2010-02-26: Sweet Georgia Brown



Date: February 26, 2010


Adam and Hallis' adventure is over when she finally reunites with George.

"Sweet Georgia Brown"

Washington D.C.

The trip to Washington D.C. was quite uneventful for the Dynamic Duo. After their conversation, Hallis slept quite soundly with her head tucked under the blanket. If the nation's capital hadn't been the final stop for the train, she likely would have slept right through the stop.

"We have to go to a place named Georgia's. I think it's supposed to be near a place called… uhm…" She has a map and she's checking it. It's a tourist map with all sorts of cute little pictures of all the places of interest. It was also free at the station. "The Basin! Right here!" She points to the little cartoon of some cherry trees. "I bet a cab driver would know where Georgia's is." Smiling to Adam, she starts marching toward the line of yellow taxis, pulling her large suitcase behind her.

She has a large suitcase; he has a much smaller one that isn't loaded with hair dryers, makeup cases, and pump heels. Having, you know, thought ahead, Adam has made the trip already dressed for lunch, with that casually dressy dress suit look. "Alright, if you say so. It's been years since I've been in DC for any period of time." Back then, Adams might've been moving into the partially completed White House.

And maybe in a few more years, it'll be George's turn. Well, more like another decade or two, and that's if he gets through everything he's going through these days and then some. Today, at least, he only has to worry about traffic: having departed a train coming in from the other direction, he drums his fingers against the steering wheel of the staff car, waiting for an opening. Oh, there's an overturned SUV up ahead, no wonder it's bottlenecked.

Adam and Hallis' cab arrives right on time and Hallis not having the foresight to pack lightly like Adam, trails her suitcase into the restaurant. She's got the air of someone that owns the place and with a well places tip, she secures their baggage in the manager's office. Hallis' large suitcase is more than willingly turned over, whether Adam gives his own suitcase is another matter.

"Oh this place is nice, I think I really need an appletini." The young woman says as they're led to their table. She slides into the booth and sits near the far end with her back to the door. She doesn't want anyone to recognize her unless they just happen to be the man they're meeting.

"Lovely drink…does it come in hetero?" Adam quips, even if she is a woman. Force of habit to drop the one liners, afterall. Because he doesn't want to look like a traveling jerk, he reluctantly hands over his suitcase; this would've been much harder had he not left his sword in Haiti. But then, his ability to take that on the train would've depended on the TSA employees working that day.

"I'll have a sloe gin fizz. And I'd like to see a menu, as well," Adam says to the first passing waitress that he can hold at their table for more than a second…even before he slides into the opposite booth. Propriety, of course, but booze ASAP.

"It does, actually — I think it's called a Harvey Wallbanger." Ah, the third member of the party has arrived, right on time as usual - the traffic cleared right up after that one tricky bend - and having spotted Hallis earlier as she was heading to the booth. "You must be Mr. Monroe, then," he adds, offering a handshake to him and a hello-yes-I-see-you smile to the girl.

When George walks up and makes his introduction to Adam, Hallis is taken by surprise. She blinks twice and looks up with a bright smile then moves her purse next to the wall to give the congressman more room to sit down. "Adam, this is George Dawson. George, this is Adam…" The young woman chirps up, when the handshake is offered. "Adam saved my life in Haiti." Lowering her voice, she gives George a very excited look and grabs his free hand. "I shot a gun!"

Sit down. Stand up. Just like a sort of dinner party or something. Nothing he's not used to already! So Adam slides on out of the booth, brushes the hem of his jacket down and smooths it out, then shakes George's hand firmly. "Hello George. Yes, I'm Adam Monroe." Shake over, Adam sits himself down in the booth, and lets the two of them get re-situated. "That's it, blurt out I saved you life in a foreign country, but keep it a secret that you shot a gun. Good plan!" he says with no lack of sarcasm in his voice.

It's largely a moot point; sure, there are lots of people around, but they're all tied up in their own conversations, paying the latest arrivals little mind. Except for the waitress, who's just looped back to take George's drink order as well (coffee, milk and sugar).

"I don't need to tell you how good it is to see you again," he says after she takes off again. "The two of you have got quite the war story, mmm?" Actually, he'd like to drag Hallis back to a hotel room right now, but what he needs to do first is understand just where she's been all month. There's going to be some careful spin-doctoring coming up over the next few days.

Keeping her voice low, Hallis nods. "There was a man that took Sierra, he was going to sell her as a slave but Adam and another man stopped him. I think I was mostly in the way, I was going to drive the jeep but I can't drive a stick shift. It was so embarrassing." The part where she flew out the back of the vehicle is carefully edited out. Letting go of the congressman's hand, she places two fingers at her side and looks up at him wide eyed. "I got shot, right there. Do you know they don't have enough medical supplies and morphine to take care of everyone who is hurt there?" Poor George, it really sounds like Hallis is begging for medical aid to the impoverished country. Like he doesn't have enough on his plate already.

