2007-05-18: Suspiciously Suspicious


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Summary: The (non-telepathic) NYPD detective decides to explore Kirby Plaza a bit more since she seems to be confined there for the time being anyway. She runs into the researching linguist in the halls and quickly discovers that The Powers That Be have sent a suspiciously suspicious agent to keep tabs on her.

Date It Happened: May 18, 2007

Suspicious, Suspicious

Kirby Plaza Building

After a light meal, Mara's feeling adventurous enough to venture down from the room prepared for her on the upper floors of the Kirby Plaza building. She roams the halls like someone unfamiliar with the layout, which she is, but also like someone who has every right to be there and exploring. A single serving size bottle of orange juice is held loosely in one hand, brought up occasionally for a drink. Gotta have the energy.

Natalie is wandering the halls herself, carrying several books. Glasses on, hair a bit disheveled, pencil behind the ear. She looks like what she is; a research geek. She spots Mara heading down the hallway. New person. She offers a wave, and nearly drops her books as a result. "Oops!! Hi!"

Orion Granger has many reasons for this brief pause in what had been a fairly rigorous training regimen somewhere that is not New York City. Not the least of which being a request from higher up that he keep an eye on 'the new girl'. In the background of Natalie and Mara, Mr. Granger appears from around a corner. He watches the situation quietly, looming in the distance of the hallway.

Quick reflexes serve Mara well as she reaches out to help steady Natalie's stack. "Hi there. Careful." There's a faint smirk that disappears quickly as she spots Orion over Natalie's shoulder. I see you. She offers him a little half-wave and turns another smile on Natalie. "Did you need some help with that?"

Natalie smiles. "Some help would be great. Are you new here?" she asks Mara, just assuming she works for the Company. Cause, how can she not? "My name's Natalie."

Granger narrows his eyes at Natalie and Mara alike. The tall man slowly starts walking up the hall toward both women, the tail of his overcoat flowing elaborately behind him as he approaches.

"I'm Mara," the blonde greets, taking half of Natalie's books. "Glad to be of help." She flashes a smile to Granger that's far more confident and genuine than she feels. "Yeah, I'm a little lost, I think. Trying to remember where everything's at. I don't exactly spend much time here." Ain't that the truth!

Natalie nods. "Tell me about it." she says, dryly. "I swear I get lost every other day trying to find something new in here." She readjusts her own book load. "Are you a field agent?" she asks Mara, curiously. She looks up and sees Orion, and offers a wave to him too. No book-falling, now that she's carrying less.

The tall man comes to rest just behind Natalie. He casts his cool, even gaze over Mara for several seconds before he 'AHRRM's at both ladies. Orion offers up only the most meager of genial smiles to Mara as he notes, "At the moment, she is not a field agent."

There is a long pause before Orion adds an inquiry to his assertion. "Would you like another tour of the facility, Ms. Damaris?"

Mara freezes as the imposing man addresses her. "I'm sorry. I don't think I caught your name. Agent…?" She shifts the bottle of juice in her grip so she can get a better hold on the books she's taken from Natalie. See? I'm helping. You can't drag me away, can you?

Yes. Orion could drag you away, Mara. He won't though. That would just be rude, especially for the poor, overburdened linguistic researcher. Instead the tall man reaches over Natalie's shoulders and picks up her full stack of books. His eyes hardly shift from their focus on Mara.

"Granger. A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Damaris, I've always had a great deal of respect for those in the business of law enforcement."

Natalie looks confused at the little exchange. Well, if Mara's not a field agent, either that's support personnel, or someone prospectively about to BECOME an agent. And she hasn't met Orion, aside from seeing him a single time in the background when she came in. "What's going—" And then he takes her books. Oh…she's a police officer. Well, that could make this interesting. "Nice to meet you." she tells Orion. Okay, so it's an awkward moment. She's not the social butterfly.

