2007-04-04: Surprise Heidi


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Summary: Peter comes down in the early hours of the day (like, before dawn) and finds Heidi in the kitchen.

Date It Happened: April 4th, 2007

Surprise Heidi

Petrelli Manor

The sun isn't even up yet, and there's at least one person waking up and moving around the house. Possibly more. But Peter doesn't expect anyone else to be up right now. Not even the help tends to arrive this early. Dressed simply in loose black pants, he hasn't even bothered to put a shirt, socks or shoes on as he moves down the stairs. Hair cropped short and kept short thanks to the fact his girlfriend prefers things that way, wouldn't even be the only change from half a year ago. It also appears that he's been working out. Not much else for him to do in the cell they put him in. Physical activity became kind of a requirement. Right now, he's not walking down the stairs with the intention or working out, but to go and make some coffee. There's a long day ahead of him. All days are long, since he got out of the facility, it would seem. And he's going to need something to help him wake up.


Heidi didn't sleep too much last night. In fact, after she and Nathan parted, she kind of sat in the kitchen and finished that pot of coffee she already had on, and now there's another one brewing, so Peter shouldn't have that long to wait. Sitting at the table, hands around an empty mug, Heidi looks as if she's pretty much almost asleep, though hanging onto consciousness by a thread. Despite the fact that her conversation with Nathan was pretty straightforward - as far as she knows - there's a lot to think about, including the fact that she might have brought the boys home to a dangerous situation. Apparently, someone's after Nathan, and the only comfort Heidi has is that the police are all over it. Hearing someone on the stairs, she glances upward, toward the doorway. It's morning, so the likelihood that someone'll walk into the kitchen is actually pretty high. A little early for anyone to be awake, but then again, /she is,/ so it's not impossible.


Much as she expects, the former nurse goes directly towards the kitchen, getting a hint that someone may already be up by the smell of coffee in the air. Peter's first assumption is that Nathan had gone out drinking all night once again. But when he rounds the corner and steps into view of the table… it's not his brother that he sees. "…Heidi?" he asks, voice rather surprised. He'd even have expected his mother to be downstairs with coffee instead of his brother's wife. Under dressed though he may be, he steps further into the kitchen, avoiding hopping around when bare feet come in contact with the colder floors. He looks very surprised to see her, and sounds it to. "When— when did you get here? Are the boys back, too?"


"Hello, Peter," she says, looking back down at the table. She, unlike him, doesn't seem too particularly surprised, even if he didn't live here when she left. Makes sense that he'd be around, though Nathan neglected to mention that fact. That's okay, though. Simon and Monty love him. "Oh, last night, kind of late. I must have missed you." She didn't miss Nathan, though, and the talk they had left a lot of questions that she can't answer just yet. Should she ask Peter, though? A little underhanded, and not really Heidi's style. Still, if it's important, what's the harm in asking? "They're upstairs, still asleep. It was a long planeride, they'll probably be in bed 'til noon." She pauses, then… "Do you mind if we talk for a little while?"


"Yeah, I was… probably in bed already," Peter mentions softly, stepping closer until he puts his hands on the back of one of the chairs at the table. She may have noticed one of the guest room doors had been closed and locked both, though most people don't go trying to open doors when they just get off a plane. Not so much living here as he has been staying here. Had been missing for months, though, since the night of Nathan's accident. That might be more on the surprising side, unless she'd already been told. "We can talk, sure." He gives the coffee pot a glance and sees it brewing, before he pulls the chair out and settles himself into it. "I'm glad you came back." His brother needs someone other than him to keep him out of trouble… but he doesn't add that.


Heidi was never truely concerned about that, because she knew Peter was 'gone,' but not 'missing.' No one ever told her that he up and disappeared for weeks, since Nathan kind of told her to get out of town quite awhile ago. Were she 'in the know,' so to speak, she might have inquired pretty quickly about Peter's welfare. But he looks okay. Admittedly, it's Nathan who's on her mind, anyway, since the last time she saw her husband, his face with a mottled map of sores and dead tissue that would never heal. She thought.

