2010-04-03: SURPRISE, Dead Body



Date: April 3, 2010


Love in an elevator!

"SURPRISE, Dead Body"


After answering a call to Tracy's phone, Nathan is outside a warehouse-type district after following explicit directions on how to get here — and to ensure he's not followed. Dressed in his dark aviator sunglasses, a white t-shirt, leather jacket, and blue jeans, Nathan opens the door at the main level and walks through it silently. His shoes don't even squeak against the floor until he taps his foot in wait of the elevator. With a heavy sigh he forces as diplomatic a smile as he can muster upon reaching the door he's looking for. He raps on it gently before leaning against the frame, waiting.

Cody's been in the basement, in order not to scare the children.. and other guests. The rag she's using to clean her hands is somewhat bloody, but it can be easily explained away. What can't be explained away is what she's doing down there, so it's a slim hope for her that Parkman's busy elsewhere. Since no one else moved to answer the door, it's a safe bet that they're all busy elsewhere.

Upon opening the door, the former agent balks. "Huh… I wasn't expecting…" She peeks out the door to see if the person she was intending to be here actually made it. "Well, come in." Leading him through the apartment, they reach a service elevator in the back and she escorts him to the basement.

Following Cody's lead Nathan suppresses a sigh, "What? Were you expecting Superman?" he cracks a wry smile and rolls his eyes behind his sunglasses — an action that is barely visible as he is wearing sunglasses inside, almost like a mask of sorts. Once they enter the elevator, he finally removes the shades, clipping them to his t-shirt before actually quirking an eyebrow at Cody, "Where are we going?" And more importantly why. His eyes themselves are fatigued; he hasn't slept much recently and it's making him worse-for-wear. Dark circles line his wearing eyes, yet they manage to twinkle with a twinge of curiosity. This whole journey is curious.

"I was expecting Strauss, but I guess you'll do as long as you can warn her." Cody says grimly. Unlike Nathan, she's not smiling, not even a wry one. The grate to the elevator is pulled up and the woman winds through the maze of boxes and other sundries toward the back, where an old Volkswagon… It doesn't even look close to working.

Nearby there's a deep freeze and lump with a tarp over it, that's where Cody moves. Pulling the tarp, the agent reveals a body of a man. A very dead man who seems to have body parts missing. "They know Gallagher is alive, I caught this one outside the warehouse. I was considering moving but.. He might have been working alone when he found us."

Cody's lack of smile and general demeanour doesn't exactly instil confidence, in fact, it inspires Nathan to put his sunglasses back on, and so he does, even if it makes the room strangely dark. His smile fades quickly as he's told to warn Tracy, changing into pursed lips. This can't be good.

He visibly cringes at the reveal, complete with a scowl. "A warning would've been nice —" he murmurs. It's not like he's never seen a dead body, but SURPRISE dead body isn't an inspired way to start any day. Nathan shakes his head, "They know KeLyssa's alive? How?" His eyebrows knit tightly together behind his dark sunglasses. "I'm afraid she's got more to worry about than just that…" he mutters as he holds his hands behind his back while staring at the dead body — he can't seem to look away.

Nathan is treated to a rare expression of confusion from the former agent as she studies him. "I am warning you. This is it… This guy.." She nudges the corpse with her hip before continuing, "He found the place where I live, my safehouse is no longer safe thanks to Tracy's guest. I'm warning you now that Tracy's place might not be safe for long. That's a warning."

With a deep sigh, the blond continues on. "I'm guessing someone saw her during her little jaunt," is the bitter answer to the obvious question. Then Cody begins working again, systematically dismemering the corpse, bagging the pieces, and putting them in the freezer. "So what does she have to worry about that's more important than getting caught and put back on the Kappa list?"

"Her sanity, for one," Nathan answers simply as he continues to watch her do her work. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he continues to purse his lips together. "And no, I wouldn't call it more important, but equally so." His jaw tightens. "Something is off about her. Very off."

"And while you may disagree with me, I know the importance of one's sanity." He smiles wryly, but there's no mirth behind it, no enthusiasm, and certainly no joy. In fact, it's almost like Logan is smiling at her soullessly, emptily, even. He crosses his arms over his chest — a comfortable position.

"Great… I should have figured the little hayseed was plum loco the minute we nabbed her." Cody answers, this time she is giving him a wry smile as she saws through one of the man's appendages and drops to the floor in a wet plop. It's almost like the pot calling the kettle black at this point, considering what the agent is doing.

"Listen, I have a little bit of a problem. Not related to this… but it might be related to the protocols." The woman says as she wipes her forehead with the back of her hand. "My boss, at Lane… the one that designed the collars. He doesn't remember doing it. Do you know anyone that might have commissioned them with that kind of capability? The people attached to the file were an agent named Jensen and deSouza."

Eyes narrowing at the dismemberment of the body, the Senator asks, "Do you need some help with that?" Oh the disposing of a body, something every Senator should take part in at least once, right?