"The pleasure is all mine, Agent Granger." Mara's unease - the visible side of it, at least - subsides and she shifts the weight of the books easily. "I appreciate that respect." She gives a glance to Natalie and explains, "NYPD homicide."

"Ms. Damaris will be staying with us for a short while. Whilst she recooperates from injuries sustained outside of, but in relation to, the line of duty… Or am I mistaken? I haven't quite been brought entirely up to speed, I'm afraid."

Orion hefts the books easily, holding them steady in one arm. The tall man watches both women, but Mara especially, for the time being. After all, so much the better that the person he's supposed to be observing is now stationary.

The blonde looks from one to the other. "Oh…" She's not sure how well a black ops group is going to go over with the police. "Well, it's very nice to meet you. Natalie Foster." She says, and offers her hand to Mara first, then Orion.

"You've done your homework, Agent Granger," Mara replies smoothly, apparently impressed. For a woman who's injured, she sure doesn't look it. Her cane's been left in the bedroom given to her for her stay here. One problem at a time. And right now, that problem is her abilities. She doesn't feel the need to continue practicing her limp while more or less unwillingly confined to Kirby Plaza. "Your Doctor Suresh has insisted I remain here for observation."

Orion Granger is friendly, honest he is. The tall man is simply unsure of how much he should be allowing Mara to see and know. Surely this would be easier if the Haitian were available to assist. Granger smiles to Mara, taking Natalie's proffered hand with one of his own, namely the one not holding Natalie's books, and firmly shakes it.

"I do my best to impress… With regards to what, might I inquire?"

The blonde shakes Orion's hand. "We should probably go find a room where we can put these books down. I mean, rather than hanging out in the hallway."

"Of course, Natalie." Mara's eyes are fixed on Granger even as she agrees with the linguist, however. "Lead the way?"

"You're doing the research. Why don't you lead us to the room you were headed for… It's not like we can read minds."

Was that a shot at Mara? Was it a shot at Natalie? It's hard to tell when Orion's voice is so steady, even, and maddeningly calm. The tall man keeps his gaze focused on Mara, apparently unfazed by her return stare.

The blonde starts on as she heads for the room. "Well, not everybody, at least." She seems certain that there are telepaths here somewhere. She moves into an unused conference room, and then sits down, starting to put books there.

"Was that a joke, Agent Granger?" Mara's tone is touched with the barest hint of dark amusement. "We can't all the so gifted, can we?" How long can she avoid his questions? As long as she pleases, really. She follows Natalie to the conference room and sets her stack of books down carefully onto the surface. The bottle of juice is finally moved from her hand and slipped into a pocket of the duster she wears. The movement is slow, and she watches Granger the entire time. She knows how to deal with wary people. No sudden movements. Her hand never disappears into that pocket, sliding the bottle in by the neck and letting it drop the rest of the way in. See? Not going for a gun. Her fingers are even splayed as she withdraws her hand.

"I was attempting to break the ice, yes," replies Orion. He faintly smiles at Mara, though his eyes don't lose their focus on her. Even as they walk down the hall to the conference room, Granger's gaze is very nearly boring a hole through Mara's head at an oblique angle.

He settles his armload of books down onto the table and steps back, eyes still focused on the NYPD detective. Granger smiles again, "Do you need another bottle of juice, Ms. Damaris?"

Natalie starts to open up her books. "So what brings a police officer here?" she asks, looking up, making idle conversation as she gets the books opened up. Yet MORE new books.

"I'm fine, thank you." Mara glances to Natalie, though her posture doesn't turn from Granger. Not giving him her back by any means. "I happen to work with Detective Parkman." Surely that's a good enough reason for her to have found out about this place? It sure beats saying that she's not inclined to answer the question.

"Oh? I hope he's adjusting to New York life."

Does Orion know of Parkman? Hard to say what he knows, but Orion doesn't seem intent on letting anyone see his cards. He looks toward Natalie for a moment or two before looking back to Mara.

