2007-03-12: Super Mom


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Summary: Dinner? $75. Bodyguards? $200. Finding Out Your Mom Is A Freak Like You? Priceless.

Date It Happened: March 12, 2007

OOC Note: This is a retconned scene.

Super, Mom.

Sum Rych Rest'raunt

Jaden Cain. Once again doing that thing where he's doing nothing. He never really does anything. It's what happens when he's a rich and professional slacker. He's getting himself out of one of the many cars he's bought. He was supposed to be meeting his Mom here. She said she wanted to talk and that's, well, all well and good. But maybe they should've talked at home.

But, it doesn't hurt to get out in the open sometimes. He looks at his highly expensive and diamond encrusted watch. Too many diamonds. Too much bling. He's not really sure where she's coming from or if she's even using the limo. But here he is, a couple minutes early even.

Candy is taking one of her own cars, purchased since the money came in from her son. She parks outside, and steps out, in a dress, heels…appointed nicely, as it were. She steps out, and approaches. As she spots her son, she smiles brightly. "Evening, Jaden. How are you, sweetie?"

"Hey Mom!" Jaden's at a loss for either giving her a hug or some dap. Whatever the case may be, he's not really sure the paparazzi are going to be nice about it, so he goes neutral and just lets the world take whatever they want from the pictures that may be being taken at this exact moment. He looks around though and makes it a point to peer at Candy's car. "Nice car. You pay cash for that?" Might as well make with the small talk.

Candy smiles. "Yes, actually." She nods to the restaurant they're nearby. "Shall we go on in? The longer we're out here, the more pictures get taken."

Jaden turns and offers a peace sign to where there's probably a couple more people taking pictures. He's definitely good to go with the posing and then he's opening the door to let his Mom head into the restaurant first. He follows and mentions reservations and before long the two of them are seated. Luckily, Jaden doesn't have to stop and sign any autographs.

Candy does sign one or two on her way in, but she keeps it minimal, sitting down at the table. "So…what have you been up to lately?" she asks her son. "I haven't seen you in a couple days."

"Oh, you know. Spending money, pretending to be something I'm not. Oh and trying to figure out who killed my father." Jaden shrugs a little but, ordering a drink and gets comfortable in his seat. "Might as well do something with this money." He looks down at the table and tries to keep himself in his usual happy state. "Oh hey! My party's comin' up. You're coming, right?"

Candy frowns as she looks to him. "Jaden, there's been no proof…not even any speculation, of that. But it sort of leads into what I wanted to talk to you about. Neither of us are using any kind of security right now, and with as rich as you've become, that's a bad idea, I think."

Jaden leans onto the table, clasping his hands together and just shrugs. "Mom. You know what I can do. I don't /need/ security. I /am/ security." is the explanation that's given, since, well, he doesn't really want to make things known. People are probably listening in or something and he definitely doesn't need to be recorded as saying he has super powers.

Candy looks exasperated. "And what you can do isn't going to do you any good if some nutcase shows up with a gun, Jaden. Or breaks in? Or goes after the rest of your family." Her expression is more serious than usual. "If someone -did- murder your father, what possibly makes you think they wouldn't come after you? Or me?"

"Because we didn't even know him!" Jaden's getting a little more loud now, but it's mostly because he's somewhat passionate about not having some kind of strange security. "Listen, Mom. If you want people on you, I'll spring for it. I'll get you the damn Secret Service if I have to. I can't lose my best friend ever." Now he's starting to get worried. "Did you do something? Are you in some kinda' troubloe?"

She looks back. "And you think that's going to matter, Jaden? You've got more money than god. It's going to be an issue. Or it certainly could be an issue. I just think it's a good thing to take some precautions. You're not bulletproof!" She points out to him.

"I don't have to be. Nobody even cares enough about me to kill me. I'm the owner of a software company. Software that I don't even know what it does!" Jaden shakes his head and leans back against the seat. "I don't need a body guard, Mom. I've got body doubles." He practically whispers this last part.

