2011-01-25: Super Hiro



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Date: January 25th, 2010


When Ando seeks out Hiro to deal with a small crisis at work, Hiro announces he's returning to New York.

"Super Hiro"

Yamagato Industries

Tokyo, Japan

It's a completely normal day at Yamagato Industries. As far as most of the dutiful employees know, every day is a completely normal day. Studiously, they sit in rows upon rows of cubicles fulfilling their duties until it's time to clock out.

Some employees… have other duties.

Saving the world? No— not today…

"Hiro!" A whisper filters between cubicles as, looking frantically this way and that, the best friend of the elusive hero in question runs through the rows. Ando is ducked down, scurrying as fast as he can, every so often popping his head up to peek, only to find no Hiro in sight. "Hiro!" he whispers again, mumbling something in Japanese under his breath— where is he! A mysterious box-shaped object is tucked under one arm, shoved in a wrinkled, brown paper sack and stacked on top with paperwork.

As he makes his way toward the fancier offices, a group of businesspeople drift by and give him an odd eyeballing for his creeping about. He immediately pops up and straightens his own suit. "«Hello— Mr. Tochigi. Miss, ah— Ms. Nagasaki. You look— very nice today.»" They carry on without a change in their skeptical eyeing of the younger Yamagato employee; he gives an off-put roll of her eyes and keeps on scurrying around. "Hiro!!"

Hiro is not even trying to look like he's the guy who owns the place. He's dressed in a cheap suit, the one he used to wear back when he was a cubicle slave himself. Frankly, business bores him. Having just finished a meeting with Mr. Tochigi and Ms. Nagasaki, he finds himself with time to spare. He was about to get himself a cup of fresh water when he hears his best friend's voice.

As such, he heads over to Ando. A leisurely pace, though slightly faster than when any of the other employees had been calling him. He's still trying to get used to owning the place, and he's done the painful task of hiding Takezo Kensei's sword in his office. But Kimiko reminds him that it's not quite proper for a big time CEO to be carrying a blade around in the office — employees might get ideas.

"«What's up, Ando?»" Hiro asks his friend when he arrives. His tone is cheerful even as he puts up a chastisingly wagging finger, "«Also, you should not call me Hiro in the office, I'm your boss now, remember? Kimiko tells me we can only be friends outside the office.»" His voice doesn't sound entirely happy with that idea, however.

"Hiro!" Ando exclaims with relief (and, contrarily, exasperation) on seeing his friend, immediately defying the advice. He pops up so quickly that he jostles the papers on top of his mystery package and flounders for a second to straighten them. "«So you like to remind me! I am not calling you Mr. Nakamura. It makes you sound old!»" Peeking from side to side conspiratorially, he shuffles closer. "«Kimiko is going to kill me, anyway,»" he confesses quite seriously. Making absolutely sure no one else is looking, he slides the random papers off and shoves the whole stack at Hiro's chest— they're inconsequential. Sloooowly, he starts to pull something out of the bag…

"«I'll make sure Kimiko won't kill you.»" Hiro assures his friend, but he seems more interested in the mystery that is coming up. He too, is looking around conspiratorially, "«And it doesn't make me sound old, just important!» Hiro complains, not without a lack of cheer in his voice. "«What is it anyway, Ando?»" He asks as he looks down at whatever it is Ando is pulling out. Curious Hiro is curious. "«Oh! I'm thinking of going back to New York soon. Kimiko is more than capable of handling business, and I belief New York needs me! You're getting a raise if you won't follow me! It's not safe!»"

"«Why would I want to go to New York! Everything bad happens there! Why does it need you?»" Ando dismisses, but there's a quick, worried glance to Hiro before the words even leave his mouth— which he quickly disguises by fiddling with getting the mystery box out of the bag. "«And don't dismiss Kimiko. Your sister is a powerful force! If she finds out I snuck this in— »" Out of the bag comes not a box but a tiny glass terrarium, filled with sand, driftwood, and … empty space. "«Oh… that's not good… I was hoping I could hide it in your office…»"

Because everything bad happens there! I am a Hero, Ando!»" Hiro explains, in a tone of voice that suggests that he feels Ando should be getting the point by now, though not angry. The terrarium however, quickly grabs Hiro's interests, "«What's that, Ando? And you can hide it in my office, sure. I'm promoting you to my personal assistant and secretary. You will be responsible for keeping my office occupied while I'm gone, answering my phone, and reading my e-mail. You're to keep me updated once a week, and only contact me further for truly important matters.»" In Hiro's eyes, that's the perfect solution to Ando's problem.

Only Ando's best friend would promote him while he's done something so stupid, but rather than announce this in so many words, Ando is distracted from his current crisis to blink at Hiro, mouth open. Blink, blink— "«You're really promoting me? …Does Kimiko know?»" He straightens up a wee bit on instinct; it's only the fact that his hands are full that stops him from adjusting his tie. "«Wait, assistantsecretary! I'm not supposed to be your Alfred or… Pepper Potts!»" He doesn't exactly say no, however. He shakes the glass tank at Hiro. "«My little cousin gave me this lizard— »" That would be the lizard that isn't there… "«To look after… I am pretty sure… Kimiko doesn't want reptiles at the company!»"

Cue: a high-pitched scream down the hall, coming from the ladies' restrooms.

"«I will be writing an e-mail to Kimiko to explain before I leave.»" Hiro assures his best friend, "«Also, as my personal assistant, you get to call me Hiro.»" Another problem solved, two flies in one stroke! Then the reasons for the glass tank come up, and Ando's predicament is halfway explained. The scream comes, and Hiro is able to put one and one together. He closes his eyes to concentrate, slowing down time immensely as he runs into the ladies restroom, scanning around for the lizard while time stands effectively still. Assuming he finds it, he'll pick it up and run back to Ando, putting the Lizard into the tank before returning time to its normal flow.

