2010-01-31: Swarm Of Just Us (Phantasm)



Posting Date: January 31, 2010


A courtroom has an unusual hearing and has unusual visitors…

"Swarm of Just Us"

Court Room NYC

The courtroom is filled with unpowered humans all sitting solemnly, awaiting the verdict of the jury. The jury themselves file into the room, one at a time — each unpowered, selected specifically by the human court. The lawyers sit at each of their tables respectively. The prosecution is headed by Bill Sanders — a smart 40-something lawyer, experienced and well versed in trials such as these. The defence is far less equipped in terms of experience, but everyone would know Whitney Fortney to be tenacious as a lawyer. The tall blonde is leggy, smart, and able to make a jury melt, yet she lacks experience. But, what it boils down to is her client likes blondes.

Logan Petrelli sits to Whitney's left, smirking as the jury enters the room. He's hopped up on the solution; couldn't fly if he wanted to at this point. With a smirk he glances at the court officer, the jury, and his lawyer in turn.

Ironically the officer calls in an authoritative voice, "All rise for Judge Teal." The announcement, of course, beckons the crowd to their feet, Petrelli included. After the judge sits, the rest of the room follows suit. Judge Teal turns to the head juror and asks, "Have you the jury come to a decision?"

"We have your honour," the lead juror states as he peers directly at the judge, not choosing to face the defendant, "In the charge of war crimes against humanity we find the defendant: guilty."

Ironically, Logan is smirking. Something about all of this is very funny to him.

Among the spectators in the courtroom, is a man with dark hair and a full beard. His clothes are as dark as his hair, and he's enveloped within the folds of a black trench coat. He rises with those in the courtroom, his face blank and passive. Now is not the right moment to act. If he's learned anything over the years, and in these trying times, it's how to be patient.

Taking notes as quickly as she can type, the stenographer's fingers fly over the keys. Her light brown skirt suit compliments the curly blonde of her hair quite nicely. Her eyes drift over the crowd as they hear the verdict and freeze on the defendant for a moment as he smirks at the outcome. An outcome that could possibly mean the end of his days. A sickly feeling weighs in the pit of Cody's stomach as she watches the man, he just seems so cold, so callous.

The judge redirects his attention to the defendant. Judge Teal is also unimpressed with the defendant's reaction. Pressing his lips together he nods at the head juror and beckons the man to be seated before turning to Logan. "Mister Petrelli, do you understand the nature of the verdict?"

Logan glances at his defence lawyer, still smirking, before he nods, "Yes, your honour, I used to be a District Attorney." The statement is respectful enough, although whether he's mocking the judge, the court, or something else is unclear as the smirk continues on his lips.

"The verdict means you will indeed be sentenced to death. Do you understand that?" The Judge is visibly unsettled by Petrelli's reaction, but he tries to continue on. "Do you have anything you want to add to your statement?"

"Yes, I understand, your Honour." Logan glances at the floor in front of him before clearing his throat, "And yes, I have something I would like to add." There's a pause before he raises both of his eyebrows, "I hope you and the rest of you unevolved barbarians suffer the wrath of my kind in the days to come." At this he grins rather wickedly while his own lawyer tugs on his sleeve, signalling him to silence.

The man in dark hair and coat continues to scan the room with his eyes, as well as additional lookouts he has at his disposal. Their assistance starts innocently enough, termites in the walls, roaches lingering beneath the floor.. a few coming up to the surface, right at Cody's feet. Rudyard is as wanted as the man on trial, and it's anyone's best guess as to how he managed to get in this courtroom, and sit with those watching.

Logan being on trial doesn't exactly mean anything to Rudyard. What does matter is the court is filled with those who would see people with abilities locked up. As he once was for a brief period of time. When Logan makes his pronouncement, Hell starts to break loose within the courtroom.

Flooding in through the walls, cracks under the doors, the windows.. all manner of insects swarm in. Titan beetles, which can bite through the flesh, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, multiple species of venomous spiders, wasps that are nicknamed 'cow killers' for the venom they can secrete. All in all, not a room one wants to stay in.

As the termites begin coming up through the floors, Cody gets up onto her chair, making a tasty target for some of the other insects flying into the room. Making a leap from her desk into the witness stand, she scrambles up and over, just trying to get away from the chaos and mayhem and over to the jury stand.

