2007-08-30: Surfing The Morphine Sea


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Summary: Guess who's found his way back into Primatech's hospital wing again? Morphine… it's a hell of a drug!

Date It Happened: August 30th, 2007

Surfing the Morphine Sea

Hartsdale, NY - Primatech - Hospital

Felix is… back in his hospital bed. Being clever like that. Hooked up to equipment, which is beeping contentedly. He's only semi-conscious, really, surfing the morphine sea.

Surfing or not, he's got a visitor. Lawrence has come down to the hospital wing to 1) make sure that Felix is being taken care of, and 2) to double check on his lithium dosages. He had explained it to the nurses the night previous, but another visit won't hurt. The man is humming as he sidles in the door, wandering over to browse the battered man's chart at the end of the bed.

He's awake enough that those pale blue eyes fix on Church. His face is actually only a little bruised on one cheekbone - he took most of the blow on the back and the back of the skull. He's drugged halfway out of his head, at the moment - lithium, painkillers, and suppressants, lest he try something outrageous even when half-squashed.

Church is reading the chart when Felix fixes on him; after a few moments brown eyes lift to meet blue, and the agent's neutral expression tweaks into a frown. The board clicks back against the bed once it is let go. "Hello, Felix."

In the cell block wing, a nameless man in a white lab coat and a similar security guard stop at Misha's cell, with the intent of removing her and bringing her to the hospital wing. They are full of 'please come this way', and neither of them cares to mention more than the hospital wing.

There's a fractional motion from the guy in the bed, almost a nod, before he whispers, "What happened?" He actually doesn't remember.

There's a fraction of a second where Lawrence is tempted to blame Vasili- but he refrains. "You attacked me, Felix." Church says this in a way where it sounds tentative, a slight attempt at guilting the man. That's right. You attacked me. I thought we were buddies.

Misha will be in the wing in a few moments, but for now Lawrence has the floor.

The explosive events that took place yesterday night have remained at the forefront of Misha's mind for most of the morning. Now, as afternoon dwindles down into the evening, she's gone back to fretting a little paced path in her cell again. The foreboding and mysterious arrival of the doctor and his escort herald nothing good and she goes with this wearing an expression that has been drawn grim and gaunt. "Is… is everything…?" Stop asking that question, you worrisome fool.

There's a little wheezing sound at that. Felix is laughing. "You're my jailer. I had to try," he says, in that dry whisper. "Looks like you came off the victor, huh?"

The doctor and his escort don't say much, even when asked. Maybe they were told not to. They just do their job and spirit Misha away.

Church gives Felix the smallest of smiles at the wheezing laugh. "Yeah…but I'm stuck admiring your tenacity." As he speaks, he walks, closer to the side of the bed to perch himself on the end beside Felix's feet. "Trying to crawl for the window after that? Man."

Discarding her inquisitive tendencies for the moment, Mariska lapses into a somber silence as she obediently follows along between her escorts. In lieu of inquiry, she takes visual inventory instead; doing her best to keep track of where they're going and what sights there are to be seen along the way.

"I did what?" Fel asks, confusion writ large on his face. And he glances down at himself. "What did you do to me? I look like I got hit by a car."

Here they are! As the trio reaches the hospital wing, Misha is simply ushered ahead towards Felix's room and will probably be able to catch the tail end of this conversation. "I blew up. I admit I may have gone a little far, but you started it. And I gave you a warning." One finger goes up in a bit of a shake. "Plus you really didn't seem well. I didn't know how far you would have gone to get past me. After what I did, the window got blown out, and even though you looked like this…you were still trying to get out. I'm kinda astounded."

Mariska hesitates for a moment before she fully commits to darkening the doorway of Felix's hospital room. She's anticipated being treated to a motionless, sheet-covered body and possibly a stern-faced doctor prepping to give her mournful news and so it comes as a pleasant surprise to see that the man in the bed isn't dead as a doornail. His current companion, however, gets a wary look laid on his shoulders. Best to keep a distance for now. The threshold might be the safest place for her to stand.

"Being manic makes you prone to very bad judgement, and the tendency to overestimate what you can do," Fel explains, letting his eyes drift shut for a moment. "I imagine that's what was going on. And I'm a very stubborn man. I crawled through barbed wire to get to this country - do you really think anything short of lethal force is going to stop me trying to get free from here?" His voice is mild, matter of fact. And then there's Misha, and he blinks at her, rather blearily.

The smirk on Lawrence's face pauses as Misha gets a blink from Felix; he turns his head, offering her a questioning look before turning attention back to Felix with a hushed-but-not-hushed comment. "I'll have you know she sounded like some crazy Russian Banshee."

There's a split-second pause for proper translation before Mariska reacts to Church's comment by lowering her chin just so. "I did not." Her hesitation lingers still but her feet insist on bringing her closer to the bed and its occupant if simply for the sake of making any conversation she might be included in easier to conduct. The man seated at the foot of the bed is given a wide berth before she finds a place to stand that could be considered close at hand. Literally. Minus any actual touching.

"Well, if what you did left me looking like this, I am entirely unsurprised," Felix says, voice dry.

"Mmm. You have a point there." Guilty as charged. Church doesn't move from his seat at the end of the bed, and he watches Mariska move just like a hawk on a perch. He is still talking to Felix, however, leaving the woman to her first devices. "Lucky for you, you told me about the lithium before I blew up, and we're going to be treating you fully for that from now on."

For this scene, the director has advised Mariska that her primarily motivation is to linger and look somewhat askance at the men she's found herself sharing space with while simultaneously keeping the jibber-jabber to a minimum. And so she does. However, a pair of fingers from her right hand are creeping precariously close to one of Felix's exposed digits…

"Good," Felix says, still whispering, as if it hurt too much to speak normally. He's in a hospital bed, hooked up to monitoring equipment, and generally looking as if he'd gotten hit by a truck, really - bruising on one side of his face. He's blinking rather vaguely at Church, even though Misha gets a glance from time to time - he holds out the hand not taped with an IV to her.

To Be Continued in They've Given You A Number...

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