Ando is frozen with an expression of perfect shock and guilt, looking down the hallway, and that's before time stops. "Hir— "

In the restroom, Miss Nagasaki is sitting on the counter, her hands and feet hysterically in the air; Hiro's freeze of time keeps her poised in this ridiculous expression mid-scream, her eyes pointed down to… indeed, the lizard on the floor: a tiny, cheerfully green little fellow, harmless as a bunny rabbit, only considerably less endearing to Miss Nagasaki.

"«— o! That's the ladies' room!»" Ando blinks on Hiro's return, confused for a moment as he puts two and two together himself— Hiro's closed-eyes concentration a second ago (to him) plus a sudden rustling in the tank… he looks down and holds it up in front of his face with the most beaming of smiles. "«Frankie! Whew. That was close.»" He tucks the little guy's tank safely in the bag out of sight for when Ms. Nagasaki undoubtedly returns.. "«I guess we can put him in your office now."» A testing squint slides oh-so-casually to Hiro… «"Or should I say… my office…"»

"«That's why I had to do it this way!»" Hiro explains, his voice a smidgen guilty, "«Couldn't be seen entering the ladies' room, now could I? They'd think I was a pervert. Like the time you convinced me to teleport into the ladies' room and they threw me out!»" His finger waggles correctingly again at Ando when he tries to claim Hiro's office as his own, "«No, no, no! Our office.»" That seems like a fair compromise to Hiro, "«I'll make sure that you get added to the name plate on the outside, just beneath my own. Complete with your new job description, Central Executive Assistant!»"

«"Central Executive Assistant,"» Ando repeats, staring off dreamily into space for a few seconds — no doubt imagining his name on the door. "«Okay — I guess…"» Ando reclaims his papers to casually set atop Frankie, and starts to meander in the direction of that very office. "«I sound very important now. Do you know what you are going to do in New York? I know, I know, Hiro, you want to be a hero, but even a hero needs a game plan."» One Ando promptly forgets about as he goes on immediately— "«Do I get to sit in your chair when you're in New York?"» He focuses on the important things. "«Do you think your sister will respect me more now that I'm the Central Executive Assistant of the CEO of Yamagato Industries?…"»

"«For now you can, I'm not using it anyway.»" Hiro responds to the question offered by his best friend, "«I'll make sure Kimiko gets you a desc and a chair of your own, though. And I'll carefully instruct her to make them identical to mine.»" That way, there won't be any illusions that Hiro considers Ando to be his equal. "«I don't think so, sadly. Kimiko will probably just think it's some flight of fancy…»" Which it is "«… that she'll just have to talk me out of.»" She might just not get the chance before Hiro returns to New York, there's a reason he's planning to give the news by e-mail. Hiro might not be the most socially impressive of people, but he knows his sister.

To this, Ando heaves a disconsolate sigh; never mind his fancy new position and desk-to-be, Kimiko will still hate him. Reaching Hiro's door, he's first to try to open it and walk right in, inflated with his newfound power, but naturally it's locked — he bumps straight into it and mumbles a curse. He shuffles back. "«I just hope she doesn't get mad at me, for not stopping you from going,»" Ando says. More seriously, he levels a look on his friend. "«Maybe I should! Why do you even have to go? You can teleport whenever you want! You could lead a double life, Clark Kent in Japan, and Superman in America!"»

Hiro unlocks the door for Ando, opening it and allowing his best friend to enter first. "«Welcome to our office.»" He says with a smile, "«I'll have to remember to instruct Kimiko to get you a key to our office as well. For now, you can borrow mine.»" And not waiting any second, Hiro removes the key from his keychain and hands it to Ando. After Ando enters, he sits down into his chair, "«I'll write up that e-mail while you find a place for Frankie.»" It's only as he starts typing the e-mail that he responds to his friend's suggestion. "«Two reasons. First, I know I tend to travel through time if I teleport long distances, which would be inconvenient. Second, this way Kimiko can't bother me to make decisions, I'll include in the e-mail that she has full executive control as long as she doesn't overturn any decision I make or have made.»" Like promoting Ando.

Ando wanders in behind, brandishing his new key, and goes about planting the lizard right in the middle of the desk, along with the paper bag and papers, which immediately splay everywhere. "«Like promoting me!»" he declares. "«She can overturn me anyt— never mind,»" he quickly cuts off his attempt a … joke … in the presence of Kimiko's brother. "«You know, I think it's a good thing you're going,»" he decides, sitting down on the edge of a chair by the desk and toying with things on the desk. "«You're starting to sound like a real CEO. It's scary.»"

Hiro finishes and sends the e-mail, and arranges a few other things through his computer, though it's not immediately apparent what those are. He gets up from his chair and offers it to Ando, "«This is your chair for now, Ando, I will take the train to the airport and depart to New York soon. I just booked the last seat on the plane.»" It's a first class seat, not because Hiro wants the luxury, but because it was the last seat and he could afford it anyway, he moves towards the closet in which he stores the sword and gets it out. "«I'll make a phonecall as soon as I have arranged a phone in New York. Goodbye, Ando!»" He closes his eyes, concentrates, and no moment later he appears in the train station, ready to do as he had explained, teleporting to prevent himself from running into Kimiko. A few hours later, 'Super Hiro' is on the plane to JFK Airport.

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