2007-06-02: Superman, Hairband, and Princess Leia


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Summary: Peter's awake and gets his first set of visitors. And he finds out about a certain party involving costumes.

Date It Happened: June 2nd, 2007

Superman, Hairband and Princess Leia

Peter Petrelli's Hospital Room and Beth Israel

Not long after he woke up, many people on his contact list recieve an update, a phone call to tell them that Peter Petrelli has woken up from his coma. It's nearly evening when the phone call is placed, with a report that he's been awake for only a short time. By evening hours, they're already got him moved to a different room, with less monitors. No more annoying heart monitor. Though still hooked up to an IV drip, and under some supervision, to make sure he doesn't relapse. At his request, they've given him newspapers of the last week, which he's thumbing through.

Elle had been off at a meeting, and so it does take her a little time to get here. Not so much, though, as RocketBlonde zooooooms through the city at speeds in excess of limit. She shows up at the hospital, and makes her way up quickly. She enters the room at a walk that's one step down from outright run, her arrival presaged by clickclickclickclickclick on the floor.

The only further delay would have been directional. New room, and all. Peter hears the clickclick of heels and looks over in time to see her enter at a near run. The newspaper is immediately dropped into his lap, crinkling a bit as he looks at her. "Elle."

Certainly no reason to prevent such a thing. Peter twists as much as he can, unable to get out of the bed all the way because… he's not wearing real clothes yet, and the IV keeps him from moving as much as he'd like, but he still puts one arm around her and stares over her shoulder. "Sorry."

Elle smiles a little bit. "Don't be. I'm just glad you're okay." And she does seem to be. She reaches behind herself and snags one of the chairs, pulling it up to bedside so she can sit next to him. "Welcome back."

With the proximity, she could tell he feels cooler than before. Still a little feverish, but out of danger. Presistant week long fever should have done a number on him, but right now— he feels almost normal. Just a little warmer than he should. Peter looks relieved when she says what she does. "Yeah— back. Should be able to go home soon. They just want to… check me over." There's a small pause, "You been okay?"

Elle nods. "More or less." A frown. "Couple rough days at the start of it, and a couple problems. But they can wait till you're better."

Reaching out, Peter finds her hand and tries to clasp. "I'm okay. Really." Something he'd probably have said even when he was about to keel over. He does glance away from her as he adds softly, "But it can wait."

Elle takes his hand and squeezes. Gently, cause there might be an IV in there. "If I were to tell you, you would only either stress yourself out, which won't help you heal any quicker, or you'd wanna go off now and be Superman and try to handle it now when you're not handled."

Around the time everyone got phonecalls saying Peter'd woken up, he'd already been moved to another room, with less annoying monitors. And given newspapers. And already recieved one visitor in the form of his blonde girlfriend. Whose hand he's holding. "And you think an answer like that won't make me worry?" he asks with a serious expression, squeezing her hand. Luckily it's the other hand with the IV, so squeezing doesn't hurt. "Is it— something you can handle, at least?"

Elle sighs and looks exasperated. "How about if I promise that none of it is anything that you can do anything immediately about, and no one's life is in immediate danger? It will keep. I don't know that I can handle it; I -will- need your help for at least one part of it. But it will keep."

It's not the first time this week that Nathan has made his way from his HQ, straight to Beth Israel. This time, at least, it's for a reason that takes some weight off his shoulders rather than adds it on. Walking down the hallway towards Peter's room, the one he's been relocated too, Nathan is talking quietly with a doctor, asking short questions and dismissing most answers, before dismissing the guy entirely by the time they get to the door. He pauses at the door, knocks on the frame to announce his presence when he sees Peter's not alone. His gaze spares a flicker to Elle, but his focus is on his brother. It doesn't really occur to him that he's interrupting anything he shouldn't. "Pete. How you holding up?" A pretty casual question, but the relief and concern is there.

"I guess that's okay for now," Peter says in response to his girlfriend, though he still looks worried as his brother steps into the room. If he's interupting anything, it doesn't seem to bother the younger of the two siblings. The serious expression changes a bit upon seeing the older man, and he attempts to sit up more, only to stop when he remembers how little he's actually wearing under the sheet they put over him. Hospital clothes aren't clothes at all. "Nathan… I'm okay. Just— hopefully they'll let me go home tonight. Probably want to keep me over-night, though. How you holding up?" Who knows what happened the last week!

Elle is looking worried too, though it's over Peter. She hears the knock and turns her head. Doesn't get up, and one hand is still holding Peter's, but she uses the other to offer a wave. "Nathan."

