2009-12-21: SUPERNATHAN!



Guest Starring:

Simon And Monty

Date: December 21, 2009


The Petrelli kids visit Nathan's office. Madness ensues.


Petrelli Office

The office has been a whirlwind of activity since the call came, with staff and interns hitting the ground running following Nathan accepting the Senate seat. It's a good busy though, filled with the sort of cheerful energy that generally comes from a staff coasting on the high of success. Anais is in the thick of it, her one day away leaving the redhead woefully behind on paperwork.

Therefore, she can now be found at her desk in her small office, sifting through the stacks in search of a file of receipts on recent contributions. The bell-sleeves of her white silk tunic keep getting in the way, catching at papers and causing them to spill, so the woman has applied the practical solution of rubber bands around each wrist to pin them up. A small frown-line mars her brow as she lifts and moves and continues to fail to find the necessary file. This is not zen. Anais is troubled.

Pushing her chair back from the desk, the redhead stands and strides to the door, poking her head out into the office proper in search of someone who may know where the pertinent paperwork has been misplaced. "Jen? Christopher?"

"If you're superman I'm freakin' batman!" Simon declares as he ties one of Nathan's suit jackets around his neck like a cape as he runs down the hall. Monty, of course, traipses close behind with an actual Superman cape draped around his neck.

"Superman is best," Monty tries to hide his pouting lip. "Right dad?"

At this Nathan looks up from his papers and offers both of the boys a small grin. "Look boys, you guys need to give me just a bit of time… we got the Senate seat officially today and I have a lot of work to do…" he also glances around for an intern and spots Anais, "Ms. Frazier!"

Simon, however, keeps running without looking where he's going and runs into an innocent passer-by…

"Nathan? I, ah…are these—?" But the rest of the question is bitten off. Anais had stepped into the hallway, preferring not to converse while calling over distances. Unfortuantely, this places her on a collision course with Simon. What follows is most undignified: boy connects with Anais, Anais staggers and steps backwards to maintain her balance (it figures, the one time she wears boots with an actual spiky heel that Nathan would bring small children into the office), and her hands clamp on Simon's little shoulders in an attempt to stabilize both of them. A fall is prevented only because her shoulder connects hard with the doorframe.

It isn't often that the woman frowns but she does so then while looking down at the child. It's a mild frown, true. But still…

"Are you all right? Here." Simon is straightened, turned and urged to march right back into his father's office, all with brisk and efficient guidance from the redhead's hands. "I believe this is yours, Mr. Petrelli?"

"Woooah," Simon gawks at Anais. "It's Ariel…" his eyes widen as he stares at the red-headed woman, still gaping. "I'm good, Ariel. Very good."
Monty also stares at the red-head, but he's quiet. Hesitant even. Instead, he looks at his Dad.

"Yes, yes, he's mine," Brayden grins as he steps forward and ruffles Simon's hair. "They're visiting for a couple of days… didn't realize we'd be getting the seat this week." He shrugs before he says, "Hey! I need a few minutes to get some work done… can you?" he points from Simon to Monty before padding towards the main entrance "Have to run some errands… I promise I won't be long. Be good for Ms. Frazier, boys! Thanks Anais… I owe you one…" At this Brayden leaves the building.

But…but…she…wait, no! Anais is left speechless as her boss swans by and leaves her with two small human beings. It would not take a psychic to tell that the woman is not entirely comfortable with children; it's there in the way she turns a wide-eyed and uncertain look at the two boys as their father abandons them. "Oh…oh dear."

But surely someone who has gone head to head with the scions of big business can handle a pair of pre-adolescents? Yes, of course she can! Anais can be seen gathering herself, squaring her shoulders and adopting the restrained but warm smile that she's put to such good use in the boardroom. "Well…boys. It looks as if your father is busy. I…ah…my name isn't Ariel actually. It's Anais. And you would be?"

By virtue of being closer, Anais extends her hand towards Simon first. What child wouldn't be pleased to receive an adult-style handshake?