Candy nods. "And that's who your father was too. You can't have it both ways, Jaden. If you think -he- got killed, then you're in danger of the same thing. And unless -you- are a double…" And her tone suggests he'd damn well better not be… "Then you're still vulnerable. I want you to get some security. I don't want anything to happen to you."

Jaden can tell he's not going to win this. This is like that time he wanted to go camping with the Wachowski Brothers. But did she let him? Nooooo. Then what happened? Neo happened, that's what happened. He rolls his eyes and plays with the napkin on the table. "Fine. I'll pay somebody to follow me around and watch my every move and generally make sure I don't have any fun ever again. Happy?" Because he sure isn't.

Candy looks back. "I talked to someone about it. All I'm asking is that we talk to them and see what they have to say, okay? Just a meeting. Once we talk to them, we can see what they think about bodyguards." she tries to sugarcoat it some.

"I don't wanna' talk to anyone about it. You want me to have a babysitter? Fine. I'll get a babysitter. But I'm pickin' the babysitter." Jaden's not exactly ready to keep this topic of conversation going. It sucks. Mostly because, well, he never would've thought having more money would make his life worse. "I'll find one after the party."

Okay, so much for sugarcoating. "I already talked to someone, and we're going to meet with him and see what he has to say about it." Not "can we", or "will we". Nope. "We're going to". Mom is putting down her foot. "BUT, I promise that if the time comes for picking a bodyguard, you can pick the bodyguard, okay?" she says. "I just want you to be safe, sweetie."

"Well, I guess we didn't even really come here to talk about it, then, did we?" Ayup, Jaden's pissed. This whole foot being put down stuff doesn't go over quite as well when he's older and richer and not-so-wiser. "Figures." He goes into his pocket and just drops the stack of hundreds onto the table as he pushes his chair back to stand. "Next time you want to just make a decision about my life without me? E-Mail me. It'll be more painless." And yes, now is the time for Jaden to start his dramatic exit.

Candy sighs. She reaches over across the table to grab for his arm. "Jaden, wait." Her tone is concerned, as is her expression.

Jaden stops. But that's not because he wants to listen. He'd just rather not fight. He doesn't even respond. He just, stays right there, ready and primed to get up and waltz out of here and start the estranged relationship that all rich kids have with their mothers.

She wraps her hand around his wrist. "Please. Don't go." Because she doesn't want that estranged relationship to start. "I'm just worried about you. All right? You're all I have, and I don't want some nutjob to decide to grab you and start cutting pieces off because they think they could get rich off it." Her expression is a mix of sadness and concern. "You're all I've got." she repeats.

Jaden sighs and scoots back under the table. He grabs his money and starts with the shoving it back into his pocket. Figuring that this statement is strong enough without words, he just moves on to something a little more lighter in topic. "I've been thinking about that, actually. I wonder if I could like… I dunno…' Again his voice grows to even softer tones. "… do parts… not the whole package." She should know he's talking about himself, right?

Candy just looks confused. "You mean…what, like four arms or something?" She asks, trying to follow. "I don't get it." She does let go his wrist, though. "Why would you -want- to?"

"I dunno." Jaden shrugs. "I guess I just wanna' see if I can do more than just… be everywhere at once. I really need to find out if there's like a real life Professor X or something. I wanna' know what I can do." He gives a dismissive wave of his hand, trying to just let the topic fade out to obscurity or something.

Candy smiles. "Well…" she says quietly, still so that they can't be overheard. "Maybe we can both try figuring that out together." Time to spill the beans. Fair trade for being the Mean Mom, in her mind.

"Mom, I'm pretty sure the sign says Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters." Jaden says with a wry little smirk. Yes, he's tossin' a playful burn at his mother, but that's to be expected. It's part of being in a family. Apparently, he also doesn't really get what she's trying to say. He's not the smartest nerd in the IQ test.

Candy rolls her eyes. She HAS seen X-Men. "That's a movie. I'm talking real. Like what you do." she says.