"I think what she's saying, Congressman, is that you need to teach her to drive stick. And to pick up an M-16 from an armory so she can keep up her target practice." From the way Adam looks at her while she talks and while he replies, the meaning is pretty clear: don't tell George about the whole blood injection regeneration saving her life part, either. "As for the medical supplies…I think they'll be a little easier to come by with the whole warlord and his not-so-merry men out of the picture now."

George listens carefully, taking Hallis's story more or less at face value as he usually does, and arches a brow at the mention of Sierra's name. Maybe that's why Hallis was brought into it, the two of them had developed a friendship — a bit ironic, given his own past history with the reporter. "I imagine so. I'll probably see Engel and Delahunt tomorrow morning, I'll ask them to look into stepping things up." As for the idea of having her continue working with heavy arms… he politely declines to comment. Manual transmission is likely to be enough of a challenge as it is.

"I'm sorry I didn't call when we got home, George. I was afraid of going back to the hospital. I don't ever want to go there again." Maybe she won't have to, now that she knows she's alive. Maybe. "I have to call Grandmother too, she's probably worried sick. Did you tell her where I was? Or did you tell her I went on a vacation? I don't want to worry her." Hallis should have called her grandmother but again, she didn't. She ran. "And did you find King George? Is he safe?"

"There's a…King George?" That's a name Adam hasn't heard in…. Not since George III, he is he is. For his part, Adam maintains a casual interest in the conversation, but most of these names are not familiar to him. So, when it comes to that, Adam keeps out of the way. He didn't even know who the girl he was 'hired' to save, nor that there's a history there with George and Hallis. Grandmother is the least of his worries, as he fidgets a little in the booth and looks around for his drink. It has been a few hours!

George shakes his head. "Just that you sounded all right, and that I'd make sure of it." The rest, Hallis can share with her grandmother in her own time. "And yes, he's all right, we — we tracked him down to a shelter… He was adopted, a few days after he got there. They're taking good care of their new poodle." A little extra exposition there for Adam's benefit. He fidgets a bit as he relays this part, it could get awkward in a hurry if she decides she wants to go visit. Because then she probably wouldn't want to let go.

"Oh yes! King George is my dog. He's an amazing standard poodle, I got him in Texas." The drinks arrive, along with menus. Hallis sips at her appletini and pushes the menu away, she doesn't really have an appetite at the moment. "Wait until you meet him Adam, you'll just lo —" She pauses to gape at George. Her eyes water just a little bit but she blinks back whatever tears there were. "H-he was adopted? But that was my dog. Are they allowed to do that? I didn't give permission to put him in a shelter." Her mouth turns downward into a frown and then she takes a rather deep breath. It almost looks as though she's preparing to cry, or scream, or something dramatic. Then she lets it loose in a very long sigh. "Is he happy there?"

Oh shi…tears. Adam doesn't like weepy, leaky chicks. That's why he 'conveniently' opens the menu and starts to look through. He really, really wants to just blurt out that the dog's "probably doing fine," but he can't quite bring himself to do that. No sense in kicking a do…wait, scratch that. No sense in kicking a gir…wait, scratch that. No sense in kicking something or someone when he, she, or it happens to be down.

Fortunately, George knows a few things about softening the blow of bad news. "He seemed to be. I got a photo, see?" He brings it up on his phone and passes it across: so much for any speculation that he's making the whole thing up. "They didn't find his nametag or anything - it must have gotten snapped during the car crash - so he was just another stray John Doberman, as far as they knew."

Hallis takes the photo and heaves a deep sigh as she looks at it. "I'll never find another poodle quite as pink as King George… Or another poodle named George." Maybe she'll get a goldfish. She doesn't feel badly for the dog, more because she was unable to keep care of a pet for an entire month. Giving both men a brave little smile, she picks up her glass while still gripping the photo in her other hand. Of course Hallis takes the new like a pro — fessional drinker because she downs the rest of the drink and signals the waitress for a refill. "Mind if I keep this?"

"It seems like a cat is more your style, flighty as you are. They're much more independent." This coming from the man who can't even have a pet rock without it finding a way to crack. "So. What's next then? We've saved this girl, seen the plight of those less fortunate, confirmed our being alive, and now, lunch. I wonder if a return to New York is next on the docket, to use a political term." Unlike some, Monroe has quite a lot of "business" there that he's really put his neck on the line for. Literally.

"I've always been a cat person myself," George admits, now that King is safely off the radar, "but the past couple of years, I haven't stayed in one place long enough to really take care of one." After a moment's thought, he pulls the ice out of Hallis's otherwise empty glass and drops it into his coffee. They always heat it a little too long here. "Will you be all right in New York? I was planning to be back there in a couple days."