It's disturbing.

Heidi isn't quite sure where to start, except to say one thing. "Everything he said… Made sense. The one piece of the puzzle that's missing— I can't wrap my mind around it - is why he /never called./" Everything else she can fit together, but that just strikes her as off. "He said there was someone after him." Well, people /like/ him, but Heidi assumed something much more mundane. "But I still don't see why he couldn't have called or written a letter. I just need the reason."


Well, considering the condition his brother had been in, why would Peter not be there? In fact, he's surprised she's /not/ more surprised to see him. Everyone else seemed to be convinced he'd been dead… Shows how little she'd been kept into things, that's for sure. Leaning back into the chair, this… is not the kind of questions he wants to answer. At all. "Heidi…" Since he doesn't know what the woman had even been told, he glances upwards towards the ceiling for a moment while trying to think of the best explanation. He'd promised himself he wouldn't lie for his brother on this matter, but…

"I think… that he was afraid if he called you, you'd come back here. He's worried about what could happen, what this… this man might do. You know Nathan as well as I do. Sometimes he'd rather avoid things than try to say no to them." That may be too vague, but… anything else is really his to tell her, isn't it? "I did tell him to call you, but so much has been going on…"


There was a lot going on. Heidi's only explanation! Nathan being in the hospital, Peter off somewhere, Heidi's own doctor visits as she tried to explain how she could suddenly walk again. And then—

Peter says almost the same thing Nathan said. What else can she do but trust that that's really the reason and it was all to protect her, Simon, and Monty? Nodding, she smiles. "I probably would have. Just doesn't seem right, how he was there when I broke my back, but I wasn't here when I wanted to be. The kids had fun in Florida. They can't wait to see you, so you might need to stick around for awhile today." The smile fades. "Yeah, I would have come back, you're right."

And that's enough for now. "Didn't see you around much before he told us to go." Or at all, really, but Heidi just assumed that Peter didn't want to see his brother like that. Heidi had a hard time of it; Nathan's brother would have had it so much worse, and if Heidi had a sibling that was badly mutilated, well— she can understand why someone wouldn't want to be around. Doesn't really seem Peter-like, of course, but with her mind on other things, she never really /thought/ about it. "I'm glad you came around, though. He probably needed you. I don't know what all this is about healing that he's telling me, but… It's good that someone was there."


"I'd like that. I missed seeing them around. Though I'd been planning on moving back to my apartment soon," Peter does add, so she doesn't think she had anything to do with this. He'd been planning on it for a few days now, restocking his apartment with basic necessities and nonperishables. The fresh produce will get added to the fridge last, once he's ready to move back in. "They'll get to meet Elle. She's… been living here with me since I got back three weeks ago." Or there abouts.

"Wasn't around because… I checked myself into a facility. For… what was going on… with the…" He can't even say the suicide attempt to her. "Everything. Was a private facility. That's where I met Elle. She… worked there. Gave me the courage to leave on my own. Didn't really get to contact or talk to anyone while I was there, or I would have. Sorry." It's all the truth, every word of it. But missing some very important details.


"You'll have to visit sometimes, then," she replies. Nothing wrong with living on your own, after all, and she's sure Peter'll be around.

Man, she's missed a lot, hasn't she? Heidi's used to being kept in the dark, but this is almost bordering on ridiculous. She can sense that something's a little off, she knows she's not getting the whole story, because there are certain things that Peter and Nathan are both dancing around while sounding so perfectly confident. Heidi is, however, not a suspicious person. There's no reason for her to question or doubt…

It'll only make her unhappy. So. Enough of that for now.

Standing, she takes her mug and heads over the the counter. Coffee-related condiments are already out on the table, so Peter won't have to round up the cream or sugar if he wants either. Returning, she sets a mug in front of him, too.

"I understand." No, she really doesn't! But she can at least try to empathize a little. "I guess there's not a whole lot left to do, then, except get back into a routine. I kind of missed New York. Florida's always hot."