"You do seem pretty nicely healed, Ms. Damaris. What did Dr. Suresh want to observe you for?"

Natalie just looks lost. SHE doesn't know who Parkman is, it's pretty obvious. And healed? And—wait, she knows that name. "Dr. Suresh? He's dead, isn't he?" Well, the one she's thinking of, anyway. She considers the two.

Bollocks. Mara fixes Granger with a steady look. "I was in a fight last night." She shrugs off her duster, displaying the fresh bruises up and down both her arms. "He wants to make sure I didn't aggravate my injuries." Natalie's question gives Mara pause. "Doctor /Chandra/ Suresh is dead. His son, Doctor Mohinder Suresh, is alive and well."

That, apparently, is a reasonable enough answer for Granger. He shrugs at Mara's response, allowing her to correct Natalie's thinking. Instead of responding, Orion adjusts his tie with a fleeting motion before he idly shoves his hands into the pockets of his slacks.

Natalie blinks! "OH." she says. Wow, that was relevant information to have. "And he's -here-? I should talk to him." Because she'd really, really like to do that. She looks over at Mara's bruises, worried. "Shouldn't you be in the hospital?"

"Naw. This is nothin'. Suresh is just a natural born worrier." Mara flashes Natalie a reassuring grin before turning her attention back to Granger. "I think we should leave Miss Foster to her research, don't you, Agent Granger?"

"Indeed, Ms. Damaris."

Orion smiles to Natalie and tips his head. Adam Baldwin may be channeling Christopher Judge's mannerisms for the moment. The tall man promptly takes a step back, toward the door, and holds it open for Mara.

"Good luck with your studies, Miss Foster."

"It was nice to meet you," Mara tells the researcher before she steps through the door held for her by Orion. Once they're safely walking away from Natalie's conference room, she smirks at the agent. "Did you have something you wanted to ask me, Agent Granger?"

Orion shrugs at Mara. He doesn't respond immediately, studying her intently for several seconds.

"No. I was asked to make sure that you didn't injure yourself further. I was not provided any specifics as to your condition."

"Asked by whom?" Mara's expression is more serious now as she studies the agent. "You give me the feeling that you don't think I belong here, Granger."

"Persons to whom I report, Ms. Damaris."

See? Orion can dodge questions too. The tall man arches an eyebrow at her statement and offers a non-committal shrug as his primary answer. He keeps his hands in his slacks' pockets, watching Mara cautiously.

"I am mostly unclear as to why you are here. That is all."

Mara smiles winningly. "That's because you're on a need to know basis, Agent Granger. And you don't need to know." There's a glimmer in her eyes. I know something you don't know. She may be playing with fire here, but she clearly doesn't expect to be burned.

"Very well then."

Orion falls silent and still. He stares at Mara for the time being, waiting for her to do something.

For future reference, being the Company's cheerful lackey is sometimes difficult.

"You should know, Granger," Mara begins, entirely unruffled, "that news of my miraculous recovery is to be confined to this building. If word gets around the department that I'm able to walk again, too many questions will be raised. And we both know how important it is to keep abilities out of the public spotlight."

"Have I given you reason to believe that I have loose lips, Detective?"

"No, sir. But I'm accustomed to covering my bases." Mara smiles faintly. "What can I say to make you less suspicious, hm?"

"There is probably nothing you can say to make me less suspicious. It is my job to be suspicious."

Mara gets the distinct impression that Orion means that in both senses of the phrase 'to be suspicious'.

Orion earns himself a chuckle as Mara shakes her head. "Then you do your job well, Agent Granger. I'm going back to my room now. I hope to see you again." Even if you do make my skin crawl. She turns and starts to head for the elevator.

Just wait until you see Orion's power in action, Mara. That'll really give you nightmares.

"Have a good evening… Detective."

Is Orion trying to do a Ras al Ghul impersonation or is this just an amusing coincidence? It's hard to say much other than that the way he says that is particularly creepy. Like PedoBear creepy.

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