It's unfortunate for most of the folk inside the courtroom, because the back door that they all seem to be flodding toward has been locked from the outside and the two bailiffs stationned outside are rather unconcerned about letting out the screaming herd that is pounding for release.

The jurors are also in a state of mayhem and panic, this is not aided by the fact that the woman scrambling toward them seems to be growing large quills from her arms and is using those to claw and cut at their faces and necks, hitting some jugular veins and corotid arteries. The spray of red liquid douses the once lovely suit that has been ripped at the seam to aid the woman rushing at those who judged the defendant so harshly.

Several of the humans observing the trial scream in utter fear as insects begin to cover their skin. Logan can't help but grin at the mayhem. If his life is forfeit, what does he care? Although, the joy of the chaos covers his face as he glances about the room.

Logan's lawyer, however, isn't so willing. She raises both of her arms, producing fire through her hands, keeping the insects from her and her client, it appears she has a strange loyalty to Logan.

The judge himself is covered in termites which chomp madly on his skin, his screams echo through the courtroom.

Mayhem has certainly burst onto the scene.

The insects oddly decide to play keep away from Logan and his lawyer. It could be the fire, or it could be the calm demeanor of their commander as he rises from his seat. Untouched. Rudyard now smirks at the chaos of the scene. "This is what you lot deserve, for treating us as if we are vermin," he pronounces in a harsh and clipped British accent.

As if the already present insects weren't enough, spiders drop from the ceiling, suspended on their fine, silken threads. Black Widows, Brown Recluse, Sydney Funnel Webs.. if it's poisonous, it's coming down for the party. Those exhibiting a power, they're left alone, except for…
"You," Rudyard spits out, eying Cody. "You've betrayed your own kind, turned us in. Judas, no better than the Judenrat of World War II."

Seeming surprised, the woman playing the role of the stenographer turns on the man commanding the swarms and narrows her eyes. "You have no idea what you're talking about!" she yells at the man, and really, he doesn't. For the woman that was the stenographer is tucked away in a closet somewhere, long bled out. But it's too late, for at his accusation a cloud of flying bugs move around her in a tornado, nipping and biting at her.

With each sting, she's a little more crippled and the quills that covered her arms fall off and down to the floor. A single shriek of anger is strangled as some of the beetles fly into her mouth and down her throat, choking her. Perhaps it was the man's ire that caused her demise so quickly, perhaps it was just his focus on her for the moment, but soon she is laying on the ground. Her hand is wrapped around the ankle of a woman and that woman's hair seems to be growing out at an exponential rate, wrapping her in a cocoon of her own tresses. Before it is finished, it stops… and the woman who looks like a rather tall Cousin Itt tears away from the dead woman's fingers.

"You humans deserve what you get!!" Whitney agrees as she relents in her own flames of fury. With a sadistic grin of her own she faces the prosecution, and approaches the man, flames pooling in her hands. He screams as her hand prints burn into his skin. It's torture in the plainest sense. She cackles madly as she does so.

Logan, the flying man, isn't flying now. The solution is still doing its work in his veins, but it won't last. Instead he reaches into Whitney's bag and extracts two semi-automatic weapons. He's double-gunning it from here on out. With that same wicked grin, he pads up to the judge. "Screw you, your Honour. See you in hell." That said, he fires lead into the judge's head.

After doing so, he turns on his heel and faces the now-dead Cody before addressing Rudyard, "Good work. They deserve even worse than this." His lips twitch into a strained smile.

"I know precisely what it is I am talking about," Rudyard spits out at the woman as she falls. He experienced it all firsthand. The kidnapping, the drugging, being subjected to government hospitality. "Your despicable acts drove me to this. Treating the lot of us as if we were cattle. No, less than that," he snarls, including the screaming and tormented people in the room in his pronouncement.

When Logan starts firing, he ducks, in case the bullets start spraying. Once the gun falls quiet, he rises and nods to Logan. "They do, for what they've done. However, these people here, will die slowly and in pain. If they're lucky, they'll die fast." Some of his friends are lethal within an hour if treatment is not received.

"They deserve the slow painful death they receive," Logan concurs as Whitney approaches the male evolveds. "We need to free more of our kind and strike back with swift vengeance. In short order they'll regret ever starting this war." He glances down at Cody and then back to Rudyard, "Our revenge will be swift."

Whitney nods in agreement before beckoning the pair towards the double doors of the courtroom. "I believe our work is done here, gentlemen. But there's more to be done."

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