do now, 'least while the class is doing gymnastics. There's only like another week left of school anyway 'fore we're off for the summer."

Sophie nods, "Ooh, glad to hear that. Something more challenging. So, what are you up to for the summer??

Jamie shrugs to that question and says, "I dunno. Never had to pick like that 'fore, summer's always been 'bout the same as the rest of the year, 'cept I can swim more and I won't freeze if I turn water outside."

Sophie nods, "Well, its different now. I mean, with school in the winter, and now you're off. No job, either."

Jamie nods quickly to that and says, "Kinda wish I did. Being a runner, that's what I was all 'cept the last couple months with Joe, that was fun. Nobody's better than me! And even better if I could be an acrobat again. I can dance and sing too."

Sophie hmms, "Nobody said you can't do that.. just for fun, instead of having to.'

Jamie shrugs a bit to that and says, "Gotta have an audience or it ain't as much fun for most've that stuff. And running, I run around all the time anyway, but it's even more fun if I gotta be somewhere fast, or someone's chasing me."

Sophie nods and hmms, 'So you feel like you need something to do.' as she starts to make the plates. "Do you like mustard or mayonaisse?"

Jamie blinks, but then shrugs a bit, "I guess." She then considers the question and says, "Mayo, please!" She goes out by the couch then, climbing up to stand balanced on the back for a moment before jumping down to sit in the cushions in one quick move.

Sophie assembles the sandwich, and she giggles as she watches you sit, and she nods. "Hmm, well, maybe we can find something to keep you busy this summer. You can always still get an audience at the park. I know I'd watch."

Jamie looks up to Sophie again with a smile, brushing some hair behind her ear absently, "You would?" Then she adds, "Thanks." Swinging her bare feet off the edge of the couch, she says, "Can't really do acrobatics without stuff setup, but could do contortion and stuff too."

Sophie ahhs and nods. "Well, some of that's pretty amazing too. I'm sure most people would be interested in watching."

Jamie, when her food is delivered, starts to eat hungrily, but slow enough she can still talk too. "Hope so. Can ask Ali and Erin, see what they think. Maybe they'll have other ideas too. Maybe I can even get on Erin's TV show, that'd be really cool."

Sophie grins, "Yeah, that could be. That's radio, though. But I'm sure you could get an interview."

Jamie shakes her head quickly and says, "Ali's radio. Erin's on TV. She's on a soap opera. Ali tapes it every day for her, so I get to watch it after school. Erin tells lotsa stories about it too while we watch it.

Sophie blinks, 'You mean like a part on her soap, then? That'd be pretty exciting." she says, 'They sometimes have kids on them, I think.'

Jamie nods quickly and smiles, "Yeah! I ain't never acted before, but don't think many of the kids that go on shows like that have. I at least done shows before, I ain't scared of the cameras or anything. And it'll be a *huge* audience!"

Sophie nods, "Yeah, soaps have LOTS of people watching them. Who knows, you can only ask, right?' as she pours the juice, and gives a cup to you.

Jamie nods quickly, smiling, "Yep, right!" She eats a little more and then says, "And, there's Kory too. Whatever she wants me to do, she *still* ain't told me, but whatever it is, that's *really* important too. So, that'll be fun."

Sophie pauses, as she says, "Kory had something for you to do?" she then thinks something over, or perhaps accesses it, and she says, "Oh, yes, you're on.. I mean, did she talk to you about a 'List'?"

Jamie nods quickly and says, "Well, kinda, yeah. Said Peter told her about me, that's the guy from the future that saved me and flew me all around, and said Ali and Erin were on the list too. But, I dunno anything else. She said she's visit my dreams and tell me, but she hasn't."

Sophie hmms, 'I'm on it too. I'll ask her about it, but I think that's going to happen after she gets ahold of everyone, as a way of meeting. Something private, quiet, and where we won't, or can't be interrupted by anyone.. we don't want to interrupt us."

Jamie ohs. "Well, dunno what's goin' on still, but if it's about saving the world, better hurry up. Don't wanna get everybody together and then the whole thing's already over!"

Sophie nods, worriedly. "I know. I don't want to rush into this, its too important to get it done right, but I also don't want to hesitate so long that it won't matter."

Jamie nods a bit again and says, "Hope it's soon. Just wanna know what I can do to help. Not like I can get hurt or nothing, not when I'm water anyway. Can't wait to do something!"

Sophie smiles at that. "In a way, I can't either. Well, not that I'm probably going to be active in this. My abilities.. not so good at keeping me unharmed, and no good, really, at hurting anyone else."

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