He hmmms at the notion of forgetting. "deSouza erased Tracy's memory — we know that much. Pete, my brother, managed to heal it and fill the gaps for her. I'm guessing that she could've done the same for your boss." He presses his lips together, "Although, she's been dead since January now." Also thanks to Pete, but Nathan doesn't say this much.

She was just about to take on another piece of the man's arm when she glances up at Nathan with a frown. "Help? Oh…" Then she turns back to the corpse and gives him a slight nod. "Yeah, just getting him ready for disposal, I can't have any of my guests finding him. They might get a little … scared?" Cody looks down at the body and nods at that word, "Scared… yeah."

"She erased Tracy's memory? Huh… I wonder…" The woman frowns for a few moments, using that same time to pause in her task and lick her lips. Glancing at Nathan she nods toward the plastic bags, "Just hold them open, I'll pop the parts in and you can seal them and put them into the freezer."

Sure enough, Nathan picks up a plastic bag that he holds open, ready to catch any of the droppings Cody creates. He tries not to think too much about it, and instead nods, "Yes. She erased Tracy's memory and may have tampered with Pete's. But like I said, she shouldn't be a problem anymore." He hmmms quietly, "Do you need him to remember? Your boss, I mean. Pete might be able to help. Or, I'd think, anyone with telepathy, maybe? Memories aren't gone, just retreated or something." He shrugs a little as he pulls the bag open even wider.

"That's fair," in fact, it's something Nathan can relate to. "Sometimes it's a kindness to let someone forget." Placing the bag on the ground for a moment, he nods. "A beer would be good." He forces another weak smile. "It's important to keep the safehouses actually safe…"

There's a slow nod from the agent as she tries to make out any hidden meaning behind Nathan's words. "You'd have been happier if you'd never remembered, wouldn't you?" Cody says suddenly as she leads the senator back through the maze and toward the elevator. When they make their way inside, she pulls the grate, but doesn't actually push the button to move anywhere as she stares up at him. "You were kind of… green and full of life the first time I ever saw you. Now… Well you're a completely different person. Tired maybe." She reaches toward his face and draws a finger along his jawline, the beard is soft and she sighs somewhat before shaking her head. "As much as I like the beard…"

"Well, in a way," Nathan admits with a slight shrug of his shoulders as he traipses after Cody. "I have a very checkered past and remembering it… ehn. But I used to wonder if anyone was looking for me. If they cared. I wanted to let go of the past and carve out a new future there, but I knew I was missing something." He bites his bottom lip as she runs her fingers along his jawline. "It was like a lifetime ago, wasn't it?" he asks softly. "Well, for me it was."

"It seems that way…" Cody says gently, reaching up with her other hand now to brush it along his face. With every touch more of the hair on his face falls away, revealing his face underneath that grizzly beard. With a long sigh, she smooths her hands along his face and then nods when the last vestiges of the beard are gone. Her blue eyes drift away from his at the same moment her hands fall away and she frowns. "You know… At the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump, or even Gallagher.. This country's like a diamond. There's so many facets that shine a different light that it sparkles and confuses people."

Letting that thought digest, she turns to him and tenses her jaw a little, "Have you decided what you're going to do?"

Nathan issues Cody a grin. He reaches up to brush her hair behind her ear, it's something he's been doing a lot lately for those women from his last lifetime. He swallows before hmmming. "I am still making plans," he says gently. "But I'm doing what I can, and in the process risking everything I have and am." He glances up at the ceiling before trying to meet Cody's gaze again, "I appreciate everything you're doing and have done for this country."

Cody's eyes tighten a little at the corners as Nathan's hand runs through her hair, leanding her a rather suspicious countenance. "What are your plans, Nathan?" she says quietly, not just because their moment is a moment but because the shaft echoes and it's likely that if she did speak plainly, the people in her apartment might hear. So she whispers. "Everything you have is a pretty big price to pay. Your little boys? You're going to risk them? Your wife?" She does meet his gaze then, hers steady and unflinching. "You don't know what I've done for this country… No one does."

"The boys and Heidi will be okay," Nathan says quietly as he lowers his hand and shoves it into a pocket. "They're someplace safe." He crosses his arms over his chest again. "And they'll stay there. For now, anyways." Not for always, but in a way he knows the plan will divide them. He knew the consequences for himself well before anyone tried to talk him out of it. "Everything I have is me. That's what I'm willing to give up." He moistens his lips as he stares at the grate-door.

"So you're going to give yourself up? I'm usually pretty good about picking up clues and double speak, but you're something else Petrelli." Cody murmurs as she eyes the man sharing the elevator. Finally, she pushes the button and the large metal crate begins its slow climb to the second floor. "Just make sure you keep an eye out, be careful. I wouldn't like it if you died because someone else was stupid." She looks at him then and gives him a rather soft smile.

"No," Nathan smiles softly. "Not just give myself up. But, I am going to do what I can and deal with the consequences." Which, for once, he thinks he's prepared for. Not his mother. "And thanks, I can take care of myself." Mostly. He tugs at his coat.

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