Nathan takes up his post at the other side of Peter's bed, moving a chair with him to sit down. "Doctor mentioned wanting to keep you overnight," he agrees. "Probably not a bad idea, you've been out for a while." Sure, Peter is superpowered, but all the same. "Can't say you missed much." Ish. He looks towards Elle - the last time he saw her, he was half-convinced it was a hallucination, what with the confusion over Princess Leia costumes and the countless vodka shots, so she receives a faintly bemused smile. "Good to see you, Elle," he says. She gets points for being here, maybe.

Oh sure. Peter sleeps, everyone parties. Then again, considering the party, his shy self might be glad he missed it. "That's good. World didn't end while I was sleeping." In some ways it's a relief, but he that doesn't mean things didn't happen, still. As Elle's already hinted. "Hopefully this won't happen again…" Maybe next time he'll listen to his body's complaints and take a break before it leads to coma? Hopefully. False hope, knowing him and his friend's tendancy to nearly die.

Elle nods. "Though, honestly, if the world were going to end? I think I'd rather it did it while I was asleep." And she nods to Nathan. "Likewise. Loved the costume." Cause, yeah. She isn't gonna let THAT one die anytime soon.

jhdshfsdjk. Nathan gives Elle a 'gee thank you, now I got bus tire marks to show off' kind of look. It woulda been better has she been a hallucination. "Mhm, likewise yourself." Then he just attempts to slide into a whole other topic before we can go too far down that road. "It won't happen again if you quit trying to do too much, Peter," he says, mildly chastising, though he puts a hand on his brother's arm - away from the IV - as he says it.

"Costume?" Peter asks, looking confused and as if he's missed something. Which he has. But he's not totally sure what. His brother's not wearing a costume— unless someone considers a suit and tie a costume. Though some of his ties could be considered such… As the hand comes down on his, the younger brother shifts into it, and raises the hand not holding onto his girlfriend to return the physical contact on his brother's sleeve. Still, he just got chastized, sort of. "Not too much. Enough that Cass is okay." He'd already found out about that to make sure. "That's the important part." And he'd do it again.

The blonde nods a bit. "There was a costume party while you were out. Nathan was…a member of a hair band." Oh, she will so totally rat him out over this. That lane change? Not QUITE yet. "And everyone is going to be okay." Except the guy who did this.

Goddamnit. This seals it. Elle /is/ evil. "You're too young to know about hair bands," Nathan mutters, neither denying nor confirming. "And yeah, Cass is okay. She also happens to agree with me." Okay, so, Cass didn't know at the time that Peter coma'd due to saving /her/, but that's not the point, is it.

"…A hair band," Peter says, looking towards the older brother he idolized. He's too young to know much about hairbands too, but he does remember one thing. "You didn't even have big hair in the 80s. Someone got pictures, I hope?" he adds, turning towards Elle for confirmation. Surely SOMEONE got pictures of this. But really, Nathan's not going to let it go, so he's going to have to be stubborn, as he continues touching them both. "I'm fine. Did what it took, and I'd do it again if someone's life was in danger."

Elle's answer to that? "Sure I am. But they have retrospectives on VH1. Usually on how much they sucked." Yes, she is evil. She looks back to Peter. "I think someone was taking pictures. I wasn't." Cause really, there was barely room for -her- in that thing, much less a camera.

Bitch did not. Nathan is clearly tempted to retaliate about how awesome Poison is, perhaps, but he manages to restrain himself. contenting himself with a mild glare in her direction after shutting his mouth. Then, "There are pictures. They'll never see the light of day," Nathan confirms. Because for some stupid reason, he trusts Elena. Haha! Ha. As for Peter exhausting himself to save the world, or at least, Cass? Nathan leaves that argument for another time. "Heidi was a lion." If diverting through subject change won't work? He'll just throw his wife under the bus.

"That makes sense. She's a Leo," Peter says with a smile, grinning at the mental image of Heidi dressed up as a lion and going to a costume with hair band Nathan Petrelli. Which brings to question something that'd been implied. "So what were you?" he asks towards his girlfriend.

Elle coughs once. "Princess Leia from Star Wars." she says. "I found some notes in one of my planners about getting a costume for that. So I made a couple calls and went with that."

"I wouldn't really call it a costume," Nathan says, almost quietly, as if sneaking that comment in there. Innocent as you please. "Maybe /half/ a costume…" His hand lifts off Peter's arm now, sitting back in his chair.

