2007-04-23: Surprise Drake


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Summary: Drake is filing. Heidi discovers him. Nathan doesn't get divorced.

Date It Happened: 23rd of April

Surprise Drake

Angela's Office, the Petrelli Mansion

Tucked away in Angela's study is Drake on his first day on the new 'job'. The matriarch of the Petrelli family asked him to take this large pile of folders, and start organizing them into a huge metal filing cabinet alphabetically. He hasn't done something like this since his work studies program last year at school, and he hated it then, and he really hates it now. After having split everything up by last name into at least eighteen piles, he begins to shuffle them into place one after the other, trying his best to be as accurate as possible. A small radio is off to the side, playing some light rock quietly off one of the local stations to keep his mind busy for the moment. With a slight yawn, and a sip off his coffee he snuck out of Starbucks, he leans his head back to bonk it against the metal cabinet. ".. I thought I had to just get dry cleaning." He mumbles to himself.

Reasoning things through, Heidi's come to the conclusion that there wouldn't be someone she's never met inside the house if he didn't belong there. Especially since the rest of the hired help seems to be cool with the fact that there's someone piling paperwork up and drinking coffee and listening to the radio /inside the office./ It was actually the music that alerted her to someone else's presense, and, being curious and, admittedly, somewhat bored, Heidi came down the stairs only to discover that her home had been invaded.

So she did what anyone would do - watched him quietly for several minutes, drawing ever closer until she's leaning right up against the doorframe behind the filing cabinet, arms crossed, looking /RIGHT DOWN ON HIM./ It's around the time that the kid starts talking about dry cleaning that she finally says, "Hello." Surprise Petrellis are common 'round these parts.

Jerking his head up quickly, Drake blinks his eyes a bit at the sight of Heidi, a face that he does not recognize. He was just stuffing a Lancaster into the cabinet, soon to be followed by a Landscaster. "Ah.. Hi." He says, offering up a quick, awkward smile. ".. I'm Drake Maxwell, um.. Angela's.. err.. I don't know what she is calling me. Errand boy? I think? Um.. she got me.. filing… this." This being, a ridiculous amount of folders. He shoves himself up to his feet, offering a hand to her, while the other still dangles the fat folder full of invoices.

Name doesn't ring a bell… At least one of them. By now, Heidi's all too familiar with 'Mrs. Petrelli' and the fact that despite having a method to her insanity, always manages to be completely random. "Ah," is Heidi's reply. She could state that she, too, is 'Mrs. Petrelli,' considering the fact that she /is,/ but why confuse the kid? Pushing herself off the doorframe, she holds out her hand to shake his, offering a smile. This is the sort of stuff she's gotten used to while living under this roof, and at least Drake is polite enough to introduce himself. "Heidi Petrelli."

Turning, she looks up the stairs to see if Nathan's in sight. If not - and she'll release Drake's hand at this point, she calls him, loud enough so that he should be able to hear, before turning back to Drake. "I'd ask 'why,' but it's usually better not to." Another quick smile is offered, then, "How long have you been here?"

"Only about two hours, ma'am." Drake says with a smile on his face, quietly clearing his throat. "Oh, oh yes, you're Heidi. I think I saw you on TV, right? During Nathan's election? My mom voted for him. That was a pretty big win." He says, mentioning the landslide. "After I finish this…" He trails off, then picks up a piece of paper, "She says she has two jackets to pick up at the dry cleaning, then she needs me to type up a shopping list.. and… I think that's… it." He says, squinting his eyes a bit. "I've already typed up her missed calls, and messages."

In the distance, Nathan's voice can be heard suddenly echoing through after a door closes elsewhere. Likely on the phone, as the conversation is distinctly one-sided, and after a few moments, words can be picked up. "Rowe, was it? I looked at the resume, I'm not— … well if you say so. May as well meet the guy, I guess. Tell 'im next Tuesday." And with that, the phone call is ended, and he steps into view. "Yeah?" is his response to Heidi. He has a tie hanging loosely around his neck, hands moving now to do it up, although he pauses this task when his eyes land on Drake, eyebrows going up in surprise, before slowly resuming the tie tying. "Drake, what's—" He flicks a glance to his wife, back to the teenager. "What a surprise."

