Sydney Falkland
Dr. Sydney Amelia Denise Falkland, PhD
Portrayed By Anna Paquin
Gender Female
Date of Birth September 30, 1984
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Syd, Headwitch (Morgana, although never outloud), Dominatrix (Amy's Cell's Address Book), Syd Vicious (Hallis introduced her to Randall as this)
Place of Birth San Francisco, California, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation PhD Student (Social Neuroscience), Part-Time Instructor (NYU), Part-time Therapist, NYPD Behavioral Consultant
Known Relatives Denise Harding (mother; deceased), Ryan Falkland (father; whereabouts unknown), Mary Harding (grandmother), Dwight Harding (grandfather)
Significant Other
Known Abilities Emotion Manipulation
First Appearance Normal Conversation

Sydney's a PhD student at NYU in behavioral science (particularly Behavioral Neuroscience) working as a behavioral consultant with the NYPD. She also instructs at NYU. She's bubbly, friendly, highly intuitive, empathetic, and can come off as wishy-washy.


Ryan Falkland and Denise Harding had been high school sweethearts in sunny San Francisco. She was always the smart girl and he was all-American, living to achieve a football scholarship to attend school. Unfortunately, their pairing would limit both of their academic achievements when Denise became pregnant during their senior year. The pair were wed in a shotgun ceremony—Mary and Dwight Harding would not have a bastard grandchild under any circumstances. Ryan dropped out of school and became a labourer to support his pregnant wife as best he could.

Sydney Falkland was born on September 30, 1984 in San Francisco. The stress of their poverty and hastened wedding plans had put on Denise proved to be too much. So much that Sydney was born ten weeks premature and Denise didn’t survive the labour. Knowing his inability to care for his own child, Ryan gave Sydney up to Denise’s parents who promised to look after their granddaughter in the years to come.

Despite her early years, Sydney had a relatively normal upbringing. She was disciplined, dedicated, and hardworking, but her reasons for these behaviours weren’t her own doing—it stemmed from her grandparents’ determination that she be better. Better than her mother. She was discouraged from anything that wouldn’t further her grandparents goals of making her better. She would be Denise 2.0. Preferably with a career in medicine or the hard sciences.

She excelled in all of her classes in both junior high and high school, but wasn’t permitted many extracurricular activities. This, of course, led to rebellion her grandparents never knew. Instead of studying in the library she would go to Trisha Kolburn’s house where a number of teen after-school parties transpired. Never knowing either of her parents wore on Sydney so she turned to punk subculture, choosing to listen to death metal, and dress punk—but only at school, and never around her constant pressuring grandparents.


It was under the watchful eyes of her peers that Sydney met her first boyfriend: Scott Johnson. Scott was from the goth crowd, like Sydney. He was smart, funny, and artistic. Sydney was smitten. So smitten that she became sloppy in the stories and lies she told her grandparents to keep her lives separate. She began to dress goth at school, bringing a change of clothes in her backpack in order to avoid their watchful eyes. What Sydney hadn’t counted on was the watchful eyes of her teachers. Recognizing the apparent “change” in Sydney’s appearance and demeanor her grandparents were called in for a student-parent-teacher conference where Sydney confessed it all. Mary and Dwight were shocked. They demanded Sydney break up with Scott and stop living her two lives, and they certainly weren’t letting her keep her goth persona.

Feeling a sort of crisis, Sydney broke up with Scott, laid low with her goth persona for several months, and then went back to her old split life after she felt the entire affair had blown over.

Disappointment struck Mary and Dwight when Sydney, behind her grandparents’ backs, registered for a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioural Science at NYU. Having spent most of her life dutifully living out her grandparents’ dreams Sydney had taken her life into her own hands, and somehow managed to explain this to her grandparents in a way they understood, in fact, they almost seemed to get onboard with the entire idea. Confused, Sydney left for her first real independent experience.

Behavioral science (BHS) was perfect for Sydney. She had a natural aptitude for examining the decision process that transpired between different people, and a strange way of persuading people to her viewpoint. In fact, she enjoyed her studies so much that she pursued a Masters degree in social neuroscience (psychiatry), only to switch into a PhD track.

In her second year of university she met Bryce Wheaton, the “man of her dreams”. The two were engaged after dating for only two months. The engagement lasted an entire year, but six weeks before the would-be wedding, Sydney realized the relationship wasn’t what she wanted and broke it off, choosing to pursue her studies and move beyond her relationship.

At 25, she’s finished all of her coursework and is finishing her dissertation. Consequently she has two part-time jobs on the side. The first is with the NYPD as a Behavioral analyst/police psychologist. Having just started with the police department in July 2009, she’s still a rookie in her job. Her second job is as a lecturer at NYU (which she has been doing for years as a graduate student, only she makes slightly more now).


Sydney is structured, smart, hard-working, and slightly naive. She’s committed to her job(s) and keen to give a helping hand to others when she’s able. She’s highly intuitive and picks up easily on body language. That said, as a Libra, her life is strangely balanced. She lives as not one thing or the other. She’s smart and a student, but enjoys taking time off. Through her training she “too easily” understands other people’s points of view and has a hard time choosing sides in most cases.