Jaden rolls his eyes back at her. It's humor, sheesh! "Wait what?" It kind of hits him a little late. He blinks and draws the wrong conclusion. "If you're like me, then…" He shakes his head trying to clear out everything. "How come you went to shoot movies? You coulda' stayed home!" Yes, he thinks his mother can Replicate.

It takes a couple moments for her to follow that. "No, no. Not…" She pauses, and looks around. She settles for picking up a fork off the table…which she then proceeds to tie into a knot, twisting the simple metal like it was a licorice stick.

Jaden's mouth actually drops. "Holy shit." Yes, he just cursed in front of his mother but he doesn't really realize that he's done it. He's staring at the fork and trying to figure out what in the hell just happened. When it happened. And why he's just now finding out about it. "I've got a Supermom."

Candy puts the knife into her purse, hurriedly. "SHHH!" she says, looking back at him. "We don't need anyone figuring out what either of us can do, you know."

"This is so sweet!" Jaden's forgotten to actually pay attention to the fact that he's being loud. "All this time I was thinkin' I was by myself and you know what's goin' on with me!" He blinks. "No wonder you didn't freak out when I went all… y'know…" He's smiling at least, so that's good that he's not having an attitude about it.

"Shhhh…." this time it's softer, trying to induce by imitation. "Oh, believe me, I freaked out. But it's just something really weird. We need to keep it quiet, though."

Whispering, kind of, Jaden's full of happy. "Oh man. We should totally like… become superheroes." He's leaning onto the table now. "We could get Max to make us costumes. Oh man, it'll be off the hook!" His wheels are turning like crazy as he decides it's high time to start saving the world.
"We'll be like… the Wonder Twins except not really but…"

Candy quite literally facepalms. "Jaden." she says, somewhat seriously. "This is not "keeping it quiet". This would be the -opposite- of "keeping it quiet". If people find out what -either- of us can do, you or I are likely to end up guinea pigs." She knows. 80's movies.

"Not if we like… save lives. I mean, nobody turned Superman into a guinea pig. We could totally rock this city." Jaden sighs, shaking his head.
Nobody ever wants to go along with his ideas. Granted, they're not really good ones but still, can a brotha get some support? "Bah, I guess. It seems like such a waste to just use what we can do for, well, nothing. We might as well not have any gifts at all…"

Candy points out "Superman could fly away. And was bulletproof. And neither one of us can fly. Or are bulletproof. I want to find out what's going on, sweetie. But that means low profile till we do." She learned -something- from those spy movies.

"Fine, fine." Jaden agrees, holding up his hands. "This sucks. We can do all this cool stuff and can't even tell anybody about it. I should just change my name to Peter Parker and get it over with." He's only pouting for a little bit longer, before he's pretty much over it.

Candy looks relieved, but she takes the opportunity to press the earlier point. "And we both talk to this security guy." she reminds. "Because I don't want us getting snatch-and-grabbed before we have a chance to figure out what's going on."

Sigh. ANOTHER SIGH. He really doesn't want to talk to this person, but whatever. He'll send a ditto. "I'll be there." He doesn't sound happy about it in the least, but at least he's agreed to show up. In some form or another.

Candy smiles brightly. "Good!" She says, seeming to consider it handled. "Then let's not worry about all this serious stuff a while and have some fun!"

Mom comes to dinner and drops two bombs on Jaden. And she wants him to just forget all about them and slide right back into having fun mode? Piece of cake. The thoughts of all the dangerousness are gone and Jaden leans back, propping his hands behind his head. "My kinda' fun? Your kinda' fun? Or…" Dramatic pause because he's getting that crazy 'up to something' look in his eyes. "Our kinda' fun?"

Candy laughs. "Any kind of fun. Something that doesn't involve all this seriousness." Something where they can be friends, instead of this awkward mom-in-charge role. She doesn't do mom-in-charge well.

Jaden smiles and looks at his watch. "Well. It's not quite club time yet so…" And in the flash of a hand, he holds up a couple of credit cards. "Shopping spree?"

Candy grins, and her eyes light up. "-Shopping- spree." she says, emphatically. That -always- works.

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