She pauses. "So, Elle. Hopefully she doesn't mind kids too much." Simon and Monty aren't particularly shy.


As she gets up, Peter's actually making a move as if to stand as well. But she's already on her way there, and that's enough to keep him in his seat. "You don't…" he still says, but once the coffee mug is set in front of him, he just nods, "Thank you."

He takes a moment to drink from his coffee, and discovers exactly where she'd been sent off to. He hadn't even known that. "I'm sure you'll settle back into things quickly. You always seemed good at that sort of thing," he says with a smile. "I'll visit as often as I can."

Will Elle like the boys? "I've only really seen her interact with one kid, but… she seemed to do pretty well. She's got a childish side that's really sweet. I— didn't have any books in my room at the facility," that might sound very strange, for ANY kind of facility. "And she brought me one. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I still keep it with me. Even carry it around in my coat pocket sometimes. Kinda for luck."

And because he's terribly sentimental. But don't call him on it.


'Adjusting' would probably be Heidi's power if she had one, yeah. First of all, even /living/ with Nathan was an adjustment. The accident, all this weird stuff… She can adapt. "Well, I'll try," she says, allowing her coffee to cool for a moment before testing it. Still a little too hot. It doesn't seem like she's come back in the middle of a firestorm, at any rate, which should make getting back into the swing of things just a little more tolerable. Ah, ignorance. It's true what they say.

An odd look is given at the lack of books, brows drawing downward. Heidi appears incredulous, because, really, when you're in a place like that, the only thing there is to do is read, and sleep. And sit. She'll trust Peter's judgment, because she's never had any reason not to before. "It's good to see that you're doing all right." He's home, she's home, Nathan's okay…

There's a moment of expectation, just a little bit of a window where she's hoping he'll say something, but she shakes her head before she can ask what's on her mind. "I should probably try to catch a nap before everyone wakes up." Despite the fact that she's finished almost a whole pot of coffee on her own, and there's another cup in front of her… she's kinda tired!


"I'm glad we're both home. Just— really wish Nathan would have let you be here with him, while he was still…" Yeah, damaged. By him. Peter still blames himself for that, even if everyone's made it clear he shouldn't. This is one person he can't quite take the blame with, but…"I'm glad you're back. You and the boys." Though he's not sure how this will effect things with his brother, or all the things he'd really rather not take part in hiding from the woman. Standing up, he moves around closer to where she is and holds out his arm. "I know I'm not really dressed for this, but…" It's pretty obvious now that he wants to give her a proper greeting, which in this family tends to include a hug, whether awkward or not. Sure, he's shirtless, but she's his sister-in-law. He can hug her and no one will think less of it, right? He certainly hopes so.


The things she doesn't know aren't going to hurt her right now. Though it goes without saying that the longer things are kept from her, the worse it's going to be when she finds out, /if/ she finds out. Heidi tries, she really does, but even before she left, there was distance between her and Nathan, and she knew it. So now that they've been apart for so long…

Everything'll be fine. She's certain.

Despite her tiredness, she brightens a little. "I wasn't aware there was a dresscode for hugging," she states, standing up a little to meet Peter halfway, balancing herself with one arm on the back of the chair while the other wraps around his shoulders. Stuff like this, she never takes for granted anymore. The very idea that she can stand, even this long after, just amazes her every time. Pulling away is a little awkward, since there's a chair in the way, but she nudges it backward with one leg. "I told Nathan that I wasn't going to leave anymore." Something really drastic would have to happen for that.


Of course Peter'd been told she'd been healed. And the pain of having things kept from him almost his entire life, like their father's illness… he's not wanting to cause the same thing to happen to this woman who he admires. The arms wrap around her tightly, pulling her against him rather firmly, and holding her there. It's nice to have her back. Nice to know that his brother will have no choice to keep his word from not too long ago, word he gave in this very kitchen. "Good," he says, briefly pressing his forehead against hers— a brotherly gesture, much as he'd do with his mother— before pulling away. "I'll be here this afternoon. Maybe I can take the boys to the park, or something. Been so long since I've seen them."

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