Now, Peter didn't look disappointed at all the first time they mentioned a costume party. But there's a flicker in his expression before he looks down, and a twitch of his hand against Elle's. "Oh." At that he starts to settle back into the propped up bed. "Hope you both had fun." Hair band he didn't mind missing as long as there's a hope of pictures (which he still believes in) but this…

Elle manages a smile as she looks back over, and squeezes Peter's hand. "I still have it." She bought it, not rented it. "When you're feeling better, you can have your own costume party."

This. This is nothing Nathan needed to know. Because obviously, that is how he interprets this interaction. At least Heidi never had glamrock fantasies of him (OR DID SHE) and he certainly doesn't have a furry fetish. He clears his throat as if to remind them of his presence. "It was a brief party, in any case," he says. "The police sort of… broke it up after an hour or so."

Yeah, that's nothing his brother needs to hear about. So Peter just gives a small nod in response to Elle, squeezing her hand gently. They'll have later, yes. It's mention of the police that draws his eyes back towards his brother. "The police. You know they brought me a whole pile of newspapers for while I was in the coma… Did this make the papers?"

Elle looks back to them. "It didn't." she says. "It would raise too many questions if it had, so we did what we could to damage-control it."

Yeah. While Nathan definitely enjoyed what there was of the whole event, he definitely /did not/ appreciate having to make a hasty exit due to the cops. In glitter, white denim and cheetah print. Now wouldn't that have been a mug shot and a half? He glances to Elle with a slight nod, but he answers Peter. "As for the party, well. There was some press, but Cain managed to cover it up effectively," he says. "His PRs must work overtime. He can afford it, I guess."

"That's good," Peter says, on both accounts. He knows how much his brother's image means to him, and with the possibility of a Senatorship… a brother in a coma for unknown reasons might gain sympathy vote— but might also gain accusations about WHY he's in the coma in the first place. Last thing he wants is drug overdose brought up. And 80s band hair and Nathan Petrelli? Also not wanted in the press. "Yeah, heard he's pretty rich. Guess I should be grateful I missed it. Hate to see what you guys would've dressed me up as." Cause they would have to be the ones to do it.

Elle actually has almost no hesitation on answering that question. "Superman." It's not the first time that she's teased him about that. "And Elena works for Cain's PR, as I understand. So much of the thanks probably ends up with her."

Nathan rolls his eyes at the suggestion of Superman, though it's with amusement. "I think we all need to make a pact to steer clear of spandex," he puts in, then blinks at Elle. "I knew she worked at EvoSoft, didn't realise it was that." He shakes his head. "Well, she did promise she wouldn't sell photos to the Inquirer. Thank heavens for small favours, I guess."

"Spandex /and/ a cape," Peter says, looking amused, if a little unwanting of that particular outfit. Underwear outside his pants! That's just not how people are supposed to dress. "Yeah, she does work for him," he admits, though like his brother he may not have been sure what she DID exactly. He knew it was paper work involved. Eyes flicker towards his brother again when he mentions selling photos, and an eyebrow raise follows. Yes, he heard that. And he's taking it to mean one thing. There's photos and Elena has them. He opens his mouth to say something, when a nurse walks in. "Mr. Petrelli, Miss Bishop, I'm afraid I'm going to need to ask you to leave for a while. The doctor wishes to go over a few things with the patient…" As if he wasn't sitting right here! "You can of course come back later, up until visiting hours are over." Many hours left on that. And Nathan could visit later.

Elle smiles back at Peter, and stands when the nurse comes in. "I'll come back and visit later." she promises. "It's good to have you back." And she leans in to give him a kiss on the forehead, then straightens to go.

Snap. Nathan doesn't even have time to formulate a lie before the nurse comes in. He'll just have to trust in Elena, now. He stands up, places a hand on Peter's shoulder in a squeeze once Elle backs up, and starts for the door. "I'll see if I can't bring Heidi with me tonight," he says to Peter. Now would be a good time to mention Monty, but, the nurse is looking expectant, so he can leave that conversation topic to his wife. With a final almost-wave, Nathan heads back out into the hallway.

"Miss you already," Peter says, reaching up with his un-IV'd hand to touch her cheek and pull her back down for a nose touch before he lets her go, turning towards his brother to incline his head. His brother may also have hope in him forgetting about it in whatever the doctor puts him through poking, prodding, or questioning wise. He might have to lie a lot to the poor man. "Look foward to it. See you guys later." The nurse does look expectant, and shows them both out before closing the door, cutting the room off from spectators. The doctor will enter soon after…

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