2007-08-11: DF: Sunset


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Summary: Aileen meets with Persi for a business proposal.

Dark Future Date: August 11th, 2009


Under the Brooklyn Bridge

Under the Brooklyn Bridge was not the most likely place to simply find people standing around. And yet, hands in pockets, Aileen Kincade stands there, waiting. Who or what she's waiting for isn't readily apparent, but the woman seems content to be patient and wait.

Persi frequents all the 'not so spiffy' places in New York these days, now that there are less undesirables around. All the stuff where one might expect to witness a drug deal or find a crack den. The places most people don't ever feel like going. This just happens to be one of them! This time, though, Persi's spotted the silhouette of somebody already there — out of curiosity, she approaches from a less-obvious route that ends up with her coming out from between two little buildings near to the bridge — from there, she calls out to Ai, "Whatcha doing way out here? If you're looking to watch the sunset, this isn't really the best spot, y'know."

"Don't do much sunset-watching these days." Aileen calls back, glancing in the direction of the voice. "Kinda too busy fretting over all mankind to worry 'bout that. You gonna stand there all day and yell or you gonna come over here and talk to me?"

Persi does mosey on over, hands stuck in her pocket. Only once she's within normal earshot, she speaks up again, "Not a huge fan of big, open spaces, can't be too careful. What're you doing worrying about mankind? Not really sure that's quite your responsibility."

Hands still in her pockets, Aileen glances over. "You'd think it wouldn't be. You'd be surprised how quickly one can delve into issues that are a little more.. morally ambiguous." She smirks. "Keeping busy these days, or are you game for a little work?"

Persi idly glances around, then draws her lips into a bit of a smirk, "Are you sure? 'cause you might be surprised justhow quickly one can not give a damn. However, work does sound nice. I'm never busy — always occupied, never busy. That's my way of things."

"Oh, I'm not surprised. Feel myself turning down that rapid course of succession myself. These days… one has to worry about themselves. And lets just say, I'm pretty personally invested in this project." Aileen leans against a large crate, long since abandoned there. "Well, lets just say I have a nice offer for you. I'm working on a project that's gotten a lot of interest. From the government, from the various terrorist organizations out there… and my project just got a bit of a promotion. I mean, like, big serious stuff here. Like.. my name in newspapers big if it all got out. Only problem is… once word gets out about my promotion? Those terrorists are gonna wanna do all they can to cause some shit. So.. I could use some eyes and ears out there. I can promise very interesting spywork, a nice bit of payment, maybe some excitement here and there. In exchange, you'd hang around the clinic now and again, watch out for anything suspicious, do a little snooping around as see if you can catch wind of anything planned against the clinic and give me advanced warning, so I can get the hell out with all my research. Sound good?"

Persi nods slooowly and idly folds her arms behind her head, stretching a bit while she thinks it over. It's a looooooooong, possibly awkward pause as Persi paces down to the barrier that keeps people from wandering off into the water, then wanders back — then, she replies as if there were never any lull in the conversation, "Alright, sounds good, 'cept I don't really care about payment. Instead, don't worry about the money — instead, just make sure that if something unfortunate happens to me, you guys send a few lackies to bail me out. Sound good to you, o suddenly-important-gal?"

"Sounds like a plan. Though I doubt you'll be caught. You're too good for that." Aileen winks, withdrawing her hands from her pockets. "I really imagine you'll get into a lot of.. interesting situations given this.. but keep in mind, when it comes down to it, there's a lot riding on this project. Like.. at least one person's life. So don't let me down!"

Persi grins a bit more and gives Ai a firm clap on the back, "No need to worry, I've got no reason TO letcha down. Just, y'know…keep me informed — I do get around, but I'm not usually up on the most recent news, so if there's something I need to be listened to in particular, let me know." She stuffs her hands back in her pockets, then, and glances around, "But, yeah. I'll be sure to stop by now and then. For sure."

"Perfect." Aileen states, but she nods. "Believe me, I'll make sure you're informed if there's anything in particular I need you to do, but for now, just keeping an eye and ear out. And.. another thing? If you hear anything about Mohinder Suresh.. let me know."

Persi raises her eyebrows and glances over at Aileen for a second, "Who's that? One of these terrorist people? Or is that something for me to know?" Persi seems to be getting a bit stir-crazy from standing still so long, so now she's rocking from heels to toes. Dumdeedum!

"He /was/ a geneticist. But if you hear people looking into anything related to Suresh.. let me know. That'll most likely put you on the right track as far as info goes for what I need." Aileen glances back over.

Persi simply nods in response, then turns and starts to wander off the way she came, "Right-o, boss. At least, I guess that's what I should call you now. …I'm headed someplace other than here. Tag along if you want, enjoy the sunset if you want. Whichever."

"Nah, I've got work to do. Keep in touch." Aileen offers her card, phone number and all. "Just in case you need it."

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