2007-07-31: Supply Run


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Summary: Elijah drops by to provide the orphanage with supplies.

Dark Future Date: July 31, 2009

Supply Run

Kitty's Orphanage, NYC

It is early evening and the kids are up in their rooms, playing as night begins to fall. Kitty is just waking from a quick catnap and Tiger is prowling as always around the main room. She is wearing a dark purple dress with brown boots. She runs a hand through her hair and goes into the kitchen for a glass of milk. After drinking that milk she places her book of visions onto a table by one of the couches and she flops down into the couch. Soon, the Kittens will have to be put to bed.

Stepping into the main room from the hall, Evelyn pauses just within to take her hair down from its ponytail. She wears black jeans and a red tee; her shoulder-length hair is still a bit damp. The band is stuffed into a pocket of her jeans, her gaze flicking between Kitty and Tiger, finally settling on Kitty. "Lizzy is enthralling some of the younger kids with ghost stories again," the girl remarks. "I hope they don't all wind up having nightmares tonight."

Things are hard to come by and the war has left its mark on the country, including necessitating such orphanages as these. Elijah's here for the first time, green eyes wary as he shrugs a backpack off of one shoulder, gripping it tightly in his right hand. Passing through the doors of the orphanage, a gaze spared for the dark windows and razorwire fence, the blond haired man announces his presence with a loud call, "Hello?"

Persi creeps riiiight up next to the fence in invisible-mode, and flips back to visible-mode, just as she leaps up against the fence and sticks her arms through to flail and grasp in Elijah's general direction while making all sorts of noise, "RAAAWRFFSTARRGHARRRRRRR!" She struggles against the fence for a few moments more, but then pauses amid her shennanigans and clears her throat, "I mean…hi!"

"I'll tell her to stop doing that. She loves horror movies, I had to stop her from watching one a few days back. Not good for her" Kitty says but she is being a hypocrite because before she turned it off she was avidly watching it along with her. The seer stands and nods at Evelyn, "Thanks for the help. Want anymore pasta? There is plenty" she comments and then hears Persi outside. "What is she doing?" Kitty mutters as she gives Evelyn a look before walking outside. She spots Persi and gives her a hard look then she turns to Elijah and her breath stops for a moment, but then she starts breathing again. A guy hasn't done /that/ to her in a looonnng time.

Evelyn shakes her head, smiling at Kitty. "No, thanks. I had plenty." She looks out the window at the clamor, reflexively reaching up to hook her hair behind her ears. Unnecessarily so. The teen follows Kitty outside, a few steps back, failing to notice the way Kitty regards Elijah. Evelyn just smirks at Persi, before giving Elijah a curious look.

Elijah's reaction is anything but the calm and stern looks of Evelyn and Kitty, turning quickly with his hand coming up before him in an unconscious gesture. Green eyes briefly turn hard, surprised that he had not noticed the young woman so close to him, though as she greets him, and as the other women fail to react greatly, his hand drops to his side. Turning his attention back toward Kitty, he asks in a reserved voice, "Are you the operator of this place?"

Persi eyes Elijah for a second, then, with a little 'hmf,' turns and heads the way of Evelyn and Kitty, muttering at she goes, "Fine. Don't say hi." As she nears the other two, she raises a hand in hopes of a high-five from Evelyn, then falls in line next to her and faces the newcomer, "She is, yeah. You look kinda old, though, doncha think?"

Kitty swats Persi on the arm and looks at her, "You know this place is for anyone that needs it" She then turns back to look at Elijah speaking normally. You wouldn't think she did anything out of the ordinary, "Yes I am. Name is Kitty. Who are you?" she tilts her head at him, a supply runner? She hasn't seen him before and she would have remembered him.

Although Evelyn shakes her head slowly, she does complete the requested hi-five. Looking back to Elijah, after a moment the girl moves over to one side, stuffing her hands in her pockets. She smiles at Persi, but most of her attention is on Elijah, waiting for his reply.

