2007-03-15: Super Secret Agent


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Summary: "Lea" visits a second time, and this round, she tells Jeremy a few secrets.

Date It Happened: March 15, 2007

Super Secret Agent

Bitchin' Stitchin', New York

After watching movies with her fellow Company BFF, Heather, Claudine has decided to head out to Bitchin' Stichin' once more to see if there's any new updates on the whole evolved situation. If this guy can be used as a prole without him knowing, then by all means, she'll make a prole. It's all for the greater good and all, or so she keeps on telling herself.
She comes in, peeking her head first while knocking on the door as she opens it. "Jeremy?" she calls out.

"Coming!" Jeremy's voice doesn't come from the thinly veiled work room, but instead upstairs, and a moment later, footsteps can be heard and a door is opened. Dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, with a dog-eared paperback clasped in his hand and his reading glasses in the other. "Lea!" he greets, in surprise. "How're you doing?"

"Hey Jeremy!" Claudine says with a bright smile while wriggling her fingers towards him in a friendly wave. She peers over at the book he's been reading. "I've been doing all right. Just working on the project still and whatnot..wondering if you had any new people that I could ask questions from?" she asks curiously while heading on in.

"And how's your project going? Come, I have tea, would you like some?" Placing down the book - the Silmarillion by the looks of things - on the counter, Jeremy pulls back the bead curtain for Lea to step through. "I've only got Earl Grey, but you know, it's tea." He then smiles apologetically, other hand coming to run through his hair. "My apologies, though, I really haven't talked to anyone new with superpowers since you last visited."

"It's going all right. Just going through soem of the arguments in that 'Activating Evolution' by Suresh. I think it wouldnt of been deemed as him being a crackpot if he didnt go into things like the Gaia Theory of Evolution, or Lemarckian Evolution andinstead just stuck to natural selection. Though really, I dont know how someone could be naturally selected to suddenly have enough mutations in their genome to develop X-Men like powers.." Claudnie admits ruefully before she ooohs at the offer of tea. "And tea would be great..and oooh! I had to read that for my Tolkien class last semester.." she says pointing at the book.

Jeremy leads her inside, moving to clear up some space for sitting before flipping the switch on the automatic kettle. "It's all a little unreal," he agrees. "But there's a lot of unexplainable things in the world, you know? Everyone thought the idea of the world being round was crazy talk too."

Well, he does have her there. "But at least there werent many logical fallacies in that argument. At least none that I'm aware of anyway.." Claudine admits ruefully as she continues to follow as she looks around, looking for places one could plant some sort of bug, should the need ever arise. "So..what got you so interested in this whole 'Activating Evolution' fad anyway?" she asks while canting her head to the side as she peers curiously towards him.

"Good question," Jeremy says with a smile in his voice. His back is turned to Lea as he deals with the tea, so her glancing around of the space goes unnoticed. "I've always believed in…" He glances back at her. "Okay, no thinking I'm crazy, but I've always believed in a higher power, but not like a religious one or anything, but in like… that we can do more than what we think we can do. Sort of. Like a sixth sense." He turns back to her, passing her the cup of tea, a slice of lemon in it. "And so when I found out about things like Activating Evolution, it's like someone's taking all that stuff seriously for once."

A soft chuckle escapes from her lips, cause if she didnt actually have powers, she would've thought he was absolutely nutters, but alas, she does, so she gives him a reassuring smile instead. "Well..it makes sense. Everyone's got to have something to believe in..for me, it's God. For you, it's people with powers.." she says with a warm smile, nothaving any of her usual patented sassitude. "But you're right..I think you're probably a humanist in a way, thinking that people are meant to do more than we are doing now. It's admirable.."

"That's kind of you to say," Jeremy says with a wide smile, sitting down, hands wrapping around his own mug of tea. "And probably an exaggeration, but you know, we all try and do our parts. And like Dr. Suresh says, we only use a 0 of our brain power. Just a little bit of advancement and who knows what we're capable of. Its not too big of a leap to think we can start controlling the things around us with a thought, one day."

"No, it's not too hard to believe.." Claudine says with a warm smile as she looks around for something rocklike or crystalline that she could use for a little demonstration. She sighs a little before taking a little seat and chews on her bottom lip. "I like you Jeremy, so I'm going to be straight up with you. I havent exactly been completely forthright with you. There's a reason why I want to meet people who've come to you with powers.."

Oh there are crystals. Lumps of rose and clear quartz and rock formations decorate a nearby windowsill, obviously situated so that they can reflect whatever light gets filtered through the window. Jeremy tilts his head to the side. "Not just for your paper?" he asks, leadingly.

"Not just for my paper..no.." Claudine says matter of factly as she eases on up to grab a couple of the larger crystals of rose and clear quartz as she keeps them in her hands for a few moments. "Think you can keep my secret?" she asks in the end, not yet doing anything with the crystals…

Jeremy watches, a frown tugging at the corners of his mouth as she moves to pick up the quartz, and he sets aside his tea. "Sure I can," he says, sincerely, own hands clasping together as he waits for… whatever she has to tell him. Or show him.

"So they can help me.." she whispers softly as she looks towards the door and sits back down. She opens out her palm and takes the rose quartz first as she concentrates while putting her other hand on top of it. It takes a few moments, but soon the rose quartz starts to become pliable in a way, and soon, she starts pinching and molding it into a crystalline red pony. And in the end, she sets it down on the table.

Jeremy just watches, and despite himself, disbelief is plain on his face as he watches the what he thought was very solid matter get formed and played with like clay. "Oh my," he says, glancing from her hands to her face and then back to the little, crystal horse on the table. "Power of earth," he says, abruptly, and smiles at her. "So you /are/ a Planeteer."