"I'm allergic to cats," Hallis says lowly as she tucks the photo into her purse. When Adam mentions New York, the young woman chews on her lower lip for a little while and looks down at her menu. "You said it wasn't safe for me to go home yet? Should I check into a hotel then? I could book a room somewhere, I suppose. I still have more than enough of my Christmas bonus left. I haven't spent hardly any of it, except on the diamonds." They were such lovely diamonds, too bad the evening they were purchased for was a wash.

"That might not be a bad idea, if nothing else. However, I doubt that the hospital is really going to come looking for you as aggressively as some other agencies are looking for other…ah, unique individuals." Adam's heard rumors, nothing more substantial than that, really. They are what brought him here to NYC in the first place, afterall. Maybe there's some loyalty to his 'species' still, albeit tempered and a lot more reserved than before.

"You might be surprised… Dr. Forrester has been pretty upset about it, he's stopped by my office to bug me more than a couple of times. It's not often that they have someone go missing." He could go on at greater length about how he and the doctor have been butting heads since Hallis's disappearance — but no, something else has just caught George's attention. He already knew that the Haiti affair had at least one person with abilities involved in it, it shouldn't surprise him too much that there'd be a second. He doesn't say anything out loud about it, though; if they want to bring it up, then again, they'll do so in their own time. And probably not here.

Wincing a little as Adam reminds her of a few other obligations that she has, Hallis sucks in a breath. "Oh yeah, them… I almost forgot about some things I had to do about that." Finding a new location to hide people, getting in touch with her other team members, talking to George. The list goes on. Finding Sierra again after they parted ways in New York is near the top. Another huge thing on the list to do is finding out if she still has a job after a two month disappearance. "George, do you think that if I managed to find Sydney that she could clear me? I mean… she probably has other problems, but it wouldn't take too long. Would it?"

Once again, the conversation turns to a topic that's sort of just between the two of them. Once again, Adam sort of excuses himself from the conversation. There's one Sydney he vaguely remembers hearing about earlier, back when folks were trying to track down a wayward Senator having a crisis of conscience. Maybe the same one, maybe not. While they chit-chat, he lets his mind wander. He's probably not going to have a very happy business partner back in New York, since he too has been gone for quite some time; he did promise her a chance for huge expansion; something he's yet to deliver on.

George scratches his head. "I think so — I haven't talked with her in a while, but she does know you a lot better than the rest of them. A lot longer, certainly." He didn't call her before now because, well, he didn't know if there was still anything to call her about. And as for Adam — on second thought, let's see if he's still paying attention. "So you've had some trouble with these other agencies yourself?" he asks, all nice and casual.

With George's first statement, Hallis' list quickly gets reorganized. First thing, get her name cleared so she can go home to all of her clothing and shoes. The ones she didn't pack and eventually lose at the Haitian airport, that is. When George focuses the conversation on the blonde man, she entertains herself by looking at the menu. Perhaps something to eat is in order. When the waitress returns with her second drink she points to one of the appetizers that isn't deep fried and hands the woman the menu.

"Oh, no trouble of my own. I've had some…ah, different troubles recently." Beheadings, anyone? "But I've heard rumors, stories, things like that. It's pretty hard to find information about a government organization that you know exists, but which the government doesn't want you to know exists. I'm sure you know a thing or two about that though, right Congressman?" When he talks, he holds his chin in a palm, rubbing the stubble there, looking towards the front of the restaurant. He too takes the chance to order, but his is definitely fried - hard not to order the greasiest, worst (but yet, best) things when you don't really have to worry about dying.

Okay, scratch the earlier idea - maybe Adam isn't one of them himself, he could just be someone who's gotten caught up in the same circles, like Hallis. It could go either way. "Not as much as I'd like," George admits, "but I'm working on it." Putting the menu aside, he settles on the Maryland crabcakes. "Hallie, you're welcome to crash at the apartment here if you're not heading back right away."

Hallis gives Adam a sheepish glance when George offers the invitation and raises her eyebrows as she looks toward him. "Will you be alright traveling back by yourself? I'd like to stay, if I can." The conversation about the secret organization is left between the two men that she knows are special, unlike herself. Then she turns to George with a smile and nods, "I'd love to stay if Adam doesn't need me to go back with him." What he might actually need her for would possibly be reduced to fetching something to read on the return trip. Her only use in a dangerous position is really just as a human shield… and he doesn't need that.

Adam gives a little chuckle at Hallis' 'concern' about his ability to make the trip back. "Yes, I think I can make the trip back just fine." He was traveling by rail back when rail travel was new, exotic, and dangerous…and he's managed to survive! "Feel free to stay here, if you like. The tickets I bought were open-ended. You just have to get on the right train, and it only runs down and back once a day, at least to where we boarded." And there's the problem. It's already made its trip for the day, at least, to upstate, where they came from. The trains to New York City from DC are more plentiful, however; chances are that they could trade the tickets, and Adam could be back in the city before day's end.

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