Because of her empathy and understanding she is an excellent mediator in most situations. She also negotiates well with others and can persuade others to her point of view. Unfortunately, as a people pleaser, she tends to take on tasks and enters situations that she doesn’t necessarily want to be in. In these cases, she deals particularly poorly with conflict, choosing to deal with situations passive-aggressively rather than head-on.



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sydvol4.jpg A therapist gets her life turned inside out when she learns people are special.
sydvol5.jpg A new foster mom, Sydney returns to her 'normal' life which essentially, spins out of control.

Case Files


  • "Are all of you people with abilities organized like the X-Men? That would be. Awesome," to Gene in Heroes Among Us.
  • "I kid you not, Bryan. They were beautiful. If I ever have children, I might not consider them as beautiful as these shoes," to Bryan in Clarifying Statements.
  • "Well I'm glad at least you're not completely delusional. Believe me, I've counselled some very deluded individuals. It's generally better to just patronize them and run with the delusion," to Laurie in It's Society's Way.
  • "It appears I take the psychological phrase emotion manipulation to a new level," to Joel in Stalker Turned Prey?.
  • "I'm a professional, Senator. And while you picked me up from the side of the road, I'm not that kind of professional," to Ivory in Singing Soprano.
  • "My, my, my you certainly are man-pretty," to Eric in Hoodie of JOY!.
  • "Life is what we make of it. Weak beginnings don't define who I am or what I can achieve," to Fred in Humble Pie.
  • "I think we oftentimes forget that love isn't just a feeling, it's a choice," to Hallis in Life is a Parkway.
  • "I'm a therapist. I don't normally go around in the rain observing the obvious, but I do tend to observe the obvious that isn't so obvious to those I make the observations. Does that make any sense?" to Dee in Meerkats are from Africa.
  • "I'm sorry Mister — uh — mister consultant — as much as I would love to swap barbs with you today about ethics and moral principles, but I really don't have time, I'm expecting an — . You're Laurence Miles, aren't you? What am I saying? Of course you are… the gods hate me," to Laurie in Looking in the Face of Death.
  • "Optimists hope for the best by definition — I would've thought that important to you as definitions are so important in general. Possibilities are, in fact, ruined by restrictions like definitions. Is that why you ignore the rules? To open up to more possibilities?" to Laurie in Looking in the Face of Death.
  • "But you are being evasive, Detective. I've done — and really have had — a lot of therapy in my lifetime. Evasive people give one word to two word answers. Open people talk more. Nervous people talk the most. — Or they clam up. Evasion and evasive tactics take different routes. And unfortunately, Miles is exceedingly good at toying with me," to Maggie in Couples Counseling.
  • "Just a letter from a now former client. The one I told you about. In text called me 'perfectly acceptable' as a therapist. What does that even mean? Seriously, I need to stick to my day job and avoid… standoffs in my office. One of these days I'll learn not to mess with smart alecs," to Amy in Crazy-Crazy.
  • "I'd like to think I'd done some good in the Psych Centre… and now? Now a man who is, by all rights, clinically insane wants me to find a way to enable him to control others… this doesn't exactly…" her nose wrinkles "…a change in profession might be called for when I get out of here… if I get out of here," to Laurie in You Had Me in Stitches.
  • "It's what I aim for. Acceptability. Just glad I meet my goals. Gives me something to work towards: acceptability," to Laurie in You Had Me In Stitches.
  • "I had the single most terrifying nightmare I've had in ages, I'm responsible for Miles' death, and disaster follows me everywhere. Nothing about my life will ever be okay. Never. It's screwed up— it was screwed up from the moment I was born until this second and it'll never fix itself because I'm too damaged and too incapable of pulling everything together. I am my own worst enemy and I will be for years to come because that's what it means to be me. Incapable of actually dealing with anything, I just let it all settle. Wait until the dust calms and then BAM more disaster. And no matter what I do, I will always hurt the people around me. If you're smart, you'll leave while you're still alive…" to Amy in The Fearsome Truth.
  • "But perhaps we're all a little like that fly in this. Tormented and punished for our nature." Eyes and lips zero in on him. "Smushed thoughtlessly against a wall for merely being who we are." She stares at it a moment longer. "Always at someone else's mercy. Like Laurence was at his. Like I was." There's a distinct pause as she leans forward and grasps the glass again, "And like you are at mine," to Mason in The Princess and the Pig.
  • You weren't wearing blue lipstick, but you WERE scary! It was scary! The place had SO many windows! Don't you know you're not supposed to sit in front of a window lest someone do a drive-by and shoot you?! That's why the couch isn't in front of the window — " to Lizzie in The Incident.
  • "And now, thanks to it, I have a partial pappillion on my poofnee! It's… terrible. Completely terrible!" to Lizzie in The Incident.
  • "I don't think you want to fight me though, I'm very scrappy," to Laurie in Waste of Paint.
  • "I'm a big girl. I can take a lot…" All of the time. To everyone. Including herself.
  • "I always find male clients more willing to talk to me when I show a little leg…" to Fred in Kinder Surprise.
  • "And. I'm wearing an Aunt Jemima hat, I'm sure that should, at least, bring my judgment into question. If I was in a magazine the caption would read, What was she thinking?" to Fred in Kinder Surprise.

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  • Evanescence, Sweet-Sacrifice
  • Within Temptation, Bittersweet
  • Within Temptation, All I Need

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