2007-10-04: Surprises


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Summary: Eric almost literally runs into Ophelia. He also gets to meet Elena's brother in the process.

Date It Happened: October 4th, 2007


Times Square, NYC

Times Square. It's usually bustling about with people and most people ignore those who aren't bustling about. However, today is more so than usual. The afternoon is stretching into evening, the ground is wet from recent rain, and there's a little bit of a bite to the air, enough to cause most New Yorkers to put on a bit of a jacket, at least to ward off the wind chill. Ophelia herself is one of the few seated on a bench in the square. She's silent, watching people go past and occasionally flicking her cellphone to check the time.

Eric Walker is just walking, back to his car actually. His head is down against the wet and his mind is mostly lost in thought. He wears a dark leather duster style trenchcoat over his well tailored business suit. His eyes on on where his feet are falling and not where he's going though. He dodges his way this way and that through the busy streets, angling over towards a hole he sees in the flood of people.

Of course, he isn't paying attention to a bench.

He nearly walks right into the thing, his hip hitting the wodden thing with a sudden jarring thump that brings an exclimation of suprise from him and rocks the bench that Ophi is stiing on just a bit. He blinks himself out of his thoughts as a sheepish look crosses his face. "…er…sorry."

Ophelia watches people. That's what she does. But she wasn't watching Eric at the time. She jerks her head around, glancing over at him as she's shaken a bit, but the woman offers a kind smile. "That's alright. We all get distracted every now and again. Most people don't tend to notice me anyways. I'm sure if I wasn't here then you would've noticed the bench. I think it's contageous."

A hoodie pulled over his otherwise fairly regular outfitlike most of Manny's wardrobe, an oil-stained t-shirt and jeansthe young man looks over at Ophelia every once in a while, eyebrow quirked as she keeps checking the time. His curiousity gets the better of him, and his favored language comes out, "(Expectin' somethin', Phi?)" Yes…he's taken to using the nickname she doesn't mind.

When the bench is rocked, though, Manny's attention is rather easily drawn to it. He looks over Ophelia's shoulder toward Eric, the tail-end of a smile quirking on his mouth as Ophelia explains things. For now, he lets her do the talking. He has nothing to add to the conversation anyway.

"…yeah its beginning to happen more often nowdays," Eric replies with a wry smile towards the pleasent young woman that he just seemed to bump into. A slight shake of his head before he grins slightly. "…and your right, I wouldn't have noticed the bench I bet."

To the other figure there though, the young millionare blinks slightly at Manny's voice before he turns to look towards him and pause slightly. The voice, the language, the look from him. Hrmmm. Something about Manny is familiar, and now he just has to figure out just /what/ it is.

Instead of staring at him though, he turns back towards Ophi. "…and regardless of noticing anyone, sorry I did bother you two."

Manuel pushes himself up to his feet, stretching out a little bit. Unlike Ophelia, who canand willsit in the same place and just…watch people, Manny has to be moving at least somewhat. Even if it's just getting up and pacing back and forth. Eric's statement, though, draws a bit of a smirk from the young man, replying with at least a bit of an accent, "Eh, it happens. Trust me, you spend enough time around her…" He nudges Ophelia with a grin, "…you get used to surprises."

"That's alright. It's nice to be bothered once and a while. People wouldn't get to interact with people they don't know unless they accidently bumped into them once in a while or disturb people. That's the way the world works." Ophelia grins, reaching to try and smack Manuel. "Manny." She gives him a joking glare.

"I'm sure you do," Eric replies with an answering smirk. He looks a little bit tired though before he rocks back slightly on his heels to think for just a moment. Answering the smirk though brings his gaze up towards Manny's and he just blinks slightly as he notes the younge man's eyes. Still familiar, very familiar.

It'll come to him in a moment.

He turns his smile then on Ophelia before he laughs and nods. "…I guess your right. I mean if I hadn't done what I did I wouldn't be talking to the pair of your right now would I?" The smile returns before he just blinks at the name Ophi calls him.


And those eyes…

"Your Elena's brother!"

…normally he wouldn't have just blurted that out…but he's tired.

Manuel laughs to himself a little bit, arms folding over each other as he settles himself against a nearby light pole. Okay…so it's wet. He's wearing a jacket. He looks over at Eric with that same smirk, shrugging one shoulder before replying, "Seems to be the common notion, yeah." His eyes turn to Ophelia for a moment before turning back to Eric, "I take it ya know my sister somehow?"

Oh. It looks like Manny's reverting into protective mode. He's already wondering why Eric's talking about Elena, she can tell. Ophelia re-settles herself on the bench, looking between the two of them. This can't end well. She smiles cheerfully towards Eric. "Well, I guess it's a small world after all. Everyone seems to have connections to each other."

Well he'll take that last question as a yes. "Why…yes…I work with her, and your dad…" He says with a slight chuckle as he crosses his arms over his chest, his gaze flitting back and forth from Ophi to Manny. "…the name is Eric. Eric Walker." Or Eric Lancaster to those that know that much about him. "…nice to finally meet you…and to meet you as well." He nods with a grin towards Ophi befores he shakes his head slightly. "…and it always amazes me just how small even a place like New York is right?" He adds towards the pair of them, not seeming to bother hiding a smile of amusement that he directs towards the both of them.

As if he needed to give his name at this point, Manny smirks a bit and actually extends a hand to Eric, replying, "As you pro'lly figured, Manuel Gomez." The accent's a bit thicker on the name, as though he purposely introduces himself with the Spanish hint of the name rather than sticking with English. He does favor the language after all. Having to tease Ophelia again, Manny gestures with a foot, "Only a small town when ya follow her around. Seem to bump into everyone, then."

"Are you implying I'm attractive, Manuel Gomez?" Ophelia teases right back. Her gaze shifts back to Eric. "Ophelia Hunter. Call me Phi." She leans against the bench more, draping herself across it a bit.

Eric takes the hand in a firm grip and flashes Manny a honest enough smile. "Well its nice to finally meet you Manuel," He says with a slight smirk. A laugh then before he glances at Ophelia and adds on the heels of the younger man's comment. "Or everyone bumps into her eh?" He adds with a grin before he frowns slightly and glances down. His phone is going off, reminding him of a meeting he is going to have to get too soon. He sighs slightly and shakes his head. "…I never get a break…" He murmurs slightly to himself. A shake of his head before his gaze snaps back to Ophelia. "Phi it is then!" He says cheerfully before he flips out a card from his duster and hands it towards Manny. "Here you two, I have something to do…but…" He smirks slightly. "…I've been wanting to talk to you Manuel, because I have a job for you that you might just like. Give me a call, or get Elena or Ramon to set something up." Then a slight laugh as he adds towards Phi. "…and he better be implying that Phi, because its true."

One last flashed grin that seems just as honest as his smile, and then Eric turns away, starting off again though the gathering wet…and this time, it seems he might just be actually paying attention to where he's going.

Manuel quirks an eyebrow upward as he takes the card from Eric, eyes scanning it briefly before tucking it into his pocket. Nodding a bit as Eric turns and leaves, Manny looks over at Ophelia and laughs a little, language immediately switching, "(Since when do I imply anything, Phi?)" Manny stops and thinks for a second, pulling the card back out and raising an eyebrow, "(What does he think I can do with electronics, anyway…?)" It's more of a rhetorical question, but Manny's point is at least across to Ophelia, seeing as Eric's turned and left already.

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