"Ariel … Anais… it's almost the same," Simon declares matter-of-factly. "It's like the same number of letters or something, right? AND they both start with A's." He offers his hand rather emphatically for Anais to shake, "I'm Simon!! And you're the little mermaid." Beat. "But you must be the kind of mermaid that only has fins when it water." He's positive of this fact and promises himself that next time they meet he will have water with him. "I'm Simon and that's Monty. But you can call me Batman. And he'll go by Superman."

"Superman's better anyways," Monty says as he gallops up to Anais. "Do you sing like the Little Mermaid too? We like it when she sings."

"I…I…" Have never been asked that question before. Therefore Anais has no answer prepared, and little Monty receives a slow blink for his input. She extricates her hand from Simon's grip and laces her fingers together (to prevent more handshakes) while tipping a polite nod to both boys. "It's a pleasure to meet you both. Simon, Monty. Ah…I…really am not sure I should call you Superman or Batman. You have very nice names. Very…ah…handsome."

The question of whether she sings is neatly dodged, or so she'd like to think. Anais glances over her shoulder as if hoping Brayden might have miraculously returned before returning her gaze to the youngsters.

"Are you visiting your father for Christmas?" Pause. Here is where she'd typically ask if they had any plans for Christmas Eve. Opera, perhaps, or a dinner out. Instead, she's left to stumble through something more child-oriented. "…has he…taken you to see…ah. Any Christmas light shows, yet?"

"Well, my name is awesome. Monty is a cheese-boy!" Simon declares with a triumphant smile.

"My full name is Monroe and you know it!" Monty whines behind his brother. There's a pause, "I am Superman though. I'm super strong and can fly and can shoot lasers from my eyes!" He says this incredulously with a nod. "So… do you sing? Can you sing for us? We like Disney music." He grins broadly at the woman.

"YEAH! We like Disney music!! You can play Ariel. I can play… Batman. And Monty can be Flounder."

"No fair! If you're Batman I get to be Superman!!"

"Boys, please." Anais lifts her hands, gesturing mildly with them to urge the pair to lower their voices. And stop fighting! She's looking rather distressed, to the point of retreating a step in order to stick her head out of Brayden's office and glance around. Surely there is an intern who knows more about children than she does! "I…I can sing but I'm afraid I don't know the words to any of Ariel's song. I haven't actually watched a Disney movie since I was a child," she explain almost absently. Her brown eyes scan the busy office, trying to pick out someone who looks both young and not busy.

"Ah, excuse me?" One blonde seems to catch Anais' eye, and she lifts her hand to flag the young woman's attention. "Could you come here for a moment, please? There's…it is important." Really, it is.

KeLyssa has been plowing away, carrying papers from one desk to another, faxing things and stapling things and stamping envelopes for mailing. So when a certain redhead attempts to flag her down, she doesn't find it unusual. People have been doing that all day. She smiles to Anais and approaches. "Yes ma'am? What kin I do fer ya?" She asks, her Southern accent prevalent.

"That's a rule, you know!! That you can't watch Disney movies when you're an adult!!" Simon states happily.

"…really…" Monty seems sad. But then, "But Dad watched Meet the Robinsons with us last night. Lying is bad, Simon. When you lie an angel loses its wings."

"That doesn't even make sense," Simon says before he turns to Anais for support. "Well we want to hear your voice anyways. Sing something you know then!! Puh-leeeese. We want to hear you sing. Please. Please. Please Ariel." Yes, the name is sticking. And then KeLyssa comes to attention, how is it his dad hires such pretty girls?! "Helllooooo laaaady."

Were Anais not simply human, there is a good chance that she would be incandescent with relief when KeLyssa peels away from the oh so important hustle and bustle in order to lend her aid. "Thank you, ah…Kelyssa, right?" It takes a moment but she locates the young woman's name in her memory and rewards her with a warm smile. "I was wondering if you happened to know anything at all about little boys and whether you could…"

But first she has to pause and give Simon a look that is simply flabbergasted. What sort of children is Nathan raising?

"Simon, that is not polite. You do not speak to a lady that way," Anais scolds gently. "If you can't be respectful to the members of your father's staff, you do not deserve a song. And my name is Anais."

Oh, how quickly non-parents can be tested by wee tykes. Especially wee tykes who have Petrelli blood.