She's going to have to get Nathan to tell her when strange people are going to be in and out of the house. Or at least convince Angela that she doesn't have to be kept out of the loop on /everything./ What if she was more prone to hitting people with bricks and asking questions later? This might not have ended so well! Her eyes brifly look floorword as he mentions seeing her on TV - that's where most people have 'met' her before - though she still smiles. "Well, hopefully she's paying you well." Lord knows she can afford it. "And if you want some Kool-Aid, I made some for the kids last night. I can get you a glass."

Granted, she's still annoyed, but not with Drake. It's not his fault. And not with Nathan, until he appears to know the boy's name. The look she gives him says about that much, but she's uninclined to make a scene around company - hired or otherwise. She nods - this is, indeed, a surprise!

"Oh, no thank you, ma'am. I got a coffee here. I used to work at Starbucks, so they kind of still hook me up when I drop by." Drake says with a chuckle as he rubs the back of his neck. "And.. I.. really don't know what Angela is paying me. To be honest, I think she just wants to keep an eye on me since I'm dating her granddaughter." He says that all too casually, before his face slackens for a moment. Wait, wait! Wait crap wait. ".. Uh.." Did he just step in it? It never really came to mind, until, about two seconds after the last word passed his lips. When he hears his name, he turns his head over towards Nathan, looking like a deer caught in headlights. "Ah.. Hi Nathan. Um.. Mrs. Petrelli has me doing stuff for her. Kind of like an errand boy. Just… ah.. pretend I'm.. another piece of furniture or something."

Drake gets a suspicious squint, especially when he looks all deer-like and even more so when Heidi shoots Nathan a /look/. What now?! But Nathan puts on a mild smile, stepping further into the room. "Ma hired you?" he asks, skeptical, taking in the opened filing cabinet and assorted paperwork. "Right. Interesting coincidence," he adds in a tone that suggests he's not so believing in coincidences anymore - especially where Angela is concerned. "She got you slaving away in here? I didn't even notice you."

That would have been a /hell/ of a way to find out about Claire. Of course, Peter could have a daughter, too, but… Not particularly likely. Then again, she didn't expect Nathan to have a daughter, either, let alone one who was already in her teens. The topic causes Heidi to arch her eyebrows, a sslightly surprised, if not tolerant look appearing on her face. She's… used to this.

Isn't it the story of her life?

"You can relax. I know about Claire." They haven't yet met, though she's been encouraged to at least get to know the girl, and she's already given permission for Monty and Simon to meet their half-sister. That's only fair, after all. Returning to the moment, though, Nathan seems just as surprised as she was that Drake is here, which means the Look she was giving him before turns kinda confused. Ah, putting the pieces together - Drake. Claire. It makes sense that Nathan would have met him. "Sorry, I'm apprently out of the loop a little here."

If there was ever a 'whew' moment, Drake is having it, right now. He feels like he just lucked out. "Ah. OK. You know about her then." So, what super power do /you/ have? Of course, it doesn't come out, but the question is definitely burning behind his lips. "Yeah, we've.. um.. been dating only about three months now. We go to school together." See, that's normal. "Anyways, yeah um.. Nathan, slaving away! She pulled out everything from a huge plastic storage bin and told me to alphabetize, and organize. So far I'm up to the L's."

Honesty. /It pays/! If Nathan is relieved that yes indeed, Heidi knows about Claire already, and no, Drake did not just single-handedly kill their marriage, it doesn't show. But one can guess it is there. He moves to stand beside Heidi, though, a hand drifting to rest on the small of her back. "I wasn't aware my mother was hiring anyone," he says, both as an explanation for Heidi and as an aside for Drake. "I'm actually looking for a new PA myself, but you got your work cut out for you here." A pause, as he thinks of what else to say - none of it is anything he wants or can say in front of his wife, and he struggles for a moment before biting the bullet and asking: "How's Claire doing?"

He seems like a nice kid. Which is something weird for her to even be considering, but she feels just the /slightest/ feeling of defensiveness for Claire. In a way, it makes sense, since she's related to Nathan. Briefly, Heidi considers if this means she's ready to meet the girl. "Oh? What's in the files?" she asks, sticking on the topic of filing for now. At /least/ she understands that.

It isn't long before Spike, having been awakened from one of her catnaps, comes flopping out of another room, somewhat awkwardly, but more confidently than she has before. Every once in awhile, she jumps at something invisible floating in the air. Heidi's superpower? Rangling two kids, a husband, and a kitten, who makes her way into the midst of the files and knocks one of the piles over.

"Spica…" Heidi mutters, heading past Nathan and Drake so she can get to the little kitten, who is picked up and held tightly.