Green eyes are drawn back to Persi as she mumbles, the barest whisper of a long forgotten grin tugging at his lips before Elijah returns his gaze to Kitty. "Name's Elijah," he lifts the backpack in his hand at the declaration of his name, "dropping off some supplies, if you're in need." He keeps a distance of several paces between him and the trio, his actions non-threatening as his face is unfamiliar, "I made a run and it was suggested to me that this place could use anything I could spare, so I brought what I could."

Persi sticks her hands in her pockets, too, and sets most of her weight to one hip in a lopsided sort of stance. She watches the guy for a few more moments, then, idly, she glances up at the sky, "Dibs on the backpack. Kids don't need it." Obviously, this is Persi showing off her selfless, completely non-greedy side!

Kitty then relaxes and ushers the two other women inside and she motions for Elijah to come inside, "Come on in" she begins to walk into the orphanage and as soon as her back is turn her eyes widen, 'Just treat him like any other supply runner! Do not even think he it cute! Hellllooo aren't you suppose to be protecting the Kittens? How can you do that when you are all 'googly eyes' all these things run through Kitty's mind. As she steps into the main room.

The teen rolls her eyes at Persi's remark, smiling crookedly. "And they'd probably fight over it," Evelyn observes. She lets herself be directed back into the building, but only goes a few feet in from the door before pausing. She doesn't plan on staying long. Or much longer, to be more accurate.

Shaking his head, Elijah instead holds out the backpack, "I'm sorry, I can't stay, but I brought some extra medical supplies and a bit of cash. If this can help you, I'll try to bring more from my next run." The bag remains steady as the man awaits its collection, glancing back over his shoulder toward the dark city, "There's more to be done tonight."

Persi stops in her tracks for a second to twist around a little and grab the backpack with a grin, "Thanks!" That said, she hefts it and heads on inside, humming a tune as she goes. Sure, she's not huge on the supply-running thing — it's kinda boring, aside from the 'looking for stuff' part, but now she's got a backpack! Awesome!

"Ain't that truth for us all?" Kitty muses and takes the backpack from Persi before she can get to far and this time she hits her arm again, "Stop playing around. She gives Persi the 'don't even try it look'. "Are you sure that you do not want to have any pasta? There is plenty, you can have it for on the way to wherever you must go next" she smiles faintly at Elijah. After looking at Persi again and wondering why she never shoots the woman? Oh that's right she can turn invisible. Damnit.

Elijah's grip on the bag momentarily tightens as Persi moves forward to take it, but he releases it into her care, a bit confounded by the girl. At Kitty's request, he shakes his head slowly, "Pasta sound great, really, but I've got more runs to make and more backpacks to get, apparently." There's a bit of wry humor his words as he dips his head to the three, "Keep safe."

Persi returns Kitty's look with a 'What did I do?!' look of her own and then complains at her, "What did I do?!" Real subtle. With that, she waves a little to Eli and then looks over at Evelyn, "Hey, as boring as supplies are, I'm betting Kitty, here, doesn't have garlic bread, so what say we go scrummage up some stuffs?" That said, Persi's making as if to head out, too, but in a pointedly different direction than Eli.

Nodding her head, "Ok, well if you ever want some /very/ good pasta. Stop on by. I'm always up. /Literally/" She looks as Persi leaves and shakes her head, "Bye Persi! And try not to get shot!" Kitty wants to shoot her, nobody else gets to. Next she turns to Evelyn, "See you soon?" she inquires and then she turns back to Elijah, watching as the man gets ready to leave.

Evelyn shakes her head at Persi. "I would, but I should get going." Turning back to Kitty, the girl nods. "I'll be around in a few days." She's a frequent visitor; never quite a regular, though. "Take care." Evelyn slips back out the door and heads for the main gate.

"I'll be back when I can and hopefully, I can gather more." Elijah does leave, then, his dark clothing matching the mood of the city as he slips out the razorwire gate.

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