KeLyssa smiles a little. "Ah…takin' care o' the boss's kids, eh?" She gives Simon and Monty a little wave. "Sure, I'd be happy ta help. All I'd be doin' is shufflin' 'round the office anyways. Might as well make m'self of more use 'round here." She giggles softly, nodding. "An' m'name is KeLyssa, yeah. Ya got it right, ma'am." She raises an eyebrow and leans on the door frame. "Now, now li'luns." 'Li'luns' sounding somewhat like 'little ones'. "D'ya like comic books an' stuff?"

"But I want a song too, and I haven't even called you Ariel once," Monty whines. "And I didn't call her a lady, but she is a lady, isn't she?" The younger Petrelli boy frowns before he realizes he wants his dad back. "Wonder where daddy was going…"

Simon considers the question as he looks at the door. "I bet he's secretly breeding velociraptors! I saw that in a movie once! They're like the most awesome dinosaurs ever. But scary. Daddy better watch it or they'll gang up on him and eat him."

Monty goes wide-eyed. "Daddy's going to be eated by a dinosaur?!"

"Yup! Mommy too maybe…" Beat. Turning to KeLyssa he grins, "We love books!! And stories!! And we're not little. I'm the biggest I've ever been! Daddy even said!"

Comic books. Of course. Anais gives KeLyssa a look of deep gratitude. She is so reassured by the younger woman's presence that she is emboldened to step inside the office once more. "Your father isn't going to be eaten by a dinosaur," she says to Monty. Now, being soothing, that Anais can do. She wraps the little boy up in her best smile and even offers him her hand. Because she fully intends to lead him to a chair where he will hopefully remain stationary. Until Brayden gets back.

"Maybe if you both are very good, and very quiet, KeLyssa will tell us all a story. And…and if your father isn't back afterwards, then we can sing a song. And then hopefully he will be back."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "Yer daddy ain't breedin' no velociraptors and he ain't gonna be eaten by 'em neither. Ya wanna know where he really is?" She closes the door behind Anais and her. "I'll tell ya, but ya gotta promise ta keep it a secret. TOP secret. 'kay? Ain't nobody else is allowed ta know. I ain't even supposed ta know, it's so secret! An' I'm his assistant!" She looks around, and assuming that the boys promise she says, "He's out savin' the world. He's the real Superman, ya know. Ain't nothin' can hurt him. 'Specially not when he's out fightin' the likes o' Lex Luther an' all the other bad guys out there!"

"Good! I don't know if I could deal with Daddy being eaten," Monty sputters. "It would be really scary for him too."

"I'm always good," Simon states proudly. "I bet you like a hero, Ariel. Batman's a hero, you know." And then KeLyssa reveals the secret causing the older Petrelli's mouth to gape open and whisper, "I knew it."

Monty blinks at KeLyssa, "He's fighting //Lex Luther?! Wow. Dad is amazing."

The boys aren't the only ones to blink and stare at KeLyssa. Anais does so as well, momentarily taken aback by the direction the young woman's story follows. "Oh my," she breathes, before Monty summons her attention again. She forces a smile as she guides the little man to one of the chairs facing Nathan's desk. "I'm sure he'd be very brave, but it would be scary, yes…here you go." The chair is straightened and turned to face the blonde storyteller.

"I do like heroes, yes. They…look after the rest of us," she adds for Simon, after a moment of thought. Such an odd, odd conversation. The redhead has no other option than to chuckle at it, now that the pair seem to be well in hand. Thanks to KeLyssa's quick thinking.

With the boys settled, Anais folds her arms across her midriff and fixes a smiling but rather thoughtful look on the intern. "One wonders how he finds the time for all of that."

KeLyssa having worked in a store (even having run the store for a little while) has given KeLyssa a quick mind for stuff like this. "Mmhmmm. Yer dad is quite somethin'. Amazin' is the right word, you said it!" There's a nod toward Monty as she smiles. "He won't let nobody come ta no harm. That's the kinda man yer father is." She gives Anais a little grin before continuing. "Well, ya'd think he'd have such a hard time tryin' ta fit all o' this inta his schedule, what with now bein' senator again an' all. But he has a few tricks up his sleeves. Sometimes, when he supposed ta be at a meetin' but he has ta go out an fight crime, he sends someone else ta fill in fer 'im at the meetin'!"