An impish little giggle escapes her lips at the comment and she nods slowly. "Precisely..only reason I knew why closing faults someplace would open some somewhere else.." she says with a warm smile before she runs her fingers through her hair. "But, really, why I want to know if there are others out there, is well…first off, there are more of us out there. Lots even, and not everyone would have good intentions with their powers. I'm with a group..kind of like the X-Men. We go out and help people to learn and train in their powers, but like the X-Men, we have adversaries. Now..some of them really think that us trying to find other people like us is a bad thng, and that people should be left alone to do what they wish, and well..we dont want that to happen.." she explains, definitely putting a twist on things.

"Only thing we're lacking as X-Men is Cerebro. And that's where I'd like you to be for us.." she says in the end, pausing there to let him mull over it.

Even more surprising than the discovery of Lea's power, is this, and it shows. Jeremy blinks once, twice, before he reaches up to very tentatively pick up the rose crystal horse. "So… like a secret organisation…" he says, and one can almost hear the wheels turning. Good thing for Lea, Jeremy doesn't have a cynical bone in his body. "People need to know how they can use their powers for good," he agrees, with a very hesitant smile. "If you think I could be of help, I'd like that."

"We're with the government, so you have to promise not to say anything about this, or even let in anyone on it. Not even your BFF..if you have one.." Claudine says, trying to emphasize this point as she chews on her bottom lip, definitely playing up her youth and innocence. "I have to admit, when I first saw your ads, I thought you might be working for the people we're trying to stop..which is why I asked you a bunch of questions in the beginning. But I like you..you have a good soul, Jeremy, and I definitely think you're a good person.." she says, trying to butter him up some more.

"So you have to promise not to mention me or what we're doing to anyone.." reaching out to place her hand on his. Yes, she knows nerdy guys dont really know how to handle women, and he looks like one, so she's going to play all the cards that she has. "If anyone knows..I could get into -MAJOR- trouble..and you dont want me to get into trouble..do you?" fluttering her eyelashes in the end.

Jeremy winces, just a little, at the idea of not telling his BFF. Oh because yes, he has one, but he draws in a breath and nods once. This is important. As she continues, Jeremy merely turns his hand to clasp hers in a friendly gesture, apparently not too ruffled as she plays her cards, though they work. "Of course, I don't want you getting into trouble over me. You can trust me, I won't tell anyone at all."

Claudine smiles warmly as she nods, keeping her hand on his. "But you have to be prepared if these people come to you. They're going to tell you so many lies about us..so many.." she says with a soft sigh, closing her eyes for a few moments while chewing on her bottom lip. "They..they say we kidnap people and do awful things to them.." she says while sniffling a little. "But..but they're the ones who do awful things. They came..and killed one of my friends to try to take someone who came to us for help, only because he had incredibly destructive powers.." as she forces tears to roll down her cheeks. "They kill people, Jeremy. They'll do whatever they can and spread whatever lies they can think of to badmouth us..

Jeremy is the picture of sympathy as she tells him her story, and he moves to sit beside her, a comforting arm around her shoulders. "Well some people just act like that to things they don't understand," he says. "You and your organisation are trying to help people who are different. Don't worry, we both know what's right and wrong, right?"

With the arm around her shoulders, she leans in and starts crying while resting her head on his chest. "We..I..need your help. We need to protect people before people can be told lies about us. If they dont learn how to control their powers..then bad things will happen.." she says with a little sniffle. "You..are you prepared for the lies that you'll be told?" she asks a little while peering up at him curiously once more. "And we..I know the difference between what's right and wrong. Lying is very wrong..and you'll be lied too..a lot..should they ever find out that you're helping me.."

"I'll be prepared," Jeremy says, hugging her once before shifting back and looking at her straight in the eye. "Don't worry, I trust you, Lea, and I trust what you're trying to do. It's… it's a lot like what I'm trying to do, only on a bigger scale. If you need a Cerebro, then, well… I can do my best, I promise."

Claudine sniffles a little more while wiping her nose with her hand. There's still tears rolling down her cheeks as she looks him in the eyes back. "Thank you Jeremy..you cant let people know what you're doing either…I wouldnt want you to get hurt. They..they might use you..to get to me and the others.." she says softly before looking down to the ground once more. She continues sniffling a bit more while wiping away her crocodile tears. "I..I should go..I wouldnt want to put you in any unnecessary danger should someone be following me.." she whispers just to play up the danger aspect, cause well..guys are turned on by danger..or something like that. With that said, she eases on up and smiles warmly, "If you want..I can come check up on you every now and then?" she offers.

Smiling back, Jeremy nods once. "I'll always have tea. Maybe you can meet my cats." Oh, lord, the cats. He stands as well, because it's only polite to show people out when they're going to leave. "Just… make sure you don't get into too much trouble. I mean… obviously you probably know what you're doing and got a secret identity thing going on, but, just be careful. I will if you will."

Claudine smiles warmly and a tinge of guilt causes her to sigh. She does genuinely like him, but she has to do what needs to be done. Oye. This'll bother her for a bit, but she puts all that away for now while giving him a hug instead. "I'll be careful..I promise.." she says in the end while squeezing him tightly before she heads out the door. "Good night, Jeremy.."

"Night," Jeremy says, waving after her once she leaves. He closes the door and locks it up once she's gone, and turns back to the empty work space. Then, he puts a hand to his chest. "Omigod I can't believe that just happened," he mutters in a rush of breath, and he nearly runs back to pick up the crystal pony. With a happy smile, he sets it back on his windowsill. Jeremy Wakefield, secret agent, is over the moon.

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