2007-07-19: Supercuts


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Summary: Don't. Screw. With. Doug.

Date It Happened: July 19th, 2007

Log Title Supercuts

Location Hartsdale - Primatech - Hospital Wing

The last thing that can be recalled, is the regretful scuffling with Cass in the park. Then nothing. Things could have gone smoother, that's for sure. Even now as he's starting to come out of the effects of the curare, Mohinder's mind remains hazy. He's unable to stay properly focused. It registers that he's in a hospital room, most likely the medical wing at Hartsdale's facility.

No music today. No dancing. The last two days have been busy ones for Agent Butabi. He hasn't left the office since word got out that there was a leak concerning Megan Deatley. Despite being a more than capable field agent, the current crisis makes him more valuable inside than out on the pavement. He hasn't shaved, but still barely rates a five o' clock shadow. His face is tired and lined from taking brief breaks for naps and meals before diving back into the fray. His eyes are bloodshot from fatigue. Though he's done his share of browsing files and staring at computer screens, the bulk of his time has been taken up with interrogations. The security staff. The janitors. Medical staff. Anyone who even might have come into contact with the Deatley girl is being subjected to very close scrutiny. The list of suspects has been narrowed considerably, though there's one in particular that he's saving…

Doug is seated at Mohinder's bedside, flipping through a briefcase full of employee files. Several are withdrawn. Swan, Maxwell. Wolfe, Meryl. Damaris, Kaydence. Winters, Benjamin. Bishop, Elle. He's entranced enough with his organization that he's yet to notice Mohinder stirring.

Mohinder's eyes open and it takes longer than normal to register he's not alone. Mind full of fog and haze, he tries to sit up only to have the room spin. What was he stuck with? He knows this, the effects.. he's diagnosing himself as best he can in his current mental state. Curare. That's what Cass had.. What were the full effects again? It's a way to shake himself out of the fog, to try and get the mind into gear. But it's difficult.

When he realizes that the doctor is awake, Doug stops shading in the heart he drew on the bottom corner of Elle's file. Carefully, he sets his briefcase on the floor. "Careful, doctor." His voice is low, steady, and even. The confident baritone has no place in the throat of a man who's usually seen giggling girlishly. Likewise, his face is set into an expression of professional concern that minimizes the freakishness of his physical appearance. "You've been through quite an ordeal. How are you feeling?"

Mohinder barely suppresses a groan. A layman is here to explain what happened. Lovely. "I have been drugged.." he feels the need to point that out in a flash of brilliance. A drug he's familiar with and has used before on Sylar. No information is asked for yet, so nothing is volunteered. His mind is still kicking into overdrive to fight back and get on track.

"You're a clever one, aren't you. Good to see those years of medical school didn't go to waste." Doug stands as he speaks. His size is far from impressive, but he still towers over Mohinder's prone form. "Your little stunt was very cute, Suresh. Take a valuable Company asset out on an unsanctioned mission with no reliable intel." It's clear that Doug is not amused. Not one bit. "You need to stop reading Hardy Boys novels under the covers with a flashlight and stay in the fucking lab. Now tell me what happened. Everything."

Mohinder blinks, then frowns, brow furrowing deeply as he regards Doug. "No reliable.." This is so not a good time to ambush a mind like Suresh's when coming up from drugs. "I got a call from Niki Sanders.." His speech is slow and deliberate, as if having to think a good deal about his words. "Someone told her.. we were holding Megan Deatley. Her brother then called me on Niki's phone.. then Cassandra Aldric intercepted the call. I handled it. Their memories have been altered." And Dr. Aldric might not be pleased, but it was for Cass's own good, lest she and her boyfriend do something stupid.

Doug isn't placated. "It's not your job to handle things, Suresh. And even less so to take our assets out without proper clearance. WAKE UP!" The thin man lifts a hand, more than prepared to assist in the process with a slap. "As of now, you're on the clock. Tell me more. Who contacted Niki Sanders? We have a leak, and I swear to Bob, I'll patch it with strips of your skin if I have to."

Mohinder isn't amused, he's messed up in the head, Doug is angering him, and he's in no position to properly retaliate. "Lay one hand on me, and I have a virus injection with your name on it." Eyes narrowed, he looks levelly at Doug. "I was not able to get that information out of Niki. She refused to tell me over the phone. Cass and Lachlan informed me they are the only three who know of the matter. Niki's memory should be altered." Ya think? "I did not meet personally with her."

"Really? A virus injection?" Doug's voice is light and casual. Too casual. He rummages through a supply drawer until he finds what he's looking for. When he comes to stand over Suresh again, he's holding an extremely sharp pair of bandage shears. "Let's try this again." He leans down and grips a large lock of Mohinder's pretty hair between finger and thumb, stretches it out, and snips it off an inch from his scalp. "If you think you're man enough to kill me, you're welcome to test that assumption at your convenience. We will, of course, modify Ms. Sanders's memory. Now tell me about Lachlan Deatley." He stretches out another hank of hair, but doesn't cut it. "And mind your tongue."

The casual air of Doug's voice puts Mohinder on alert. Brows raise further at the pulling out of scissors.. and… well.. there goes a lock of his hair. Sure it'll grow back, and it's naturally good looking, but all the same. ".. Who said anything about killing you? What do you want to know about Lachlan Deatley? He clearly has an ability, one he was not able to demonstrae with the Haitian nearby. I could tell by the panic in his eyes when he was no longer able to sense it. Now. Do let go." Or Mohinder might have to get creative later.

"You've told me all I need to know about him. That wasn't so difficult, was it?" Doug smiles indulgently. "Now we can be friends again." He tosses the scissors aside, but he twines the long curl of hair into a twist and tucks it into his shirt pocket. "What about the third man. Cass. What was he doing there? I asked the Haitian, but he's notoriously tight-lipped." There's a flash of frustration in Doug's eyes. The Haitian is the one nut he's never been able to crack.'

Mohinder's eyes remained narrowed.. friends again? No wonder Doug works so well with the Company. He is as certifiable as most people under Primatech's employ. "Cass… is the daughter of Doctor John Aldric. It pained me to have to resort to modifying her memory. She put up a fight before she could be subdued by peaceful means."

Doug seems more amused by this than anything else. "Aldric has a daughter on the other side of the fence? I need to catch up on my homework, obviously." He gives a rueful headshake. "In you 'professional' opinion, doctor, what risk is there of further contamination outside the facility from those three? I need lists of all known contacts, friends, family members, co-workers. Everything you personally know, and I need it yesterday."

"How nice… and yes.. Cass Aldric's shop has been under Company surveillance for sometime until the bugs were discovered." So there. Mohinder thinks that should suffice, unless Doug wants to be a hard-ass. "There quite possibly be. Given that we don't know who leaked the information and who told Niki Sanders. I am not intimately in contact with Miss Aldric. I have only met her in person the one time."

"Very well, doctor. Sleep. Dream of large-breasted lab assistants. When I see you next, I expect to receive a written report of this incident." Doug moves toward the door, but pauses with his hand on the knob to look back at Suresh. "Don't think that your apparent desire to quickly resolve this situation excludes you as a suspect. We'll be talking about this more. Trust me."

The door slams behind him. Out in he hall, he lingers to pull the lock of hair from his pocket, study it for a moment, then lift it to his nose and inhale deeply. "Yes, doctor…" he murmurs. "I'll have my eye on you."

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