Both children follow Anais' guidance to the chairs and sit down. Monty looks at Anais and then KeLyssa, "Well if Daddy's Superman then… then he's like a hero!" His eyes widen. "And then… I'm Superman's son!!" Woah. This news is amazing. The youngest Petrelli beams at both of the women. His eyes are bright, KeLyssa has effectively sparked the kid's imagination.

"Yeaaaah! Of course Daddy's Superman! Except he's more awesome than Clark Kent because he's all Senate-stuff instead of reportery. He's awesome. I bet wherever he went he flew! He probably flies everywehre! AT SUPER HUMAN SPEEDS! He is so awesome." Two dimples are exposed on Simon's cheeks.

"AND I bet he never takes a plane! Why would he?! He can fly! And he probably does it in the Superman pose with one arm in the air and the other on his hip!! And he loses the suit by ripping it off like Superman but he wears a blue spandex suit underneath!!" Mentally, Simon promises himself to check later. "Woooah. That is awesome. I'll remember the meeting trick and use it next time I fight crime!" For all of those times Simon fights crime…

Anais' lips quirk in a faintly amused smile. That does sound like Senator Petrelli, actually. "He does enjoy sharing the wealth…ah. Yes, you are," she remarks, tilting her head to Monty and adopting a solemn expression worthy of such important realizations. "The son…of a hero…"

Her speech slows not for dramatic effect but rather out of concern, as Simon's imagination takes off and he begins to babble about flying. She hesitates, glancing briefly at KeLyssa with the ghost of concern in her eyes, before she forces that smile again. "But you do remember what KeLyssa said, right Simon? This is a very important secret. Why, if you were to talk about this anywhere others could hear…Lex Luther might hear you," she cautions.

KeLyssa nods a little bit. "Yes, Miss…Anais, right?" She's seen the woman around the office. "Miss Anais' right. This does gotta be a secret. TOP secret! Ya can't even let yer daddy know that ya know, okay? I ain't even supposed ta know. So ya gotta keep this real hush hush, ya understand?" She says quite seriously. "An' like Miss Anais says, if Lex Luther does hear it, then he'll know what yer daddy's secret identity is, an' we don't want 'im ta find that out, do we?"

Monty nods solemnly. "I won't tell nobody. Not even Mommy." Except he probably will tell Heidi, but she'll keep the secret, right? "I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. Or eyes."
"Yeah. We need to keep Lex Luther out of the loop. He probably thinks Superman is Clark Kent like the comic books say! Silly Lex Luther. He's not smart like Daddy, is he?"

"Do… do you think Lex Luther would come after us if he knew?" Monty's eyes widen again. It's unsettling to think Lex Luther may come after him.

"Anais, yes." The redhead's smile grows easier as the voice of authority abuses its influence on the boys. But it's for the very best of causes. Right? "And KeLyssa is right…but we believe you. We know you'll help keep his secret," she intones solemnly. "Of course, Lex Luther would never come after you. His fight is with Superman, right?"

Such a hard reassurance to give little ones. Having to do so makes Anais sigh.

"Well! That was a terrific story. You boys should thank KeLyssa, and then maybe we can go see if there are any cookies in the staff kitchen," she suggests, brighter now. "All of our interns are allowed two cookies a day, so since you're here helping your father…I suppose that makes you interns as well."

KeLyssa smiles and nods. "I know that ya'll won't tell nobody. I b'lieve ya." She says easily and softly. "An' ya ain't got nothin' ta worry 'bout. Nobody is gonna hurtcha. Not Lex Luther an' not nobody else." She says kindly. She grins at Anais. "Ah, cookies! I betcha that ya two like ta eat cookies. I know that I do. They're soooo yummy! It's hard ta eat only two!"

"Coooookies," Monty beams. "Yes. I love cookies."

"Well I love them MORE!" Simon insists. "And yes, that story was amazing! Thanks lady." He can't remember her name even if she introduced herself. "And thanks Ariel. Can we have a song now??!"