"Claire is doing alright. We've been cramming for finals coming up. I can't wait for the summer, because it will free up so much more time for me to get a second job." Drake hints, in case Nathan need that PA after all. "Between this, and the soccer team, church, homework, and well.. Claire, I think I really only get about a half hour to myself." He chuckles as he sways a bit on his feet, then says to Heidi. "Honestly, I don't know. She said something about.. um.. her father, husband? I forget, someone was a real big time lawyer, so I kind of thought this was client stuff."

"Spike," Nathan has to correct. Oh yeah. He's siding with the kids when it comes to the kitty naming. He flashes a smile at Heidi before returning his attention back to Drake. "My father was a 'big time' lawyer," he offers, by way of explanation, now flicking his gaze over the files, including the kitty-tumbled pile, where he moves to absently put back together. Likely nothing he hasn't perused himself, but still, there's some curiousity there. "You looking into law yourself or are we talking more drycleaning and coffee runs?" Because at least the former would mean Drake was here for more of a purpose than being a Claire connection for Angela, which makes Nathan a little uncomfortable… even if he sort of considered that himself.

Her name isn't Spike! It's a terrible name for a purebred Russian blue! Even so, she doesn't say that, simply holding the kitten in the crook of one arm as she tries to figure out how to get back to the floor. Heidi doesn't have the same suspicions as Nathan; there's no doubt that Angela has an agenda, but Heidi at least trusts the woman. She does pick up on Nathan's questioning, though, narrowing her eyes. Considering his previous statement… "Are you looking to hire someone, Nathan?" Curiosity, really.

"Me? Law? Oh, no. I mean it is interesting, it's just not something I would pursue for a career. I'm going to College hopefully to study theater. I'd like to get into Broadway, maybe production type stuff. But that's a few years away, so my mind may change once I get into government, and economics for my senior year." Drake says honestly as he helps shuffle the pile back into place, giving the cat a smile. "I'm not sure what I wanna do for a second job yet. Though, Mrs. Petrelli told me that working at Starbucks was beneath me, and that I should do something I could take pride in, like… organize files and paperwork." He says with a bolstering grin on his face. "But it sure beats coming home smelling like coffee."

"Just being encouraging," Nathan says in response to Heidi. Hey, /he/ had to be a lawyer. "I think we can safely say you're moving up in the world," he says, now to Drake. "Even filing beats out dealing with customers." As if he would know. "Let me know if Ma gives you a hard time." My, isn't someone being Mr. Congeniality today? Maybe he's just glad no Super Powers were brought up, and he intends to keep it that way. With that, he seems to make a move to leave and let the kid get on with it, detouring to kiss Heidi on the cheek. "Got a meeting, I'll be back around dinner," he tells her. He even gives the cat a quick ear skritch.

"I worked in a hardware store before I met Nathan," Heidi says. Home-owned, run by her father and a few trusted employees. She was happy there, but felt as if she needed something more. That's probably what prompted her to go on a road-trip with her friends forever ago, which is where she first ran into her husband. "Everyone starts somewhere. You'll find something. Just make sure you keep your eyes open." Don't close any doors, et cetera. Heidi's happy, but she could almost use a job just to keep herself busy. When the boys are a little older, perhaps. As Nathan heads off, she also realises that she really should let the kid get back to doing what he was doing. "Take care, Drake. Don't work too hard." It's time to take the kitten somewhere where she can't knock over important stuff!

"Of course." Drake says with a smile as he lifts a hand to wave. "It was nice meeting you, Mrs. Petrelli.. um… two." With a chuckle, he turns back to the pile of folders at his feet and once more goes back to organizing, and sliding them into the filing cabinet one after the other. Once he is sure the two of them are out of sight, he gives a bit of concentration, then begins to file a bit quicker, his hands moving over the stacks as he alters time, tweaking it just a bit to get the job done a bit quicker. Angela mentioned the dry cleaners closing at six, and he only has an hour to get this done!

Out the door they go, although Nathan is already smirking by the time they reach the area outside. He shuts the office door behind them, considers Heidi and the cat, and that smirk— basically stays there. "Mrs. Petrelli Two," he has to repeat, and hey look, he has a meeting somewhere that is else and is /walking away now/.

She didn't even really consider that the 'Two' given to her by Drake would /actually stick./ It was just a spur-of-the-moment thing to differentiate between her and Angela. But when Nathan says it, she aims a rather hardy smack at the spot right between his shoulders as he heads off to his meeting. Men.

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