Fortunately for Anais, Nathan opens the door to his office and pads inside with a broad grin. In his arms he has two grocery bags full of supplies (TOYS!!!). He extracts two colouring books which he thrusts towards the boys along with a very very large box of crayons. Quickly he mouths the words 'Thank you' to the women. "See boys! Look what I brought! You can colour in our reception area with KeLyssa," he gives the woman a pleading look, but is interrupted by two boys tackling his legs. "Ahhh —"

"Daddy, daddy, daddy! We missed you! You know we really like having you around! I bet you did something awesome while you were gone… we know you weren't just getting toys. We know." Simon nods at this fact and just stares at his father expectantly, only to shake his head, "I know you can't tell us nothing. But we know. We know."

"Yeah! We know you're amazing!" Monty agrees with a broad grin.

Brayden looks mildly confused. "Uh… okay…" He's very, very confused at this turn of events.

Horror! And then redemption! Anais sends up a silent hurrah of her own when Nathan reappears, and with plenty of distractions as well. There will be no singing, and for that she will be eternally grateful.

"KeLyssa was just telling the boys all about Superman and his fights with Lex Luther. We explained to them it was a very important secret, that they not tell anyone who Superman's secret identity really is," she explains, lacing her fingers together, hands clasped loosely before her. While Anais is wearing a smile, it does not quite touch the serious expression that darkens her brown eyes. "She came to help after you left. I'm…afraid I'm not very good with children." That last is admitted with a quick glance at the younger woman, and a more genuine smile.

KeLyssa smiles softly at Nathan-Brayden. "O'course they kin come an' colour with me, sir, Senator Petrelli. I'm sure it'd be plenty o' fun, and we can talk…more 'bout how wonderful 'Superman' is." She gives Anais a small wink and a wide grin. "I jus' helped Miss Anais out a li'l bit. Nothin' big. Really, I think she's great with kids. I think she's downplayin' herself just a li'l too much. She's better'n she thinks she is, sir." She says, smiling as widely and brightly as can be.

"So we can't tell anyone that Superman is —" Brayden begins but is interrupted by a very concerned Monty.

"NO! DADDY NO! Lex Luther will go after him if it's said aloud. We must never talk about it again!!" Monty insists.

Simon nods sagely as he walks towards KeLyssa, "I'll colour with yooooou though. You seem like a nice lady, even if you aren't the little mermaid." He grins broadly. "Thanks for the colouring books Daddy!! KeLyssa can colour with us while you work!! And Ariel, I mean, Anais, can help us out!!"

Brayden grins, "Be good for KeLyssa. I'll be in my office getting ready for my Senate duties and our press conference today." Pause. "And I'm sure you're better than you give yourself credit, Anais." He grins and winks.

Anais breathes a silent sigh of relief, taking care to exhale through her nose lest any of the adults in the room realize just how glad she is that babysitting duties are ending. KeLyssa's compliments are accepted with a polite smile, the redhead utterly oblivious to any ulterior motives on the part of the blonde. She doesn't know many southern women, unfortunately. "That's very kind of you, KeLyssa. Thank you again for helping. Really, I'm not sure that I'd have done nearly so well without you here…"

Then, before her boss can volunteer her to continue helping, she eases towards the door. "Perhaps another time, Simon? Once I finish my work, I'll have a look at what you've done, I promise." Pause. "I'll be back in a moment, Mister Petrelli, I've some notes you'll need to look over."

And then she makes good on her escape.

KeLyssa smiles and nods. "Well, thank ya for the compliment. It's always nice ta know that people think yer nice." She says with a firm nod. "Ya don't need ta worry 'bout 'em being good, sir. They're good kids, I kin tell. They'll behave 'emselves as right as rain on a cool Louisiana day. But…with less 'gators runnin' 'round. They like rainy days down in Louisiana." She shrugs nonchalantly like it's an everyday occurrence that everyone knows of. "C'mon kids, time ta draw some rad pictures." Rad is still used by kids these days, right?

"Thanks Anais. I'll see you in a few," Brayden notes as the woman leaves the room. "Thanks KeLyssa. I appreciate it, I just need to get caught up on a few things and I didn't know the Senate thing would happen today." He shrugs at her and then shoots her a grin as the boys traipse down the hallway with her. Time for some peace. Or time to get some work done, anyways.

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